Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Pune With Placements

Data analytics is known to be the most rapidly growing career field globally. According to US BLS, there will be a 23% growth in the field of data analytics by 2031 which is way above the average number for any field. Data Analytics institutes in Pune are therefore a great opportunity as Pune is known for many other things besides its perfect weather, such as education, arts and crafts, and theatre. Pune is also known as one of the students’ hubs after Bangalore making it a perfect city to learn data analytics courses in Pune.


What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics comprises the whole management of Data with the methods and instruments employed. In other words, it is a process of converting raw data into efficient insights which helps in solving problems using several tools and technology which results in improving decision-making and helps in growing one’s business.

Why Data Analytics?

It is a fast-paced and problem-solving job that helps us think outside the box.

It is also known to be the future of everything as it can control Artificial Intelligence or AI, the power of data, and drive innovation making society a data-driven one.

What Are the Reasons to Analyse Data?

  • It helps enhance decision-making capabilities.
  • Helps create target strategies.
  • Helps create efficient marketing campaigns.
  • Helps gain insights into target markets.
  • Helps improve operational efficiency.
  • Helps minimize risks.
  • Helps in identifying new products or services in the market.

Check The Very Popular Courses in Pune For Better Career Options:

What Skills Are Required to Study Data Analytics Courses?

  • Structured Query Language
  • Machine learning
  • Data management
  • Econometrics
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Statistical programming
  • Statistical visualization

What Are the Four Phases of Data Analytics?

Before you take up Data Analytics Courses in Pune. You need to know what you’ll be doing as a data analyst.

The Most Crucial Phases of Data Analytics Are as Follows:

  • Phase 1: Discovery also known as Data Formation
  • Phase 2: Analyses and Processing of Data that was discovered
  • Phase 3: Model Development
  • Phase 4: Model Planning

In Simpler Terms, the Formula That You’ll Always Need to Solve a Problem is:

Describe + Diagnose + Predict + Prescribe = Better Decision Making

You Can Also Explore These Data Analytics Courses Near You:

What Are Four Types of Data Analytics?

  • Descriptive
  • Diagnostic
  • Predictive
  • Prescriptive

Descriptive Data Analytics

Descriptive data analytics is the kind of analytics that helps in analyzing historical or previous data and helps identify patterns and relationships. For example year-on-year or month-on-month growth in numbers in a business or the number of subscribers or revenue generated per subscriber.

Diagnostic Data Analytics

Diagnostic data analytics is the kind of analytics that helps in understanding the root cause of events, outcomes, or behavior.

Diagnostic Data Analytics is also known as root cause analysis. It answers the question “Why did it happen?”.

For example: the best example of diagnostic data analytics would be a dramatic increase in sales during a particular period or a decrease in click-through rate.

Predictive Data Analytics

Predictive data analytics is the kind of analytics that helps in predicting future outcomes.

Predictive models, descriptive models, and decision models are the three types of predictive analytics.

For Example:  Walmart is the best example as it understands and predicts its consumers on a personal level which helps them grow their business.

Prescriptive Data Analytics

Prescriptive data analytics is the kind of analytics that helps in figuring out decision options for how to take advantage of opportunities in the future or how to eradicate risks in the future, showing the outcomes of decisions in advance.

This kind of data analytics helps in making strategies and suggests the appropriate course of action for a business in the long run.

Here are a Few More Data Analytics Courses That You Must Check:

What Are the Four Types of Data?

  • Nominal
  • Ordinal
  • Discrete
  • Continuous

Nominal Data

Nominal Data refers to data that is under a variable and cannot be calculated, for example, transport as it is a category with no meaning that comprises cars, buses, trains, etc.

Ordinal Data

Ordinal data refers to data that can be ranked, the best example of ordinal data would be grading system, level of education such as graduate, post graduate or PhD ETC.

Discrete Data

The kind of data that can withhold certain numbers or limited variables or something that can be counted is called discrete data. The most suitable examples of discrete data would be several students in a classroom or questions in a question paper etc.

Continuous Data

Continuous data is the kind of data that can contain any value. For example, height or weight. This kind of data can change over time like the weight of a baby or the temperature of a room etc.

Here is a list of the most prestigious institutes for those who are interested in taking up Data Analytics Courses in Pune.

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Top Data Analytics Courses in Pune With Placements


IIM SKILLS offers an online curriculum for Data Analytics Courses in Pune. The course is six months long with an additional 2 months non paid internship that helps students work on projects to get an idea of their future jobs or what they’ll be doing full-time as a data analyst.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

Fees: INR- 49900 + Taxes

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

The institute also guarantees an interview that helps students with placement.

IIM Skills is one of the most renowned institutes online that helps master many fields out of which Data Analytics is one, where learning is made easy with live projects and case studies.

The curriculum comprises 60+ hours of lectures where students can clear their doubts and learn the needed. The classes are live and online and not prerecorded videos making it ideal for one to learn from.

The faculty believes in hands-on tool-based learning and also helps you master seven essential tools that help you and make your life easy as a data analyst.

The Types Of Data Analytics Tools Covered:

  • Python 1 & 2
  • R
  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Power BI

The course also prepares you for master certification alignment with IIM skills or govt. of India, Microsoft, and Google.

IIM SKILLS also partners with some renowned names in the industry like Zee News, Entrepreneur, India Today, the Statesman, and many more.

They also offer no-cost EMI options for fee structure, making it an ideal course for one and all.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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2. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning offers a six-month postgraduate program in data science and analytics. The course is perfect for fresh graduates or career professionals with a technology lead background.

The school guarantees job placement with 10+ interviews and 10+ tools with 25+ live projects that would make your life easy after you complete Data Analytics Courses in Pune.

They offer a job-specific curriculum that focuses on SQL, Python data analytics, and other related advanced languages and tools with 100% job assurance after you’ve completed the course.

They’ve a promising reputation of placing more than 1500 students marking 22.5 lac Per annum as the highest salary obtained by an alumnus.

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3. Excelr

With over 2000+ hiring partners, ExcelR prepares you to be job-ready from Day 1, with options for both online and offline classes. The school doesn’t need a background in coding for you to pursue Data Analytics Courses in Pune.

With more than 15000 students enrolled and a whooping rating of 4.8 on Google reviews the school trains you with 150+ hours to be job-ready in Data Analytics.

Their alumni work with some of the most renowned companies like Mercedes Benz, Ericsson, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, and many more who are also a part of the school’s hiring partners.

The curriculum focuses on practical and theoretical study by top-notch faculty who have 12+ years of experience in the field. The students are prepared for interviews since day 1 making them ready to crack the job of their dreams.

Who is This Course for?

  • Any Graduate From a Science, Commerce, or Engineering Background.
  • Professionals From Bpo Background.
  • Management, Finance, and Accounting Professionals.
  • Professionals With Logical and Analytical Skills.
  • Freshers With Good Logical and Analytical Skills.

Database concepts, data analysis concepts, functions charts and slicers, and data visualization are the skills that you’ll gain upon completion of this course.

A Few More In-Demand Data Analytics Courses:

4. Sevenmentor

Based in Pune, SevenMentor is an ideal institute to study Data Analytics Courses in Pune. They offer both online and offline classes to choose from at your convenience so you can choose to study at your own pace, wherever and whenever.

The course is designed for one and all, that is from beginners’ level to intermediate to advanced level. The learning is for 90-110 hours, which covers all real-time projects, theory, and practical knowledge with 50-60 hours of assignments which would be handed by trainers as per your skill set and needs.

They also have a placement cell and criteria, where they prepare you with mock interviews, aptitude tests, interview Q&A, resume preparation, and then job placement.

The highlights of this course for students would be, foundations of data analysis, data reporting and visualization, and statistical analysis.

Who Should Attend Data Analytics Courses in Pune by Sevenmentor?

  • Aspiring data analysts.
  • Professionals who want to upgrade their data interpretation skills.
  • Professionals who are looking to enhance their decision-making skills.

5. Simplilearn

Those who are looking to boost their careers with Data Analytics Courses in Pune are sure to have learned about the course that is offered by Simplilearn.

They offer 11 months of training or online boot camp as they call it in collaboration with IBM. The curriculum is designed to provide you with advanced level knowledge of the tools and languages that are important for you to become a successful data analyst.

They cover languages of R, Python, and SQL as a part of their curriculum with additional tools like Microsoft Excel, SciPy, Tableau, and many more that would help in making strategies after analyzing the data.

6. 3RI Technologies

With 3000+ batches completed 3RI Technologies is one of the most renowned schools for Data Analytics Courses in Pune, offering both in-class and live online classes options to choose from. The curriculum is designed for people who want to pursue their careers in this fast-paced field of data sciences or data analytics.

The school offers a 5-month course with 4 live projects that help you get the essence of your full-time job as a data analyst, there’s 24×7 lifetime support for students and job assistance to help you land a job and package to give you a kick start in data analytics.

On completion, the students get a 3RI certificate which is accepted by all the multinational companies across the globe.

7. UpGrad

The course offered by UpGrad is ranked number 1 by Analytics India Magazine, 2023. The data analytics course offered is 12 12-month online and hybrid courses with over 60 industry projects and 16 tools as a part of their curriculum that helps in getting you field-ready.

The course also has a complimentary Python programming boot camp and an up-to-date curriculum with AI or Artificial Intelligence generative modules. It is equivalent to that of a 1-year PG Diploma in Canada, holding its status as an IIT Bangalore Alumni.

They’re also partners with top hiring companies like Myntra, Microsoft, Amazon, and other renowned names in the country making it an ideal place to study Data Analytics Courses in Pune.

8. Udacity

An intermediate-level, 3-month course offered by Udacity is an online course with a nano degree that can help you understand more about Data Analytics Courses in Pune or if you’re an aspiring data analyst.

The course helps you gain skills like latent variables, data visualization, exploratory data analyses, data fluency, professional presentations, data storytelling, data biases, data limitations, Jupyter notebooks, quantitative data visualization, pandas, data analysis process, NumPy, data manipulation, data cleaning and storage, tidiness assessment of data, data gathering, data wrangling, data quality assessment and many more.

9. Analytix Lab

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in data sciences this institute is the place to be, with options of self-placed e-learning classes online live classes, and offline classes to choose from.

This data analyst course comes with a job placement guarantee wherein, you receive INR 8000/- on completion from the Govt. of India.

The course is a total of 138 hours + 74 hours of e-learning 18 assignments and projects and an additional 40 hours of placement readiness program.

This MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) approved curriculum and certification course is designed for learning analytics and visualization, machine learning, ML ops, and complete data sciences using the high in demand tools when you get to experience live projects and comprehensive case studies for real-world learning.

This program is rated a high certificate program by prestigious publications like AIM and Higher Education Review.

10. Intellipaat

A course offered in data analytics by iHUb and IIT Roorkee, ranked as number 1 by the Economic Times.

A school where you get to learn from the faculty of the IIT and top industry experts with a 2-day campus immersion at IIT Roorkee is set up wherein you can feel the tech in the air of the IIT campus and have the experience of a lifetime.

The course helps you master Python, SQL, M.S. EXCEL, PowerBI, and machine learning algorithms which are the key tools to become a successful data analyst.

The curriculum contains 12+ courses or subjects with 25+ projects to help you learn everything about data sciences.

Upon taking Data Analytics Courses in Pune, you can opt for their online classes and visit IIT Roorkee for 2 days.

You’ll have a total of 50+ live sessions across 7 months, 218 hours of self-paced learning videos, 200 hours of projects and exercises, one with faculty or industry experts to clear any doubts you may have, resume preparation, and LinkedIn profile review that will help you landing a job of your dream with 24×7 student support to make the journey of your course easy for you.

The Data Analytics Courses in Pune Are for Those Who Fit in the Category Mentioned Below:

  • Non-IT professionals in sectors such as HR, SALES, BANKING, MARKETING, etc.
  • BI professionals
  • Data Analytics Professional
  • Project Managers
  • Software Developers
  • Information Architects
  • Freshers or Undergraduates

Skills You’ll Master on Completion of the Program Are as Follows:

  • SQL
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Wrangling
  • Prediction Algorithms
  • Data Visualizations
  • Time Series
  • Power Bi
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Advanced Statistics
  • R Programming

Some of the Tools You’ll Master on Completion of the Course Are as Follows:

  • R
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Power BI
  • Presto
  • Python
  • Knime

Few Out of Many of the Associated Hiring Partners Are as Follows:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Ericsson
  • Amazon
  • Saint Gobain
  • Sony
  • Wipro
  • Tata Consultancy Service/ TCS
  • Gartner
  • Samsung
  • HCL
  • DHL
  • FED EX
  • Asian Paints

Common Myths About Data Analytics

  • Data Analytics is Only for Genius Minds.
  • Data Science is Only About Learning Tools.
  • Higher Accuracy is Achieved Only When There is More Data.
  • A large number of Data Can Predict the Future.
  • Data Analysts Are Great Coders.

Facts About Data Analytics

The fact that data analytics is no rocket science not only do people with Ph.D. or similar backgrounds do it but most of the data analysts are people who have a background in engineering or computer sciences.

The Key to Data Analysis is Math and Other Data Strategies and Probabilities:

Data science is not only about tools but they are there to make your life easy as a data analyst, tools help you perform your task efficiently but data analysts still depend on the process that they have and need to follow to gain desired results and accurate predictions

Less is more. This key is applied when it comes to generating accurate analysis. More data means more scope for mistakes and larger problems where whereas a small amount of data can be just enough to get results.

Data science has a vast number of subjects to learn, programming being one of them. Data analysts are not great coders as programming is one of many tasks a data scientist performs, coding, on the other hand, is a sole subject with a huge inventory in itself. Some specialized people are not data scientists or analysts but are coders.

Almost 2.5 quintillion bytes worth of data is generated by humans every day.

Faqs or Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who are some of the famous data analysts?

DJ Patil, Sunita Sarawagi, Andrew NG, Bernard Mars, and Carla Gentry are some of the most renowned data analysts.

Q2. What is the average salary of a data analyst in India?

The average salary of a data analyst is INR 11 LACS per annum in India.

Q3. What is the most interesting data fact?

The most interesting data fact is that it would take 181 million years to extract all the data from the internet.

Q4. How can data analyses or data analytics go wrong?

If you download inaccurate or incomplete data, your analyses could go wrong, therefore, making your decisions and predictions wrong.

Q5. Will AI replace data analytics?

Data analysts’ skills will only be enhanced in the coming future and will not be replaced by AI. Data analytics works best when humans and AI come together and analyze data.

Q6. Is data sciences and data analytics the same?

The most common question and confusion is that is data science and data analytics the same, the answer is NO, data science is a vast field that brings in the data whereas data analytics answers the questions that come up from data sciences. In other words, data analytics is a branch of the tree that is data sciences.


There is a lot of scope if you are interested in taking data analytics as your career choice. With the growing demand for jobs in data analytics, you will find many institutes that will offer you the best learning opportunities. In this article, we have selected the top most recommended data analytics courses in Pune that also offer internships and job placements.

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