Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland With Placements

Do you dream of entering one of the biggest hubs in the tech industry and taking one of the best digital marketing courses? Ireland could be the dynamic tech ecosystem that nurtures your talents through its stimulating educational environment and motivates you to become the next startup entrepreneur or businessman. The Irish government is providing considerable funding for education that will further enhance your skills if you decide to take digital marketing courses at Ireland’s best universities or online. Whether you are an international student or a local, these digital marketing courses in Ireland will boost your professional aspirations.


List of best digital marketing courses in Ireland


Why Is Ireland A Good Choice For Your Studies?

Ireland is known for its internationally recognized and on-par academic excellence. It is a technological center with a high spirit. Its institutes are rich in research and offer immense employment opportunities. The quality of the education system and the kind of qualifications are reasons for students to have the best of everything.


Teaching and Learning Style: 

    • Innovative thinking, creativity, and problem-solving are among the essential aspects of the Irish curriculum. 
    • Irish universities and colleges are among the top percentile of research institutes in the world, which illustrates an interactive and innovative approach to learning where you engage with your classmates and lecturer while understanding the topic/concept of discussion.
    • The education system supports international students theoretically and practically outside the classroom.


Standards of Irish Educational Qualifications: 

    • The Irish government monitors the quality of education through the National Qualifications Framework. 
    • The first choice for students is to align their learning standards with those of the National Qualifications Framework so that their degree is recognized and accepted worldwide.


A Hospitable and Safe Haven: 

    • Ireland is known for its colossal castles in the green countryside and its vibrant city life.
    • It ranks third in the Global Peace Index and is one of the safest countries.
    • Even as a foreigner, you can immerse yourself in Irish festivities with the locals all year round.


Is There A Thriving Digital Marketing Industry In Ireland?

We invite you to Ireland, Europe’s path to a thriving economy. 

  1. Ireland is a young country with around 35,000 international students and is undertaking several initiatives to become a world leader in digital marketing.
  2. Multinational high-tech companies are the country’s new growth engine and benefit from a favorable business environment with well-educated and skilled human resources.
  3. Ireland is revitalizing and deepening its Irish tech scenario by planning digital social campaigns.
  4. Ireland is also creating platforms to raise awareness and digitally train its decentralized workforce, with hybrid forms of work on the rise to expand their business opportunities.
  5. Ireland’s idea of digitally transforming its business has spawned digital marketing as a sales tool to monetize its business assets. 
  6. Digital marketing is a boutique of methods that perfectly merge innovation and science. It is a powerful instrument used by startups, SMEs, and blue-chip clients in Ireland as a data-driven and results-oriented marketing tool. 
  7. Consequently, the digital marketing industry anticipates evolving at 7.5% by 2027 and becoming a game changer for the Irish economy.


What Are The Benefits Of Taking Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland?

Digital marketing courses are offered far and near, but are digital marketing courses in Ireland worthwhile? Digital marketing courses in Ireland are flourishing and have the best scope. But it has its challenges. In today’s digital competition, as we call it, it is difficult for companies to hire candidates with authentic entrepreneurial marketing skills.

So before you invest in digital marketing courses in Ireland or online, do your research and realize what it’s worth – the good and the bad. To make it easy for you, I have researched extensively and found the best digital marketing courses in Ireland that can give you the best learning experience and boost your career.

After researching the internet and interviewing some digital marketers, I found that the answer to the question “Is a digital marketing course worth it?” is yes. The factors investing money and time in digital marketing courses in Ireland are a must if your main goal is to become a digital marketing professional, enrich your resume, and take advantage of the best digital marketing opportunities.


Let Us Look at the List of Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland


1. Master Digital Marketing Course – IIM SKILLS 

One of the best online master digital marketing courses in Ireland is a certification course from IIM SKILLS. It is a wonderful opportunity for students from around the world. If you are looking for a personal and attentive tutor or mentor, the team at IIM SKILLS is the right choice for you.

It is an online education platform that offers compact, career-oriented courses that can take your life to the next level. This course is offered by an Indian company that is recognized by the Indian government, but it has been established to offer worthy course content virtually.


Duration of the Digital Marketing Course

  1. The course is designed to last five months, during which you will work on live projects and complete a three-month internship.
  2. The course will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm, Saturdays from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, and Sundays from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.
  3. The course is delivered through recorded video lectures, live online sessions, and hands-on assignments to help students develop skills and apply knowledge in real-world scenarios. The course is also structured to accommodate the needs of working professionals, allowing them to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.


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  1. Web development
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Micro video marketing
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Google Adwords (SEM)
  6. Email marketing
  7. SEO
  8. Content Writing


Course Fees

333.53 Euro + GST


2. Master of Science in Marketing Practice, University College Dublin (UCD)

The Marketing Practice is a digital marketing course at Ireland’s University College Dublin. A prerequisite for participation in this degree program is a college degree in management or business administration. The Master of Science in Marketing Practice at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School aims to make students competent professionals in marketing and related fields.

It is an exhaustive, in-depth master’s program. What makes this program unique is that students learn on real-world projects and work with corporate clients. The school is a premier business school and unique in its approach.


Fast Facts

The course is a one-year, full-time study program at the Dublin campus. It starts in September each year and costs €20,500 per year.


Features of the Course

  • Every business student must have creative and accurate presentation skills. The course offers personal and professional development programs where students can participate in seminars and mock interviews to assess their skills and prepare for real-time challenges when they face corporate interviews at the end of the course. They will also be guided on techniques to improve their CV.


  • The course conducts a marketing consulting project that covers a range of topics in marketing, market research, business strategy, research analysis methods, business impact studies, and digital marketing as a specialization.


  • Each module in the course is scheduled like a real-time work scenario, so students get used to a specific work day/time and come into contact with clients working on commercial projects in a physical office at UCD.


The courses Included are

  1. Customer service: sales and relationship skills
  2. Developing and communicating customer value propositions
  3. Strategic market management
  4. Professional Development
  5. Action Learning Project
  6. Applied Marketing Project


Career Opportunities

One of the most popular career paths for UCD graduates is brand management, and other popular majors include market research and digital marketing consulting.


Possible career paths for graduates include

  • Marketing and event manager
  • Brand manager
  • Corporate Account Manager
  • Customer Information
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Digital Media Associate


Academic Requirements

GPA Required


English Requirements

PTE Academic 65


General Requirements

  1. Applicants must have an honors degree in business or another field.
  2. Applicants should attend a single interview.
  3. Write a 300-word statement about what makes your application unique and advantageous for admission to the program.
  4. Evidence of an aptitude in marketing is a prerequisite for admission.



  1. CV
  2. English language test
  3. References
  4. Additional documents

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3. Master of Science in Marketing and Retail Innovation, University College Dublin (UCD)

Digital transformation through data has brought a sea of change to the retail industry. The course builds a foundation in marketing technologies and expands your opportunities. 

Marketing expertise accelerates creativity and innovation in retail. The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School faculty team is one of the most renowned teams working closely with industry leaders to drive change in retail.


Fast Facts

The course is a one-year, full-time program and is conducted at the Dublin campus. It starts in September each year and costs €20,500 per year.


Features of the course

  • Retail is ubiquitous and this program allows you to study and experience the workings of the largest retailers such as Amazon, Burberry, Alibaba, and Unilever.
  • The program also helps students build networking skills to share and learn that will fuel their entrepreneurial ambitions.


The Courses Included Are

  1. Marketing Strategy for Business
  2. Consumers in a digital age
  3. Consumer insights and analytics
  4. Omnichannel marketing communications
  5. Strategic retail leadership
  6. Leading innovation in retail


Career Opportunities

A mix of software, tech, finance, fashion, entertainment, and pharmaceutical companies hire and employ students in this master’s program after a thorough interview process.


Possible career paths for graduates include

  • Retail Operations
  • Merchandise Management
  • Customer relations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Analysis
  • Advanced problem-solving and analytics


Academic Requirements

GPA Lower second class


English Requirements

PTE Academic 65


General Requirements

  1. A minimum of a second-class honors degree (or equivalent) in any discipline
  2. A minimum degree with at least three years of retail or marketing experience



  1. CV
  2. English language test
  3. References
  4. Additional documents


4. Dublin City University’s Master of Science in Digital Marketing

The shift towards digital marketing is dominating the traditional marketing industry. Technologies in mobile, social media, Big Data analytics, and IoT have changed the way marketing is viewed and executed. Consumer or buyer behavior, consumerism, coupled with empathy, is a selling point in marketing that can also be of interest to the digital marketing field.

One of the digital marketing degree programs, the MSc in Digital Marketing, is offered to students who want to acquire this knowledge of digital technologies.

Graduates of this program will have the data and analytics skills needed for online advertising, social media marketing, and communications.


Fast Facts

The course is a one-year, full-time program and is conducted at the Dublin campus. It begins each September and costs €10,955 for EU students and €17,000 for non-EU students per year.


The courses included are

  1. Mechanics of digital marketing & authorship
  2. Strategic Thinking & Data Analysis
  3. Digital marketing and e-business management
  4. Research Methods
  5. Digital Advertising and Communication
  6. Applied Web Design & Development
  7. Internship – Applied Research
  8. Dissertation


Career Opportunities

  • These digital marketing courses in Ireland guide students to build business acumen with a blend of skills for a successful career in digital marketing. 
  • Graduates will work in various categories of marketing and management positions as Digital Account Executives, Digital Project Managers, Content marketers, Research analysts, Digital Marketing executives, and Social Media Managers. 
  • Your knowledge of the business environment, ability to think strategically and analytically, strong digital marketing background, and exposure to new technological methods will make you highly sought after by employers.


Academic Requirements

GPA Lower second class

Upper second class


English Requirements

PTE Academic 63


General Requirements

  1. An honors degree or higher in a business subject, or equivalent international qualification.
  2. An honors degree or higher in a relevant non-business subject, e.g. journalism, communications, media studies, or an equivalent international qualification.
  3. Professional qualifications with at least five years of relevant work experience in marketing.
  4. International applicants whose native language is not English must convince the University of their English proficiency.


Must Check:


5. Master of Science in Digital Marketing, University of Galway

One of the specialist digital marketing courses in Ireland is the MSc Digital Marketing at the University of Galway. The course structure combines traditional marketing knowledge with strategic, analytical, and digital marketing. Graduates from selected countries can apply for this course.


Fast Facts

The course is a one-year, full-time program and takes place at the Galway campus. It starts in September each year and costs €10,290 for EU students and €17,999 for non-EU students per year.


The courses included are

  1. Social media marketing theory
  2. Inbound marketing and content creation
  3. Applied marketing project
  4. Marketing performance and productivity
  5. Services Marketing
  6. Social marketing and sustainability


Help for your career

  • The Digital Marketing program strives to enhance students’ technical skills with a repertoire of globally recognized certifications that are in demand by potential employers. 
  • Certifications from Hubspot, the Google Analytics Academy, and the Marketing Institute of Ireland allow students to become licensed authorities in the field.


Academic Requirements

GPA Upper second grade


English Requirements



General Requirements

  1. A degree in Business Administration or related discipline (NFQ Level 8) or equivalent international qualification is required.
  2. Graduates from all disciplines are eligible to apply to this program. Applicants with a non-business/marketing degree applying to a retraining program must successfully complete an online Fundamentals of Marketing test as specified by the Department of Marketing before beginning the program.


6. Certificate in Digital Marketing, Munster Technological University

The program provides a practical foundation of knowledge and experience that can be immediately applied in a variety of business contexts. 


  • Participants explore various social media platforms, website technologies (including mobile devices), analytics tools, and more to acquire a toolkit of skills that is valuable and easily applicable in a B2C and B2B environment. 


  • The program is structured to make good use of participants’ time and includes a variety of speakers from the business community. An important tenet of this course is authentic assessment, and more than eighty percent of the assignment grades are based on tasks that digital marketing managers can be expected to complete.


Duration of the course

  1. Fifteen weeks. Two evenings per week (Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm)
  2. Participants take all classes online. Webcam and microphone are required, and participants are expected to attend all sessions ‘live’. Two sessions of 3 hours per week on weekdays during the semester, i.e. Tuesday and Thursday.


Entry Requirements

NFQ Level 7 or 8 university degree or relevant experience in an industrial role. Applicants must complete an interview at MTU prior to admission to the course.


Course Fees

Euro 1,500


Continuing Education

  • Continue your path to a Master of Science in Digital Marketing Strategy with this Certificate in Digital Marketing.
  • Depending on your prior experience and education, this program may give you access to a master’s degree in digital marketing in Ireland at Munster Technological University.

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7. Master of Science in Digital Marketing Strategy, Munster Technological University

Becoming a digital marketing expert is the order of the day, and anyone with a traditional marketing background can benefit from the MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy program design. 

  • If you aspire to a leadership position, this course offers potential digital marketing skills from a strategic perspective.
  • This innovative master’s program will produce students who are leaders in the field of digital marketing strategy and digital leadership.
  • Assessment is entirely through project work, reports, and similar processes; there are no final exams.


Course Schedule

Part-time: 4 semesters at MTU’s Bishopstown campus. Also available as an online program.


What will I learn?

You’ll gain the analytical skills every digital marketer needs, using tools like Google Analytics, Adwords, and Facebook Insights. Likewise, you’ll develop your creative and storytelling skills by using social media, video, and creative imagery.



Level 1/Semester 1

  1. Digital Marketing Environment
  2. Social media and digital advertising
  3. Website optimization & analytics

Level 1/Semester 2

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. Digital Strategy Development
  3. Digital Advertising & Analytics


  1. The Digital Consumer
  2. E-commerce and targeted websites
  3. Professional Development for Marketing

Level 2/Semester 1

  1. Integrated Strategy and Planning
  2. Search Engine Optimization & Analytics


  1. Digital Brand Development


Admission Requirements

  1. Applicants should ideally have earned at least a degree in a related field (related to business, media, or visual communications).
  2. Graduates from other disciplines will be considered provided they can demonstrate relevant industry experience.


Course Fees

Euro 7,500 (payable over 2 years)


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will I be supported by these universities in finding a job after my digital marketing courses in Ireland?

Yes, of course! They offer 100% guaranteed job placement assistance upon successful completion of the course.


2. What are the best companies that will hire me after my digital marketing courses in Ireland?

Companies like Amazon, Google, Salesforce, Paddy Power Betfair, Making Science, Microsoft, etc. are just a few of those who are hiring after the course.


3. What skills should I strive to develop after digital marketing courses in Ireland?

The most important skills are data analysis, strategic thinking, social media marketing, paid social advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, copywriting, and loyalty marketing.


4. What are the most important tools to learn during digital marketing courses?

It is worth getting familiar with these tools:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Ahrefs or Semrush
  • MailChimp, HubSpot (for email marketing)
  • Tweetdeck and Twitter analytics
  • Canva (for creating visuals)
  • Facebook Insights
  • WordPress (content management system)
  • Asana or Monday (for project management)
  • Miro (for workshops and ideation)


5. Can I get scholarships to study in Ireland?

Scholarships are available for students. One needs to contact the institute to know the eligibility and type of scholarships.


Takeaway Points

In today’s digital marketplace, every company needs to integrate digital marketing into its business strategy.  This means it needs a marketing strategy to reach customers through digital channels such as websites, mobile devices, and social media platforms. While studying one of these digital marketing courses in Ireland, students will be able to learn about the different forms of marketing and how they differ from internet marketing, which is solely related to websites.

Students will also explore the vast field of digital marketing in terms of its development and production through content marketing, search platforms, social media, and more. Digital marketing comes with several challenges and implicit biases. One of the biggest challenges for digital marketing students is learning how to stand out in a world oversaturated with digital marketing advertising. 

Digital marketing course offerings in Ireland include a curriculum that introduces tools to appropriately measure and evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns to improve the customer experience. Emerging trends and innovation opportunities are also covered.

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