Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Corrientes With Placements

Corrientes, the capital city of the province of Corrientes in Argentina is a perfect blend of modern and colonial culture with a growing urban population. With the growth in urban population in this digital world, there is a rising trend of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the hottest profession in the marketing sector globally and digital marketing courses are the most preferred ones. In this article, you will find detailed information about the certified digital marketing courses in Corrientes.

List of best digital marketing courses in Corrientes

What is Digital Marketing?

Can you imagine a world without the internet? No! right? Everything is easily available online at just a few clicks away. How can marketing remain traditional in a digitally growing world? Digital marketing helps us reach and cater to huge masses without being physically present everywhere. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing can be used by everyone with just an internet connection.

Digital marketing refers to marketing done by any organization or business with the help of electronic devices to promote their products or services to the masses on the internet and also monitor its impact.

With multiple benefits, digital marketing is undoubtedly the best form of marketing in today’s day. It saves both the time and money required to reach and establish a customer base in different countries and regions.

It helps brands directly connect to their customers and understand their needs, while also tracking and improving lead generation. It helps in improving brand awareness and visibility globally. It gives endless opportunities for the business to grow as there are no geographical boundaries for digital marketing.

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Digital marketing is a dynamic form of marketing that requires various skilled specialists, as it includes emailers, posting on social media, making long and short videos, content writing, graphic designing, and much more.

While you can get started all by yourself with the skills at hand, with cutthroat competition, learning digital marketing in detail and gaining quality skills is extremely important for your business to reach new heights or to secure a high-paying job as a digital marketer in top corporations. Continue reading to find out the top institutes that offer certified digital marketing courses in Corrientes to get future-ready.

Types of Digital Marketing

As mentioned earlier, digital marketing is a very broad realm that involves various types of digital marketing practices and methods. Not all of these practices need to be put into action. Identifying the correct type of practice as per your goals is extremely important.

This decision-making comes from the experience and training you will receive when you pursue digital marketing courses in Corrientes. Here are some brief details about its types.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO is a practice where the contents of your page or website are aligned in such a way that your website appears among the top links in the Google search results. SEO helps in ranking your website higher than others which makes it more likely for people to click on it.

Content Marketing

Linked to SEO, Content marketing is an important method used to improve brand awareness, increase traffic on the website, generate leads, and convert customers. This is done mainly through posting or uploading content like Podcasts, Blog posts, E-Books, Videos, webinars, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing means posting and uploading content on social media platforms to promote the brand and its awareness. These posts are usually engaging to generate leads and improve customer relations. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, Threads, Pinterest, etc. are used for marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a commonly used paid advertisement done online on search engines and platforms such as Google, Facebook, X( formerly Twitter), and others. Besides organic traffic, a business also requires heavy traffic through advertisements. To gain that the brand pays for every advertisement that gets a click to its website to the advertiser.

Native Advertising

Native Advertisement is a subtle form of advertisement. Unlike pop-ups or full-fledged ads, native advertisement is done on blog posts or videos of relevant products or services which further leads the viewers to click on and land on your website naturally.

For instance, you may have searched for universities in Corrientes, and at the end of the article, you might find clickable links for Hostels/ Dormitories in Corrientes for Students. Since it is relevant, there is a high chance you will click on it.

Affiliate Marketing

It is a form of marketing that allows you to promote your product through other brands or influencers. When someone has a high follower base, they can simply plug in your product or brand along with a special link exclusively for them.

When their followers click on that link, they are directed towards the products or services to buy. On doing so, your sales increase, and the affiliate is paid for every customer who uses that link to place an order.

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Influencer Marketing

Parallel to affiliate marketing, influencer marketing means getting other influential people with huge followers to promote your product or services through social media posts, blogs, or any other type of content online.

Here the influencer gets paid only for promoting the product, unlike affiliate marketing. For this, it is important to choose the right influencer as their fan base should match your target group.

Email Marketing

When a company wants to promote a product or improve engagement with its customers and prospects, it sends E-mails of different kinds. This helps brands convert prospects into customers and customers to purchase from them again.

You might have received such branded e-mails about either a sale, a new product launch, or updates about your order. Email marketing is done using different methods like email campaigns, email newsletters, automated marketing emails, and automated transactional emails.

Marketing Automation

Most brands choose to automate emails based on actions by their customers. For instance, order confirmation mail when you place your order is a marketing automation practice.

This is done to improve communication with customers about every detail without affecting sustainable workflow. Emails like thank you, welcome, confirmation, transactional, etc. are all automated emails sent to customers instead of sending them manually.

Online Public Relations (PR)

PR is done to create and maintain the reputation of a particular brand or person. In digital marketing, online PR is used to gain exposure through blogs and social media posts but at the same time engage with the viewers in the comment sections or react to their posts mentioning your brand.

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Mobile Marketing

This method is used to target mobile users which form more than 50% of global internet users today. This includes designing mobile-friendly websites, optimizing page speed on mobile, trying in-app ads, and designing emails for mobile users among many others.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

For any business to grow, it is required to generate traffic on its site to convert into sales. With that being the main aim, it is important to understand user behavior on the site and what distracts them from getting converted into customers.

Different tracking tools and analytics are used to make sure that the viewers are guided through the sales funnel smoothly. This practice refers to conversion rate optimization.

Career in Digital Marketing

Of course, digital marketing is not a dream job that you aspire for as a child, but with the rate it’s growing today, it is for sure one of the fastest-growing careers. The role of a Digital Marketing Specialist is one of the top 10 in-demand jobs as per LinkedIn.

When we hear marketing, we naturally think about sales, cold calling, and field visiting to sell products, but unlike traditional marketing digital marketing is a very creative space to operate in once you have the right skills for it. To get a knack for these skills, it is vital to pursue certified digital marketing courses in Corrientes.

Digital marketing is very broad and comes with ample options to choose from as per your preferences. Digital marketing is perfect if you are looking for long-term stability and at the same time not compromising the lifestyle you want.

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As a digital marketer, your main aim has to be to understand people and their actions on your website and accordingly strategize content to get a good return on investment.

Depending on the skills you possess, your understanding, and your interest, digital marketing provides different opportunities under its umbrella. Content writing, SEO and Social Media Marketing, Content Strategist, Content Scheduler, and many roles that you can choose from under digital marketing.

It is certain that eventually, even traditional market users will have to rely on digital means for their growth, which makes it clear that this industry is booming and has ample opportunities even for freshers.

On developing the necessary skills and gaining a few years of experience there are high chances of promotion to senior levels. This is the perfect opportunity for beginners to enroll themselves in digital marketing courses in Corrientes and learn and gain the necessary experience in the field to enter as a fresher.

Average Salary for Digital Marketing Professionals in Corrientes

Digital marketing is a broad department that involves different roles from different professionals and their salaries vary accordingly. Corrientes is a great place to start a career in digital marketing as its average salary is comparatively sustainable even for beginners.

Since there are different roles in digital marketing let’s have a detailed look at two of the top in-demand roles in Corrientes. The first one is a Digital Marketing Strategist; this position is highly in demand and is paid around 7,94,900 ARS annually.

Its highest average salary reaches 11,98,300 ARS annually. As a beginner, a digital marketing strategist is paid around 4,98,000 ARS per year and it keeps on increasing as you gain experience. A high school candidate is paid roughly around 6,06,400 ARS annually while a candidate with a certificate or diploma in Digital Marketing is paid 6,83,800 ARS annually.

Though there is not a drastic difference, pursuing certificate digital marketing courses in Corrientes is highly beneficial if you want to get paid well. The second most demandable role is that of a digital marketing manager.

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They typically are paid around 7,54,000 ARS annually on average. However, the salary ranges from a minimum of  3,57,700 ARS per year to 11,72,900 ARS annually at the highest. On gaining a few years of experience, you can easily make a salary on the higher side of the range. Managers are usually provided with a 9% average pay raise each year in Corrientes.

Apart from the two mentioned above, various other roles fall under the umbrella of digital marketing. An Affiliate manager’s average salary is 4,78,100 ARS per year and that of a campaign specialist is 5,80,600 ARS annually.

A content writer earns around 3,78,300 ARS whereas a digital media specialist makes 6,50,700 ARS annually on average. There are loads of categories and these are some of the common ones. These figures are approximate and depend on your qualifications, experience, and skills.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Corrientes

Let us now look into the top institutes that offer the best digital marketing courses in Corrientes.



Course Name: Master Digital Marketing Course

Mode: Online

Duration: 3 Months + 2 Months Internship

Course Fees: 2,88,885.58 Argentine Peso + GST

Eligibility: Any Graduate

IIM SKILLS offers a master certification course in digital marketing with 13 other certificate preparations. It is a 3-month course with a 2-month internship program to help you use learned knowledge and skills applicable in real-life situations.

Their syllabus is designed and led by industry experts. They have a 40-module syllabus with more than 15 live projects and over 10 case studies. The best part about this course is that once you enroll for it, you get lifetime access to their portal.

This keeps you updated and connected to industry experts at all times without any extra cost. Their course includes digital marketing, marketing automation, and performance marketing.

With live training and batches available for both weekdays and weekends, it becomes an ideal choice for students as well as working professionals. They also provide placement support once you have successfully cleared all the exams post-completion of the course along with the internship.

Their certification is recognized and aligned with MSME, Google, Meta, and HubSpot which is why it tops the list of digital marketing courses in Corrientes.

Along with digital marketing, IIM SKILLS is also the most preferred for a wide range of courses. All the courses by IIM SKILLS are 100% practical-oriented and are followed by internships and job placements.

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Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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Course Name: Digital Marketing Certification Course

Mode: Online

Duration: 3 Months

Course Fees: 1,26,696.12 ARS

Eligibility: Any Graduate

Excelr offers a certified digital marketing course for 3 months with more than 120 hours of learning. Trainers for this course carry more than 12 years of industry experience and have designed the curriculum accordingly to blend theory with practicals for better understanding. They also organize boot camps for real-life experience.

Their syllabus helps you develop skills like SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Design Thinking, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, and Campaign Management.

They have over 200 hiring partners and provide placement assistance and preparation along with a job interview guarantee. Also, their portal access is for a lifetime without any extra charges for you to stay updated at all stages in your career.

Upon completion of the course, you receive 8 international certificates and the course certificate. You also get an internship certificate from AiVariant for all the projects and case studies done during the course.

Ranking second in the list of 5 Top-rated digital marketing courses in Corrientes, they have a rating of 4.8 stars on Google reviews and more than 8000 people have enrolled with them so far.


3. ISB Executive Education

Course Name: Digital Marketing and Analytics

Mode: Online

Duration: 12 weeks

Course Fees: 5,38,223.05 ARS

Eligibility: Any Graduate/ Diploma holder

ISB Executive Education offers a course on digital marketing and analytics. It is an online training program with 12 weeks with 4-6 hours each week, making it easy for working professionals to learn.

It is a self-paced program with over 200 pre-recorded videos. Along with theory, they also have more than 20 assignments and quizzes and over 6 case studies. They also conduct 5 masterclasses, over 10 discussion boards, and 13 online sessions with their program leaders.

Their syllabus consists of 10 detailed modules. Since it is a self-paced course, it becomes easy for you to grasp it at your own pace.

Along with the course, they also provide recorded sessions on resume and cover letter, interview preparation, navigating the job search, and LinkedIn Profile optimization. They also provide IIMJobs pro membership, once you complete their course.

If you are someone who is already into marketing and needs to improve and learn about the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing, this is a perfect choice among other digital marketing courses in Corrientes.


4. Imarticus Learning

Course Name: Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

Mode: Online

Duration: 6 Months

Course Fees: 5,06,801.36 ARS

Eligibility: Any Graduate with >50% marks

Imarticus offers a postgraduate program in digital marketing for all graduates irrespective of any stream. They believe in becoming the one-stop solution for training, getting certified, and getting hired as a digital marketing professional.

Their course stretches over 6 months with 12 specially designed modules, more than 15 live projects, and case studies with live classrooms.

They prepare you for other international certificates from Google, SEMrush, Meta, HubSpot, and Hootsuite, making you ready for international career opportunities.

After completing the course, they offer complete job assistance and help you prepare for job interviews and resume building. They have over 400 hiring partners and provide 10 guaranteed interviews.

Post completion you can choose any of the roles like performance marketing manager, SEO specialist, Campaign specialist, Digital marketing executive, content strategist, social media manager, E-mail marketing specialist, content planner, Affiliate marketing manager, or community expert.

Listing in the fourth position among 5 top-rated digital marketing courses in Corrientes, they hold a rating of 4.5 stars on Google and Facebook and are among the few institutes that are recognized by international brands.


5. UpGrad

Course Name: Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication from MICA

Mode: Online

Duration: 26 weeks

Course Fees: 3,96,994.40 ARS

Eligibility: Any Graduate

UpGrad has its spot among the top digital marketing courses in Corrientes for the reputation and curriculum designed by its faculty. It has more than 12,000 learners and is associated with MICA. Along with training, they provide career mentorship and interview preparation. They have over 300 hiring partners.

Their course is designed for a period of 26 weeks with 7-9 hours per week of learning and practicing. They have an outcome-oriented curriculum framed with 2 tracks and 5 specializations to choose from.

On successful completion of the course, the results are reviewed by Deloitte. On clearing them, you are given a certificate from MICA. With the course, you also get access to their video library and over 90 useful tools.

You get more than 15 case studies and live projects to work on for experiencing practical conditions along with more than 200 hours of learning. With all the specializations, they have introduced Generative AI as a specialization in digital marketing curriculum.


Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

1. Do I need a university degree in digital marketing?

There is no requirement for a specific university degree in digital marketing. While some companies do prefer candidates with a degree, many hire candidates who have pursued certificated digital marketing courses in Corrientes and have skills and some experience in the field.

2. How much does a digital marketer earn in Corrientes?

The average salary of a digital marketing professional at an entry level is approximately 2,00,000 ARS. This figure differs from company to company and depends on the experience and skills of the candidate.

3. Can Artificial Intelligence replace digital marketing professionals?

Some of the basic elements of digital marketing are creativity and imagination to improve relations with clients and better communicate. This requires you to be original. While AI can be used as a helping tool and to save time, it cannot completely replace human creativity and its originality.

4. What are some online digital marketing courses in Corrientes that provide international certification?

Many institutes provide certification, but IIM SKILLS, UpGrad, Imarticus Learning, Excelr, and ISB Executive Learning make it to the top of the list that provides international and industry-recognized certification.


So here we conclude by helping with shortlisting the top 5 digital marketing courses in Corrientes for you. Hope this information helped you and guided you well to decide and plan your career with the best learning platforms. Digital marketing is a flourishing career and is only expected to expand in the coming days. So, undoubtedly it will give you a wide scope and help your career graph grow upwards.

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