Top 9 SEO Courses in France With Practical Training

Let’s acknowledge the fact that pandemic has transformed the world in a certain way. The corporate world shifted to online working seamlessly when Covoid hit the economy. Afterward, the world also showed quick adaptability to the new normal. That is when the digital world flourished exponentially. Having no other options people started the trend of working from home, but over time it became an avenue to save money for companies that would have been spent on employees if they were working from the office. This article will brief you about a crucial component, a backbone of the digital world, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and further SEO courses in France.


List of best SEO courses in France


SEO And its Applicaztion



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – as the name suggests – is a content optimization process that fosters websites to appear in search when someone looks for a particular content by using keywords. Using SEO correctly is a boon for website owners and digital marketers.



Content is always structured in a confined area of niches or domains. Making content stand out and building an audience base is not a cakewalk. Here are the following problems that can be fixed by SEO.

  • Ranking eCommerce websites that offer specific services.
  • Boosting the reach of YouTube videos
  • Generating leads by helping websites reach potential customers
  • Aids web content stands out


Digital Advancement in France 


Several websites talk about the laws passed in the last 8-10 years in France to empower digital workers and create a safe space for digital growth. Let’s have a look at information running online about France in Digital Marketing.


a) Grand View Research anticipates that France’s digital marketing software is about to grow at 20% of compound annual growth over the next 10 years.

b) Top universities state that France is the best choice to study digital marketing in the luxury domain. Also, online sources enlighten the fact that France has the 4th largest number of internet/social media consumers.


The above data give an anecdote about how rapidly France is branching up in the digital world. If you are considering SEO courses in France, this article will help you.


Career Opportunity after SEO Course


As an SEO specialist, there is a pool of jobs. Let’s discuss a few of them.


  • SEO Manager

This is the primary role an SEO specialist can opt for. Every business needs a dedicated team to optimize digital content to reach a larger audience. Every business model is backed by a well-structured team that includes technological experts, Content strategists, data analysts, professional editors, and more. As an SEO specialist, one will be accountable for content optimization, digital content structuring, performance report, and more.


Estimated Salary: 58,400 EUR (per year)


  • Content Marketer

Digital content includes blogs, web content, brochures, infographics, Ad copies, reviews, and much more. SEO works as a fulcrum around which the whole system revolves. The growth would be visible if SEO is done meticulously. As a content marketer, you’ll be responsible to optimize the content which is going to be on the online platform. For instance web content, blogs, review articles, Ad copies, and so on.


Estimated Salary: 47,729 EUR (per year)


  • Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is a broader domain and SEO is a part of it. If you want to sharpen your skills you can work as a digital marketer. It not only involves SEO but also social media management, SEO, PPC, and content management. Digital marketer also focuses on web networking and social media strategies.


Estimated Salary: 62,700 EUR (per year)


  • Marketing Consultant

This role can not be offered because this is earned. A consultant always uses his experience to guide others in any specific domain. A digital marketing consultant advises business entities or individual business owners on how to increase sales through online marketing. They offer their expertise in social media marketing and online reach.


Estimated Salary: 48,033 EUR (per year)


There are more to know about but the above fields are broadly recognized by businesses and opted by aspiring individuals for SEO course.


Who Should Do This Course? 


SEO is not a degree. It’s a skill and skills are never confined by conventional eligibilities. The sooner you gain it, the more you are going to be an expert in it over time. Expertise in any field is always in demand. Summing up, the following are people who can take this course.

  • A student (10th, 12th, graduates or beyond)
  • A professional (Who is a fresher or already works in the industry)
  • Housewives (Who want to revitalize their career)
  • Anyone who wants to upskill his knowledge


Why a Course?


There is no denying that a professional’s hand is always the cherry on the cake. Industry experts not only pour you with their experience but also frame your skills as per current demand. Here are the reasons why you should opt for an SEO course-


  • France is developing its digital segment at a fast pace. It’s time to leverage the process. Learn a skill, practice it, be an expert and sell your expertise.
  • A course will make you sit and practice the skill regularly.
  • The insights experts provide will be too valuable to ignore.
  • You can restart your career by taking up one skill.


There are more but once you know the importance of SEO courses in France, you’ll not need the reasons.


Top 9 SEO Courses in France


Let’s discuss the focus theme of this article which is SEO courses in France. The following list is a perfect blend of offline and online SEO courses in France. Online courses are available all around the world but if you are a resident of France and want to learn in offline mode, you can explore the offline options.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills – an institute recognized by the MSME government of India –  is a leading online education platform where anyone can get a comprehensive range of professional courses. Their courses are exclusively designed from the perspective of practical learning and expert guidance.


The list of courses here includes Content Writing, Technical Writing, Digital Marketing, SEO Course, GST Certification, Financial Modeling, and BAT course. Find below the details about what you’ll get and learn throughout the advanced SEO course from IIM Skills.


Key Features

  • Free tools worth 20k
  • Practical assignments and weekly assessments
  • Training to launch yourself as a certified SEO specialist
  • Expertise in nuances of SEO
  • Interview support and two months of paid internship
  • Lifetime support and letter of recommendation
  • Expertise in launching website/blog on google
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Post-training mentorship
  • Start your SEO agency
  • Guidance from an industry expert



  • SEO in digital marketing
  • The average time is taken from SEO to show results
  • Guidance to select the right niche
  • On-page SEO and Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO in detail
  • Search console basics
  • The process to register on the search console
  • Technical implementation of search console
  • URL inspection and search results



The last module is named ‘Bonus Module’. No doubt it’s a bonus associated with the course. This section includes the following topics-


This form is currently undergoing maintenance. Please try again later.



179.15 Euro



Course (4 weeks) + Internship (8 weeks)





2. Hubspot


HubSpot Academy is a well-known online education platform that helps people grow as business entities or as an individual. They are leveraging digital advancement as a medium to reach out to learners. Besides providing short-term and long-term courses, they help people learn inbound marketing and strategizing sales with their comprehensive certifications.


Key Features

  • Detail insight of online algorithm
  • Evaluate strategy as per SEO
  • Improve the website’s SEO
  • Basics about backlinks and their applications
  • Building backlinks
  • Improving the website’s visibility on the search engine result page



  • History of search engines
  • Association of search engines with day-to-day lives
  • How search engines rank web pages
  • Planning the right SEO strategy and website optimization
  • Meta descriptions and link test
  • Structuring URLs and Technical SEO
  • Step-by-step process of keyword research
  • Structure of search engine result pages (SERPs)



6 lessons + 5 quizzes + 2+ hourse



You’ll get a chat box opened (bottom right corner)

Put your query and get all the information.

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

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3. Adieu-Arche-B (aab)


AAB Marketing is a France-based communication and advertising agency that offers services and courses (Online and offline) in French, English, and German languages. This is one of the best SEO courses in France. They train professionals (individuals) or help businesses with their expertise in SEO (Search engine optimization) and SEA (Search engine advertising). They offer services for elevating international traffic on market-associated websites.


Key Features

  • Fix your training dates yourself
  • Training with industrial exposure
  • Prior study of your knowledge by AAB
  • Basics of SEO in theoretical training
  • Learn at your premises
  • Learn in three languages (French, English, and German)



  • Basics of SEO or natural referencing
  • Detailed study of search engines
  • Search result pages
  • Myths associated with keyword density
  • Off-page or off-site ranking factors
  • Determining the value of the link
  • Studying anchor text, non-follow, and link position
  • Implementation of Search Engine Optimization
  • Become a service provider with appropriate training





4. Udemy


Udemy is an online education platform that is mostly known for its affordable and quality courses/certifications. They provide courses in Marketing, Design, IT and Software, Business, Personal Development, Photography, music, and others.


They believe in providing equal opportunities, which is why they cater to not only students but also welcome individuals to share their knowledge as tutors. Check out their website to know more about SEO courses in France. Here is a standard structure of SEO courses that are included in every program.


Key Features

With over 60,000 satisfied learners and 190 positive reviews, the Udemy SEO course offers the following facilities-

  • Best Selling SEO Course
  • Future updates with new lectures
  • 10+ hours of good quality video
  • Structured course delivery
  • Videos with English subtitles
  • All-time support from the instructor throughout the course



  • SEO in detail
  • Selecting the right niche for you
  • Traffic generation by optimizing a website
  • Technical SEO
  • Practical use of SEO to get jobs
  • Significance of long-tail keywords
  • Google authority and link building



  • Google search algorithms
  • Use search engines to rank web pages
  • Find the appropriate niche for your website
  • The process to find low-competition keyword
  • Real-time practices of content optimization



Starts from 43 EUR



9+ hours

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5. IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education)


IIDE is an institute reputed for well-designed digital marketing certification that also offers SEO courses in France. Their narrative is fixed upon changing the educational world by supporting digital talent. They provide short-term courses like Facebook Ads and SEO courses to long-term courses like MBA in digital marketing. They are catering to students online as well as offline. With an industry-appropriate syllabus, IIDE provides various facilities to students while learning.


Key Features

  • Live classes of 8+ hours
  • Access lectures from any device
  • Well-structured assignments
  • Timely practice tests
  • Dedicated system for support and queries


Tools you’ll learn

  • Google search console
  • Google keyword planner
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Ubbersuggest
  • RankMath
  • Yoast
  • Google PageSpeed
  • Moz



  • Basic SEO terms and concepts
  • Introduction of search engine result page
  • Search engine result analysis
  • Google SEO algorithm
  • Significance of keywords
  • What is On-page SEO
  • Introduction to error pages
  • Off-page SEO
  • How to select a niche
  • Importance of blogs and PR
  • Process of auditing website



77 EUR + Taxes



12 hours


Check out the list of the Top Digital Marketing Courses in France to learn more about what a course in online marketing entails. 


6. The Knowledge Academy


With the capability to provide 30,000 courses in 1000+ locations around the globe, the Knowledge Academy serves professionals with their valuable experience in the industry. As an internationally recognized institute, they train delegates with their premium quality courses and certifications. They offer courses in Project Management, Business Analysis, IT Service Management, ISO and compliance, Data, Analytics, AI, and more. They are also one of the best SEO courses in France.


Key Features

  • Making a website on top of search results
  • Introduction of search engine result page
  • Significance of keywords
  • How to research keywords
  • Google SEO algorithm
  • Social media management
  • Familiarity with the algorithm across all platforms
  • Importance and use of blogs
  • Authority building for a website



  • History of SEO
  • Familiarity with web crawler and indexing
  • Customized SEO structure and content optimization
  • Google keyword tool and introduction to keywords
  • The ideal way to insert keywords
  • Off-page SEO techniques
  • Significance of long-tail keywords
  • Google authority and link building
  • What is a social media strategy
  • How to build a network on social media platforms
  • like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram



1495 Euro





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7. Coursera


Coursera is the most trusted online education platform for certifications and SEO courses in France. Their educational sources are extremely rich with reputed universities around the globe. Often people leave their jobs and flourishing careers to fulfill their primary responsibilities. Coursera gives that chance to restart a career with its variety of quality courses and certifications. They offer SEO courses in online mode.


Key Features

  • Learn at your ease from anywhere in the world
  • Video of lectures and detailed notes
  • Well-structured assignments and detailed feedback



  • Analytical process for a web page
  • Competitive analysis
  • Creating networks in your community
  • How to build meaningful relationships
  • Preparing reports on research
  • Creating content that gets the most shares
  • Real-time uses of SEO



  • Objective of SEO
  • The average time is taken from SEO to show results
  • History of search engines
  • Keyword research and its purpose
  • Step-by-step process of keyword research
  • Data structure and SEO reporting
  • Optimizing SEO with advanced content
  • Search result pages
  • Studying all types of content
  • Off-page or off-site ranking factors
  • Google search algorithms







IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

8. Yoast SEO


As the name suggests, Yoast SEO works as a catalyst to amount outcomes out of any website. Its focus working realm revolves around SEO and its applications. They train individuals or brands to make their content simple, crisp, and easy to read. Yoast SEO makes sure that Google finds the website’s content and perfectly understands the niche. You can find free as well as paid courses/training on the website but here we are going to discuss the paid but best SEO courses in France.


Key Features

  • A seamless shift from theory to practical
  • Best practices to foster understanding
  • Well-structured assignments
  • Course-based quizzes to foster practical knowledge
  • Access all new courses automatically
  • In-depth discussion of the scope by industry experts
  • Badges of achievements
  • Templates for real-time experience



Some of the following points are a full-fledged course on the website. Kindly check out the website to pick the best option that suits you.


  • Introduction and types of SEO
  • Objective of SEO
  • Training for Local SEO
  • Training for all-around SEO
  • Learn and improve the website’s SEO
  • Training for structured data for beginners
  • Training for understanding structured data
  • Training for Yoast SEO premium plugin
  • Introduction to Ecommerce SEO



93 EUR/year



12-16 hours

Access to material for one year


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9. Simplilearn


Simplilearn has branched its expertise in the field of certifications and training that can be practiced in the professional world. It solely focuses on digital skills and leveraging opportunities associated with it. They provide courses in Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, and Project Management. Giving spectacular input to the upskilling world, the Simplilearn team has trained over two million professionals across 150+ countries. The list is not complete without Simplilearn while discussing the best SEO courses in France.


Key Features

  • Live interaction classes with subject matter expert
  • 15+ real-life-based industry projects
  • Exhaustive training in website marketing
  • Rich scope after course completion
  • Career guidance after course completion
  • Foundation quiz as per syllabus



  • Introduction of SEO
  • Step-by-step process of keyword research
  • Web designing and architecture
  • Content strategy for website
  • Content optimization for SEO
  • In-depth knowledge of algorithm updates
  • Writing SEO-friendly content
  • Everything about privacy and ethics


Tools Covered

  • Majestic
  • MOZ
  • Semrush
  • SpyFu



Starts from 422 EUR



They provide the feature of categorized duration to pursue the course.

  • Self-paced
  • 90 Days
  • Customized duration




1. Is the SEO course only helpful in France?

No. This article was intentionally focused on France and its digital growth. But SEO specialists are globally in demand. Irrespective of your country you should go for this course if you’re interested to know more about the digital world.


2. I’m a student. How would this course elevate my career graph?

If you are a student you can embark on your journey as a blogger. SEO works as a backbone for blogs. You can earn decent money from one blog if you dedicatedly work on it. Blogging demands time initially but once it is set, you would be savoring passive income for sure. Companies demand skillful individuals. This blogging experience will help you grow as an SEO expert.


3. Why should I invest money in a course when I can learn it for free?

Unequivocally you can learn anything online. But a well-crafted course will shape your skill as per your industry. You’ll be privy to some of the most crucial tips and tricks that normal sources will not offer. Your knowledge will be backed by best practices in the industry.


4. Are all of the above SEO courses in France online?

No. Most of them are online but you’ll find offline options too.




No course or certification can push you to work hard. First, know yourself and your area of interest. If your interest falls in the digital world you are good to go with SEO courses. The upcoming era will be all about online working and digital growth. In this case, if you have the urge to upskill your knowledge in digital marketing you are lucky. Just go through the article and pick the best option that suits you as per your location and availability. If you are still confused, read this article about the best SEO courses in France.

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