Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Springs With Placements

Digital Marketing has turned out to be a revolution for not only products and services sellers but for consumers as well. With South Africa being the most internet-addicted country in the world, it is evident that there is a high demand for digital marketers. Therefore, understanding the need of the hour, here is a compiled listicle on digital marketing courses in Springs.


List of best digital marketing courses in Springs


Do you see your favorite social media influencer always trying new products from large and small brands and enticing you to buy these products through their ever-convincing content? Marketing executives leveraging the internet-crazed generation have cracked a hack to sell products through modern marketing techniques.

The digital marketing courses in Springs enlisted in this article are top-rated and provide the best necessary skill set for a mushrooming digital marketer career.


Digital Marketing: What and Why

Digital Marketing is a brand or product promotion marketing technique that enables marketers to boost sales by generating quality leads and connecting with target audiences using the Internet. In simpler words, digital marketing refers to any kind of online marketing or internet marketing.

Digital marketing is so feasible that it can happen through any device that has internet access. Whether for a large, small, or new company, digital marketing has proven to be an integral part of marketing activities worldwide.

Owning to its numerous digital marketing tactics, businesses today, often leverage digital channels like search engine optimization, social media platforms, emails, videos, etcetera to engage with prospective and new customers, drive sales traffic and generate quality leads. As a result, businesses create brand awareness, build a brand and provide a feel of their brand to the customers.

Have you ever noticed that you discover your favorite brand’s new launch or special sales and offers through their social media pages rather than through television advertisements? Do you always browse a brand’s social media pages to get hands-on more details about a product?

This is the magic created by digital marketing; it has helped brands develop trust and a communication path to connect. On a global stage, digital devices have made it easy for companies to market their brand and products, and services to customers 24×7.


Marketing Practises: Digital vs Traditional


Basis of Difference Digital Marketing Traditional Marketing
  • Modes of Marketing
Utilizes social media platforms, e-mailers, pay-per-clicks, videos, blogs, and other digital platforms. Utilizes TV, newspapers and magazines, and billboards.
  • Engagement
Very High and immediate Low and slow
  • Nature of Marketing
Dynamic Static
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
High low
  • Target Audience
The target audience can be customized The target audience is standardized
  • Reach
Global Local
  • Modification
An advertisement can be changed or edited at any time. An advertisement cannot be modified once placed.


Now the question arises why companies are investing a great deal in digital marketing. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of the answer to this question.

  • By 2026, it is projected that the global digital advertising and marketing market will reach $786.2 billion with an annual growth rate projected at 17%. Currently in the US, the global digital advertising and marketing market is valued at $450 billion.


  • The success rate of digital marketing via Facebook and Google Ads is the highest in paid advertising. Furthermore, global digital marketing and advertising generate more traffic through Smartphones than any other digital device.


  • Digital marketing allows marketers to understand the minds of the shoppers, through this, marketers repeatedly show the products to potential customers until they buy them. This creates more sales for the companies and benefits the customers by saving them time.


  • Digital marketing has grown so much popularity because it may be done effectively 24×7 from anywhere around the world on social media platforms through influencers. It has become the way how marketing works in the fast-moving world. The word for products through influencers is more popular, as it helps to build trust and awareness about the product and the brand. Once customers see their favorite influencer endorsing a new launch, within a few clicks the product is widely sold out.


  • Though the quick widespread of information is a basic feature of digital marketing but very crucial for digital marketers. It is like content or information is the fire and Digital Marketing is the gasoline. Content marketing, pay-per-click, marketing automation, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), sponsored content, and email marketing are some of the tactics widely used to publicize product information.


  • The best tool for retargeting the specific audience and remarketing the products is digital marketing. By way of online marketing, digital marketers and social media marketers make an effort to keep highly-specific audiences and high-conversion marketing messages at the front burners.


  • Merging itself with the traditional marketing benefits, digital marketing has helped uplift the traditional marketing game as well. Advertisements on TV and Magazines are more focused on social media marketing.


  • Being more cost-effective than outbound marketing, digital marketing campaigns can be tracked daily and optimized for higher returns on ROI. Even digital marketers can control where to spend based on the most performing marketing channels and buying journey of the products. Hence, digital marketing ensures to provide digital marketers with profitable solutions targeting those opportunities that make most of the every single buck.


  • The dynamic nature of digital marketing allows it to be profitable and suitable for all types of businesses. It is advantageous for small businesses that are competing with major brands in their industry. Focusing on the needs and buying behavior of the target audience using digital analytics, businesses should have different digital marketing strategies.


Due to the abundant benefits of Digital Marketing, there is a high-demand call for digital marketers globally. From small to large businesses, all have adopted digital marketing practices, creating various job opportunities for digital marketers.

The best digital marketing courses in Springs train aspiring digital marketers with the quality skill set needed to stand out as digital marketers.


Digital Marketer: Career and Responsibilities

Digital Marketer is a qualified individual whose job is to create brand awareness and drive lead generation by targeting the relevant audience through various digital channels. The ability to create, execute and analyze marketing campaigns to maintain the digital visibility and popularity of the company defines a digital marketer.

A company’s digital marketer is known best for connecting with potential audiences through ingenious ad campaigns on social media platforms. Digital Marketing courses in Springs help the candidate conquer digital marketing skills.

The realm of digital marketing is on a blaze with so much advertising and marketing traffic. Especially after the pandemic, all businesses belonging to any field have found digital marketing as the god’s plan to promote their businesses.

Therefore this has led to a skyrocketing demand for digital marketers worldwide. There is a plethora of digital marketing jobs available in Springs.


Digital Marketer’s Responsibilities

Now, let’s see what are the roles and responsibilities of a Digital Marketer-

Brainstorm New Strategies- with a broad spectrum of digital channels available, it is crucial to create marketing strategies according to the need of every digital channel. A digital marketer’s role is to devise strategies keeping in mind the company’s goals. They do so by analyzing the latest market trends, buyer behavior, and rival actions so that the strategies developed have an effective approach.


Content Creation- a digital marketer is responsible to create content for various digital mediums such as websites, social media posts, blogs, emails, and more that is spellbinding and engages the customer creating trust for the brand. The tasks of content creation include writing ad copy, designing graphics, and producing videos in order to attract and hold the attention of the target audience.


Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Digital marketers optimize website content in order to boost search engine exposure. This involves keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building so that the company’s digital marketing content stays up to date on search engine algorithms.


Do Social Media Management- handling social media accounts of the companies is the responsibility of a digital marketer. They monitor these accounts to increase brand visibility, drive traffic to the brand’s website and repeatedly engage with the audience as well as respond to the customer’s inquiries and comments.


 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads and Email Marketing- another role of a digital marketer is to create and carry out PPC Ads such as Google AdWords, and social media ads as well as create email marketing campaigns. Product performance and what consumer likes and wants to see can easily be tracked by PPC Ads. Whereas email marketing is done to create leads, promote products and build loyalty among customers. A digital marketer does the keyword research, makes budgets, writes ad copy, and optimizes PPC Ads and email marketing campaigns to maximize return on investment.


Data Analysing and Reporting- digital marketers construct better data-driven solutions by analyzing and reporting various sources such as website analytics, keyword performance indicators (KPIs), digital marketing campaigns, and end-to-end consumer experience, to enhance conversions and drive traffic.


Optimize Conversion Rate- one of the key roles of digital marketers is to discover gaps in the digital marketing funnel and apply strategies to boost conversion rates.


Digital Visibility Management- Managing and monitoring the brand’s online reputation and visibility is an important role of a digital marketer. This role involves staying in touch with the audience by addressing their feedback and grievance. Digital marketers aim to maintain a positive image of the brand.


To learn how to perform these roles and responsibilities perfectly and become an industry expert, consider pursuing Digital Marketing courses in Springs. Digital Marketing courses in Springs prepare the interested candidates to become an industry and ultimately contribute to the brand’s growth.


Digital Marketing Courses in Springs:

Digital Marketing Courses are all about learning digital skills needed to market products and services available to consumers all over the world on the Internet or we as say Digital platforms using an array of Digital marketing tools.

Digital Marketing Courses in Springs help to shape the right skill sets needed for the industry. Digital Marketing Courses in Springs not only help you gain skills but also helps to grow your career as a Digital Marketer by upgrading your skills and landing a well-paying digital marketer job.


Here are the top Digital Marketing Courses in Springs-

Platform Course Name Duration Course Fees
IIM SKILLS Master Digital Marketing Course 6,711.98 South African Rand
Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing 40 hours Free
Udemy Digital Marketing Master Course- 31 courses in 1 course 63 hours R 715.51
University of the Witwatersrand Digital Marketing Course 14 weeks R 12,445.00
Digital School of Marketing Basic Digital Marketing Course 2 months R 9900
University of Cape Town Digital Marketing Online Short Course 10 weeks Not mentioned


Rank #1. Digital Marketing Courses in Springs


IIM SKILLS is globally known as a leading Ed-Tech company. Established with a mission of skill development, they offer high-quality education through various online and self-paced learning programs at affordable prices. IIM SKILLS holds a trophy for training 35000+ aspiring professionals across 35+ countries worldwide.

They are a master in giving a hands-on learning experience during the course that assists students gain an apt in-demand skill set. The master digital marketing course, a certification course provided by IIM SKILLS is an excellent choice for aspiring digital marketers in Springs.

This course aims at developing the next level marketing set of skills with their digital marketing program. This course is a digital tools-driven course as throughout the learners work on an array of online marketing and advertising tools to gain live experience.

The additional benefit of this course is that the IIM SKILLS team also helps the learners build a solid resume and land well-paying jobs as well as freelancing projects.


This Digital Marketing Course syllabus is divided into 40+ modules, making you learn the following skills-

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Website development using WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing.
  • Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Social Media Marketing
  • Web analytics through Google Analytics.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies.
  • Management of Online Reputation
  • Quora Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing.
  • Graphic Designing, Marketing Automation, and Digital Resume Creation.
  • Purchasing & Planning of Advertising Media.


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Course Highlights-

  • Gain integrated certifications from Google, Facebook, and Hubspot.
  • Course instructed by industry experts having 8yrs+ of experience.
  • Extensive live online learning program.
  • 2 months paid internship with IIM Skills.
  • Coursework includes 15+ real-world projects and 10+ case studies.
  • Lifetime Access to the course study material including class recordings and class presentations.
  • Weekly Assignments that make the way for the hands-on learning experience.
  • Taught by industry expert trainers with 12+ years of experience.
  • Extremely engaging and interactive learning process.
  • Provide you assistance in preparing the resume and career path counseling.
  • Create an outstanding portfolio by working with leading brands such as Youtube, Starbucks, Amazon, Myntra, and more.

IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite

Rank #2. Digital Marketing Courses in Springs

2. Google Digital Garage

Google has developed an Ed-Tech space Google Digital Garage as part of its ‘a Grow with Google Programme’ to provide online skill upgrading courses to accelerate the careers and businesses of many individuals, in collaboration with leading institutions like Coursera, Future Learn, and others.

Google offers the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course that helps learners to learn and master the basics of digital marketing. This course is specially designed by Google experts and approved by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).  A Certificate is provided after the completion of the course.


The course curriculum has 26 modules which include the following topic-

  • How to create, analyze and boost online presence and seek digital opportunities.
  • How to build a website.
  • Planning online business strategies.
  • Search Engine basics and organic search
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • How to improve Search Campaigns.
  • How to advertise and market your website locally.
  • Social Media basics, planning strategies, and advertising.
  • Discover the marketing possibilities of mobile.
  • Content Marketing, Email Marketing Campaigns, and Online Video Marketing.
  • Display Ads goals and opportunities.
  • Web Analytics, Tools to measure SEM, Data research, and insights
  • Learn how to build an online shop, manage payment systems, and expand across the globe.


Course highlights-

  • Get a recognized certification on the completion of the course
  • Learn digital and analytical skills.
  • Attain knowledge of various digital research and analysis tools.
  • Learn to develop effective SEO and advertising strategies.
  • Self-paced learning through video tutorials.
  • Take up quick and short quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Anytime access to the study material for a lifetime.
  • Turn the knowledge into action through real-world examples.


Must Check:


Rank #3. Digital Marketing Courses in Springs

3. Udemy

Udemy is a revolutionary online learning platform that has made online education accessible globally. Udemy serves as a portal that makes it possible for learners of today to educate themselves in their desired fields. With a profusion of courses, Udemy provides endless opportunities to enhance your present and future.

Udemy is the largest learning platform because it provides online education to not only individuals but all types and sizes of organizations, governments, and non-profits. The prime benefit of taking a course from Udemy is that the courses are suitable for everyone, regardless of age and experience.

Udemy provides many digital marketing courses, one of which is the Digital Marketing Master Course: 31 courses in 1 course, the most informative course with a 4.5 rating on Udemy. This course is taught by a digital marketing specialist who aims to help the learners develop proficiency in 31 in-demand digital marketing skills.


The core concepts included in the course are-

  • Marketing Fundamentals and Planning.
  • Website building, marketing, and optimization.
  • SEO, copywriting, Email marketing, and automation.
  • Social media marketing and Google Analytics.
  • Psychology of Digital Marketing.
  • Money-making strategies.
  • Retargeting and Focus on Potential Clients
  • Social Media Advertising.
  • Golden Rules of Selling.


Course Highlights

  • Obtain a globally recognized certificate on the completion of the course.
  • This course contains 40+ downloadable resources, 40 articles to study, practical assignments, and short quizzes.
  • Self-paced learning through interactive and engaging video tutorials.
  • Become a professional digital marketer from zero.
  • Learn how to boost sales using various marketing tools and strategies.
  • Master the skills of designing websites, online stores, and various marketing tools.
  • Create an effective advertisement that increases sales.


Rank #4. Digital Marketing Courses in Springs

4. University of Witwatersrand

For a century, the University of Witwatersrand has been cherishing and leading scholastic excellence and freedom. With a vision of empowering the young generation to become the next generation of leaders with integrity, Wits has become a hub of knowledge.

Based on high pedagogical standards, Wits strives to provide high-quality and internationally competitive education. This digital marketing course offers the learner an all-inclusive panorama of the digital marketing domain.


The course syllabus has 8 modules which include the following topics-

  • Digital Marketing Overview and Strategies.
  • Types of websites and their technologies, integrated marketing communication, internet community management
  • Management of user experience, key conversion points, and call to action (CTA).
  • Mobile Marketing and Campaigns, Email Marketing
  • Creating and Marketing content on various social media platforms.
  • Management of online reputation, on-site and off-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Paid advertising such as Google Ads, Social Media Ads; Affiliate marketing, and Display Ads.
  • Analyzing and reporting various digital marketing trends: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools, and Social Media insight tools.


Course Highlights-

  • Gain a certificate of Competence.
  • Obtain skills to execute various digital marketing strategies.
  • Attain analyzing and reporting skills to enhance user experience.
  • Create creative content and social media strategy.
  • Learn to draw up effective on-site & off-site SEO strategies.
  • Get a command of various digital marketing tools.


Rank #5. Digital Marketing Courses in Springs

5. Digital School of Marketing (DSM)

The Digital School of Marketing is a prominent platform that comes with MICT SETA’s acknowledged digital marketing course, which is why DSM is highly preferred by aspiring digital marketers in Springs. Also, DSM is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in South Africa.

DSM has an array of educational courses including full-time, part-time, and short courses, from which the students may choose the most suitable course. On the completion of the course, the students gain recognition of competence.

The course offered by DSM is designed in such a way that the students gain both practical and theoretical understanding and wisdom of the digital marketing industry. The course makes the students undergo a personalized learning process, with the advantage of 24×7 student support.


The course is divided into 9 modules-

  • Intro to Digital Marketing
  • Basics of WordPress
  • Basics of SEO and Web Analytics
  • Overview of Social Media Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Content Marketing and Digital Copywriting
  • What is Paid Advertising and Marketing?
  • Advertising on Social Media Channels
  • Email Marketing and Paid Pay Per Clicks.
  • Mobile communication & Digital Marketing


Course Highlights-

  • The course is taught through infographics and videos specifically designed for the learning process
  • Students have access to downloadable eBooks of each lesson
  • Certificates Awarded from IAB SA
  • Students give Formative and Summative assessments, to test their knowledge.
  • Students can join DSM’s virtual class community
  • Access to live and on-demand lectures from anywhere and at any time.
  • The course is taught through 2 evening lectures of 2 hours per lecture weekly.
  • Students acquire an in-depth understanding of digital marketing abilities, paving their way to take on a fast-growing career in the field of digital marketing.

DSM also offers intermediate and advanced-level digital marketing courses, students can opt for them as well.

IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite

Rank #6. Digital Marketing Courses in Springs

6. University of Cape Town

University of Cape Town (UCT) is currently the top-ranking university in Africa and among the top universities in the world. UCT is known for its world-class teaching as students are exposed to research-intensive learning processes and encouraged to nurture their leadership and service skills.

UCT offers an online certification short course on Digital Marketing, that enables students to develop influential online marketing skills and tactics. The course gives valuable insights into the future of the digital marketing realm.


The course curriculum is structured into 10 modules-

  • Module 1- Understanding Digital Marketing
  • Module 2- Web Design and its Importance
  • Module 3- Web Analytics and Trafficking
  • Module 4- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Module 5- Online Copywriting
  • Module 6- Online Ads and Pay Per Clicks (PPC)
  • Module 7- Brand Management through Social Media and Web PR
  • Module 8- Email Marketing Tools
  • Module 9- Mobile Marketing
  • Module 10- Digital Marketing Strategies and Campaigns.


Course Highlights-

  • Flexible but structured practical and theoretical learning process
  • Upgrade your knowledge through weekly modules that take only 7-10 hours per week.
  • Construct a website and create email campaigns using practical skills right away.
  • Gain the confidence to build your digital marketing strategies.
  • Self–paced learning and recognition from universities and institutions
  • Experience personalized and mentor-assisted learning at every step of the course


Let’s See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. How do I know that I am suitable for Digital Marketing?

A1. The most important thing about being a Digital Marketer is, one should always be ready to upskill and learn new things. Digital Marketing is a highly uncertain industry, if today one trend is popular tomorrow we will be another, therefore being updated and having critical thinking is really important. One should have an interest in carving out the best digital marketing strategies and communication skills to connect with the audience.


Q2. Who can opt for Digital Marketing Courses in Springs?

A2. Digital Marketing courses in Springs can be opted for by entrepreneurs, marketing professionals willing to upskill themselves, anyone who wishes to switch their career to digital marketing, and any graduates or college drop-outs who is wishes to pursue a digital marketing career.


Q3. What is the salary of a digital marketer in Springs?

A3. The average basic salary of a digital marketer in Springs is R 278k annually.


Wrapping Up

The digital marketing business currently has an upward trajectory, thanks to various social media platforms, digital marketing has a trailblazing future with several job prospects in South Africa as well as globally. The majority of South Africans are still oblivious to the infinite potential of the digital marketing world. The courses in Springs help bridge the awareness gap while polishing the learners to take advantage of the wide landscape of online marketing. The learners are encouraged to look into each course and choose one that resonates with them.

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