Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Noida With Placements

In today’s data-driven world, organizations across various industries recognize the importance of data analytics in gaining a competitive edge. By utilizing the power of data, businesses can make knowledgeable decisions, improve working operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experiences. Before beginning with the top institutes offering Data Analytics Courses in Noida, let us understand what Data Analytics means. 


List of best data analytics courses in Noida


What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the process of converting raw data into conclusive insights to solve any problem or to find trends. Data analytics is playing an important role for various industries in their decision-making process using various statistical tools and software. Data Analytics refers to collecting information, assorting useful information from the collected one, and then analyzing the data that helps in business growth.

Nowadays data analyst researchers play an important role in technology-driven businesses and they are paid exceptionally high for the same. In the current scenario, data has become the foremost part of any business. Data is the core of the business. It cannot function without data. Whether it is production data, sales data, logistics data, or transportation cost data, each piece of data is required to run the business.

In order to obtain benefit from all the collected data, it is important to analyze that data, which is not an easy task as it seems. Because we can get information from anywhere and everywhere, classifying from all those data which data is useful for our business and which is not is a tough call. So here the Data Analyst plays a major role.

The data analytics researcher does the detailed study of your business, with the help of statistical tools and power BI tries to analyze the current trends and valuable insights that helps in better decision making.


Types of Data Analytics:


Descriptive analytics

Analyzing past events to decide the current outcome is known as descriptive analytics. It looks at past performance and by various techniques and data of the past it analyses the cause of success or failure of the past. Based on that it takes current and future decisions.


Diagnostic analytics

Using historical data over other data to answer any question or for the solution of any problem is known as diagnostic analytics. Techniques used for diagnostic analytics are Data discovery, Data Mining, and correlation.


Predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics means to turn the data into valuable, actionable information. Predictive analytics gives the probable analysis of data using linear regression, time series analysis and forecasting, data mining, and game theory. It analyses current as well as historical data to make predictions about future events.


Prescriptive Analytics

Predicting future outcomes by suggesting action benefits from the prediction is called prescriptive analytics. It shows the decision-maker the implication of all the actions taken. Prescriptive analytics shows what will happen, when it will happen, and why it will happen.


Other best courses in Noida:


Now Let Us See in Detail the Top 10 Institutes Offering Data Analytics Courses in Noida



IIM SKILLS is one of the thriving education-providing institutes. It is currently working in 23 Cities in Asia including Dubai, Singapore, and many more. They are serving with their educational services since 2015. IIM SKILLS originated with the establishment of a blog that reached 1 million people. Then they decided to start their online educational training programs.

It is one of the leading educational institutes offering Data Analytics Master Certification courses with top industry expert faculties. They help you master various Data Analytics tools with their varied course structure where you can customize your course by learning one tool or learning all the tools.


Key Features:

  • Live interactive classes with 2-way communication
  • 100+ hours of practical assignments for industry-ready learning
  • 7+ Live Projects given
  • 10+ real-life case studies
  • Mastering 7+ tools
  • 100% Job Support
  • Lifetime access to all the materials provided by them
  • Free Demo Session to understand the course structure before enrolling in the course


Data Analytics Course Structure:

IIM SKILLS offers varied Data Analytics courses using different tools. The course modules are as follows:


Data Analytics Using Advance Excel

  • Introduction to Data Handling
  • Data Visualisation in Excel
  • Data Manipulation Using Functions
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Overview of Dashboards
  • Create Dashboards in Excel- Using Pivot Controls


Data Analytics Using VBA

  • Introducing VBA
  • Key Components of Programming Language
  • How VBA Works With Excel
  • Programming Constructs in VBA
  • Functions & Procedures in VBA
  • Objects & Memory Management
  • Communicating with Users


Data Analytics Using SQL

  • Basics RDBMS Concepts
  • Utilizing Object Explorer
  • Data-Based Objects Creation
  • Data Manipulation
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • SQL Server Integration Services


Data Analytics Using Power BI

  • Introduction
  • Data Preparation & Modelling
  • Data Analysis Expressions
  • Reports Development(Visuals in Power BI)


Data Analytics Using Python

  • Introduction to Basic Statistics
  • Introduction to Mathematical Foundation
  • Introduction to Analytics & Data Science
  • Python Essentials
  • Operations with NumPy
  • Overview of Pandas
  • Cleansing Data with Python


Data Analytics Using Tableau

  • Getting Started
  • Data Handling & Summeries-1
  • Data Handling & Summeries-2
  • Building Advanced Reports/Maps
  • Table Calculations
  • Calculated Fields


R for Data Science

  • Data Importing/Exporting
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization with R
  • Using R with Databases
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Linear Regression
  • Testing


Data Analytics Using Alteryx

  • Overview
  • Using Select Tool to Rename Fields, Change Data Type
  • Understanding User Environment & Alteryx settings
  • Understanding Alteryx Designer
  • Connect to Data Source
  • Alteryx Designer Interface
  • Set Data Field Types
  • User and Workflow Settings
  • Data Processing
  • S Blending and Joining Data from different sources
  • Filtering Using String Data
  • Identify common Data Fields
  • Data Cleansing
  • Impute Values
  • Random Sample


Duration: 6 Months

They offer 2 Months Guaranteed Internship. Their certificate is recognized by the Government of India and is approved internationally on all platforms.

The Top MNC Recruiters at IIM SKILLS are Adobe, Microsoft, ORACLE, IBM, and many more.


Contact Details:

Phone: +91980740740



2. TCA Noida

TCA is one of the top-rated institutes for data analytics courses in Noida. It provides all kinds of software training, industrial training, corporate training & training on various programming languages. Various courses offered by TCA are Data Analytics course, Power BI course, Tableau Course, Data Analyst training course, Python training course, Full Stack Developer course, java training, AWS Training, Machine Learning Course, and AutoCAD 3DS Max Solid works Primavera Ansys Revit NX CAD Training. Let us see in detail what TCA specifically offers in its Data Analytics course.


The data analytics training program at TCA offers various courses like:

  • Advanced Excel
  • Master in Data Analyst
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • SAS
  • MySQL
  • Business Analytics


Key Features:

  • Weekly assignments to enhance practical knowledge
  • Case studies are given to every participant to make the learning process easier.
  • One major project is given
  • Comprehensive online test once the course is completed.
  • Assignments, case studies, project, and test everything is evaluated, and based on that certificate is issued.
  • Training is being given alongside how to actually work with the corporates.
  • Courses are available at a reasonable cost.


Course Structure:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Advanced Excel
  • MySQL & Statistics
  • Python
  • Python for Data Visualization
  • Power BI

TCA Certificates have great value and are recognized by top corporates. They assure 100% placement. Their placement partners are Accenture, CITRIX, LinkedIn, Myntra, Oracle, Phillips, and Natwest.


Contact Details:

Phone: +917827180534


Address: Metro Station Noida, B-3 Near sector 15, Block Sector 2, Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh


3. Croma Campus

Croma Campus is a leading educational institute established in 2008. It is one of the leading training & placement companies offering various courses like Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Warehousing, Digital Marketing, Full Stack Development, Java Programming, Robotics Process Automation, and many more.


Key Features:

  • 12+ years’ experience in training, 240+ latest technologies used and more than 1 lac happy learners
  • Courses are refined as per industry standards and current scenarios
  • Professional trainers with industry expertise and knowledge
  • 100% placement opportunities for students

The Croma Campus offering Data Analytics Courses in Noida has the course structure as follows:


Course Structure:

  • Python for Data Analytics
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • MS SQL & SQL
  • Statistics for Data Analyst & EDA
  • Analytics with Excel
  • Analytics Microsoft Power BI
  • Analytics Tableau
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Live Projects
  • Master Certificate



Track Week Days Weekends Fast Track
Course Duration 40-45 Days 7 Weekends 8 Days
Hours 1 Hour 2 Hours 6+ Hours
Training Mode Online/Classroom Online/Classroom Online/Classroom


Croma Campus is now a Nasscom Certified member.


Contact details:

Phone: +9197115269-42 | +9101204155255


Address: G-21, Block G, Sector-3, Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh



CETPA is certified by ISO 9001:2015 for providing the best quality training and is the leader in “specialized training brands of India”. CETPA offers college campus training programs to students from different fields like B.Tech/M. Tech, BSC, MSC, BCA/MCA, etc. within their campus itself. CEPTA has various branches in cities like Roorkee, Lucknow, Dehradun, and Noida.

It mainly offers three categories of services. They provide various online & offline courses for learning, training students, and recruitment. They offer more than 70 different types of courses many are training-based courses. Some of their top trending courses are Full Stack development, Java, Python, Machine Learning, SalesForce, SAP, and Data Analytics using R Training.

CETPA is one of the best institutes providing Data Analytics Courses in Noida. In Data Analytics using R Training, you will learn how to do R Programming, Data Visualization, Regression, Sentiment Analysis, Data Manipulation, Exploratory Data Analysis, and how to use RStudio for real-life case studies.

They also have Data Analytics using a Python training program. They provide basic to advanced levels of data analytics courses online as well as offline with live projects and expert faculties and complete placement assistance to get industry ready for any top company.


Key Features:

  • Oracle, Microsoft, Autodesk, Panasonic, and Nuvoton are the formal training partners of the institute.
  • Training based on real-life data
  • Individual attention is provided to each learner
  • Practical training with the latest case studies
  • Equipped with lab facilities, including the latest tools and kits


Course Structure:

  • Python Fundamentals
  • Data Handling
  • String Manipulation
  • List Manipulation
  • Operators
  • Program control flow
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Modules and packages
  • File Operations
  • Classes and objects
  • Statistics
  • Numpy
  • Introduction to ML
  • Introduction to Big Data


At the end of the course, the certificate is issued to trainees based on their performance in class and training. They also provide training to international students based on their curriculum and international standards.


Contact Details:

Phone: 9212172602


Address: D-58, Sector-2, Near FM. Noida- 201301, Uttar Pradesh.


5. UnCodemy

UnCodemy is associated with Fortune 500 company. It is one of the top organizations that provide quality education and training in domains like Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Python programming, Tableau, Deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence. They have experienced experts who have solid industry information in the field of IT and Data Analytics. They offer Data Analytics Courses in Noida customized as per your requirement. Uncodemy has branches in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Indore, Lucknow & Chandigarh.


Key Features:

  • Live venture preparation for industry ready
  • Lab facility available 24*7
  • Course completion certificate with project letter
  • Reappear for any class at zero cost
  • Expert trainers with long periods of industry experience


Course structure:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics Course
  • Business Analytics with Excel
  • Tableau Training
  • Basics of Programming and Python
  • Data Science with R Programming
  • Data Analyst Capstone


Course Duration: 4-6 Months

Training format: Online/Offline


The certificate is issued on completion of the course. UnCodemy is certified by Skill India, NASSCOM certified member, google partner, and future skills prime.


Contact details:

Phone: +917701928515


Address: B 14-15, Udhyog Marg, Sector 1, Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh.


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6. TechVidya

TechVidya is ISO Certified 9001:2015 accredited EduTech Company that offers various online and offline programs in fields like Data Science, SAP, AI, Cloud Computing, Python, DevOps, etc.


Key Features:

  • More than 68806+ students have trained till now
  • A team of 470+ experienced and certified instructors
  • 250+ collaborations with universities & companies
  • Live project assigned for practical exposure
  • Easy-to-understand study material
  • 100% job assistance provided


In their Data Analytics courses in Noida, the Analytics Expert training team will guide you from basic to advance with the complete study of Data Analytics.


Course Structure:

  • Advanced Python Programming -10 lectures
  • Introduction to Anaconda Distribution-6 lectures
  • Using Git and GitHub-5 lectures
  • Introduction to SQL and Databases-3 lectures
  • Numpy and statistical Analysis-10 lectures
  • Data Analysis using Pandas-12 lectures
  • Statistics and probability-8 lectures
  • Data visualization using Matplotlib-8 lectures
  • Data Visualization using seaborn-8 lectures
  • Tableau Master Training-4 lectures
  • Microsoft Power BI-5 lectures
  • Projects and Interviews-4 lectures


TechVidya offers a full-fledged course on data analytics. It covers all the aspects of Data Analytics in detail. Through this course, you will be completely ready to solve any live case studies or statistical problems. They provide various mock interviews with live demonstrations to make you industry ready as per the ongoing trends. e-content is also provided for learning purposes.

Duration: 88-90 hours

The certificate is provided after completing the course. They also provide Data Analytics corporate training which is specifically designed for the working corporates.


Contact Details:

Phone: +918375966700  |   +919871438701


Address: A-78, Sector-2, Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh.


7. ExcelR

ExcelR is a training and consulting firm with its worldwide headquarters in the USA. It has more than 30 franchises across the globe. ExcelR is now a business partner with Tata Consulting Services(TCS). ExcelR gives effective and reliable training based on current trends. ExcelR and Tech Conglomerate IBM have collaborated to provide quality upskilling opportunities to students and software professionals.

The Data Analytics courses in Noida are crafted keeping in mind the market needs and the tech-savvy people that want to build their career in Data Analytics. The Data Analytics courses in Noida at ExcelR cover the use of various technologies like Excel, SQL, Power BI, Python, Advanced Excel & Basics of R. There will be various assignments and projects given along with the classes for a better understanding of the subject.


Key Features

  • Real-life Data problems assigned to students
  • Interview practices from Day 1
  • Highly qualified faculty
  • Industry-relevant course curriculum to provide practical exposure
  • Complete placement assistance with proper resume building, mock interviews, and interviews with various top companies.


Course structure:

  • Excel: Basics to Advanced
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Business Statistics
  • Fundamentals of R
  • Fundamentals of Python
  • Agile
  • ChatGPT
  • ExcelR


Duration: 6 months


Contact details:




APTRON is a leading training center that provides 300+ IT and non-IT courses for students, working professionals, and job seekers. APTRON prepares the course delivery structure as per students’ requirements and assists each student to meet their career goals.


APTRON works on three key aspects which are

  • Technical knowledge
  • Presentation of knowledge
  • Interview opportunities

At APTRON’s Data Analytics Courses in Noida, you will learn about What is Data Analytics, what is Big Data, how to do Master Data Management, Data Mining for business, Hadoop, Data Visualization, and data analytics on real projects. It is designed as per the latest industry trends keeping in mind the requirements of the companies and the students. It also has the facility of choosing multiple courses at a time.

The course fee is customizable based on how much the trainee wants to learn from the entire course. They have the option of flexible timing or the student can choose the batch at their convenience.


Course Structure

  • Introduction to Data Analytics and the Need for Big Data Analytics
  • Data Mining for Business- Various techniques and relevant case studies
  • Introduction to Handoop and its ecosystem for Big data
  • Introduction to Text Analytics, Sentiment Analytics, and social network analytics using case studies and exercises using tools
  • Using Big Data for decision-making, innovation, and increasing productivity across functions like marketing, supply chain, operations, and finance.
  • Using case studies to learn the impact of Big Data Analytics on business performance
  • Big Data Solutions and Challenges on Cloud.
  • Big Data Visualization using Tableau


They provide smart labs with the real latest equipment. The students can access the lab free of charge for an unlimited number of hours based on their preference. They also provide free-of-cost personality development sessions in spoken English, group discussions, mock interviews, and presentation skills.



Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Duration 50-60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom


The schedule and duration for online classes are customizable and happen in small batch sizes.


Contact details:

Phone: +917065273000


Address: B-10, Sector 2 Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh


9. 4Achievers

4Achievers is an educational organization that provides various software and IT courses. They also provide various training like Corporate training, Industrial training, individual training, Software Development Consultancy, Recruitment & Manpower Outsourcing.


They offer various courses in IT services like

  • Cloud Computing
  • Software testing
  • Data Analytics
  • Full Stack Development
  • RPA Robotics
  • Networking
  • Civil Designing


4Achievers offers comprehensive Data Analytics courses in Noida and teaches various topics like data collection, data analysis, data visualization, data modeling, python, java, and Advanced Excel. They give live projects to students and conduct various group discussions to make the class more interactive. The project includes hands-on activities such as creating data visualizations and developing data models.

They also provide on-site coaching sessions that will help bridge the gap between theory and practical applications. They have beginner, intermediate, and advanced Data Analytics courses- so it has courses available based on your preferences. They conduct various boot camps to give complete industry-related knowledge and practical exposure to students.


Contact Details:

Phone: +918010805667


Address: C-58, Captain Vijyant Thapar Marg, C Block, Sector-2 Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh.


10. Intellipaat

Intellipaat offers Data Analytics Courses in Noida in partnership with IITM Pravartak (Technology Innovation Hub of IIT Madras).


Key features:

  • 50+ Live sessions in 7 months
  • 218 hours of video material available for a lifetime
  • Live projects and exercises
  • Opportunity to learn from IIT Madras Faculty and industry practitioners
  • One on one discussion with industry mentors
  • 24*7 support available


Course Structure:

  •  Data Transformation with MS Excel and Python
  • Data Wrangling with SQL
  • Presto
  • Introduction to Data Science and Statistics
  • Business Problem Solving, Insights, and Storytelling
  • Optimization Techniques
  • Statistics and Machine Learning using R Programming
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Time-Series Forecasting
  • Feature Engineering
  • Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
  • Data Science Execution Strategy
  • Business Case Studies
  • Visualization using Power BI
  • Data Science Capstone Project


The project is based on three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Students are assigned projects of each level based on their capabilities and their learning criteria. Certification is issued from Intellipaat and IITM Pravartak. Additional SQL and Power BI certificates are issued separately.


Contact Details:

Phone: +917022374614


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Data Analytics Courses in Noida


1. Is Data Science and Data Analytics the same?

Data analysts work with structured data to solve business problems using various tools like SQL, Python, R Programming, Data Visualization, Data Mining, Tableau, etc. They analyze data to find out trends and patterns that can be used for decision-making. Whereas data scientists deal with unknown data to make predictions about the future using more advanced data techniques. They tend to find out their own machine-learning algorithms or design predictive modeling processes that can address both structured and unstructured data.


2. What are the qualifications required before joining Data Analytics Courses in Noida?

A bachelor’s degree in a field like statistics, computer science, or mathematics can help one in a better understanding of data analytics courses. Also, any graduate or postgraduate can apply for the course who is keen on learning data analytics. Bachelor’s degree in the same field helps you to build the foundational skills that you require to become a data analyst.


3.  What are the job opportunities for a Data Analytics Expert?

After completing the data analytics course one can work as Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Engineer, Business Analyst, Marketing Analytics Manager, Financial Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Risk Analyst, Data Governance Analyst, Data Visualization Engineer, Data Analytics Consultant, and many more. The salary for these roles is exceptionally high.


4. Which skills are required before joining Data Analytics Courses in Noida?

Prior to joining any data analytics courses in Noida, one must be actually interested in data analysis. Basic knowledge of tools like Python, SQL Power BI, and Excel is required to become a data analyst. The data analyst should be able to recognize the type of data and should be able to correctly analyze it.

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