Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich With Placements

In 2019, there were 4.39 billion internet users globally, out of these 3.48 billion were social media users. By 2023 the number of Internet users has gone up to 5.16 billion, out of this 4.76 billion are now social media users. With a 9% growth in the customer base annually, the businesses have changed their marketing strategies. Now 72% of the budget is allocated to marketing, and out of this 55% is allocated solely to the digital marketing division. Therefore, Digital Marketing courses in Norwich are currently the top preferred courses by students.


List of best digital marketing courses in Norwich


Importance of Digital Marketing

The global digital marketing was $350 billion in 2020 and is expected to cross $750 billion by 2026. Following the trends in the internet and social media users, 63% of big, medium, and even small industries have increased their digital marketing budget.

In the year 2021, the offline advertising spend was a mere $196 billion whereas, digital marketing spend was $436 billion. The following is data backed findings on the importance of digital marketing:

●      Online marketing increases brand awareness by 80%, which is nearly 45% of customers who buy online.

●      Before buying any product offline or online, 93% of people read online reviews and based on them decide.

●      The highest rate of return is through digital marketing.

●      Digital marketing reaches a larger audience as compared to traditional marketing campaigns.

●      Cost optimization is better as the targeted audience by the brand is reached specifically, on the basis of age, gender, platform, location,  interests,  and browsing trends as compared to traditional marketing.

●      As digital marketing is measurable, companies can check their performance on a day-to-day basis.

●      Companies can change, relaunch and pivot their digital ad campaigns faster than traditional campaigns, where the possibility of changes is nil.

●      As accurate results like the number of searches, browsers, buyers, etc result in real-time, companies can make more informed decisions.


Benefits of Studying in Norwich

Here is a brief insight into the advantages of pursuing Digital Marketing courses in Norwich:

●      Ample job opportunities. There are 7865 Digital Marketing companies in Uk as of 2023 and as per and is worth £17.3bn. With the rapid development and growth in the digital marketing industry in Norway, students can be well assured of getting good placements.

●      Rich practical experience. Since the institutions offering Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich have a strong industry connection, finding a good internship opportunity with practical experience while studying is easy.

●      Affordable cost of living. Norwich being a student-centric city, finding affordable accommodation is quite easy.

●      Choice of a wide range of courses. All the institutions provide a wide choice in digital marketing to students in both graduate and post-graduate courses.

●      All the institutions in Norwich have their labs with cutting-edge technologies, providing students with hands-on experience with the latest hardware and software.

●      Norwich City is voted as a safe city for students and with people of all continents staying here, food, accommodation, entertainment, and transport are affordable and student-friendly.


Components of Digital Marketing Courses

Before we introduce you to the institutions for Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich, let’s have a brief insight in what are the different mainstream courses in Digital Marketing.


★    Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing websites using various techniques to improve visibility and be on the first page of all Search Engine Related Pages like Google, Yahoo, and Binge. The end goal is to increase organic searches to the website by posting relevant content on it so that it appears in the top list on the SERP’s results for relevant keyword and phrase searches.


The techniques involved in SEO are as follows: 

●      Keyword Research

●      Quality Content Creation and Management

●      Internal and External Linking

●      Metadata Optimization

●      Image Optimization

●      URL Structure

●      Off Page and On page SEO management


★    Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic digital marketing approach that is creating quality content to attract the attention of the target customer base. The content is valuable, reliable, and constantly updated to gain authority in that particular niche the company is targeting.

Content marketers win the affinity of the customer base by building trust and being credible in the facts, figures, and sentiments they post. Since the main goal is not to sell the product directly but invoke the interest of the customers by focusing on values, expertise, and customer experience, the company turns the interest into the action of sale.


The various components of content marketing are:

●      Blogs

●      Infographics

●      Videos

●      Newsletters

●      Whitepapers

●      Social Media Posts

●      Emails

●      Podcast

●      eBooks

●      Case Studies,

●      Testimonials, and Reviews

●      Influencer Marketing


★    Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is paid advertising in which businesses indulge to increase their visibility on Search Engine Related Pages. They bid on keywords that users type to search so that the user lands on their page.

Since SEM is focused on targeting specific customer segments, it ensures faster traffic on the company website and more specific target audience visits. It is cost-effective and the Analytics gives the results of the campaigns in real-time for the company to take faster actions.


The various tools of SEM are: 

●      Pay Per Click

●      Local SEO

●      Organic SEO

●      Analytics Tools

●      Keyword Research tools

●      Ad Copy and Landing Page creation tools


★    Social Media Advertising

Paid advertisements on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok are known as Social Media Advertising. It is in the form of images, texts, videos, and sponsored content. It appears on the top, bottom, or side panels of the page.

This is a promotion campaign to a very specific set of customers selected as per their demographics, behavior, search pattern, age, and location. It helps in increasing the brand/offer awareness, which in turn increases the traffic to the website, eventually ending up in higher sales.

The detailed analytics available give the companies results in real-time, which in turn helps them to make data-driven decisions regarding any modifications of the campaign. As it hyper-targets audiences with personalized content, thus, making it cost-effective with a higher rate of return.

The different types of Social Media Advertisements are as follows:

●      Video ads

●      Static Image ads

●      Collection ads

●      Messenger ads

●      Stories ads.

●      Interactive ads

●      Lead Form ads

●      Interactive ads

●      Product ads

●      Carousel ads


★    Social Media Marketing

This type of marketing involves building up a stranger and larger follower and user base with the help of paid advertisements, building communities, interacting with the user base, and gathering insights into the conversations on Social Media Platforms with the help of listening tools.

The following forms are a part of Social Media Marketing :

●      Content Creation and Management

●      Community building and managing

●      Advertisements

●      Influencer Marketing

●      Reviews

●      Forums


★    Email Marketing

As the heading says, this form of marketing is through sending commercial emails to the user base. The emails can contain product information, offers, news, and promotional content. Although this is paid marketing, it ensures a higher rate of return on the investment, because a highly specific customer base is targeted with personalized messages, thus, making it more engaging for the customers.


The different forms of Email marketing are as follows:

●      Newsletter Emails

●      Welcome Emails

●      Transactional Emails

●      Brand Story Emails

●      Lead generating Emails

●      Re-Engagement Emails

●      Video Emails

●      Review Request Emails


★    Web Analytics

The process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the data gathered from the marketing and ad campaigns of any website by the users, defines Web Analytics. There are benchmarks known as Key Performance Indicators, against which the data is compared to check whether the campaign is performing as expected, and if not then with the help of data-driven, real-time information optimize the campaigns to get better responses.

There are different tools used for Web Analytics which are as follows:

●      Social Media Analytics Tool

●      SEO Analytics Tool

●      Customer Analytics Tool

●      Content Analytics Tool

●      A/B Multivariate Testing Tool

●      Usability Analytics Tool

●      General Enterprise Analytics Tool

●      Product Analytics Tool

●      Open Source Web Analytics Tool


Institutions for Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich

Here is a comprehensive list of the institutions providing specifically Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich:



It is an online learning platform that has been in existence for over 8 years and is counted among the fastest-growing tech companies in the world. The courses have been highly ranked by top-notch Education Blogs. A plethora of courses are offered, with the most important feature of live training classes, which are taken up by industry experts. Currently, more than 35000 students have been trained from more than 30 countries globally.


Digital Marketing Course

  • Course Duration – 120 hrs
  • Course Fees: Rs. 29900
  • Mode of Teaching: Online,


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing-
  • Web Development with Word Press
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Reputation Management
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Writing and Advanced Blogging
  • Media Buying and Planning
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Infographics Resume Creation


Course Features: The institute offers a plethora of features which is why they feature in the top-notch list of institutions that offer Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich, these are as follows :

  • All the trainers are expert experienced industry professionals, thus, imparting not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge. At the end of every topic, students are made to work on live assignments which gives them a real-time experience of the working of the particular topic. This enables students to face all obstacles and challenges beforehand and get proper guidance to figure out solutions from the trainers.


  • Practical exposure to all the online tools used in the industry like SemRush, YouTube Analytics, Campaign Builders, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, WordPress, Canva, MailChimp, Woo Commerce, Sucuuri Security, Async Javascript, and all the other tools which are used in the industry currently.


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  • The course covers all the topics which the students require to not only work as an internet marketing professional but also prepare them for the exams for Master Certification from Google, Hubspot, Facebook, and others which have global accreditation and carry a significant weightage while applying for a job.


  • The students get to work for a period of 2 months on a paid internship, where they also get the opportunity to start working as freelancers for companies. After completion of the internship, the institute offers 100% assistance in placement in top-notch companies.


  • The course also covers building up a strong portfolio to showcase to potential employers and also professional guidance is given to all the students to build up an effective and strong resume according to each and every student.


Contact Information: The details of the institution for the course and registration are as follows:


2. Cambridge Regional College:

The institution ranks at no. 7 in the top 10 colleges in the UK. The admission for applying for the Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich offered by the college, the requirements are as follows:

●      English and Maths GCSE at grade 4, or equivalent education from any institution recognized by the college.

●      The recognized institution by Cambridge Regional College should have English as the medium for teaching.

●      Students should be working in the relevant industry.


The course details are as follows:

●      Duration: 18 months

●      Type: Part-time, Online


The Digital Marketer (L3) Apprenticeship Standard offers the following modules:

●      BCS Digital Marketing Business Principle

●      MTA HTML5

●      BCS Principles of Coding

●      BCS Marketing Principles

●      Data Management and Analytics

● Problem-Solving

●      Customer Service

●      Written Communication


Course Features: The course features are as follows:

●      Step-by-step techniques for understanding coding

●      Clear strategies for understanding the main components of digital and social media strategies

●      Current industry-related practices employed to understand, build and manage digital advertising campaigns across all platforms.


Contact Information: To find out details about this institution’s Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich, log on to the following:

IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite

3. Imperial College Business School

Amongst the Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich, Imperial College Business School ranks among the top colleges in the UK. It was ranked at #3 as per the QS rating of Colleges globally, amongst European Colleges. It is accredited by the associations EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. The institution offers the following courses in Digital Marketing:


★    Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

The admission prerequisites for the course are as follows:

●      The latest version of the Internet Browser

●      Microsoft Office

●      RStudio

●      PDF Viewer


The course, in general, is as follows :

●      Duration: 21 weeks

●      Type: Online, 10-15hrs per week

●      Fees: £3396


The course covers the following areas imperative not only for Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich but globally :

●      Customer behavior, Journey mapping, and Segmentation

●      Paid Search

●      Online Product Positioning

●      E-Mail Marketing

●      Content Marketing

●      Winning the War of Attention and Online Advertising

●      Online Customer Engagement

●      Social Media Marketing- Organic and Paid

●      Social Media Platforms

●      Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

●      Customer Segmentation and Big Data

●      Driving Sales with Digital Performance Metrics

●      Sentiment Analysis

●      A/B Testing

●      Managing Customer Relations

●      Brand Management in the Digital World

●      Framework for Implementing Digital Marketing

●      Capstone Project


Course Features: The following are the course features of doing this Digital Marketing Course:

●      Case Studies of Digital Marketing Impact on AirBnB, Old Spice, and Starbucks.

●      Understanding types of customer segmentation and enhancing customer satisfaction based on the traits of the segments.

●      Hands-on experience with the latest developments in analytics, tools, and technologies imperative for Digital Marketing

●      Gain practical, industry-specific Digital marketing tactics which are easy to implement according to the client’s needs.

●      Live interactive classes

●      On completion of the course benefit to join the Imperial Alumni


Contact Information

●      Website:


Recommended Reads:


4. University of Essex

The University of Essex is considered one of the most preferred Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich by students globally. It has been ranked in the top 40s by the University Guide 2023, ranking for Universities in the UK. It has been teaching with Kaplan Open Learning System since the year 2007.

The online courses have been completed by more than 4000 students from 140 countries. Since its existence for the last 15 years, the student satisfaction rating has risen to 88% as per the National Student Survey of 2022. It won the award for best Online Classroom Experience at the Global Students Satisfaction Award held in 2022.

As per the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, it stands at 25th number for International Outlook. The University offers 3 Digital Marketing Courses, the details of which are as follows:


●      PG Certificate Global Digital Marketing

Academic Requirements: Undergraduate degree from an institution recognized by the University, or an equivalent qualification to UK’s Honors Degree, or minimum 5 years of professional experience in the required field.


Duration: 8 months

Teaching  Method: Online, part-time

Admission Fees: £3945


Modules: The following modules are covered in the course:

●      International Business Environment

●      Services Marketing

●      Marketing in a Global Economy

●      Consumer Behaviour in Digital Age

●      Strategic Online Marketing Management


●      PG Diploma Global Digital Marketing

Academic Requirements: Undergraduate degree from an institution recognized by the University, or an equivalent qualification to UK’s Honors Degree, or minimum 5 years of professional experience in the required field.


Duration: 16 months

Teaching  Method: Online, part-time

Admission Fees: £7891


Modules: The following modules are covered in the courses:

●      Corporate Communication

●      Marketing Strategy and Management

●      Data Analytics for Manager

●      International Business Environment

●      Services Marketing

●      Marketing in a Global Economy

●      Consumer Behaviour in Digital Age

●      Strategic Online Marketing Management


●      MSc Global Digital Marketing:

Academic Requirements: Undergraduate degree from an institution recognized by the University, or an equivalent qualification to UK’s Honors Degree, or minimum 5 years of professional experience in the required field.


Duration: 24 months

Teaching  Method: Online, part-time

Admission Fees: £11836

Modules: The following modules are covered in the courses:

●      Research Methods ( Compulsory Course)

●      Business and Management Research Report ( Compulsory Course)

●      Corporate Communication

●      Marketing Strategy and Management

●      Data Analytics for Manager

●      International Business Environment

●      Services Marketing

●      Marketing in a Global Economy

●      Consumer Behaviour in Digital Age

●      Strategic Online Marketing Management


Course Features: The following are the prominent features of the university specifically:

●      24/7 live classes are facilitated due to Virtual Learning Environment, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

●      Lecturecasts are used as a mode of lecture delivery to facilitate students’ engagement in multimedia content.

●      Live Sessions with lecturers for on-the-spot problem-solving.

●      Many discussion forums encourage interaction among students.

●      Free online library. All assessments and assignments are online.


Contact Information: The contact information to find details about the institutions details on the Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich offered by it are as follows :



5. CIM Academy

CIM is the only provider of Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich whose certification is recognized by the European Marketing Confederation. It also is the proud collaborator for its Accredited Study Centres which are owned by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Boasting over 12500 students enrolled in various courses, it has a global presence in 118 countries. The institution’s courses in Digital Marketing have the following prerequisites:


●       Academic Requirements: IELTS score of 6.5, or Cambridge Certification of Advanced English with grade B or above

●      Duration: 120hrs per level

●      Teaching  Method: Online, part-time

●      Admission Fees: £650/ per level


●      Modules: The course is taught to students in levels which are as follows :

❖    Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing , Professional(Level 3):

➢    Marketing Principles ( Mandatory): Discovering Marketing

The Marketing Environment

The Marketing mix

➢    Digital Fundamentals:

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Tools

Developing Digital Communication Campaigns


❖     Certificate in Digital Marketing (Level 4, Professional Level) :

➢    Applied Marketing (Mandatory)

➢    Planning Campaigns(Mandatory)

➢    Digital Marketing Techniques (Elective)


❖     Diploma in Digital Marketing Professional level( Level 6):

➢    Marketing and Digital Strategies(Mandatory)

➢    Digital Optimisation( Mandatory)

➢    The Digital Customer Experience (Elective)

❖    CIM Marketing Leadership Challenges ( Level 7):

➢    Contemporary Challenges (Mandatory)

➢    Leading Change (Mandatory)

➢    Managing Business Growth(Elective)


Course Features: The institute differs from the rest of the institutions offering Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich because of the following features:

●      Options of online, face-to-face, and even hybrid teaching modes are available.

●      The entire course is designed on current industry practices and tools to provide students with a work-based experience.

●      All students get free access to related books, magazines, journals, reports, and research.


Contact Information: The company’s main page is as follows:



6. Jarrold Training

Jarrold’s main company was set up in 1770. Jarrold Training is the most established among institutions providing Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich.


Courses and Modules: The following courses are available for students to attend:

●      SEO Essentials – The Strategies to Boost Your Organic Rankings :

Duration: 3 hours

Fees: £195


➢    Finding and choosing the right keywords.

➢    What are search engines looking for

➢    On-page and content optimization

➢    Best practices for Link building

➢    SEO changes/updates, tips for keeping up with them

●      Social Media Marketing – S M M for Businesses :


Duration: 3hours

Fees: £195

➢    Social Media Platforms and Strategies

➢    Social Media goals and objectives set

➢    Segmentation of customers and how to target them

➢ Time-saving and planning tips

➢    Key Platforms insight like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc,

➢    Setting up social media pages/profiles and optimizing them

➢    Generating and originating content ideas

➢    How to create blogs, videos, podcasts, and live content

➢    Tracking Social Media Activity

➢    Key factors for audience satisfaction experience

●      Beginners Guide to Social Media: 1-day course duration

➢    Importance of Social Media for Business

➢    Developing a successful Social Media Strategy

➢    Integrating Social Media with marketing plans

➢    Segregation and segmentation of customers on Social Media

➢    Setting up professional profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

➢    Visual Social Media platforms introduction, like Pinterest, YouTube,

➢    Effective content on social media channels- planning and creating

➢    Measurable analysis of effective strategies on social media content and strategies

●      Video Animation creation with Adobe After Effects and Illustrator :


Duration: 2 days

Fees : £600 onwards

➢    Adobe After Effects- Basic tutorial for animation

➢    Animation Basics

➢    Adobe Illustrator- drawing with vector shapes

➢    Moving vectors from Illustrators to After Effects

●      Film making for Business with Adobe Express – Beginners

●      Film making for Business with Adobe Express – Advance

●      Beginners Video Editing with Adobe Premium Pro

●      Advance Video Editing with Adobe Premium Pro

●      Data Visualization and Infographics

●      Effective Online Content creation


Course Features: The courses conducted by the institution offers the following benefits:

●      The batch size is kept small to give personalized attention to the students.

●      The training modules are business need-specific.


Contact Information: The visiting page of the institution for applying for Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich  is as follows:


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite

7. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is considered popular amongst institutions offering online Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich. It has a global reach of 190 countries and has successfully trained more than a million candidates all across the globe. The institution offers an array of courses specifically in the area of digital marketing, which are as follows :


●      Duration: 10 hours for all individual courses

●      Fees: £250

●      Admission Requirements: None

●      Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

➢    Digital Marketing

➢    SEO and PPC

➢    Social Media

➢    Content Marketing

➢    Email Marketing

➢    Mobile Marketing

➢    Affiliate Marketing

➢    Keywords


●      SEO Masterclass

➢    Introduction to SEO

➢    Importance of SEO

➢    Search Engines

➢    Finding the correct keyword

➢    Onsite Optimization

➢    Building Links

➢    Social Media

➢    Clustering

●      Social Media Master Class

➢    Introduction

➢    Planning

➢    Blogging

➢    Twitter

➢    LinkedIn

➢    Facebook

➢    Google+

●      Google Adwords

➢    PPC

➢    Google Adwords

➢    Bidding and Quality Score

➢    Quality Score Factors

➢    Keyword Match Types

➢    Competitor Research

➢    Writing Adverts

➢    Google Keyword Planner

➢    Initiating an Ad Campaign

➢    Google Adwords Account

➢    Ad Extensions

➢    Tracking Options

➢    Assessment of Changes

➢    Google Ad Preview Tool

●      Google Analytics Master Class

➢    Introduction to Google Analytics

➢    Implementation and Configuring Google Analytics

➢    Paid Search  PPC, CPC, SEO, and Organic Search,

➢    Page Tags and Page Views

➢    Google Analytics Working

➢    Dashboards

➢    Landing Pages

➢    Visitors Flow

➢    Converting Traffic

➢    Metrics

➢    Goal Funnels

➢    ECommerce Reporting

➢    Table Filters

➢    Channels’Custom Reports

➢    Defining Goals

➢    Understanding Campaigns and Traffic Sources

➢    Using Tools to Export

➢    Social Media Traffic

➢    International Site Search

●      Email Marketing

➢    Introduction to Email Marketing

➢    Legal Briefing

➢    Goal Setting for Email Campaigns

➢    Designing Email Templates

➢    Segmentation and Targeting

➢    Email Design and Layout for Specific Campaigns

➢    Structuring an Email

➢    Email Analytics

●      Facebook Marketing

➢    Introduction to Facebook Marketing

➢    Basics of Facebook Marketing

➢    Components of Facebook Marketing

➢    Facebook Dashboard

➢    Facebook Advertising

➢    Setting up Facebook Ad Campaign

➢    Facebook Analytics

●      LinkedIn Marketing

➢    Getting Started with LinkedIn

➢    LinkedIn Company Strategy

➢    LinkedIn Campaign Strategy

➢    Targeting and Audiences

➢    Content Strategies

●      Affiliate Marketing

➢    Introduction

➢    Mind-Sets to Affiliate Marketing Success

➢    Affiliate Networks

➢    Free Vs Paid Traffic

➢    Paid Traffic Source

➢    Finding the Right Offers for the Campaign

➢    Ads and Copywriting

➢    Affiliate Marketing Angles

➢    Affiliate Marketing Strategy for Beginners

➢    Affiliate Marketing Tools and Software

●      Instagram Marketing

➢    Introduction to Instagram

➢    Creating an Instagram Power Account

➢    Introduction to Instagram Marketing

➢    Instagram Growth Tools and Features

●      YouTube Marketing

➢    Introduction to YouTube Marketing

➢    Creating a Channel

➢    Creating Videos

➢    YouTube Marketing- Handling Comments

➢    Marketing Tricks

➢    Monetization of Videos


●      Search Engine Marketing(SEM) Training

➢    Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

➢    Search Engines and Marketing

➢    Introduction to Google Adwords

➢    Google AdWords account

➢    Introduction to Keywords

➢    Introduction to Quality Score

➢    Creating Campaigns and ads

➢    Campaign Optimisation and tracking

➢    Advertising with Bing and Yahoo network

➢    Exploring Search Engine Optimization

➢    SEM and other Marketing types

➢    Setting Search Engine Marketing Strategy

➢    Analysing SEM Strategy Efficiency


Course Features: The benefits that the institution offers as compared to other institutions offering Digital Marketing courses in Norwich,  via this course, are as follows:

● In-depth knowledge of each topic.

●      Combination course discourse classroom, online instructor-led, and online self-paced videos.


Contact Information: The details on the course can be found from the following:





●      What are the career opportunities and expected salary package after doing a Digital Marketing Course?

After completing a course in Digital Marketing students can be absorbed in a post of Brand Manager, Social media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Online Content Developer, Professional Blogger, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Business Analytics Specialist, Email Marketer, Search Expert, SEO Manager and Web Designer and Developer, to name a few. The starting salary package is from Rs.3.0 lacs/annum and an average of Rs.9.0 lacs/ annum depending on the experience of the candidate. Based on experience and work profile the expected salary package can go up to Rs.15lacs/annum.


●      Which industry extends better opportunities for a Digital Marketer?

Nowadays almost all industries are engaging in digital marketing, big or small. The main industry sector is Retail, Health, Automobiles, Food, Fashion Industries, Entertainment, Education, Banking, and Entertainment. Small and Medium Industries from all sectors are investing in Digital Marketing, either with an in-house team or getting it sourced from bigger agencies. Thus, a certified Digital Marketer has the option of working full-time with any company, or a marketing agency or can work freelance as a consultant too.


●      What are the eligibility criteria to apply for a Digital Marketing course?

Students interested in any digital marketing course have to be a minimum high school diploma or equivalent, with the medium of instruction being English. Few institutions require an IELTS score of 6.5 for ease of understanding the instructions. Most of the institutions, generally prefer working professionals with some experience in marketing and related field, although this is not a pre-requisite as freshers can also apply for the course who are interested in starting a career in the digital marketing field.



With the increase in the number of online users, digital marketing is already gaining a strong foothold in the world of advertising and marketing. Businesses understand, that to get a competitive edge they have to be well-equipped in the field of Digital Marketing. Norwich is the financial, retail, and banking leader in the UK.

Thus, enrolling in the Digital Marketing Courses in Norwich ensures students a course that is designed keeping in mind the current practices and trends in the industrial sector. Since most of the institutions offer online courses, the advantage of which students from anywhere on the globe can take to be a part of the prestigious alumni of the institution while doing so without any need to travel to the country specifically too.

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