Top 8 Digital Marketing Courses in Spain With Placements

Being used by 60 percent world’s population, online Digital Marketing has become an important part of modern business strategies. It basically involves the usage of various online marketing channels such as search engines, email marketing, content marketing, online advertising, social media marketing, and much more to reach out to the customers for promotion of products and services. Spain is renowned for its delicious cuisine, artistic heritage, and flamboyant festive culture. Apart from this Spain is a hub of the world’s prime marketing schools which offer esteemed digital marketing courses. In this article, we are going to learn about the best digital marketing courses in Spain, the importance of Digital Marketing, and its career scope.


List of best digital marketing courses in Spain


Best Digital Marketing Courses in Spain-


1. Master Digital Marketing Course – IIM SKILLS-

Recognized by the Government of India, IIM SKILLS provides one of the most eminent Digital Marketing Courses which can be learned from any part of the world. Master in Digital Marketing course is a three months duration program that includes 2 months of paid internship with a stipend of INR 6000, 15+ live projects, and 10+ case studies.

The program covers a wide range of topics such as Digital Marketing, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analytics,  Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy, Inbound Marketing, Web Development at Word Press, and much more. Master Digital Marketing program is designed to provide students with a hands-on learning experience, as every week they are given practical assignments on the topics like SEO, SMM, Web Development, and Email Marketing.


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After the completion of the program, the students are provided with a professional certificate which can be immensely helpful in shaping their digital marketing career. This course is available at INR 29,900 for digital marketing enthusiasts. No doubt Master in Digital Marketing course, IIM Skills is one of the best Digital Marketing courses available online which can be accessed by individuals from any part of the world.


2. IE Business School-

IE Business School is one of the premium institutes in Spain for learning Digital Marketing. The institute offers various courses in the field of Digital Marketing such as Masters in Digital Marketing, Executive Education programs, and Online programs. With a duration of 10-12 months, a Master in Digital Marketing is a full-time program with course fees ranging between €27,000 to €36,000.

The curriculum of this course covers a wide range of topics like digital strategy, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, web analytics, and mobile marketing. Executive Education programs are specially designed for experienced professionals who want to upgrade their digital marketing skills and stay updated with the tools and trends of this field.

The duration of these programs can range from a few days to a few weeks and fees can range from a few thousand euros to tens of thousands of euros, depending on the program’s content and duration.

Online programs in digital marketing offer students the flexibility of self-paced and remote learning experiences. The fees for these programs can range between a few thousand euros to €10,000. It is always advisable to check the official website of the institute for the accurate fee structure and duration of the courses.


3. EADA Business School-

Founded in 1957, in Barcelona, Spain EADA Business School is one of the prime institutions offering courses in the field of Digital Marketing and E-commerce. Accredited by EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) and AMBA (The Association of MBA’s) EADA provides various programs on marketing, management, accounting and finance, HR, and Data Analytics.

The course curriculum of the Digital Marketing and E-commerce program at EADA Business School includes various range of topics such as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile marketing, e-commerce strategies, digital analytics, and digital marketing trends.

With a duration of one year, this program incorporates guest lectures and workshops by industry experts enabling students to attain valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing. EADA Business School also provides great networking opportunities to students through corporate partnerships, events, and alumni connections.


4. Programme in Digital Management of Marketing & Sales, ESADE Business School-

Established in 1958, in Barcelona, Spain ESADE Business School is one of the best institutions for pursuing digital marketing. The program in Digital Management of Marketing & Sales focuses on the digital aspects of marketing and sales. This program is specially designed for providing professionals with the relevant knowledge and skills, enabling them to effectively manage marketing and sales strategies in the digital era.

The course is divided into 10 sessions which provide a deep knowledge of the basics of digital marketing and its impact on the market. This program includes a wide range of topics such as- the Importance of Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Search Engine Fundamentals, SEO, social media, Display Advertising Ecosystem, Video and the New TV Ecosystem, Email Marketing & Marketing Automation, and E-Commerce. The fee for the Programme in Digital Management of Marketing & Sales is €7,900.


5. Master in Digital Marketing Management, Barcelona School of Management-

Master in Digital Marketing Management at Barcelona School of Management is a reputable course that enables students to learn from experts in the digital marketing sector. By combining theoretical foundations with practical applications, the program prepares participants to analyze market trends, develop data-driven strategies, and successfully implement digital marketing campaigns.

Master in Digital Marketing Management emphasizes the 6 areas of knowledge- strategic planning of relationship and digital marketing, digital channels and content management, marketing technology, economic planning, data management, and online analytics.

The course curriculum includes a wide range of topics such as Brand strategy and fundamentals of Relationship and Digital Marketing, Data Management, Management of channels (Mobile Marketing, SEO, social media optimization, etc), Engagement strategies, Loyalty strategies, Online media planning, Online analytics, Technology fundamentals for marketing, Digital skills and professional competencies and Master’s final project. Students can enroll in this program by paying an admission fee of €120.


6. Master in Digital Marketing & E-commerce of EAE Business School Madrid-

Master in Digital Marketing & E-commerce of EAE Business School is designed for individuals who want to expand the horizons of their skills and knowledge in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce. This program provides the students with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and e-commerce strategies.

During the course, the students will gain a good command over all the aspects of digital communication and they will be learning from the professional experts of the digital marketing sector. EAE Business School maintains strong connections with industry professionals and collaborates with leading companies. Guest lectures, workshops, and networking events provide students with opportunities to interact with experts and gain valuable insights into current trends and best practices in digital marketing and e-commerce.

The course syllabus is divided into 6 modules and covers various topics such as- Fundamentals of online marketing and electronic commerce, Digital Marketing Planning, Website and E-Commerce Design, and Digital Marketing & Business metrics. EAE Business School has a strong placement network and the students in their Master in Digital Marketing & E-commerce program have got an opportunity to work in leading companies like- Amazon, IKEA, Glovo, Bankinter, Danone, and many more.


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7. Master in Digital Marketing, ESIC Business Marketing School-

Master in Digital Marketing program at ESIC Business Marketing School is one of the most premium programs that has received accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). With an experience of fifty years of training marketing and business professionals, ESIC Business Marketing School is one of the most reputable business schools in Spain.

The Master in Digital Marketing program at ESIC Business & Marketing School provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become highly competitive professionals in the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing.

The program covers six modules – (a) Digital marketing strategy in a digitalized world, (b) Web & Mobile Marketing across environments: SEO & ASO, (c) SEM & Lead Generation media, (d) Global & Local social media, (e) Media Planning & Creativity, (f) e-Commerce. ESIC Business & Marketing School maintains strong connections with industry professionals and collaborates with leading companies.

The program offers great possibilities for students to interact with industry experts through guest lectures, workshops, and networking events. With a duration of 12 months, this program offers training to the participants over three locations of their choice, for their professional development- IBE London (Chartered Institute of Marketing), IBE Shanghai (Shanghai University) & CIM Postgraduate Diploma. The annual fee for the Master in Digital Marketing program at ESIC Business Marketing School is 15,000 EUR.


8. Digital Marketing Courses in The Valley Digital Business School-

The Digital Valley Business School is one of the most prominent business schools in Spain which is specialized in the Digital Marketing sector. Located in Barcelona and Madrid, the institute offers various digital marketing courses which cater to the needs of undergraduates, experienced professionals, managers, and companies. A few courses provided by the Digital Valley Business School are-

  • Diploma in Digital Business, UG: Diploma- Diploma in Digital Business is a part-time program with a duration of three months. It is a completely practical program that enables the students to gain valuable knowledge and skills in the field of Digital Marketing and Digital Business. The course is taught by industry experts from top organizations like Audi, Nestle, Unilever, etc. The domestic and international fee for this program is EUR 4000 per year.
  • Master in Digital Business- With a duration of nine months Master in Digital Business is a part-time program that is designed to provide students mostly with practical training in order to provide them with all the relevant skills and knowledge of the rapidly transforming digital world. The curriculum of the program covers a wide range of topics related to digital business such as digital strategy, digital marketing, e-commerce, data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital entrepreneurship, and digital innovation. Also, The Valley Digital Business School has a strong placement network as it has great connections with industry professionals and collaborates with leading companies. The domestic and international fee for this program is EUR 15900 per year.


Career Options in Digital Marketing-

Digital Marketing is a highly multifaceted field that is a collection of numerous skills such as search engine optimization, content marketing, data analysis, data analysis, and much more. Digital Marketing is a vast field that constitutes of various career options, and here we are going to explore some of them-


  1. Digital Marketing Managers- With some excellent communication and strong leadership skills they are the individuals behind creating and implanting digital marketing strategies within an organization. They are responsible for managing various online marketing channels such as email marketing, social media, SEO, and SEM for driving brand awareness and lead generation for a product or service.


  1. SEO Specialist- Search Engine Optimization Specialists are the professionals responsible for increasing the visibility of a website on search engines like Google and driving organic traffic to a website. Due to high competition, it is very important for a business to be on the top of the search engines, and this has led to an increase in demand for SEO Specialists.


  1. Social Media Specialist- Social Media Specialists are individuals with great communication and consumer analytics skills, who have an unabridged knowledge of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. They create engaging content, interact with the audience, analyze performance metrics, and strategize to increase the brand’s social media reach and engagement.


  1. Content Management Specialist- Content Management is a very important part of the Digital Marketing world as without it, digital marketing is impossible. Content Management Specialists are the professionals who are responsible for creating, editing, proofreading, and promoting valuable content on a website to attract and engage the target audience.


  1. Email Marketing Specialist- Email marketing specialists are indulged in creating, planning, developing, and executing email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and engage existing customers.


  1. Digital Analytics Manager- With some exceptional statistical knowledge and great analytical skills Data Analytics Managers are responsible for implementing and managing analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, to track and measure website performance, user behaviour, and marketing campaign effectiveness. Digital Analytics Managers utilize data to provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations to improve the company’s online presence, user experience, and overall marketing strategies.


Apart from the above career prospects, there are many other job roles in the boundless field of digital marketing such as Digital Marketing Consultant, Marketing Automation Specialist, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Specialist, Audio/Video Production, Mobile Marketing and so much more. These are just a few examples of the diverse career options available in the digital marketing field. With the continuous growth of digital technologies and the internet, digital marketing professionals are in high demand across various industries.


Advantages of studying Digital Marketing Courses in Spain –

Spanish institutions offer some great undergraduate and graduate degrees in the area of digital marketing. As most of the universities and schools are located in the cities like Barcelona and Madrid, they have strong connections with esteemed institutions, which is of great advantage to the students.


Here are some benefits of studying digital marketing courses-

  1. Quality Education- Spain holds a great number of universities and schools offering high-quality education and training in the field of digital marketing. These institutes hire highly-qualified and trained faculty for providing students with professional teachings, valuable insights, and up-to-date knowledge about the latest trends and best practices in the digital marketing industry.


  1. Diverse Course Offerings- Spanish Universities and Business schools offer a vast range of digital marketing courses, and students have the choice of selecting any of these programs catering to their requirements and level of expertise. Whether you are a beginner seeking a basic digital marketing course or a professional who wants to specialize in a certain aspect of digital marketing, Spain has it for you.


  1. International Exposure- Most of the universities and business schools in Spain invite students from all over the world and this enables students to interact and collaborate with peers from different backgrounds, enhancing cultural awareness and global perspectives. Hence, learning digital marketing courses provides students with great international exposure.


  1. High salary package- With a digital marketing degree in Spain the average salary of an individual is around €45,000 per year. For entry-level roles such as Digital Marketing Assistant, SEO Analyst, and Social Media Coordinator, the average salary in Spain is around €25,000 to €35,000 per year. For mid-level positions like Digital Marketing Specialist or Content Marketing Manager, with 3 to 5 years of experience, the average salary can range from €35,000 to €45,000 per year. For senior-level positions with over 5 years of experience and managerial responsibilities, the average salary can be around €45,000 to €60,000 per year or more. Hence, digital marketing professionals in Spain earn a competitive salary along with exorbitant bonuses throughout the year.


  1. Practical Learning Experience- Most of the digital marketing courses in Spain include practical learning in their curriculum through real-world projects, case studies, and internships. These programs strongly emphasize a hands-on-learning experience that enables the students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for real-world scenarios and also helps them to build a strong portfolio.


Apart from these benefits, students experience a great learning environment, have multiple opportunities for building their network, have access to the European market and so many other advantages of studying digital marketing in Spain.


Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions


1.    What are the entry requirements for digital marketing courses?

The entry requirements for digital marketing courses in Spain entirely depend upon the specific institution and the course level. International students are required to provide proof of English language proficiency such as valid TOEFL or IELTS scores, for the courses taught in English. Some institutions also ask for admission transcripts, letters of recommendation, work experience letters (if any), and qualification degrees like marketing, business, or communication, for admission. It is always advisable to check with the admission office or the official website of the institution for better clarification.


2.    What is the duration of digital marketing courses?

The duration of digital marketing courses in Spain can vary depending on the level of the course and the specific institution offering it. Short-term programs like diploma and certificate courses generally have a duration of a few weeks to a few months. Bachelor’s degree courses have a duration of three to four years and post-graduate programs often range from one to two years. Online programs are often flexible with their time duration and allow students to complete the course at their own pace. It is always advisable to check the course details for a better understanding of the course duration and format.


3.    What is the cost of studying digital marketing courses in Spain?

The cost of learning digital marketing courses in Spain can differ depending on the level of the course, the institution offering the course, the duration of the course, and whether it is an on-campus program or an online course. Diploma and certificate courses can range from €500 to €2,000 or more. The average fee for the Bachelor’s programs in digital marketing can range between €5,000 to €15,000 per academic year and for post-graduate programs, it is between €7,000 to €20,000 per academic year for international students. For an accurate idea of the fee structure, it is always recommended to check the institution’s website or contact the admissions office directly.


4.    Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available for digital marketing courses in Spain?

Yes, there are numerous scholarships available for digital marketing courses in Spain. Many universities offer merit-based scholarships to exceptional students which may cover partial or full tuition fees, depending on their academic achievements. Apart from this, students have an opportunity to get government scholarships, private scholarships, and student loans with favorable terms from several institutions. It is always recommended to visit the official websites of the universities for fetching more information about the scholarships offered by them.



With a diverse range of courses and so many reputable academic institutions available, Spain is an esteemed place for learning digital marketing. Studying digital marketing in Spain provides students with high-quality education, immense networking opportunities, a multicultural environment, and global exposure. From providing entry-level digital marketing courses to professional digital marketing programs, Spain caters to the requirements of digital marketing enthusiasts in each and every aspect, with its vast range of courses.

By studying digital marketing courses in Spain, students gain access to cutting-edge industry practices, expert faculty with real-world experience, and practical learning opportunities that prepare them to flourish in the rapidly transforming digital space. Spain’s digital marketing courses are a golden opportunity for digital marketing enthusiasts who want to grow professionally and thrive in the world of digital marketing.

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