Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in Melbourne With Placements

Since you have clicked on this article, it is safe to assume that you are looking for guidance on the best digital marketing courses in Melbourne. Some of the critical questions plaguing you would be, which digital marketing course to pursue, online or offline? A short digital marketing course with certification or a full-time degree or a post-graduate diploma? What employment and growth opportunities are available in this sector? What are the fundamental features I should be looking for in a digital marketing course? What skill sets are required for this job and which course best fits my needs? We are here to address all of these questions and more, to help you choose the course that works for you, from the best digital marketing courses in Melbourne.


List of best digital marketing courses in Melbourne


Australia Digital Marketing Industry Size and Growth Forecast.

Worldwide, digital marketing share of businesses’ total marketing budget stands at 56% versus 44% for offline channels. In Australia, digital marketing has grown at the rate of 13.5% year on year over the last five years. Source IBIS World report According to Statista, the size of digital marketing in Australia is estimated to reach USD 12.56 billion in 2023.

An IBIS report suggests that in Australia, digital marketing will continue to grow rapidly for the next five years, given that internet penetration continues to deepen, resulting in more and more marketers increasing their digital marketing spend. The Australian digital market industry employment in 2022 was 13,900.

This indicates that the demand for digital marketing professionals is on the rise in Australia. Pursuing a digital marketing course seems like a smart choice in this scenario.


What is Digital Marketing?

All marketing activity that occurs on the Internet can be defined as digital marketing. Businesses use multiple channels like websites, search engines, social media, emails, etc. to create brand awareness, communicate, and promote their products and services to their customers. Some of the most common tools used in digital marketing are SEO, and content writing including long-form articles, social media posts, messages, emailers, etc.


Importance of Digital Marketing

With internet penetration constantly increasing and everyone spending more time online, it’s emerged as the most favoured channel for communication by marketers across the globe. It is critical for businesses today to have an online presence considering that most customers are using the internet to research any product or service they intend to buy. It is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional advertising and marketing channels.

It has an extensive reach and quick measurable outcomes, which provides marketers with the nimbleness to adapt and adjust strategy quickly. It allows for focused targeting of the audience that results in lead generation and increased conversions and it provides small businesses and start-ups free space to compete with big established brands in their respective industry.


What Does a Digital Marketing Job Entail and What Skill Set is Required?

A digital marketer’s primary function is to optimize communication through all online channels (company website, social media, search engine rankings, emailers, online paid advertisements, blogs, etc.) available with the company to increase brand awareness and generate leads. This includes the responsibility to monitor the performance of each channel.

A small company with limited resources may have a small multifunctional team to drive its digital marketing division, whereas a large company with better resources may employ specialists responsible for each channel. Hence opportunities exist for all-rounders and specialists, however, the basic skills required remain constant.

The key skills required to be a digital marketer are Soft skills/Power skills/ Human skills – communication, interpersonal, self-management, and creativity. SEO, research, and content creation including long articles, social media posts, and Emailers.


Career Options/Job Opportunities/Salary Structure

Digital marketing is a rewarding career with plenty of entry-level opportunities for freshers and growth for candidates with experience. This is corroborated by data from various placement and staffing solution companies. According to Glassdoor, the average entry-level annual salary for a digital marketing job in Melbourne is AUD 81,000.

To provide context, the following is a list of a few jobs available for freshers in digital marketing in Melbourne and its vicinity in Australia with descriptions:


SEO Manager – Their primary job is to improve business ranking on Google search engine result pages organically using various SEO strategies. They usually work with content creators to make sure the content matches Google standards for ranking. The salary range is AUD 90,000 to AUD 100,000 per annum (source Indeed)


Content Marketing Specialists – These are digital content creators and they work with various departments to create communication in line with the company’s expectations. They also create promotional collateral to promote on all online channels. The salary range is AUD 75,000 to AUD 90,000 per annum (source Seek)


Social Media Manager – Key role is to increase engagement (followers, shares, impressions) on social media by posting relevant content in collaboration with the content creation team. The salary range is AUD 80,000 to AUD 95,000 per annum (source Seek)


Digital Marketing Specialists – Will be responsible for creating and executing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. They will also monitor the performance of each channel and its ROI. The salary range is AUD 80,000 to AUD 90,000 per annum (source Seek)


SEM Specialists – The job entails putting together a strategy to improve the website ranking of a business on search engine result pages using paid advertisements. The salary range is AUD 80,000 to AUD 95,000 per annum (source Seek)


PPC Specialists – This role is about managing and optimizing the online advertising campaigns for the organization. The salary range is AUD 70,000 to AUD 80,000 per annum (source Seek)


At the supervisory level, average salaries can go to AUD 120,000 plus, and senior managers make over AUD 140,000 plus.


Please be aware that these salaries and job descriptions are indicative in nature and may vary depending on the organization’s size, structure, etc.


Analysis of the Best Digital Marketing Courses- Free Versus Paid, Online Versus Offline, Degree Versus Certificate

Before we get around to listing the best digital marketing courses in Melbourne, let us check the various kinds of digital marketing courses that are available and their merits and limitations.

Free short online digital marketing courses– There are several available and they are best suited for digital marketers looking to upskill or small business owners wanting to learn the basics of digital marketing as they do not have the resources to outsource or hire dedicated personnel for this job.

The advantages are that these are short duration of 3 to 5 hours and you learn at your own pace with pre-recorded content. The limitations are that short digital marketing courses tend to be specific to individual components of digital marketing. Hands-on experiential learning is not available, hence no immediate measurable outcomes

Paid online digital marketing courses in Melbourne – If you are a fresher or a working professional and looking to enter the digital marketing world, these courses will work well for you. The advantages are that they offer a comprehensive syllabus covering all aspects of digital marketing. The course duration is reasonable ranging from 4 months to a year.

The teaching methodology is instructor-led online classes or a hybrid of online and classroom learning. Hands-on experience with assignments and projects that learners are required to submit. They offer interactions with industry experts and leaders through various forums. They issue course completion certificates at the end of the course. Most of these courses offer placement assistance too and some courses also provide access to course material and digital marketing tools even after course completion.

The limitations are that these are paid courses with the fee ranging between AUD 750 to AUD 4,500 limiting access for people. All the interactions with peers and faculty are virtual which impacts the development of interpersonal skills. Degree and post-graduate diploma digital marketing courses in Melbourne – These are meant for commerce graduates or marketing career professionals.

The advantages are that the course duration is 18 months full-time or 3 years part-time and these are on-campus courses. They are highly specialized courses including advanced syllabus. They offer you an opportunity to learn from, and network with, industry thought leaders. Internships or consulting work to solve a real business issue is included in these courses.

The limitations are that entry to these courses is difficult as it requires a basic education level in a specific field and affordability as the fee structure is quite high.


Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Courses

Now that we are aware of what is digital marketing, its scope, skill set requirements, the types of courses available, etc. how do we go about choosing the right course? Here are the criteria that would help you make the right choice for you! Define your objective for taking up the course which will help you decide the type of course to pick, i.e., online free or paid, fully online or hybrid, or offline and paid.

Once you have decided on the type, of course, you are interested in, shortlist institutes based on the curriculum – how comprehensive is it and what topics are covered?

Course duration – to check how it fits with your schedule.

Faculty – please check the credentials of the faculty to ensure you are getting a quality education.

Hands-on experience opportunities – what kind of assignments and projects are included? Is internship, paid or free part of the course?

Check out the awards, accolades, and endorsements by the industry.

Placements post course completion – does the institute offer placement assistance or guarantee?

Which companies are associated with the institute for recruitment?

What is the fee structure – do they offer an EMI option or expect full payment upfront?

What is their refund policy – is the fee non-refundable or can you request a refund under special circumstances? Terms and conditions for a refund if applicable.


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A Detailed List of the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Melbourne Offering Certification

Now let us focus on compiling a list of institutes that offer the best digital marketing courses in Melbourne with a certificate or diploma. For this listing, we will not consider either free online courses or courses that offer a degree.

We will list the courses in no particular order as the objective is not to rank, but to cover the courses that offer value to students in terms of providing them with the skill sets required for the job, and improving their employability.

However, we will focus on evaluating the courses offered at these institutes based on the duration of the course, fee structure, teaching methodology, curriculum modules, the competence of the faculty, recognition by the industry, experiential projects included in the course duration, placement assistance provided, and companies on board for recruitment, to put together our list of the best digital marketing courses.

Our objective here is to provide you with comprehensive information on the best digital marketing courses collated together that will save you the effort of visiting individual websites for comparison. This said, let us dive straight in.



This course is at the top of our list of top Digital Marketing Courses in Melbourne as it offers a great curriculum at the best price, hence is fabulous value for money. The master digital marketing course is a comprehensive instructor-led online course covering critical aspects of digital marketing. You will continue to enjoy access to the course material and classes for your lifetime.

Over and above, you will have access to tools worth a few hundred AUD. This course also includes an internship where you gain hands-on experience and an opportunity to build your portfolio, which is an exclusive unique offering provided by IIM Skills only. Live projects and case studies are key elements of the curriculum.

The faculty consists of trainers with significant experience in this domain and are passionate about all things digital and teaching of course! Varying duration of courses are offered, so you have a choice to pick one that best suits your schedule.

The curriculum is the best in the business. It covers the basics of digital marketing, web development, SEO, and Online marketing including Search Engine, E-mail, social media, inbound, web analytics, ORM, e-commerce, integrated digital marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing, content writing, advanced blogging, and graphic designing.

Resume building, career counselling, and placement assistance are part of the programme. Industry-recognized certification from IIM Skills, and certificates from Google and HubSpot, add significant value to your resume.


2) Simplilearn 

Makes it to our best digital marketing courses in Melbourne list as, besides the quality of education, it offers free access to paid versions of tools that support search engine ranking for one year after course completion. They also organize online boot camps designed by industry leaders for their students. Experiential opportunities and projects include monthly platforms for interaction with industry experts and faculty.

Also offered are monthly mentoring sessions with industry opinion shapers and faculty. Companies enlisted for recruitment include the likes of Ericsson, Mphasis, Tech Mahindra LOWE, and DSP to name a few. Industry recognition includes Innovation in EdTech Aegis Graham Bell Award, Top 20 Company Training Industry.

Instructor-led online classes led by subject matter experts with good relevant industry experience.

The curriculum is comprehensive and includes SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, and Digital Analytics, Social Media, bile Marketing, and Digital Strategy, Advanced Web Analytics, Advanced Learning, Digital Marketing Capstone. The certification is a Master’s Certificate. Placement assistance and career support are provided.


3) Indian Institute of Digital Education – IIDE

This institute qualifies as one of the best digital marketing courses in Melbourne on account of its robust curriculum and the limited time commitment that is required due to the reasonable course duration. The faculty has excellent credentials and consists of professionals who have worked with brands like Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Dell Technologies to name a few, and have reasonable experience in the relevant subject.

Valuable recognition awarded by World Education Congress and Indian Education Congress

The teaching methodology is a hybrid model, video lectures, Instructor lead online classes, one on one mentoring sessions, and in-class presentations

The curriculum is extensive covering, introduction to Digital Marketing, SEO, Understanding Marketing Jargon, SEM, Campaign Planning, Presentation preparation, E-commerce, Content and copywriting, Canva, Social media marketing, ORM, Influencer marketing, Paid Social media marketing, Social Analytics, Google Analytics

Assistance is provided for creating a Resume and polishing interview skills.

Experiential opportunities and projects involve live projects in search marketing, and social media advertising

A certificate in advanced Digital Marketing is awarded after completion of the course.


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4) General Assembly

A beginner-friendly course it is important to include this in our list of the best digital marketing courses in Melbourne. It offers a flexible schedule offering that works for working professionals too. Great experiential opportunities and projects that include a final capstone project that requires the student to find and apply real-world business solutions.

Professional networking platforms are provided to build contacts. The faculty is a combination of digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs who bring their experience to the field of teaching. A dedicated support programme to provide guidance and feedback to assist your learning is the cherry on the cake.

Industry Recognition includes LinkedIn’s Top Companies, the 50 Industry Disruptors you need to know now, and Fast Company – Most Innovative Companies to name a few.

The teaching methodology is a hybrid form of teaching, i.e. both online and on-campus classroom teaching are available

The curriculum is robust starting with an introduction to the marketing and digital marketing world with an onboarding task that also involves learning about the conversion funnel and objective first marketing to prepare students for maximizing their classroom time interacting and gaining advanced knowledge, focus on knowledge of key tools required to implement digital marketing strategies, learning about all the digital marketing channels – Social media, conversion optimization, search strategy, Google Analytics, and much more, building strategies to leverage digital marketing channels for driving brand awareness, leads, and conversions.

Industry-recognized certificate awarded on course completion.

Placement assistance is provided at the end of the course, students leave with a professional portfolio and companies enlisted for recruitment are Microsoft, Google, Conde Nast, Visa, LOREAL




What are the best digital marketing courses in Melbourne?

Depending on what kind, of course, you are looking for, the following is a list of the best digital marketing courses available in Melbourne.

Free short online digital marketing course- Inbound Marketing by HubSpot

Paid online digital marketing course– IIM SKILLS, The Master Digital Marketing course

On-campus digital marketing course – The University of Melbourne, Master of Digital Marketing


Is digital marketing a good career option in Melbourne?

According to LinkedIn, over 80% of the Australian population is online, (which should hold for Melbourne too) and Quora suggests that 30% of digital marketing jobs in Australia are done by expats. This indicates the lack of local talent available.

Also, digital marketing is definitely on the upswing and is emerging as a hot career option in not only Australia but worldwide.

Taking up one of the best digital marketing courses in Melbourne will set you off on a growth-oriented career path and you can aim for the top job too, as you continue to gain experience, hone your skills and become experts in the field.

If you take the opportunity to skill yourself for the industry, it’s a great career option.


Which field is the highest paid in digital marketing in Melbourne?

The salary range of most digital marketing jobs in Melbourne ranges between AUD 75,000 to AUD 100,000 per annum. However, you can earn over AUD 200,000 as you climb the corporate ladder.


Final Thoughts

More and more people, especially the millennials and the generations thereafter are spending most of their time online. This population is unlikely to decline in the next decade or so. It is likely to grow further. Most marketers understand this and it is reflected in the marketing spend allocations of organizations which currently stand at 56% for digital marketing. With offline marketing space shrinking, it makes sense to upgrade your online digital marketing skills. For freshers looking to enter the marketing field, it seems logical for them to pursue digital marketing. This article is designed to analyze and present the pros and cons of the best digital marketing courses in Melbourne. The objective was to save you the trouble of going through individual sites to evaluate and choose the programme that best suits your requirements. I hope it was helpful in that respect.

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