Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Zaria With Placements

With the evolution of technology, the world is making headway in distinctive domains by adopting multifarious techniques. Digital Marketing is the segment of marketing that encompasses the advertisement of products and services through the utilization of the Internet and online applications with the help of computers, laptops, mobile phones, and other digital platforms. It carries an essence that is analogous to traditional marketing. Digital Marketing is presumed to be an auxiliary strategy to proselytize a company’s derivatives and comprehend their behavior pattern. It pertains to enticing customers via emails, social media, search engines, and many more. In this article, we will discuss the distinct digital marketing courses in Zaria.


List of best digital marketing courses in Zaria


Professional individuals referred to as marketers engage in these jobs either at the corporation or at their workplaces or marketing firms. Digital Marketing is not solely restricted to the Internet criteria but can be put into effect by sending SMS or making calls to publicize creations and benefits.

To excel as a proficient digital marketer, a person must employ the 7 Cs of digital marketing. They are: customer, context, content, cohesion, conversion, community, and convenience. This is the skeleton of digital marketing aimed at assisting customers to fulfill their pursuits.


What are the Various Types of Digital Marketing?

The escalation of popularity in the field of Digital Marketing has been wide. Before conversing about the Digital Marketing courses in Zaria, let us look at the classifications of Digital Marketing.

  • Affiliate Marketing – It is a branch of online marketing that uses the recognition and acclaim of social media influencers to promote their products. These skilled specialists engross their audience by curating blogs, posts, and reels, therefore enhancing the growth of your business.
  • Content Marketing – This category of digital marketing opts for techniques like narrating and information sharing to augment brand knowledge and cognizance. “Content” could be anything ranging from blog posts, podcasts, and videos to electronic books and white papers.
  • Mobile Marketing – This particular type of digital marketing concentrates on gaining customers through mobile devices and smartphones. Mobile Marketing is done via short message service (SMS), social media platforms, online websites, and mobile apps.
  • Social Media Marketing – This is one of the most common and popular types of digital marketing nowadays. Social Media Marketing does not merely mean constructing posts to expand your business. To avail results, one must be consistent and stick to the subject matter by making interesting posts that catch attention.


Apart from these, many more sorts of digital marketing types can be used to promote our business online.


Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

People are knee-deep in the world of technology to contemplate something else. The obsession with mobile phones and other electronic devices keeps increasing with each passing day. Opting for Digital Marketing as a career can be providential for technology buffs since it is not only interesting but also has a wide scope. Let us take a peek at the different edges of selecting Digital Marketing as a profession before talking about the different digital marketing courses in Zaria.


  • Upsurge in Demand and employment opportunities – The world is flooded with businesses these days. Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur and to promote their firms, they seek the assistance of technology and digital marketing. By enrolling yourself in a fit course, you can be well off to become a digital marketer.
  • Medium to exhibit your creative skill – By creating posts for publicity on social media, you can put your imaginative side to utilization. Digital Marketing can be an effective approach to harness these skills and make money out of them.
  • Work diversity – Digital marketing offers a variety of specializations to excel in. Besides, every time you take up a project, you will have contemporary exposure since each undertaking is going to be disparate from the other.
  • An option open for all – This career option is appropriate for people hailing from any background. You need not necessarily have studied technology or computer science to be deemed fit for the role of a digital marketer.
  • Good remuneration package – At a trainee level, you can earn a good salary while the professionals make even more money by offering their services. Your experience in the domain of digital marketing is directly proportional to the amount of money you are capable of making.


What are the Skills Required to Become a Digital Marketer?

It is quite needless to mention that apart from registering for a course to become eligible for the position of digital marketer, one needs to imbibe all the vital skills required. The following are the skills mentioned to become proficient in the field of digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO – Explicitly stating, it is not a digital marketing skill. However, for any professional in this field, it is worthwhile. Digital Marketers can contribute to the organic expansion of an organization by knowing about SEO.
  • Content Marketing and Video Marketing – Content is the soul of Digital Marketing. Professionals capable of creating SEO-friendly content with pertinent details and appropriate keywords are all set to get going. On the other hand, videos are a great source to capture attention. With the emergence of ‘shorts’ on YouTube and ‘reels’ on Instagram, Digital Marketing has been propelled.
  • Communication Skills – Digital Marketers are entailed to communicate with clients and individuals who use their services. They must be meticulous and direct with what they want to deliver. A digital marketer must be adept at both oral and written communication skills for their job including writing emails, designing social media posts, attending client calls, and more.


What are the Different Types of Jobs in the Field of Digital Marketing?

The area of digital marketing offers a wide dispersion of jobs ranging from specialization in graphic design and content creation to web design and e-commerce. Let us explore the variety of jobs that can be pursued in this sector before deliberating about Digital Marketing courses in Zaria.

  • Digital Marketing Intern – Their field of work encompasses aiding corporations with the online publicity of products and services while attaining exposure from senior digital marketers in the organization.
  • Graphic Designer – They design visual content by blending text, hues, and pictures to entice the viewer. Such illustrations can be used for social media platforms, websites, mobile applications, and e-mails.
  • Influencer – Influencers are professional individuals who have garnered a substantial amount of followers on their social media platforms. They associate with diverse brands to advertise their creations and benefits to gain some remuneration.
  • Copywriter – Copywriters compose written content for various digital domains that might be utilized to publicize the products. Knowledge of SEO may be highly recommended for such people.


Other jobs that come under the Digital Marketing field are :

  • Social Media Specialist
  • Photographer
  • E-commerce Manager
  • Videographer
  • Marketing analyst
  • Creative Director
  • Project Manager
  • Content Strategist


Who is Eligible to do the Digital Marketing Course?

The concept of Digital Marketing has successfully created a  buzz in the world. Approximately 13.5% of a corporation’s budget is dedicated to digital marketing. We have already talked about the skills needed to become one. Let us now take a glance through the eligibility criteria required to register for a digital marketing course.

The only criterion for pursuing a digital marketing course is that the candidate must be a graduate. No background restriction is imposed. You could be a commerce, science, or arts graduate and still go on to pursue this course.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Zaria

To become a highly paid digital marker in Zaria, an individual can enroll in any of the following courses and enhance their skills.


1) Master Digital Marketing Course – IIM SKILLS

Duration: 5 months

Course Fee: 361.57 USD + Taxes

Mode: Online

This all-inclusive course offered by IIM SKILLS is led by an instructor and has received recognition from the Government of India. The course is classified into two segments – 3 months program and 2 months paid internship with a fixed stipend of 72.56 USD.

The Digital Marketing Course content incorporates a wide range of modules like SEO, E-mail marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic design, E-commerce marketing, ORM, Affiliate Marketing, Content Writing and Blogging, Web development with the utilization of WordPress, and much more.

A master certificate is awarded to all the individuals after the completion of the course. Participants have lifetime access to class recordings, lectures, and study material. The program uses a practical approach by adopting the use of tools. IIM SKILLS also provides placement support to all its students.


You will be guided to build a portfolio and get paid for doing so.

  • Get to launch your first video on YouTube
  • An opportunity to run your prime Advertisement Campaign on Instagram
  • Create an affiliate marketing channel with Amazon
  • Publish your first SEO- friendly Article on


IIM SKILLS uses a distinct set of tools to conduct classes and acquaint individuals with the view of Digital Marketing. These tools covered are:

  • MailChimp
  • WordPress
  • Google Ads
  • Amazon Alexa Tool
  • Ubersuggest
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Semrush
  • Google Analytics

The above-mentioned attributes make the course offered by IIM SKILLS one of the best digital marketing courses in Zaria.


2) Digital Marketing Training – Chartered Institute of Social Media and Digital Marketing

Duration: Not available

Course fee: With Mini-MBA from Newton Hills Business School: 200 USD

Without mini-MBA from Newton Hills Business School: 250 USD

Mode: Online classes as well as Classroom lectures


Chartered Institute of Social Media and Digital Marketing (CISMDM) is an international corporation situated in Nigeria, West Africa with training suppliers spread across the other continents of the world.

Newton Hills Business School in collaboration with CISMDM offers a comprehensive training program for students, working individuals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring digital marketers to learn vital aspects of digital marketing from fundamental to advanced levels.


The course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to the Concepts associated with Digital Marketing
  • Social Media and E-Mail Marketing and Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • YouTube Management
  • Mobile and Video Marketing
  • Customer Behavior
  • Google Display Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Graphical Designing
  • Blogging and Content Marketing


This is one of the best Digital Marketing courses in Zaria because of the following reasons :

  • Lifetime Assistance
  • WhatsApp Group to Support the above-mentioned Understanding of the Notion of Digital Marketing
  • Direct Access to the teacher
  • Over 1,000 Ad examples on different social media platforms
  • Leads to four certification
    • PGD in Digital Marketing
    • Associate Membership
    • Chartered Digital Marketing Professional
    • Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing


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3) Online Digital Marketing Course with 100% Placement Assistance – IIDE

Duration: 4-6 months

Course fee: 1390.54 USD to 1934.66 USD

Mode: Online


IIDE offers one of the best online digital marketing courses in Zaria through two certifications, advanced certification, or at a professional level. The Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM) is a 4-month program preferred by freshers, influencers, and budding entrepreneurs while Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy (PCDMS) is a 6-month course chosen by professionals, freelancers, and agency owners.

The syllabus of the program has been updated according to the latest marketing trends. The course outline constitutes the following topics:

  • Foundation of Digital Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Growth and Analytics

While individuals opting for the professional course will have an advantage over others. Their curriculum comprises two additional modules – Planning and Strategy and Business Skills.


Some notable points:

  • Conduction of AI-based mock interviews
  • 100% Placement Support
  • 20+ Tools associated with Digital Marketing
  • Mentoring Sessions

Additional benefits for PCDMS participants are:

  • Case Studies
  • Leadership Skills
  • Project Management and Strategies to resolve conflicts


Their Alumni work at Nykaa, McDonald’s, ONEPLU,  purple, etc. IIDE offers placement assistance to all its participants and is, therefore, one of the best in the digital marketing field.


4) Digital Marketing Program with Artificial Intelligence – NIIT

Duration: 10-16 weeks

Course fee: 925.99 USD

Mode: Online, Mentor-led


This program designed by NIIT has been curated to furnish you with the skills required for a digital marketer, succeeded by the knowledge of Artificial intelligence. Any graduate with proficiency in the English language can enroll in this course.

The curriculum of the course is inclusive of the following topics:

  • Techniques used to design a website and how to work your way with Search Engine Optimization
  • How to market products on diverse Social Media Platforms
  • How to proceed with Paid Marketing in the Google Ecosystem
  • Ways and methods to use E-commerce channels in an effective manner
  • Projects for practical experience


Some key points that make this one of the best digital marketing courses in Zaria:

  • The program is led by adept mentors who are specialists in their field.
  • 100% Placement Assistance is guaranteed
  • The program aims to educate the learners about their roles as a digital marketer or SEO specialist
  • Concentrates on the practical approach, thus, readying you for real-life challenges.
  • The incorporation of AI makes the course highly productive
  • Provides you with the skills needed to be job-ready from the first day


The course provides several opportunities to enrich your skills:

  • Build a website and improve the level of its visibility
  • Learn to use various social media platforms to strengthen the presence of your brand
  • Begin an email marketing campaign
  • Implement marketing campaigns on Google
  • Memorize the utilization of Artificial Intelligence to perform the tasks mentioned above.


5) Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Offered by: Haelsoft

Duration:  8 weeks

Course fee: 329.92 USD

Mode: Online as well as Offline


Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing by Haelsoft is an 8-week program that can be opted for either online or offline. This program is appropriate for graduates seeking to pursue a different career path, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, traditional marketers, IT staff, or anyone who wishes to learn the core and depth of digital marketing.


The modules taught in the course are stated below:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing where individuals will learn about different principles, objectives, concepts of cultural research, and ways to connect with customers
  • Content Marketing – The module encompasses topics like how to research content to build opportunities, how to create, design, publish, and market content, etc.
  • Social media marketing – Under this, we learn how to grow and engage the audience, how to construct social media experience for firms, how to organize social media campaigns, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Includes the knowledge of SEO and keywords
  • Paid Search (PPC) with the use of Google Ads
  • Display and Video Advertising
  • E-mail Marketing – The module includes topics like campaign creation, optimization, automation, etc.
  • Website Optimization
  • Analytics Using Google Analytics


The range of topics comprising this course makes it one of the best five digital marketing courses in Zaria.


Frequently Asked Questions


1)     What are the Job Opportunities After Pursuing any one of these Digital Marketing Courses in Zaria?

Digital Marketing is an extensive field with a lot of scope and opportunities. The advent of technology has boosted its value and demand. These days, the major publicity of any product or service is done by making use of Digital Marketing only. Corporations and firms have accepted Digital Marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategies. People in Zaria can enroll in one of the above-mentioned Digital Marketing Courses. But one has to update oneself with the skills required for digital marketing too.

The career options after completing any one of the Digital Marketing courses in Zaria are mentioned below:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert
  • Copywriter
  • Content Manager
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Analytics Operator
  • E-mail Marketer
  • Social Media Marketing Professional
  • Content Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Affiliate


There are many more lucrative career options that can be explored with the right knowledge and relevant skill set required to become a successful digital marketer.


2)     What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?

To sell a product, you need to market it publicly and attract customers. Digital Marketing is one of the most efficacious ways to garner attention towards your products and services.  There are umpteen advantages linked with Digital Marketing.

  • Digital Marketing assists organizations and companies to constantly remain in contact with their customers. It is one of the best ways to strengthen the customer’s reliability in you.
  • With the proper use of digital marketing, you can easily engage with your customers at any given stage, from the prime website visit to their first-ever purchase.
  • It enables you to target the appropriate audience without spending too many resources. Conversation gets easier when your content reaches the right audience.
  • Through the proper implementation of Digital Marketing, your brand or company gets a chance to be recognized globally. Multifarious enterprises have made big in their industries by using Digital Marketing as their core marketing strategy.
  • Digital Marketing is cost-effective since everything is smoothly carried out online. You can personalize your content and graphics to engross your target audience.

You can make good money in this field in Zaria by opting for one of the best digital marketing courses in Zaria.


3)     What is the fee and qualification for digital marketing courses in Zaria?

The average fee for pursuing a digital marketing course in Zaria ranges between USD 200 to USD 7000. For different institutes, the fee is variable depending upon the kind of package chosen, the duration of the course, and the features it offers.

There is no specific qualification required to pursue a digital marketing course in Zaria. You can enroll anytime you wish to equip yourself with these skills.  However, you need to pass class 12 for any certification course and a graduation degree is needed to pursue a postgraduate-level course in digital marketing.



Digital Marketing has been constantly progressing as a profession with larger job opportunities for people from different backgrounds. The coronavirus breakdown led to an increase in the use of the internet and technology and so came, the concept of digital marketing. For upskilling yourself along with proper awareness of the concepts, you can choose any one of the digital marketing courses in Zaria. The high demand for online marketing has expanded the scope of Digital Marketing. It is definitely a profitable career option for all the technology buffs looking forward to establishing themselves as professionals.

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