Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong With Placements

A career in digital marketing is pumped up these days since everything you see or do is digital now. And when you choose Geelong to pursue a career in digital marketing, a city that is known for beaches and a relaxed lifestyle, what more can anyone want? This city also has the best work-life balance culture. So, make a career while relaxing on the seashore. And with the onset of the pandemic, the demand for digital marketers has increased. This has resulted in many career opportunities in this field. Here, in this article, we will be introducing you to the 10 best digital marketing courses in Geelong.


Since you are looking for digital marketing courses, you should already know about what is digital marketing and what career options are open once you complete this course. And even if you do not know much about it then do not be glum.

You have landed on the right page where all your questions related to digital marketing courses in Geelong will be answered.

Now before you check the top leading digital marketing courses in Geelong, let’s understand what is digital marketing and the skills you need to acquire to get a well-paid job.

We Highly Recommend You To Check These Digital Marketing Courses Near You:

What is Digital Marketing-

Digital marketing is also called online marketing. It is a promotion of businesses to connect with future customers using the web and other forms of digital communication such as email, social media, web-based advertising, texts, and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.

In precise, Digital marketing is a way of representing your brand globally through the internet. Today’s world is pacing towards digitalization in every domain; be it endorsing a brand, sharing posts on social media, sharing jokes and memes to your friends, buying/selling goods, reading and announcing news, and so on. Everything that you can or can not think of is done online.

So, in this digitally developed world manual advertisement and traditional advertisement is just a waste of time for you and your brand/company/service. When all the potential consumers are there on the internet, I believe it’s time to showcase your brand digitally and globally.

By going digital you will be able to reach out to the maximum consumers. So, to achieve maximum numbers some necessary and requisite skills are required to successfully display your brand/company, and to master those skills the knowledge of digital marketing is required.

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Types of Digital Marketing-

Digital marketing has evolved from website advertising to data analytics. And to your interest, it is still evolving with AI, technology, and content creation.

As a beginner in the field of digital marketing, you may often question yourself about where to start and what skills to acquire for a high-paying career. You can start slow but trust me with your keen interest in the field you will achieve it with time.

Here let me tell you the skills you need to learn to get hands-on to get into the handsome money-making field. Nowadays, the demand for digital services is higher and the requirement for skilled digital marketing personnel is higher.

So, to bridge the gap, they make sure that their marketing strategies are well-planned and are handled accordingly. Companies are ready to hire digital marketing specialists for certain platforms and certain niches. Each brand requires a social media executive and a search engine optimization(SEO) executive.

Hence, specializing in a skill will always put you ahead in the field and earn you a higher salary. Let’s talk about the skills then,

Digital Analytics-

Digital analytics is one the the main and most technical parts of digital marketing. It analyses quantitative and qualitative data from sources like websites, mobile apps, and social media channels to provide a clearer picture of what and how users are looking for items and how to enhance your customer experience and strategies.

It let us know whether the campaign was a success or failure. So, the ability to analyze data and spot trends using various tools and turn them into an actionable step is in demand. A modern business can not survive without it.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)-

Search Engine Optimization is one of the major tools to use in digital marketing to improve the visibility of a website or webpage on a search engine result page (SERP) to make a company’s website easily discoverable. Ranking your website at the top of your search results or on the first page of your results increases incoming traffic and sales. SEO does,

  • Boosts your authority and credibility online
  • Improve organic search rankings
  • Gain organic website traffic
  • Enhance user experience
  • Surpass your competition
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Support other aspects of your digital marketing strategies

Search engine optimization itself is a multi-million dollar industry. Most people don’t even bother looking at the second page of the search results.

A Few More Digital Marketing Courses That You Should Not Miss:

Content Marketing Specialist-

A content marketing specialist is a skilled professional who is responsible for writing, editing, and creating content for digital marketing campaigns.

The foundation of any digital marketing campaign is content. If the content is good and engaging it leads to conversations and social media engagement. Creating and sharing content doesn’t only promote but it also encourages the audience to visit the website.

The company has to stay relevant and edgy about the content on social media because the audience now has become aware and somewhat judges and wants quality content. So, your brand prowess should be reflected in your content.

This is a very creative job with all the content marketing plans and strategies. A content marketing specialist should be a people person because they have to deal with multiple team members to execute a strategy.

Design Fundamentalist-

You may not be a designer but it always helps to know design basics. As we say, It is better to have it but not need it, than not have it but need it. All digital marketing skills you have will be vain if you have to constantly run to a designer.

You can learn the basics of designing using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. However, if you have less time and need to design something fast, Canva is a good place to start.

Social Media Marketing(SMM)-

Social media marketing is marketing that targets social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for brand promotion, target audience, driving website traffic, and increasing sales. Social media marketing is the easiest way to reach an enormous audience. Nowadays, half of the population uses social media.

Knowing social media ads, analytics, and content marketing skills can help you understand and identify the right mediums for organizations and run campaigns that can increase Return on investment(ROI).

Email Marketing-

Email marketing is a type of direct digital marketing method that uses emails to engage with a business’s audience. It involves sending promotional and marketing emails to the consumers about the latest releases, sales, offers, and newsletters to subscribe to.

Email is one of the oldest forms of digital communication, but its popularity has not waned over the years. With email, marketers and brands can interact with customers on a more intimate level by entering their private space: their inboxes.

The most common email marketing tools used in an email service provider(ESP) are monitor campaigns, Mailchimp, etc. Ways to use email marketing in digital marketing,

  • Email Newsletter
  • Acquisition Email
  • Promotional Email
  • Retention Email

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Pay-Per-Click(PPC)/ Google Ads-

Pay-per-click is a type of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Simply, you only pay for advertising if your ad is clicked on. It’s a method of buying visits to your site, in addition to driving website visits organically.

The most common examples of pay-per-click on search engines like Google and Bing. There you can buy different types of ads like shopping ads and text ads. Few easy-to-use pay-per-click tools make reporting much easier.

  • Reporting Garden
  • Report Ninja
  • Google Ads Editor
  • Wordstream PPC Advisor
  • Semrush PPC Toolkit

Affiliate marketing-

Affiliate marketing is revenue-sharing marketing. In which the company hires an affiliate such as a YouTuber or a Blogger to advertise their product or services, which helps them to meet their sales and marketing goals.

Essential soft skills for a Digital Marketer-

The difference between a good and a great digital marketer can sometimes be hard to determine. Certifications, education, and training can look great and almost the same for many people but your soft skills can stand you out from the group. Skills required for a digital marketer are,

  • Intuition
  • Curiosity
  • Social and Communication skills
  • Persuasion
  • Analytical skills
  • Get comfortable with technology
  • Adaptability
  • Multitasking
  • Creativity



List of Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong With Placements



IIM SKILLS is the leading online education provider in 23+ cities in Asia and has the highest ranking for digital marketing courses in Geelong. They provide world-class training programs in Digital Marketing, Finance, Data domain, and many more.

Their classroom experiences are fun and knowledgeable. These courses are online interactive sessions and self-paced learning programs one of a kind.

Key Reasons to Join IIM SKILLS

  • You will have lifetime access to your LMS, which has all the recorded sessions, study materials, and E-books.
  • They have live interactive sessions with a 2-way communication facility. Just like a normal classroom.
  • They provide direct mentorship. Who solves your doubts in real-time with the trainers? Even after completing the course.
  • They provide 100% paid internships with most of their instructor-led programs.
  • They provide 100% placements with their dedicated placement cell and exclusive job portal access to all the alumni for a lifetime.
  • They help you build your portfolio.
  • You get a 100% money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction( Don’t you believe it’s a confidence one must have)

Course Name- Digital Marketing Course

Course duration- 5 months (3 months + 2 months paid internship) flexible hours and 6000 stipend

Mode of teaching- Online

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Certificates Given at IIM SKILLS-

  • Government Recognised Master Certificate from IIM Skills for Online Digital Marketing Course.
  • 3 HubSpots Digital Marketing Certifications.
  • 8 certificates from Google.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Information:



2. Monarch Institute

Monarch Institute’s dedication to shaping students’ futures is amazing. They are also among the leading institutes that offer the best digital marketing courses in Geelong. They have experienced both professional and personal success. Choose Monarch Institute because:


  • Courses developed with leading academics and industry associations.
  • Delivered by brilliant trainers who work with corporate leaders.
  • Learn from professionals using real-world case studies.


  • Fit study around work, family, and life.
  • Start immediately, or down the track.
  • Flexible payment options.


  • A dedicated team of trainers and support staff is on hand to guide you.
  • Up-to-date, easy-to-understand course materials.
  • Fast assessment turnaround times with comprehensive trainer feedback.

Course Name- Diploma in Digital Marketing

This course perfectly prepares you for a modern marketing career. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a marketer at heart or just looking into starting your own business with digital marketing as part of its strategy – this course will help establish your skills and grow your ideas using technology-driven tactics.

You can even work on your own business – by developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy using the tools and templates provided in the course. Looking for a promotion? This course will add another string to your marketing bow

 What Does This Course Cover?

Apply marketing principles and techniques in a digital landscape

  • Design and conduct omnichannel digital marketing campaigns
  • Utilize digital channels and automation to implement digital marketing strategies
  • Test digital marketing performance

Course Duration- 12 months ( The course is designed to be completed within 12 months however Monarch’s training plan allows you to take up to 24 months. You are expected to complete at least one module in six months)

Mode of Training- online classes. With a difference

You will get:

  • Easy-to-follow course materials
  • Videos and webinars
  • Heaps of support from your course trainers ( phone, email, zoom)
  • A dedicated admin team is on hand to guide you
  • Online assessment
  • Student Facebook group

Course fee- $3,350 upfront I $154.62 per week (payment plan)

Career opportunities- Digital Marketing Specialist I Social Media Planner

Course Topics- Four modules

You will need to study a total of 8 units, which are spread over four modules.

  • Module One ( Your product evaluation)
  • Module two ( Create your launch strategy)
  • Module three ( Improve your marketing campaign)
  • Module four ( Create a consistent brand experience)

Units- 8 Nationally recognized unit

Course Trainers- Industry experts and thought leaders

Pathways- Advanced diploma of digital marketing ( The Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing will soon be available through Monarch Institute)

Entry Requirements- No formal prerequisites I RPL available I Some equipment needed

Assessments- Practical I Written report I Multiple-choice questions

Contact Details-

Phone- 1300 738 955 (local) +(613) 9230 6300 (international)

Postal address- Monarch Institute Level 22, 535 Bourke Street Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia

RTO- 22530

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3. Arcane Agency-

Arcane offers a simple, no jargon, hands-on training program that doesn’t take you weeks to complete. From watching at your own pace online training, and half and full-day immersion workshops to 1:1 mentoring sessions, they ensure that on completion, you are ready to hit the ground running and score immediate results. They offer three types of short digital marketing courses in Geelong.

Kryptonite Short Course-

  • You can join the course if you want to smarten up your skills.
  • You have a Facebook page but don’t know what to do with it. They will teach you all about it and what and how to use Facebook Pixel. You will know all about Facebook ads before running them.
  • You name it, they will help you with it and not only during the course but even after also they will be available to guide you. What more can anyone want from an institute?
  • Their short courses range from 45 min to 2 hrs.

Secret Weapon Digital Program-

  • The course name itself tells you what you will be learning in this. All secret formulas are used to grow your business. All trendy and demanding tips and tricks will be there in this course.
  • On completion of the course, you will be able to create and optimize your digital campaigns and build comprehensive digital marketing strategies of your own.

Superhero Mentoring Session-

  • With fresh ideas and good advice, you will be able to make an impression in the business.
  • This course with Arcane will give you a 1:1 mentoring session that can guarantee to give you the tools you need to take on the world. As practiced authorities in all areas of marketing and benefit of working with a broad range of clients, this course is perfectly placed to work with you to achieve success.

Contact Details-

Phone- +61 438 234449


4. The Knowledge Academy-

 The Knowledge Academy was founded in 2009. They provide online, classroom, and on-site training programs. They provide 30,000+ courses and training to individuals and organizations in the fields of IT, business, project management, and many more.

Leading bodies including AXELOS, APMG, BCS, PeopleCert, CompTIA, and Microsoft have accredited their courses, materials, and trainers to certify that they reach the high standards that they require from their training partners.

Course Syllabus-

  • Social Media Masterclass
  • SEO Masterclass
  • Digital Marketing Masterclass
  • Google Analytics Masterclass
  • Google Ads Masterclass

Course Duration and Fees-

This institute provides online self-paced training and online instructor-paced training, classroom and on-site programs with small class sizes, which is a plus point for learners. The learning includes the package of 5 masterclasses that comprises 40+ hours.

The course fee is approx. USD 5,395. Fees may vary for instructor-led training and self-paced training.

Contact Details-

Phone- 01344767897


5. IIDE The Digital School

IIDE is ranked one of the best leading Digital Marketing Schools in India. The reason why IIDE stands out is because they have earned the ‘Best Digital Marketing Institute’ award from the World Education Congress and the Indian Education Congress.

They are of a kind institute that solely specializes in giving digital marketing training taught by experts in the industry.

They have a wide range of designed digital marketing courses in Geelong for every learner from the beginner to a working professional. They even provide scholarships.

Their hybrid learning model starts with a series of high-quality online video courses followed by weekly live training sessions, custom-tailored one-on-one mentoring sessions, and in-class presentations. They provide 100% placement to everyone who has opted for their courses.

Courses Offered-

Post-graduation in Digital Marketing-

  • 11 months
  • 100% placement assurance
  • Batch type- Weekdays and Weekends

Online Digital Marketing Training (Advanced + Professional Certificate)

  • 4-6 months
  • 20+ marketing and AI tools
  • Campus immersion

Marketing Tools to Learn Here-

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Amazon seller central
  • Freshworks
  • Yoast
  • MOZ
  • Google AdSense
  • Mailchimp
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • WordPress
  • Hootsuite
  • Google Analytics

Al Tools to Learn Here-

  • Writesonic
  • Wix ADI
  • Upfluence
  • Unbounce
  • Scrip
  • Invedio
  • INK
  • Influence
  • Hype Auditor
  • ai
  • Chat GPT

Contact Details-

Phone- +91 9619958615


6. Australian Academy of Digital Marketing-

They are the leader in providing home-based online education in the field of Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong. They provide a variety of courses for everyone who is either a student to learn the basics or a profession to upskill or wants to change their profession.

The institute even arranges meet-ups for their students to meet each other and receive assistance if they need it and start networking immediately.

Duration –

They provide various courses according to your interest and mode of learning. They have home-based online courses and classroom-based courses.

  • The certificate course- 3 months
  • Advanced certificate course- 6 months
  • Postgraduate course- 9 months

Course Highlights-

  • Helps you build a strong foundation in digital marketing
  • Highly skilled and professional tutors to provide you with the best possible knowledge in the industry.
  • 100% placements.
  • Practical assignments and interactive sessions.
  • CPD accreditation.

Contact Details-

Phone- 0386583955


7. The Toms (TT)-

The Toms was founded in 2015 and is best known for offering the top digital marketing courses in Geelong. They have a different vision than other institutes out there. They mostly have workshops.

They believe conducting workshops is the best way to teach and solve their clients’ doubts about marketing and leadership queries.

They build a Digital-First Marketing Team i.e. they design and deliver world-class training that builds capabilities, so you can improve your performance, reach KPI, and deliver real results to the business.

If you are interested in learning through workshops then The Toms is the right place for you.

For More Information About Their Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong Contact On-

Phone- +61 (0) 479 123 364



8. Arthur St.-

As they say in Arthur St., we take a human-centered approach to designing digital solutions that solve real-world problems and elevate opportunities, they do. They offer hands-on experience in digital marketing courses in Geelong.

They conduct several types of workshops for their clients where they provide digital solutions to human problems.

  • They empower you to make better digital decisions.
  • Always creating positive digital.

Contact Details For their Digital Marketing Courses in Geelong-

Phone- 0448 831 922


9. DigiAustralian College of Business Intelligence (ACBI)-

ACBI provides a real-world digital marketing program to its students, both domestic and overseas. In partnership with Digital Tech Academy, they provide exclusive digital marketing courses in Geelong which keeps you ready to face the industry.

There are a few things to take care of before enrolling for the course-

  • A student should be 18+
  • Students should be IELTS approved.
  • Computer skills.

Why Chose ACBI-

  • They provide online interactive sessions.
  • Mentors are experts in their industry.
  • Students’ experience is their main focus. Their projects will build your technical expertise and broaden your employability.
  • NSW Government smart and skilled funding is available for eligible students on eligible courses.

Course Name- Diploma in Digital Marketing

Recognition- Nationally Recognised Training

Course Duration – 52 weeks, full time

Contact Details-

Contact- +61294351523


10. Henry Harvin Academy

Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy has an objective to advance the professional journey of digital professionals by upskilling their key skills. It collaborates with many companies and colleges as a training partner and education provider.

These skills are imparted through action-oriented learning solutions that are carefully handcrafted by subject matter experts with extensive industry experience.

They rank in the list of top institutes that offer the best learning platform for digital marketing courses.

Digital Marketing Core Course-

  • Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

Specialization Module-

  • Advanced SEO Course
  • Advanced PPC Course
  • Google Analytics Course
  • Advanced Email Marketing
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing Course

Course duration- 108 hours of Two-Way Live Online Interactive Sessions.

Projects- facility to undergo projects in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing,

Email Marketing- Digital Marketing Strategy, Project Management, and more.

Internship- Get internship support to gain experiential learning.

Placements- 100% Placement Support for 1 year post successful completion of the course.

E-learning- Free access to the E-learning portal and future updates.

Hackathons- Free access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions.

Membership- 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Digital Marketing Academy for the Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program Course.

Course Syllabus-

  • Initialization of digital marketing
  • Website planning
  • Website creation
  • Lead generation for business
  • Online reputation management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google webmaster
  • Bing webmaster
  • Google Analytics
  • Creative Designing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Linkedin marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Earn as a freelance

Contact Info-

Phone: +91 9891953953


Now that we’ve read about the best digital marketing courses in Geelong, here are some of the frequently asked questions.


Q. Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Yes, digital marketing is an evolving industry. As every business is going digital, the demand for digital marketers will only increase with time. A significant benefit of a digital marketing career is developing excellent entrepreneurship skills in the field.

Q. What will be the salary of a Digital Marketer after completing the digital marketing courses in Geelong?

The average salary of a digital marketer is around $ 61.145 in the USA. But the salary can depend upon the company you are at, the skills you acquire, and the number of experiences you have.

Q. What are the best colleges to study digital marketing courses in Geelong?

If you read the above article, I would suggest you choose IIM SKILLS to pursue this course because their live and interactive class sessions are amazing. They assure a guaranteed placement and will be there to help you even after you complete the course. What more one can want when their trainers are available for you even after the course? But again this is what I believe, I would suggest you do your research according to what you want before opting for any college.


We have provided the top leading institutes for digital marketing courses in Geelong that have the highest ranking globally. These institutes are highly recommended for offering the best digital marketing courses in Geelong. The above list of institutes is shortlisted based on their ranking and review.

If you are someone who is looking to pursue a career as a digital marketer then we highly recommend you pick the best institutes that are guaranteed to offer the top digital marketing courses in Geelong.

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