Top 10 Technical Writing Courses In Lucknow With Placements

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh is a city of various cultures. It has several prestigious educational institutes like IIT and IIM. It highly promotes research, technology, and education among the youth. Technical writing is one such booming career option. If you are also someone who is planning to switch your career to content writing, or you wish to gain advanced technical writing skills, we are there for you. This blog covers the required skills, various forms of technical writing, and their importance along with the top technical writing courses in Lucknow that can help you advance in your career and get the necessary guidance. 


Before we jump on to the courses, let us know more about technical writing.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a form of content writing that involves communicating about some specialized topics. Professionals use content writing to explain certain technical concepts involving engineering, computer applications, medical procedures, and more.

People like doctors and engineers find it difficult to convey complex procedures and concepts to regular consumers. It is required to explain complex details in a simplified manner so that normal users can grasp them.

Technical writing facilitates this task by creating reports, user manuals, case studies, etc. By getting skilled in this style of communication, you can easily get into a career of your interests and learn new things daily.

Google also offers a medium to learn technical writing. Join one of the below-mentioned technical writing courses in Lucknow.

Also, Here Is the List Of Few More Courses in Lucknow:

The basic skill required for becoming a technical writer involves quick learning and grasping technical topics. A writer need not be an expert in every concept related to every field. However, they can adapt to the allotted topic, have advanced research skills, and write about the topic explaining it in simple terms.

A writer needs to keep in mind about the target audience while analyzing the topic. The target audience can be experienced as well as beginners or intermediates.

Sometimes, the audience reading a piece of content is completely unfamiliar with the topic or field. The process of writing for a general audience involves scrutinizing the provided information and converting it into simple words that can be understood by everyone reading it.

Types of Technical Writing

Every day, we face different types of technical content in the form of technical documents. These types of technical documents are also known as forms of technical writing.

Scientific & Medical Papers: Technical Writing in the field of medical and science. It is a traditional example of simplifying the technical language and generating content for a specific audience. Writers for medical scientific papers need to have exceptional attention to detail, skills to organize raw data into user-friendly content, and a high level of accuracy.

User Manuals: User manuals are a popular form of technical writing that is encountered by people with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. This type improves the end-user experience by answering specific usage-related questions about day-to-day consumer products like mobile phones, electronic appliances, and more.

Academic Books and Guides: Academic books and technical guides are examples of long-form technical content. It requires the writer to have wide knowledge about the subject and extreme clarity of the concepts. They should have the ability to convert complex information into simple content understandable by all consumers.

Assembly Manuals: It is a form of technical writing most commonly used in the mechanical department and maintenance areas of the companies. It is different from other forms because the companies require have theoretical as well as practical understanding of the assembly and disassembly of the equipment.

Technical Documents & Reports: Corporate content generally involves statistical reports, business presentations, stakeholder meeting data, proposals, and more. These documents and reports require the ability to communicate in a professional manner along with including the necessary technical information.

Check These Technical Writing Courses Near You:

Required Skills by Technical Writers

Technical writers are not experts in all the technical fields. However, they have certain skills which differentiate them from the others. They have a special ability to grasp a topic and gain necessary knowledge about it through research. A technical writer communicates complex technical topics to general people in a simplified language and uses terms that can be understood by everyone. Some of the basic skills required to become a technical writer are:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the Topic: A writer should know the ways to attain an understanding of the product or concept that is to be explained.
  • Targeting User Behavior: To communicate, a person should know the other person’s language. Similarly, to communicate a concept, a writer must know the behavior and identity of their audience.
  • Technical Documentation Format: It is important to prepare a technical document in a standard format.
  • Master Communication Skills: A writer must have exceptional communication skills. It helps to make the content interactive.
  • Knowledge of Basic Designing and Writing Tools: Apart from soft skills, knowledge of technical writing tools is a must. Along with it, some basic designing ability is an added advantage to make the process seamless.
  • Research Skills: It is a must to know how to research a topic to include all the necessary details.
  • Teamwork: Technical writing involves collecting various data that may involve IT, marketing, finance, and other teams. A tech writer must be able to work together with others.


Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow



About: It is one of the leading online learning platforms that offers several certification courses to individuals from various fields. It tops the charts due to its lifetime access to the Learning Management System.

Students can join multiple courses and get lifetime access to the training modules, video classes, presentations, and assignments. For students who want to build a career in Technical Content Writing, IIM SKILLS offers one of the best Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow.

Course Name Technical Writing Master Course
Duration 5 Weeks
Course Fee ₹ 14,900 + 18% GST


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Course Curriculum:

Topics Duration
Introduction 60 mins
How to Write 180 mins
Creating your Content 180 mins
Technical Reports 60 mins
White Papers/Journals 90 mins
Conversational Writing 60 mins
DDLC & Versioning 90 mins
Reviewing & Publishing 90 mins
API Documentation using XML 120 mins
Data Sheets, User Manuals, and Application Notes 120 mins
Effective writing 60 mins
Medical writing
Case Study- Application notes from Texas 120 mins


This a perfectly curated online course for anyone who is looking forward to building a career in technical writing. This course will help you polish your technical writing skills, explain technical concepts easily to non-technical background people, learn documentation format and rules, know about the do’s and don’ts while curating a technical document, and more.

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2) Education and Career Times (ECT)

About: The technical writing course by ECT helps you start your career or grow in the field of technical writing. It also imparts a basic knowledge of programming in HTML and JavaScript to help you work in cross-functional teams.

This knowledge is required when you look forward to working in big companies like Facebook, Google, etc that expect you to write documentation for developers as well.

Some basic programming skills are an added advantage when you pitch for such organizations. These factors make it one of the best technical writing courses in Lucknow.

Course Name Technical Writing Course
Duration 4-6 Months
Course Fee ₹ 39,999



Part 1: Topic Covered
Module 1 Introduction to Technical Writing
Module 2 Grammar & Styling in Technical Writing
Module 3 Information Architecture
Module 4 Master a Markdown Language
Module 5 Learn XML (Extensible Markup Language)
Module 6 Learn JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
Module 7 Learn DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)
Module 8 Document Authoring Tool – Oxygen XML Editor
Module 9 Technical Authoring Tool – MadCap Flare
Module 10 API Documentation
Module 11 Agile Documentation Strategy
Module 12 Careers in Technical Writing
Module 13 Contributing to Open Source Projects
Module 14 Other Useful & Beginner-Friendly Tools
Part 2: Topic Covered
Module 15 Introduction to Web Development Fundamentals
Module 16 Setting Up Dev Environment
Module 17 Learning HTML 5 – Elements & Structure
Module 18 Learn HTML – Tables
Module 19 HTML Forms
Module 20 Semantic HTML
Module 21 Learn CSS
Module 22 Introduction to JavaScript
Module 23 Learn JavaScript Conditionals
Module 24 Learn JavaScript Functions
Module 25 Learn JavaScript Scope
Module 26 Learn JavaScript Arrays
Module 27 Learn JavaScript Loops
Module 28 Learn JavaScript Objects
Module 29 Learn JavaScript Iterators
Module 30 Learn JavaScript Class
Module 31 Learn JavaScript Modules
Module 32 Errors & Debugging in JavaScript
Module 33 Concept of DOM
Module 34 DOM Events with JavaScript
Module 35 Building an Interactive Website with JavaScript
Module 36 Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests

Few More Technical Writing Courses: 


3) SCDL (Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning) Lucknow

About: It is one of the most prestigious and largest distance learning education institutes in India. The institute offers diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, and certification courses in many industry sectors.

It has also launched courses in content writing and technical writing owing to technology that has become an integral part of our lives. If you are also looking to opt for a distance learning program, it would be one of the most suitable technical writing courses in Lucknow.

Course Name Post Graduate Diploma In Technical Writing In Business Management
Duration 2 Years
Course Fee ₹ 58,000


Program Structure:

Semester I
Introduction to Technical Communication
Information Development Life Cycle – I
Information Development Life Cycle – II
Technical Writing Style and Editing
English Grammar


Semester II
Technical Communication Software Tools
Advanced Concepts in Technical Communication
Technical Communication Project Management
Principles and Practices of Management


Semester III
Business Communication
Instructional Design for Business Communication
Introduction to Creative Writing in Business Communication
Advanced Documentation Types and Processes


Semester IV
Advanced Technical Writing Tools
Research Methodology


If digital marketing interests you, do enroll in these best:


4)   Udemy

About: Udemy is one of the leading EdTech platforms. It offers several courses affiliated with different institutes worldwide. It has certification courses in various fields and allows users to learn online in a self-paced environment.

Are you also looking to learn about technical writing through an online platform and searching for the best Technical Writing Courses in Lucknow or Technical Writing Courses Near Me? Well, your search ends here. Join the below technical writing course to kickstart your career.

Course Name Technical Writing: Master Your Writing Career
Duration 5.5 Hours
Course Fee ₹ 2,299


It has a meticulously curated course content that includes:

Topics Duration
Master Your Writing Career Overview 17 mins
Know Your Topic 56 mins
Know Your Audience 32 mins
Plan the Book 53 mins
Write the Book 44 mins
How to Write Well 27 mins
How to Rewrite the Book 31 mins
How to Polish Your Writing 27 mins
Marketing the Book 24 mins
Wrapping up the Course 8 mins


5) Coursera

About: Coursera offers some of the best technical writing courses online. Courses are available for people at all learning levels, starting from beginners to experts. If you are from Lucknow and looking to upgrade your skills, choose one of the best technical writing courses in Lucknow.

You can enroll online easily and learn at your own pace. Here, we have mentioned one of the best beginner-level technical writing courses by Board Infinity which will help you kickstart your technical writing career.

Course Name Introduction to Technical Writing
Duration 15 Hours


The course is divided into 4 modules that blend together the art of communication with technical concepts.

Modules Duration
Fundamentals of Technical Writing 4 Hours
Design Principles and Essential Writing Tools 3 Hours
Diverse Technical Document Types and Ethical Practices 3 Hours
Advanced Topics and Career Advancement 3 Hours



About: It is an online learning platform that offers instructor-led as well as self-paced courses. They offer courses with a flexible schedule and timings. The website provides personal mentors and training is provided by specific niche experts.

The professional technical writing courses in Lucknow where you can learn at your own pace to kickstart your technical writing career.

Course Name Professional Technical Writing Course
Duration Self-Paced
Course Fee $49


Course Takeaways:

  • Learn about the applications and theories of technical writing with practice.
  • Teaches to write technical documents like letters, instructions, manuals, and reports
  • Usability testing and its importance for technical writers.
  • Improve your technical writing skills by writing practice documents that can meet the needs of consumers.
Writing Letters
Writing Technical Documents
Understanding the Audience
Planning a Manual
Writing a Manual
Using Graphics
Testing the Manual
Maintaining Standards
Designing Documents


7) Alison

About: The technical writing course by Alison teaches the basics of technical writing. You will study the essential writing procedure and its main characteristics. Increasing technological workplaces require exceptional communication skills.

This course will help you develop the necessary technical communication skills required by employers in today’s times. It is one of the best courses to learn the essentials of writing which makes it one of the exceptional technical writing courses in Lucknow and other cities.

Course Name Technical Writing Essentials
Duration 1.5 – 3 Hours


The modules include:

Topic Covered
Module 1 Basics of Technical Communication
Module 2 Professional Style
Module 3 Document Design
Module 4 Research Methods
Module 5 Common Document Types – Part One
Module 6 Common Document Types – Part Two
Module 7 Course Assessment


8) University of Illinois Springfield

About: The University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) has created a separate unit called Continuing and Professional Education (CAPE) that provides high-quality training programs and courses to professionals in various public as well as private sectors.

It offers skill-building short-term education programs for local businesses and employers. The technical writing certification program is one such course.

The course is completely conducted online and you can start anytime you want. It makes this one of the top 10 online technical writing courses in Lucknow.

Course Name Technical Writing Online Certificate
Duration 6 Months (125 Hours)
Course Fee $2,195


The Syllabus Include:

  • Introduction to Technical Communication
  • Your Role as a Technical Writer
  • Common Types of Technical Writing
  • The Seven Principles of Good Writing
  • Writing as a Process
  • Research
  • Organization
  • Rough Draft
  • Revising and Editing
  • Writing for the Web and Social Media
  • Certification
  • How to Find a Job in Technical Writing (Optional Lesson)
  • Final Exam


9) Technical Writer HQ

About: Technical Writer HQ offers high-rated training programs for professionals. It provides various certifications including UX Writer, AI Technical Writer, Grant Writer, Proposal Writer, XML Writer, Knowledge Manager, and Medical Writer.

It has one of the best technical writing courses in Lucknow. It is also a suitable course if you are searching to study online at your own pace. It also provides free lifetime access to future content.

Course Name Certified Technical Writer
Duration 40 Hours
Course Fee $299


The course Curriculum includes various sections:

Section 1 Introduction to Technical Writing
Section 2 Writing Great Technical Documentation
Section 3 Formatting Your Technical Documentation
Section 4 Editing and Readability
Section 5 Editing and Proofreading
Section 6 Verification, Communication, and Workflow
Section 7 Landing a Technical Writing Job
Section 8 Interviews
Technical Writer Certification Exam


10) Henry Harvin Academy

About: Henry Harvin is one of the most popular EdTech companies worldwide. They offer online as well as offline live classroom sessions and personalized training. It offers degrees, diplomas, doctorates, and certification courses on a global level.

The technical writing course teaches the fine art of converting experimentally extracted data into documents and reports.

It teaches the skills to communicate with the non-technical audience as well as to explain the technical concepts in simple language. It is ranked one of the top technical writing courses in Lucknow.

Course Name Technical Writing Course
Duration 36 Hours
Course Fee ₹ 17,500


The course curriculum includes:

Topic Covered
Module 1 Introduction to Technical Writing
Module 2 Documentation Process
Module 3 Technical Writing Process
Module 4 Grammar and Editing
Module 5 Technical Writing Software Tools
Module 6 Components of a Technical Document
Module 7 Technical Writing Techniques
Module 8 How To Create a Technical Document Template
Module 9 Overview of Formats of Technical Documents
Module 10 Advanced Technical Writing Tools


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the industries that rely on technical writing?

In this fast-growing technological world, almost all the technical industries rely on clear communication of technology. This requirement in turn generates the need for a technical writer. Join one of the above technical writing courses in Lucknow to gain the necessary skills for technical industries. Some of those industries are:

  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Computer applications
  • Chemistry
  • Finance
  • Electronics
  • Aeronautics
  • Medicine

Q. How to become a technical writer?

To become a technical writer, you need to begin with the basic steps required for all the career fields.

  • Complete your studies and get a bachelor’s degree
  • Sign up for a good technical writing course online or offline
  • Select your niche
  • Observe the professional work of people with similar niche
  • Set up a network professionally
  • Learn the necessary technical skills
  • Build a portfolio to present your work

Q. What are the top companies that hire technical writers in India?

Almost all the technical industries look out for writers to enhance their business. Some of the top companies hiring technical writers are:

  • Oracle
  • Capgemini
  • HCLTech
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Cisco Systems
  • Dell Technologies
  • Siemens
  • Zoho
  • IBM


Technical Writing is a form of content writing that involves communication about specialized technical topics. Professionals use it to convey technical information in simple language. Technical writers are responsible for writing medical papers, legal documents, user manuals, assembly guides, and many other documents and reports.

Employers look out for people who have exceptional writing skills and a quick understanding ability. You can easily develop the necessary skills required to become a technical writer by enrolling in one of the above technical writing courses in Lucknow.

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