Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra With Placements

According to Statista 2023, the current smartphone users in the world today is 6.92 billion. It means 85.58% of the world’s population has smartphones. The penetration of mobiles and the availability of networks in rural areas has made digital marketing more lucrative, cost-effective, and productive. These statistics compel universities and institutions to offer Digital Marketing courses in Canberra and other places.


List of best digital marketing courses in Canberra


The advancement of technology has provided new platforms to connect people. Some of the popular platforms to connect with people are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, e-mail, etc. In one research, it has been found that a person spends at least three hours per day on these social sites. So no business can take risks to avoid these digital platforms.

These platforms are digital platforms and marketing content displayed on these platforms is called digital marketing. According to Wikipedia Digital Marketing of component of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.


Worldwide Scope of Digital Marketing:

During COVID-19 whole or partial lockdowns worldwide made the internet more popular in the world. It was a major tool of communication during those days. The fast speed of the internet, efficient digital payment system, and speedy transportation trio combinedly have made business easy and smooth on digital platforms.

For digital marketers the USA is a great choice due to its size population, purchasing power of the people, and one of the highest internet usage rates in the world. The below statistics are self-explanatory about the reasons for burgeoning the scope of digital marketing.

China has the highest number of internet users with 1.05 billion followed by India with 836 million and the United States with311 million. Most of the internet users prefer smartphones to carry out research and get updated.

Its affordability in comparison to Laptops and desktops and convenience of carrying both features have made it most popular among internet users 58.33% of traffic comes from mobile devices worldwide. It also drives 65% of the e-commerce traffic. The list of the most popular mobile activities is as below.


Social Media (92 %)

Browsing  the web (89 %)

Checking e-mail ( 87 %)

Using messaging application(86%)

Streaming Videos (85 %)

Playing games ( 84 %)


As far as Social Media is concerned Facebook was the first social media platform to surpass more than one billion account registrations, WhatsApp has 2.7 billion users and YouTube has 2.6 billion active users. Google search has 92% of the search engine market share 8.5 billion searches take place on Google every single day.

That means 99,000 searches per second.2.14 billion people are shopping through as of 2023. $3.4 trillion out of the $4.9 trillion in online sales comes from smartphones. Keeping all these in mind Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra are offering qualitative and demanding professional courses.


Importance of Digital Marketing:

In comparison to advertising in newspaper or television, on social media, It is watched by a large number of target customers and increase visibility. It is cost-effective and result-oriented and results are measurable. With digital marketing tools, one can track how many people have gone through it and decided to buy the product.

It also makes possible customer interaction with the organization. In today’s world customer looks for effective, real-time, and prompt response. It can be product inquiry, any doubt resolution, or grievance redressal. Digital marketing provides instant communication and quick resolution.

It helps organizations build trust and enhance brand value in the minds of customers. It also provides opportunities for the organization to lodge its presence beyond the boundaries. It helps organizations utilize the best potential of digital marketing techniques. Small businesses get benefits equally as large businesses get.

They can increase their growth potential by applying the same tools and techniques as larger businesses. Competitors are following the same path to connect with the target audience and spread awareness. So no business can take the risk of ignoring digital marketing, one of the most effective tools to connect with customers.

Keeping the importance of Digital marketing Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra offer qualitative and industrial-oriented courses to equip students with proper skills so that they could get better employment opportunities.


Career Opportunities:

Digital marketing has become one of the most popular and in-demand career options in a fast-changing and tech-savvy world. According to LinkedIn, the Digital marketing specialist role is among the top 10 most-demand jobs. A digital marketer’s job is to create, implement, and supervise online marketing strategies for promoting goods, services, or brands using various digital channels.

In order to connect and interact with target audiences, encourage conversions, and attain corporate objectives, digital marketers leverage the internet and technology. Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra offer varied ranges of courses The specific tasks of a digital and  vary based on the company, sector, and area of specialization, but some common roles are:


1. Social Media Manager:

A social media manager is a specialist in charge of managing a client’s or business’s social media accounts. Professionals in this position use their knowledge to identify an account’s target market before posting specialized content. Social media managers may engage in direct communication with potential customers as well as monitor the performance of these accounts.

2. SEO Specialist:

The expert will find ways, tricks, and strategies to get more traffic to the company website. His responsibilities are increasing the exposure of the website and keeping ahead of the rivals.

3. Digital Content Manager:

A digital content manager uses their expertise to oversee a company’s online marketing strategies. He is commonly responsible for planning and developing content marketing campaigns, creating promotional content, guiding personnel, and monitoring these campaigns’ success.

4. Email Marketing Specialist:

An email marketing specialist is a professional writer who uses their skill and knowledge to write email messages for the company’s products, services, and programs to engage the attention of the target audience.

5. Pay-per-click Specialist:

A PPC specialist manages online paid advertising campaigns including the strategy, design, implementation, search engine optimization (SEO), and analysis of ad performance.

6. Social Media Expert:

The role of an SME is to promote the presence of the company on social platforms, build brand awareness, engage with target customers, and follow and keep existing customers engaged. This requires SMEs to plan effective advertising strategies across all online platforms and to develop and update company branding pages on social media. This allows companies to increase their visibility and presence to gain public engagement.

7. E-commerce Manager:

E-commerce managers formulate strategies and plans that concern the design of their company’s online shops and digital platforms. They make executive decisions to ensure existing frameworks help facilitate the generation of profit. E-commerce managers develop strategies and harness sales-related insights, prevailing standards, and novel developments to encourage sales and online stores.

8. Google Analytics Specialist:

Practically everyone who manages a website is aware that Google Analytics offers data regarding website users’ demographics and online behaviors. Google Analytics is used by Google Analytics Specialists to comprehend the results of marketing initiatives and how user experience affects variables like conversion and retention.

9. Campaign Manager:

His job is to ensure flawless delivery of all campaign components and communicate often with internal teams as well as creative agencies, media buyers, publishers, and media owners. Take the initiative to identify prospective issue areas and see to it that they are avoided or fixed.



You must understand where in the globe your abilities are needed if you work in digital marketing. You must concentrate your efforts on the appropriate clientele, solution, or item. Education from top-notch institutions or colleges like Digital  Marketing Courses in Canberra definitely increases the pay cheques. As a result, we selected the top nations where you may begin working as a digital marketer.


United States of America

One of the nations that has the most work opportunities is the USA. In the US, which is home to major firms like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, there are countless options for marketing. It is also among the nations with the highest salaries for digital marketers.


Digital Marketing Jobs Pay in Different Locations

(Salary in USD as per

Location Average Range
New York         $80,026 $ 50181 –   $127,620
Washington         $70,173 $48182 –   $103,780
California         $75169 $ 45,988 – $122,867


United Kingdom:

If any business has to make its reach almost everyone in the UK. Then digital marketing is the best choice. With this comes the various job opportunities that can be made possible in the UK like SEO, Google Ads Specialist, Social Media Marketer, Content Marketer, etc. The salaries are in the UK:


Digital Marketing jobs pay in different locations

(Salary in pounds as per

Location Average Range
London                £ 33,318          £   30000   –    £ 47500
Birmingham                 £   27,746           £ 27500-          £ 49375
Leads                  £   27614          £ 26000      £ 52500


Australia :

Digital Marketing jobs pay in different locations

                                                                (Salary in AUD as per

Location Average Range
Sydney       AUD  116000  AUD 95000-140000
Melbourne         AUD106000 AUD 90,000-130000
Perth         AUD 147872 AUD 113033-168012



              Digital Marketing jobs pay in different locations

(Salary in Indian Rupees as per

Location Average Range
Mumbai      ₹ 9,47,044                   ₹  5,00,000-  ₹  .15,00,000
New Delhi       ₹    8,00,000                    ₹    5,00,000-   ₹  12,00,000
Chennai        ₹   876212                  ₹    7,00,000-   ₹    15,00,000


Top Ten Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra:


# Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra


IIM SKILLS is one of the institutes pioneering in the field of offering Digital Marketing Master Course. The courses offered by the institute are live online sessions conducted by experienced faculty. So whether you are in Canberra or elsewhere, you can also attend classes.


Digital Marketing Course Curriculum:

·        Content Writing and Blogging

·        Search Engine Optimization

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Search Engine Marketing

·        Video Media Marketing

·        WordPress Web Development


Course Duration and Fees:

3Months+2 Months Paid Internship

The fee is 564.70 Australian Dollars



§  Get the opportunity to learn through over 15 live Projects and more than 10 case studies.

§  Start your podcast with Apple, Google & Spotify.

§  Appear for Google, Facebook, and Hubspot certification.

§  For e-mail marketing learn to use tools like- Sengrid. Mailerlite, Gmass from Gmail, Mail Tester, Campaign Builder.

§  For Google ads learn to analyse Google Adwords, Keyword Planner, SEMRUSH, and YouTube Analytics






# Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra

2. University Of Canberra:

The University of Canberra offers a Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing. This course is a perfect blending of tools and techniques and hands-on experience that enables students to apply their learnings on digital platforms at their workplace. This course has been developed in partnership with the Media Federation of Australia and the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Throughout the course, students will gain the knowledge, skills, and self-assurance to take on demanding marketing assignments in a variety of industries, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.


Course Curriculum:

  • Evolution of Digital Marketing.
  • Inbound & Social Media Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing Channels.
  • Website Design & User Experience (UX)
  • Analytics and Performance Management.
  • Social Media Advertising.
  • Digital Strategy and Practice


Course Duration and Fees:

The duration of the course is 1-2 years which approximately converts to 20–24 hours per week. The total fee for the course is AUD13000.



  • Gain knowledge about marketing and digital media.
  • Taught by leading practitioners and academicians.
  • Get in touch to find out all you need to know about studying at UC.




Email or Phone 1300 301 727

Email or Phone 1800 UNI CAN (1800 864 226)


# Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra

3. Monash University:

It is very prestigious as well as one of the largest universities in Canberra Australia which offers Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra. It is among the top 100 universities in the world. Famous alumni include musician Nick Cave, Booker-winning novelist Peter Carey, and playwright David Williamson.


Course Curriculum :

In 18 weeks the comprehensive


Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Digital Marketing Channels
  • Data Strategies
  • Digital Marketing for Different Business Models
  • Content Strategy
  • Organic Social Media


Digital Advertising and Automation

  • Paid Search
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Measurement and Optimization
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing Automation


Optimizing Campaigns and Websites

  • Website Creation
  • Content Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building and Backlinks
  • Website Analytics
  • Conversion Tracking


Course duration and Fees:

The course duration is six months. The classes will be held online The student has to study 20-24 hours per week to complete the course. The course fee is $9500 Australian.



  • Students get support from online advisers on phone calls.
  • Students get online library support and can join online study groups.
  • The help of subject matter experts are available online for both current and future career.



Call:1300272509   Timing 9 A.M. – 5 P.M. Monday to Friday


# Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra

4. Australian Management Institute:

The college offers a Diploma in Social Media Marketing. It is a highly comprehensive course created by the world’s leading social media experts, all of whom feature on the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers list.


Course Curriculum

  • Implement and manage content
  • Plan, conducted, and optimized organic social media marketing
  • Plan, managed,d and optimize paid social media advertising
  • Establish, build, and leverage a personal brand on social media
  • Plan, implement and manage social media conversion strategies
  • Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities
  • Design and develop marketing communication plans
  • Undertake project work


Course Duration and Fees: The course duration is 12 months. For fees, students will have to contact the institute administration.


  • This is a national vocational course that is recognized throughout Australia.
  • Learning online support is available.



Phone: 1300 658 337


Study a course that is approved by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter via Monarch’s official partner, Digital Marketing Institute’s, advisory council


# Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra

5. Monarch Institute:

This is a well-known institute in Canberra that offers Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra. It offers a Certified digital marketing professional Course. The course is approved by Google, Facebook,  Linkedin, and Twitter via Monarch’s official partner.


Course Curriculum:

  • Digital marketing foundations
  • Website optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid search
  • Display and video advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Analytics
  • Digital strategy


Course Duration and Fees:

The course duration is 21 weeks.

There are two methods of payment. Pay upfront  AUD3350  or weekly AUD154.62.



  • Get comprehensive support from industry trainers via email and phone during extensive support hours
  • Complete online course assessments
  • Interact with trainers and fellow students via online platforms and webinars



Postal address:  Institute / Administration Office
Level 22, 535 Brouke Street Monarch, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

1300 738 955

International: +(613) 9230 6300



Course Curriculum:

● Brand Truth: Marketing Fundamentals
● Customer Journey: AIDA Funnel
● Presentation Skills
● Introduction to Agencies & DepartmentsMarketing Website BasicsSocial Marketing·        Social Media Organic
Brand Reputation Management

·        Growth and Analytics

·        Lead Generation & Nurturing

·        Google Analytics Capstone Project

·        Interview Preparation Conversion Rate Optimization

·        Customer Relationship Management

·        Freelancing Economics & Overview

·        Blogging, AdSense & Affiliate Marketing
Freelancing Economics & Overview
Portfolio & Personal Brand Building

·        Agency Skills


Course Duration and Fees:

The duration of the course is 6 months and the course fee is $ 2000 USD.



§  Excellent placement track record.

§  Student Centric Culture.

§  Blending training method right skill with the right application methods.

§  Personalise the learning process.



Phone: +91 9619958615

Email Id::



Recommended Reads:



This is a complete digital marketing course – 12 courses in one offered by the UDEMY.. This course will help you successfully master digital marketing strategies, social media marketing, search engine optimization, YouTube, email, Facebook marketing, analytics, and more.


Course Curriculum:

The course is very exhaustive as it contains 12 different courses combined in 1 single course. The course is divided into 19 sections of 246 lectures. The course includes topics like – Content marketing, SEO, and SEM, Social media marketing, Facebook ads, LinkedIn marketing, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. Youtube Marketing, Video Marketing, Video Production, Podcasting, and more.


Course Duration and Fees:

Fees vary according to the course the student has opted for. For more information visit the website.



  • No experience required
  • Suitable for all types of businesses (digital products, physical products, service, B2B, B2C).


8 . Coursera:

Coursera offers an online Google Digital Marketing E-commerce   Professional Certificate.

Course Curriculum:

·       Foundation of Digital Marketing and E-commerce

·       Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing

·       Email Marketing

·       Marketing Analyst and Measurement

·       Build Launch and Manage an E-commerce Store

·       Develop Customer Loyalty Online


Course Duration and Fees: The course duration is 6 months 10 hours a week. It also offers an initial 7-day free trial period.

In the USA and Canada, the fee is $49 per month. But for other countries, the cost may be lower.


  • Receive professional-level training from Google
  • Demonstrate your proficiency in portfolio-ready projects
  • Earn an employer-recognized certificate from Google
  • Qualify for in-demand job titles: Marketing Coordinator, E-commerce Associate, Paid Search Specialist.


Visit www.courseraorg


9. Simplilearn:

It provides a live interactive platform to learn digital marketing and get Certified from Purdue University. The university is Ranked 7th Most Innovative University in the USA. It offers a graduate program in Digital Marketing.


Course Curriculum:

·        Website Creation

·        Digital Marketing Landscape

·        Search Engine Optimisation

·        Search Engine Marketing

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Email Marketing

·        Mobile Marketing

·        Content Strategy

·        Affiliate Marketing

·        Blogging

·        Ecommerce Listing

·        B2B Marketing


Course Duration and Fees:

The program is an online program and the duration is 8 months. The admission fee for this Digital Marketing Program is ₹ 1,01,999 (incl. taxes). Finance is also available for needy students at 0% interest rates with no hidden cost.



§  Masterclasses delivered by Purdue University faculty.

§  Simplilearn helps you get noticed by top hiring companies.

§  Build your website & learn real-world hands-on digital marketing techniques

§  Course aligned with Hootsuite and SE Ranking certification

§  Boost productivity with ChatGPT and AI tools (Blue Willow, Stable Fusion & Well Said Labs)



It offers online courses in Social Media Analytics and Digital Marketing Analyst and Measurement  The course was developed by Queens University of Technology.QUT is a leading Australian university ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide by the 2019 Times Higher Education World University ranking.


Course Curriculum:

·       Analytics insights

·       Tag manager

·       Segments and comparisons

·       Analytics admin and configuration

·       Changing report views


Course Duration and  Fees: These are short-term courses, The duration of the course is 3 weeks.



§  Explore the more advanced reports and features within Google Analytics.

§  Identify how to configure Google Analytics based on your own use case and objectives.

§  Interpret how to customize reports and how they are visualized within the Google Analytics interface.

§  Investigate how to interrogate data effectively to gain insight.





People Ask For:


Q1. What are the eligibility criteria for Digital marketing courses in Canberra?

Ans: For Digital marketing courses in Canberra applicant must have an undergraduate degree or equivalent as approved by the University Admission Cell. An IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 6.5 is required. For Monash University drop the number on the website he /she will receive a one-on-one consultation call about his study option.

To  Pursue simple learning, students will get a post-graduate certificate from URDUEUNIVERSITY USA. For getting admission to this program a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and 2 years experience is a minimum requirement. For the rest of the institutes, the courses are designed in such a manner that anyone is interested in honing their digital marketing skills.


Q2. What are the takeaways of the programs from Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra?

Ans: All the universities and institutions offer quality programs that cover academic parts and inculcate hands-on experience as well. In all programs, students will get value for money.


Q3. Which institute is best for the students?

Ans: Students can choose any one of them keeping his /her requirements i.e.: Work exposure, paying capacity, experience, education, and stage of learning.


Q4. How one can join the Digital Marketing Courses?

Ans: All the above institutes and universities impart online education. Every organization has experienced faculties, a prompt response system, and a dedicated student counselor. So no problem, drop the message and get the answer in the meantime. Any person who is completing his eligibility can join the course from his/her home.


Q5. Is English efficiency necessary for pursuing Digital Marketing Courses?

Ans: Yes, In all the courses the study material and the medium of instruction is English. So English proficiency is a must. Even the University of Canberra requires an IELTS score.


Q6. What is the future of Digital marketing?

Ans: Because every company operation is moving online, there is a growing global need for professional digital marketers. To assist corporations in expanding their internet presence and improving customer service.


To Conclude:

Through the article Digital Marketing Courses in Canberra  I have tried to cover all the possible details, which will help you choose the right course and institute to shape your career in digital marketing. If you wish to digital marketing skills and want to make a career in it.


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