Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Bristol With Placements

Choosing a career path is difficult for most people because you have to love what you are doing for long-term stability and support the overall lifestyle you dreamt. Digital marketing is a new buzz in the market. People either want to become digital marketers or leverage digital marketing techniques to grow their businesses. Digital marketing courses in Bristol have become one of the most in-demand training programs that are required to become digital marketing professionals.


List of best digital marketing courses in Bristol


The years of evolution in IT and technology opened up a new way of marketing your business products. But when you consider the opportunities opened in this dynamic field, the United Kingdom is a country with immense importance on education. It is an education center and industrial hub for different businesses that are emerging every year. Hence digital marketing courses in Bristol have been rated one of the best in the industry.


What is the Demand for Digital Marketers?

According to Linkedin, the “Digital Marketing Specialist” role is among the top 10 most in-demand jobs with 870,000 plus job openings in the market. The most required skill in digital marketing includes social media, content strategy, SEO, analytics, and many more.

There are so many phases of digital marketing strategy and several related jobs which in fact where the industry is facing a crisis – a digital skill gap. This word makes and breaks a big gap between traditional marketing along with digital marketing. A Linkedin survey found a shortage of digital marketing professionals in major metro areas in the USA, UK, and other countries.


Now, This Makes Sense – Why I Should Choose Digital Marketing as My Career.

Marketing degrees always call for strong presentation, debating, and communication skills which are useful in any job. 96% of marketing graduates will find themselves employed or soon after earning an average of 20,000 pounds in their first role. The digital marketing courses in Bristol add the value to education gained from learning digital marketing.

There are many ways to capture the audience’s attention and marketing is one of the most fundamental things in the business. There is one way of marketing which is termed Traditional Marketing. And the second one is “Digital Marketing” a modern type of marketing.

With so many jobs and not enough professionals to fill them, now is the perfect time to get started in Digital marketing in Bristol. As you get started with digital marketing jobs, it’s important to understand the key specialties within the industry.

There are many digital marketing job roles to consider, each with its skill set to master. Hence digital marketing courses in Bristol open up a new career option if you want to shift from one industry to other.


Top Jobs in Digital Marketing Industry and Salary Structure

The digital marketing job is healthy, especially in terms of the variety of opportunities available which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Copywriting
  • Content Writing
  • Social media marketing specialist
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialists


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

SEO plays an important role in digital marketing and it is the backbone of every piece of content that’s written with the hope of crawling the search engine optimizer and becoming visible. The content should be discovered by the user searching for your business, service, or products. There is a great need for digital professionals who know to handle digital media, create content, and competitive analysis search and website analysis.

The average salary for an SEO Manager: is $63,000


2. Copywriter

As you grow in the field of digital marketing, you will realize how much writing is involved in content creation. Copywriters produce a wide range of content like taglines, product descriptions, emails, ads, and more. They can even produce non-digital content like direct mail and video scripts. Their job needs interest and compassion to write for people to see before swiping to the next screen.

The average salary for a Copywriter: is $58,467 


3. Email Marketer

Email marketing is a self-explanatory job in digital media – you have to send emails to targeted lists. Marketing emails are sent to customers with a list of products to build awareness of products and services. Also sent to engage audiences even when there is no hard sale. Their job is to change and try different taglines, text, and subjects to generate a lead and formats to see which tagline got clicked more times.

The average salary for an Email Marketer: is $65,834


4. Content Writing

Content writing and copywriting seem like the same job and as you start exploring new phases of digital marketing, you will understand both are two distinct jobs. Content writers focus specifically on long-term content that draws readers to the site and nurtures them throughout the cycle. Writers create whitepapers and case studies, blog posts, and eBooks that educate readers.

The Average Salary for Content Managers: is $ 56,779


5. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a huge part of digital marketing. They promote brands on networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Managers promote campaign strategies, videos, and graphics to research to learn the trends to get in front of the right people. It’s a job that involves research, writing, design, and project management. Sometimes they have to work off hours to respond to incoming messages.

The Average Salary for Social Media Marketing: is $ 50,475


6. Advertising

The job profile for a digital media advertiser mainly focuses on matching the right products to the right audience.

  • Content creation
  • Media partner with visual media advertising
  • Video scripts for television add
  • Blogging content creation

The average salary for advertising: is $51,273


The main highlights of these jobs are Working from home and can earn sitting anywhere around the world. You have to be creative enough in your specialized domain. You can choose what you want to be in the field of digital marketing.


Digital Marketing Job openings in Bristol 2023

Several companies come up with immense job opportunities in the field of Science, Technology, Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, tourism, and hospitality. It is also one of the main industries where digital marketer is required to promote their products and services.

Besides the natural market progressions, Covid 19 pandemic has changed the way of business operations and marketing strategies. The traditional method of marketing has to be modernized with technology to overcome the surrounding marketing changes. This makes online Digital marketing courses in Bristol gain importance among students and working professionals.


  • Digital Marketing Influencers
  • Social media Influencers/ specialists
  • Video remains King
  • Digital Marketing Consultants
  • Digital Analytics expert


Let’s Discuss Some of the Top Live Training Institutes for Digital Marketing Courses in Bristol



IIM SKILLS has excelled for the past five years delivering professional training in the field of digital marketing with its core contents and tricks used to excel and quantify marketing efforts required for an organization. The institute always comes at the top when considering digital marketing courses in Bristol because of its excellent training and round-the-clock support.


Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Course Duration: 3 months plus 2 months paid internship

Fees: 350 pounds approximately


Course Curriculum

Core Modules Content Writing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online reputation management
Media coverage and website creation
Affiliate Marketing
Video making & marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital infographic Resume Preparation


Course Highlights

  • 5-month digital marketing course which includes 2 months of paid internship
  • Learning with realistic projects and real case studies
  • Discover all the tools required to know about launching podcasts on Apple, Google, and Spotify
  • Mentorship from experienced professionals who can provide business and professional advice
  • IIM SKILLS provides another essential Certification exam which includes Google, HubSpot, & Facebook blueprints.


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Key Benefits

  • In this course, you will have hands-on experience with the necessary tools. The course curriculum covers tools like Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Keyword planner, LinkedIn, YouTube Analytics, Twitter Ads, SEMrush, Uber suggest, Succuri security, Yoast, and many others.
  • The main feature of this course is that it helps people from diverse educational fields and working professionals who want to streamline their careers into one among their interests.
  • Students, working professionals, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, traditional marketers, housewives, creative minds, and people who get amazed by their content creation can enroll with IIM SKILLS.


Hiring Partner

IIM SKILLS provides placement support and post-placement assistance for students. The mentors are Goggle Certified experts with over 10+ years of experience in the digital marketing domain. The main advantage of the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing course is it helps you to have hands-on experience.

This helps you to build your portfolio if you wish to work from anywhere, as a boss. You can also talk to teachers and industry experts and how to benefit optimally from the course. It is one of the best online digital marketing courses in Bristol.


For more information contact:

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite

#Rank 2: The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

CIM UK is a renowned institute in the UK offering the best Digital Marketing Courses. It also offers a wide variety of courses in Business Management and courses related to digital marketing media. CIM strives for business leaders and opinionated individuals who will contribute to society.

The Digital Marketing practice course is of the duration of 3 days and the education level is intermediate. The course is suitable for anyone who is in the field of marketing and practical management of online channels, working for clients, freelancing, and having a creative mind.

No primary education in digital marketing is required to enroll in the course. It has one of the most intensive online digital marketing courses in Bristol.


Course Curriculum taught in the Course:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Research
  • Targeting and Personal Development
  • Display Advertising
  • Creating and improving digital media
  • Blogging
  • Content Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email creation and management
  • Digital Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • Pay per click Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing & Sale of Contents


Key Benefits

  • The course is designed based on industry requirements.
  • Each student learns and experiences practical assignments.
  • The faculty who will be training you are industry specialists with real-going examples.
  • Recorded sessions are available for students who are going to regular classes.
  • CIM institute provides short-term courses in form of one-day workshops which help students to learn more about digital tools.
  • Instructors play an important role in each course of learning with proper guidance and support.
  • Experience in practical and real case studies to change the phase of business with the help of digital marketing
  • The class sizes are small and hence trainers focus on each student’s activities and assignments.
  • It helps to identify the areas of improvement and results can be scaled enough to anticipate the emerging change


Tools Covered

40+ tools for digital marketing for practical exposure will be covered to become job ready and to create digital marketing campaigns.


Also Check:


#Rank 3: Insynch

A digital marketing company that is giving services to its clients and also offers real-time digital marketing courses with different topics. The mode of teaching offered at Insynch can be availed via online sessions or offline sessions.

This platform is providing free online sessions for professionals and students who would like to attend their free webinars and seminars on who should learn digital marketing and its importance. A 3-hour digital marketing course is packed with the framework of what is digital marketing for business establishments.

It has extensive experience in using digital marketing to help businesses in all sectors. Sessions are packed with tips and techniques along with a strategic approach in digital marketing courses in Bristol as it helps to learn real case studies of existing clients and their change of business model with the help of digital marketing.


Course curriculum offered at Insynch

  • Digital marketing workshop
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Marketing
  • Email marketing with beginners along with a masterclass on how to use Mailchimp.
  • Google listings and Google Ads – Setting up and running an effective campaign
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Copywriting, Blogging


Insynch is also giving one-to-one digital marketing sessions for professionals who are already running a business. They can also attend digital marketing workshops and online sessions on marketing strategies which can help the business attain the next stage with the help of the internet. The areas also include paid advertising, communication strategy, digital marketing strategy, and Google Analytics.


Job Opportunities upon Couse Completion

  • Job assistance is provided upon completion of a digital marketing course based on your interest in a particular profile.
  • Freelancing is also an option that most professionals have taken it up to become their manager.
  • Freelancing helps you to sit anywhere in the world and deliver your work. Insynch helps to get clients after your course.
  • Insynch is also providing paid internships for their organization.


#Rank 4: Digital Marketing Institute

The course is ideally suitable for working professionals to enhance their skills and develop marketing strategies.


Course Name: Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

Course Duration: 6 months


Course Curriculum involves learning about digital media, tools required to meet the need of customers, and the growth strategy required for a business. It includes the below-mentioned topics:

  • Digital Communication Channels
  • Social research strategy & planning
  • Youtube and social video creation
  • Social customer service
  • Data and Business Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email marketing workshop
  • Digital selling
  • Website Optimization
  • E-commerce strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Seasonal marketing


Digital Marketing Pro Course offered by Digital marketing institute in Bristol

Duration – 30 Hour Online


This is another marketing-related course provided by the institute which includes more in detail about pro-digital marketing. This course is suitable for marketing managers, traditional managers who want to change to digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who want to take their businesses to the next level.


The course syllabus includes:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Developing objectives and strategies
  • Market Research
  • Key social platforms
  • Email design tools
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email marketing with Google Analytics
  • Content creating and curation content
  • Setting KPI
  • Developing a creative strategy
  • Design and Website Optimization
  • Communicating A Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Business Plans


Online digital marketing courses in Bristol are becoming popular among home and international candidates to learn digital marketing. Students, working professionals, and small business owners can become digital marketers for their companies by enrolling in their courses.

IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite

# Rank 5: Simplilearn

Simplilearn is well known and highly-rated digital training institute in India which is delivering online courses for candidates in the UK. It was founded by Mr. Krishna Kumar, one of its core members of the team. It is one of the top e-learning platforms in the UK and one of the best online institutes for students searching to learn digital marketing courses in Bristol.


Course Name: Digital Marketing Associate

Course Duration: 2 months


There are other specialized courses also such as an Advanced search engine program, an Advanced social media certification program, and other advanced certification programs based on candidate requirements.


The overview of the course curriculum is as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Conversion and Strategy
  • Digital Communication Channels
  • Advanced Web Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Certified Marketing Professional ( OMCP Certifications )
  • Dimensions of Google Analytics settings
  • Facebook marketing
  • Digital media Audiences and Markets
  • Information management


The curriculum is flexible and allows you to arrange optional modules. Also, you can choose at your convenience. It helps you to personalize your growth trajectory path for your future. This helps you to get insight into digital footprints and user interfaces.




1. Is digital marketing a promising career in Bristol, UK?

Yes. Digital marketing is a well-paid job in the United Kingdom. Most consumers discovered upcoming brands and products through social media feeds. This rise in the popularity of digital marketing among business groups helped to increase the number of job opportunities in the field of digital media.


2. How much a digital Marketer can earn in Bristol?

A digital marketer’s average pay is $70,000 per annum. It may vary to a higher limit when he /she manages digital marketing media for a company. Being a social media manager adds up to $50 to 60k. Moving onto a more creative job, being a content marketing manager, the earnings are $1000k. That becomes a big amount being in work. Digital marketing courses have opened up new opportunities for jobs and freelancing.


3. Can you work as a freelancer being a digital marketer?

Yes, there is a huge demand for digital marketing in freelancing. Learning digital marketing courses opens up a pathway for freelancers who wish to work or become entrepreneurs.


4. Is digital marketing good for the future?

The online world is evolving and the future of digital marketing is bright and secure. Nearly 77% of companies worldwide have already adopted the best content marketing specialists to discover and grow in business. The demand for innovative and updated digital marketers is skyrocketing and an upward-growing trend is seen in the industry.


5. Who can take up digital marketing courses in Bristol?

Students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, bloggers, housewives, content writers, and video creators, can take up digital marketing courses in Bristol. You can take up a time-bound or a self-paced course according to your skills, interest, and preference.



Learning never stops until you decide to stop learning digital marketing. It can be learned and experienced to have practical results to see the outcome of every business with the help of digital marketing. The names mentioned above are online digital marketing platforms that provide learning based on SEO Optimization to core modules in marketing along with some useful tools for analysis. After successful completion of the course, you can take up positions in various designations in different organizations in different corners of the world. Enrol in any of these digital marketing courses in Bristol to become a proficient marketer.

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