Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Pune With Certification

Creative writing is all about giving words to your emotions. Writing creatively is all about pouring your heart out for your audience to update them with some informational message or moral. Some of the many genres that creative writing encompasses include story writing, poetry writing, novel writing, and essay writing. Some people are fortunate enough to be naturally creative, while others require coaching to hone their ability to capture their imagination on paper. So, let’s discuss some creative writing courses in Pune to help out those who need coaching.


List of best creative writing courses in Pune


Introduction to Creative Writing:

Creative writing is a combination of art and craft. Creative writing is an art because it embodies writing your imagination in different forms like stories, poems, novels, and many more. Creative writing is also a craft because a craft makes use of the mind, and you will need a wordsmith’s mind to pen down your heart.

Unlike technical and academic writing, creative writing uses different forms of writing. Creative writing is the only form of writing in which information is passed on to the targeted audience with an emotional touch and creates strong visuals in the reader’s mind.


Perks of Learning Creative Writing:

Some people are creative by birth. In other words, creativity is in their blood. But providing a learning touch to your creativity from skilled mentors will help you boost your vocabulary power. A few perks of learning creative writing include:

  1. Creative writing boosts your vocabulary and trains your mind to be curious about learning new things.
  2. Creative writing develops emotional writing skills.
  3. Creative writing helps to improve your intellectual skills.
  4. Creative writing improves your potential to describe your world with candid opticals.
  5. Creative writing improves your communication skills.


Types of Creative Writing:

There are many different types of creative writing but mastering them all is not necessary. Most people prefer learning one or a maximum of two types of creative writing to enrich their skills efficiently but having know-how about all is necessary. So let me take this opportunity to familiarize everybody reading this article with different types of creative writing.

Free Writing is a form of creative writing in which you start writing all your random thoughts in a notebook or an electronic document.

Diary Writing is a type of writing in which you write about all your day-to-day activities. Some diaries are formatted like letters.

Memoirs are books that are based on personal experiences, like travel memoirs. Memoir comes under the category of creative non-fiction.

A journal can be termed as any written record, like a memory journal, a dream journal, or an idea journal.

Poetry is a popular and artistic form of writing. Prose poetry, form poetry, and free-form poetry are the three different types of poetry.

Scriptwriting is done for stage performances. It is generally written for movies, stage plays, theatre, movies, and video games.

Storytelling is a very popular form of writing, and it is a very valuable skill as it finds its existence felt in almost all forms of writing, from poetry to prose.

A blog is a piece of writing that is written to be published online. The term “blogs” is very broad and includes many different types of writing, including prose, poetry, fiction, journals, and diaries.

Essay writing also requires creativity. Essays aim to increase the reader’s knowledge rather than their imagination by clearly and simply articulating ideas and arguments. 

Vignettes are an extremely short form of creative writing. A vignette is a type of sketch that is written in a way so that a reader can visualize the character, moment, or scene in their mind by reading a passage. It can just be a couple of sentences long.

Letter writing is also one form of creative writing. In recent days, written communication is playing a major role in developing contact with people. Learning letter writing can be one of the great arts to master.

Speeches are also somewhat like essays, but one needs to be precise in writing their points because there is a restriction on limiting your words. Speeches are more persuasive than informative. 


Elements of Creative Writing:

Building characters: Character building is the key factor for writing any novel. The characters in the novel are the ones that make the book memorable. In other words, the characters drive the novel. Therefore, building characters is one of the most crucial parts of writing a novel.

Building plots: A book cannot be based on a single incident. There has to be a sequence of events, tensions, conflicts, etc. to develop interest and allure them to read more. Hence, there comes the role of plot building. Without plot building, you cannot give life to your characters.

Dialogue: Dialogues are the words spoken by your characters to build a life in a scene. Dialogues are the words that enable your reader to build a platform of imagination in their mind.

Conflicts: Every story has a conflict to make it more interesting. Conflict gives that extra zing to your story. Adding such conflicts, which attract readers and audiences to the story, plays a major role in making the novel a big hit.

Final verdict: The resolution of character conflicts constitutes the only basis for the final judgment. Every story should have a happy conclusion. All of the disputes that developed between the characters are resolved by the verdict.

If you want to make yourself familiar with any of these forms of creative writing, you need to get yourself enrolled in a mentoring course.


Benefits of Creative Writing Courses in Pune:

Writing creatively is all about putting our emotions into words and uniquely presenting them to engage and appeal to our intended audience. Learning always benefits us in one or the other way. So, let’s see how accretive writing courses in Pune are benefiting us in our lives.

Creativity: Creative writing is all about creativity, which enables you to create a new world with different characters and vibrant colors. Thinking outside the box is what creative writing is all about. It not only makes you think innovatively but also extends your boundaries of problem-solving.

Compassion: Creative writing involves creating characters for your content. These characters may be different from your personality. You try dipping into other people’s lives and starting to think from their perspective. This leads you to have compassion for other people, their thoughts, and their lives.

Hence, you try to create a compassionate atmosphere in your peer groups. This will ultimately lead you to a healthy relationship and help you achieve teammate goals.

Clarification of Thoughts: By using structures in your creative writing, you can organize your thoughts and emotions into a logical process. You will be able to identify challenges and prepare a pathway to problem-solving.

Thesaurus Mind: As you develop the habit of writing creatively daily, your mind will start to get familiar with lots of jargon and your mind will start to get converted into a wordbook. You’ll become more socially engaged and have more career options as you start to learn different writing forms, styles, and techniques.

Improves Communication Skills: With a smart grip on language, you become more vigilant about your communication skills. Creative writing teaches you to create characters with different perspectives, which will enable you to consider others’ perspectives before stating anything.

Artistic Self-expression: People who regularly write creatively express themselves most of the time without even realizing it. Such self-expression can help writers deal with the unsettling emotions and thoughts they might experience daily. This allows you to organize everything and move forward more effectively. This advice can also be used in your personal life whenever you experience trauma, stress, or setbacks of any kind.


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Institutes Offering Creative Writing Courses in Pune:

Pune is known as the educational hub of India or “The Oxford of the West.” Pune has consistently been ranked among the top cities for providing education across the board. From world-famous universities to top management schools, Pune has it all under one umbrella. Pune is regarded as one of the second major IT hubs in India.

When Pune has it all, why should creative writing courses in Pune be left behind? Anyone, from aspiring short story writers to seasoned novelists, can benefit from taking creative writing courses in Pune. The main topics covered in creative writing courses in Pune range from helping students improve their writing abilities to finding inspiration for ongoing projects.

Pune has some historical theatres and cinemas that can benefit creative writers in Pune. Creative writers can work as advertising copywriters, art administrators, creative directors, digital copywriters, editorial assistants, and many more. Pune is backed by many industries, which provide an employment ground for creative writers.

Various job opportunities are flourishing in Pune for creative writers. Creative writers can work as freelancers. They can write their book and publish it either through different publications or on their own. Publishing your book will also earn you a bigger share of royalties.

Given the variety of opportunities available to creative writers, you must be eager to learn more about the various organizations that provide creative writing courses in Pune.



IIM SKILLS is one of the most well-known names in the field of education providing content writing courses in the town. The three months of practical internship and 100% placement support are one of the distinctive features of the IIM SKILLS content writing course. Let’s see its key features in great detail.

It offers a 4-week extensive content writing course with three months of guaranteed internship on an optional basis. A special placement cell is available to help you with both your paid work and freelance projects.


Advantages of the Content Writing Course:

  • It offers you three months of guaranteed internship
  • The certificate offered by IIM SKILLS will help you prove your knowledge to the world.
  • Assist in developing a portfolio to attract your first job or freelance work.
  • It offers lifetime access to the LMS.
  • You will be able to write your first blog for the Times of India.
  • Helps you publish your e-book on digital platforms.
  • Offers you an opportunity to publish your first press release on the news portal.
  • Makes you acquainted with the use of free writing tools.


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Modules Covered:

  • Introduction to content writing
  • WordPress web development
  • Digital content 
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Copywriting
  • Email writing
  • Creative writing
  • Social media writing
  • SOP and business listings
  • Legal writing
  • Technical writing
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelance content writing
  • Resume writing


Get yourself enrolled with this distinguishable creative writing course offered by IIM SKILLS.

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2. Symbiosis:

“Diploma in Creative Writing in English” is the name of the creative writing program offered by Symbiosis in Pune. This program gives you the chance to improve your writing abilities and make them into those of a professional writer. It offers the chance to learn writing in different genres and compels one to learn various creative writing techniques.

By enrolling in this course, you will gain exposure to writing in a variety of forms and be encouraged to think and write creatively. A candidate appearing for this course can complete it in one year.


Enrollment Eligibility:

  • One must be from the English medium.
  • One must have completed the 12th standard with a minimum of 50% marks in English.
  • One must be a diploma holder or must have graduated from any recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks in English. 
  • One can be graduated from any international university.
  • Eligibility also extends to one who is appearing for a bachelor’s degree with a condition to pass with 50% marks in English.


Course Structure:

Semester 1:

  • The Expressive self
  • Experiencing the world.
  • Creative lives.

Semester 2:

  • Sources of creativity
  • Preparatory practices
  • An introduction to creative forms of writing

Course Fees:

Application form Fees:

  • General Category: ₹ 1200
  • Defense/Paramilitary/Police Category: ₹ 1200
  • International/SAARC Category: US $ 100


The application fee is non-refundable. The fee payment option is divided into two parts. Option 1 allows the candidate to pay the entire amount within 30 days of receiving the university’s admissions confirmation. Option 2 allows the candidate to make the payment in two installments.

Your first installment will be due within fifteen days of getting your admission confirmed by the university, and the second installment will be due within forty-five days of the payment of the first installment or the last day to pay the fees in full, whichever comes earlier, as per the policy.


 One-time Payment:

  • The fee for the general category is Rs. 35,000.
  • The fee for the defense category is Rs. 27,000.
  • The fee for NRI is $1,115.
  • The fee for SAARC is $ 850.
  • Payments made in installments will incur slightly more fees than this.
  • Exam and submission costs are assessed separately and are not reflected in the cost of the program. Also, once paid, there is no refund.
  • Payment of fees can be done in two different modes. One is online and the other is via demand draft.


3. Internshala Training

Internshala Training offers very crisp online creative writing courses in Pune. This course gets you accustomed to different modules of creative writing, like short stories, novels, blogs, screenplays, and ad scripts. To date, Internshala has offered its training to over 14,000 students worldwide. Internshala offers a 6-week, 1-hour per day program with a flexible schedule. It offers internships under this program along with placement assistance.


Course Features:

  • Internshala offers a certificate of training
  • It offers online learning on your schedule.
  • The whole course is mobile-friendly.
  • Hands-on experience by writing four assignments.
  • lifetime access to content.
  • The course does not require any prior knowledge of creative writing.


4. Udemy:

Udemy offers one of the best online creative writing courses in Pune. It focuses more on writing a novel with 3 act narrative structures and smart dialogues. This course teaches students how to develop believable characters that pique readers’ interests and give voice to their emotions to produce content that is interesting and compelling.


Course Features:

  • This course offers 7 hours of live videos.
  • This course is offered in native English.
  • This course offers a certificate of completion.
  • You can gift this course to your dear ones.


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5. Coursera:

Coursera offers creative writing courses in Pune under the name of “creative writing specialization.” Viewing and auditing the course materials is not contingent upon your enrollment in the class. Short stories, narrative essays, and memoirs are the three main types of creative writing that will be covered in this course. The candidate will master the technique of composing, analyzing, and evaluating peer writing.


Course Features:

  • The mode of conducting this course is online.
  • This course does not require any prior knowledge of writing.
  • The course is completed in 6 months with 1 hour per week.
  • The whole course is conducted in the native English language, with subtitles in many different languages.
  • The skills that you will gain are short story writing, fiction writing, creativity, and copy editing.
  • This course offers hands-on experience with practical assignments.
  • On completion of assignments, you will earn a shareable certificate.


6. Henry Harvin:

The course offered by Henry Harvin is one of the best creative writing courses in Pune. The course is run under the name “Creative Writing Course with Gold Membership.” It takes 24 hours of training to complete, which includes 16 hours of live instruction and 8 hours of written homework. It offers free access to creative writing tools worth 20K. It offers 3 months paid internship along with an internship certificate. The internship program has flexible hours.


Course Offers:

  • This program offers you an opportunity to master four genres of creative writing, which include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama.
  • This program offers 6+ learning modules on creative writing techniques.
  • It offers an opportunity to publish your first book on all platforms.
  • It offers a guaranteed internship from Henry Harvin for three months.
  • It has an active cell allocated to provide job assistance after completing your internship.
  • Get yourself a certified creative writing specialist with a certificate from Henry Harvin.
  • It undergoes regular boot camp sessions for the next 12 months.

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Prerequisites for the Course:

Along with good writing skills, one must also have certain other skills to join professional creative writing courses in Pune.

  • One must have listening, speaking, and reading skills.
  • One should be self-motivated.
  • One should have a strong imagination.
  • One must have a fabulous grasp of vocabulary.
  • One must have good communication skills.
  • One must have basic computer knowledge.
  • An ability to market your skill is a must.


Advantages of Course:

  • This course offers you an opportunity to publish your work on different platforms.
  • This course offers you an opportunity to master different writing techniques.
  • It gives you a thorough understanding of the principles of creative writing.
  • Practical application of creative writing principles in poems, stories, and essays.
  • It helps you discover your unique writing forte.


Enrollment Eligibility:

  • Students 
  • Content writers
  • Bloggers
  • Digital marketers
  • Professors 
  • Housewives


Course Modules:

  • Introduction to creative writing
  • Literary elements and techniques
  • Story writing
  • Fiction writing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Poetry writing


Complimentary Modules:


Contact Details: +91-9891953953


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. What are creative writing and its examples?

Creative writing is only about creativity. Showing your creativity in writing and marketing it in front of the audience along with some information or message is creative writing. Story writing, letter writing, novel writing, journaling, and many more fit into the examples of creative writing.


Q2. Do creative writing courses in Pune offer practical knowledge and certificates?

Yes, creative writing courses in Pune offer actual assignments to test your knowledge and certificates to prove to the world that you are competent.


Q3 How is creative writing a career?

Creative writing has a very bright career. Big companies with good social networks appoint creative writers to write for them. Freelance already has a very deep career option for creative writers.


Q4. Is creative writing a difficult task?

Yes, it is difficult, but mastering any art is a difficult, slow, and time-consuming process. You cannot master anything overnight, but once you have mastered your skills in the right way, you are all set to live the life of your dream.


Q5. Are there any creative writing courses in Pune?

Yes, there are many creative writing courses that I have researched and listed down for you to make your job easy.



Creative writing is not everyone’s cup of tea because it demands great imagination, out-of-the-box thinking, and the art of expressing oneself through words. But honing this art by taking creative writing courses in Pune can do wonders. But before choosing the course, you must have a look into the features, faculties, experience in the field, and all such things. 

To become famous and successful financially, a person can pursue the development of a creative writing hobby in their spare time or as a full-time freelance career. Creative writing places more emphasis on skill development and the use of knowledge than technical or academic writing does. Hence, all the courses that I have listed in this article are coming up, along with practical assignments. A certificate, on the other hand, will serve as evidence of your knowledge.

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