Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Surat With Placement Assistance

The significance of Data Science is impressively increasing over recent years. The contemporary period is the intersection of data analytics with emerging technologies that involve artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (MI), and automation. And these three things have an ocean of career opportunities. In this post, I am sharing with you some best Data Analytics Courses in Surat, with a detailed course curriculum and placements guarantee. 


List of best data analytics courses in Surat


Table of content:-
·       About Data Analytics?

·       Why do we use Data Analytical?

·       Honours of Data Analytics.

·       Varieties in Data Analytics.

·       Future in Data Analytics.

·       Topmost 6 Data Analytics Courses in Surat.

·     Closing Note.

·     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


About Data Analytics?

Data analysis and Data analytics are two branches of one tree. The essential objective of data analysis is to find reasonable information from a given source. It includes cleanup, transforming, and molding the data. The analytic thinking of data is a vast field of techniques, tools, and strategies. The process of discovering quality information from data through the path of statistics is called data analysis. And the process of analyzing data to identify significant trends is called data analytics.


Why Do We Use Data Analytics?

Based on Foundry’s 2022 Data & Analytics Study ( Foundry is a research organization that examined data and analytics in 2022), approximately 88.66% of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) feel that the data gathering and analysis have the capability to bring a massive impact on their firm so that they will do business over the next 1-3 years.

The ITDMs acknowledged the importance of data analytics for enhancing their future. There are some tools that the organization is using to analyze the data, i.e., predictive analytics, process automation, and business intelligence platforms. Some IT decision-makers state the improvement of customer insight is going better after doing data analysis.  Also, Netflix welcomes data science for crafting their experiences for their customers.


Honors of Data Analytics

Data Science and Data Analytics are two big beneficiaries for the types of businesses, science, and social science domains. Nowadays, data analytics plays a primary role in making decisions more scientifically. The Deloitte survey gives us a brief explanation of the importance of data analytics. It tells us that 49% of the answerer thinks analytics helps them make the best decisions, 16% think it helps in critical strategic initiative, and 10% shows data analytics gives them ideas for making strong relationships with clients and associate partners.


These are the characteristics of data analytics:-

  1. Lift the skill of Decision Making.
  2. Increased efficiency and Productivity.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience.
  4. Improved Risk Management.
  5. Competitive Advantage.
  6. Research and Innovation.
  7. Business Optimization.


Varieties in Data Analytics

Here are some basic examples or types of data analytics or data structures.

  1. Descriptive Analytics
  2. Diagnostic Analytics
  3. Predictive Analytics
  4. Prescriptive Analytics
  5. Exploratory Analytics
  6. Inferential Analytics
  7. Casual Analytics
  8. Mechanistic Analytics
  9. Behavioral Analytics
  10. Real-Time Analytics


Although, there are many types of data analytics, but mainly divided into four categories, i.e., Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive Analytics.


Future in Data Analytics

There are many scopes in data analytics you can ever imagine for. In the modern era, where technologies are evolving every month, data collection is always at a high pace, and if there is data collection, data analytics is always there. So, this particular subject gives you an appreciated and bright career. Here are some stairways if you like a career in data science.

  1. Develop solid analytical skills: – Some tools to develop analytical skills. i.e., R Programming, Python, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Power BI, SAS, Apache Spark, KNIME, and RapidMiner.
  2. Find a relevant Degree: – It is not mandatory, but a field related to data science gives you a well-set foundation to understand data analytics in a better way.
  3. Practical Experience: – It should be on the most “have to” list. You can gain knowledge with different types of internships related to data sets.
  4. Be updated: – As mentioned, technologies are evolving every second. So, keep yourself up to date.
  5. Applicable Certificates: – Holding a credential is an add-on to boost your career. Certifications like Certified Analytics Professional (CAP), Microsoft Certified, Azure Data Scientist Associate, and SAS Certified Data Scientist can help you in your future.
  6. Willing to learn: – Data is changing frequently. So, you have to check the data every day.


Other best courses in Surat:


Data Analytics Courses in Surat

There are many data analytics courses in India. They are not only trust-affiliated but also prestigious institutes. H. Harvin, Jainx Acad., TCS ION, Digital Vidya, Edvancer, Udacity, Ivy Prof. School, ImartiCus, CodeAsylum, Intellipaat, and  Analytixlabs are illustrations. But if you are looking for a data analytics course for a particular city in India, i.e., Data Analytics Courses in Surat. Here are the lists of the Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Surat with their course curriculum and placement guarantee.



IIM SKILLS has been a thriving integration Institute or company since 2015. Its home is in Delhi. It has been identified in 23 cities in Asia, including Dubai and Singapore. The certificate authentication of this institute is in the hands of the Gov of India. They started with a Content writing master course, and now they offer us a variety of skilled courses. IIM SKILLS has hundreds of brands’ trust. They have done 34500+ pieces of training in 35+ countries.


Courses in which you enroll with IIM SKILLS: –

  1. Writing programs (Content Writing Master Course, Technical Writing Master Course).
  2. Marketing Programs (Digital Marketing Course, Advanced Search Engine Optimization Training, Artificial Intelligence Marketing Professional).
  3. Data Analytics Master Course.
  4. Finance Programs (Business Accounting & Taxation Course, Certified Investment Banking Course, Financial Modeling & Valuation Course, GST Practitioners Certification Course, Certified Tally Advanced Course).
  5. Competitive Exam (CAT Coaching).


Reason to join IIM Skills for Data Analytics Courses in Surat: –

  • Internship Available.
  • 99+ Hours of Practical Assignments.
  • Analytical Tools Learning.
  • 10+ Case Study and 7+ Live Projects.
  • Guarantee of Interview.
  • Lifetime Access.
  • The support system works all the Time.
  • Industry Recognized Certification.
  • Demo Class Available.


Course Curriculum: –

A). Data Analytics Using Advance Excel

  • Introduction to Data Handling.
  • Data Visualisation in Excel.
  • Data Manipulation using Functions.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting.
  • Overview of Dashboards.
  • Create Dashboards using Pivot Controls.

B). Data Analytics using VBA

  • Introducing VBA.
  • Components of Programming Language.
  • How VBA works with Excel.
  • Programming, Functions, and Procedures in VBA.
  • Objects & Memory Management in VBA.
  • Communicating with Users.

C). Data Analytics Using SQL

  • Basics RDBMS Concepts.
  • Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Command).
  • DML Commands.
  • SQL Server Reporting & Integration Services.

D). Data Analytics using Power BI

  • Data Preparation & Modeling.
  • Data Analysis Expressions.
  • Visuals in Power BI.
  • Add Remove and Go To Columns.

E). Data Analytics using Python-1

  • Introduction to Basic Statistics and Mathematical Foundations.
  • Introduction Analytics and Data Science.
  • Python Essentials (Core).
  • Numerical Python.
  • Overview of Pandas.
  • Cleansing Data with Python.

F). Data Analytics using Python-2

  • Basic Visualization tools.
  • Data Analysis using Python.
  • Visualizing Geospatial Data.
  • Data Visualization with Python.
  • Advanced Visualization Tools.
  • Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing.

G). Analytics using Tableau

  • Data Handling & Summaries.
  • Building Advance Reports/Maps.
  • Table Calculations.
  • Calculated Fields.

H). R for Data Science

  • Data Importing/Exporting.
  • Data Manipulation.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Data Visualization with R.
  • Using R with Databases.
  • Linear Regression.

I). Data Analytics using Alteryx.


2. TOPS Technologies: –

No matter which site you are searching, TOPS Technologies will be there. It is the most prestigious data analytics institute in India. It is a long-familiar training and software development company in India. TOPS stands for Training Outsourcing Placement Services.

The company gives a broad range of training programs, including data analytics, software development, web, and mobile development. The company skilled approx 100,000 students and placed them at 3,000 plus IT companies till now. Skill India and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) are the certificate partners of this institute.


TOPS Technologies provide courses on

A). Software Development (Python Certification Course, Java Course, C and C++ Training Course, Full Stack Development Course, Web Development Course, Game Development Course, PHP Course, and more).

B). Designing ( UI and UX Design Course, Graphic Design Course, 3D Animation Courses, HTML Training Course, and more).

C). Digital Marketing (SEO Course and Best Digital Marketing Course).

D). Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (MI), and Data Analytics Courses.

E). Specialized Courses ( .NET Core Course, Magento Training Course, Joomla Training Course, Word Press Training Course with Job Placement, NodeJS Training Course, and more).

F). Live Project Training ( Live Project Training in ASP.NET, Android Live Project Training Course, Live Project Training in iOS, and more).

G). Computer Courses for Kids and Robotic Courses.


The facility TOPS Technologies gives in Data Analytics Courses in Surat

  • Industry-based training. They provide training programs in a variety of courses. In Data Analytics Training Program, you also train for data science, data visualization, machine learning, big data analytics, and more.
  • Expert Trainer. You will assign for best guidance, support, and practical insights to students throughout the training program.
  • Hands-on Experience. You will assign hands-on projects and assignments to apply your knowledge and gain practical experience.
  • Flexible timing.
  • Gives free webinars.
  • The institute trains you for your job placement. They provide career counseling, resume building, interview preparation, and associate students with latent employers.
  • Attainable In-physical and Non-physical.


Course Curriculum

In the Data Analytics Course curriculum, you are getting started with the database like;

A). Started with Database: –

  • Relational Database.
  • Primary Key and Foreign Key.
  • Creating SQL Select Queries.
  • Working with Null and Data Types.
  • Data Aggregations.
  • Using JOIN To query Multiple Tables.
  • Programming with SQL.

B). Started with Excel: –

  • Creating and Filtering Tables.
  • Pivot Tables and Charts.
  • Calculations to existing data in Tables.
  • Aggregation Data with Pivot Tables.

C). Introduction to Data Analytics: –

  • Overview of Data Analytics.
  • Descriptive Analytics.
  • Diagnostic Analytics.
  • Predictive Analytics.
  • Prescriptive Analytics.
  • Types of Data.

D). Python Programming: –

  • Getting started with Python.
  • Core Python Programming.
  • Collections in Python.
  • Python Packages and Modules.
  • Data Analytics with Python.

E). Data Analytics Certification and Projects: –

  • Project Case Study.
  • E-commerce Purchase Predictions.
  • Insurance policy Quote Predictions.


3. 360DigiTMG: –

360DigiTMG is a preeminent educational institute that provides a range of management and technical training programs. It collaborates with IBM. The home page of 360DigiTMG says, “Fast-track your career with the certificate course in data analytics training in Surat”. The Institute is in focus on accelerating digital transformation.

It offers customized training programs that suit the industry-specific needs of each company. The institute trained thousands of students and working people to achieve their career goals. It offers a free plan to its students for access to a limited number of lectures, quizzes, and materials from each course.


The Institute provides a variety of courses on

A). Data Science and Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) using Python and R.

B). Business Analytics, Cyber Security, and Cloud Computing (Microsoft Azure Training, Google Cloud Platform Training, AWS Solution Architect Training, and more).

C). Domain Analytics, Management Courses, Data Engineering (HR Analytics Course in India, Marketing Analytics Training, Financial Analytics Course, Aviation Analytics Course, Social Media and Web Analytics Training, and more).

E). Data Analytics, and Emerging Technologies for Corporate ( Workshop on IR 4.0 in India, Robotic Process Automation in India, Internet of Things (IoT) Training, Hacking Certification Course Training in India, Big Data using Hadoop & Spark Course Training, and more).


What are the Key Benefits of 360DigiTMG in Data Analytics Courses in Surat?

  • They provide free learning recourses.
  • Give you a mind map for a quick review.
  • Free live interviews on technical rounds.
  • In both Online and Offline modes.
  • On-campus training and Job Placement training.
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • Free webinars.
  • Real Life projects with Analytics companies.
  • Industry-specific curriculum.


Course Curriculum

360DigiTMG categorized the data analytics course into five parts: –

Professional Course in Data Analytics, Certificate in Data Analytics, Data Analytics Free Internship Program, Data Visualization using Tableau Training, and Data Visualization Power BI Training. It is not possible to explain every course within these courses. But here is a glimpse of the curriculum in the wholesome.

  • Data Visualization and concepts.
  • Tableau Introduction and Architecture.
  • Utilize Data with Tableau, Data Extraction, and Blending.
  • Diverse Charts in Tableau (Elementary to Innovative).
  • Data Mining Unsupervised Learning – Clustering.
  • Forecasting – Exponential Smoothing Technique
  • Transforming Data using Power BI Desktop.
  • Introduction to DAX.
  • Data Modeling in Power BI Desktop.
  • Statistical Analysis using Excel.
  • Graphical Techniques using Excel.
  • All about SQL.
  • Advanced Python Programming.
  • Statistical Modeling and Project work.
  • Python and R script in Power BI.
  • Using SaaS Connectors.


4. Indian Institute of Hardware Technology: –

The IIHT is a Surat-based institute that aims to advance data analytics courses in Surat since 2007. If you are interested in comprehensive training programs in networking and hardware, then IIHT is for you. This training institute offers 65 plus industry-specific software and hardware networking placements courses. Indian Institute of Hardware Technology Surat is the best computer training center in Surat. Students willing to pursue an IT career can easily find an IIHT center at their location.


The IIHT’s courses are split into two categories

A). Software development ( C Training Course, CPP Training Course, Analytics with Python, Java Training Course, Oracle (OCA) Training Course, Big Data Hadoop Training Course, UI/UX Development Course, Power BI Course, Android and iOS Training Course, MEAN Stack Training Course, Data Analytics Course, and much more).

B). Hardware and Networking ( MCSA and RHCSA Training Course, CCSA, CCNA, and CCNP Training Course, CompTIA A+ Course, Hacking, and Cyber Security Course).


Reason to join Data Analytics Courses in Surat with  IIHT: –

  • With R Training have to spend 45 hours.
  • Detailed practical Analytics starting from basics to advanced Python techniques.
  • Practical online assignments at the end of each session.
  • 50K plus Students placed.
  • Have their placement portal.
  • Chances to place outside India.
  • Free Demo class.
  • 16 years of IT training and placement Industry experience.
  • Available in offline mode.


Course Curriculum

A). Data Analytics with R training course

  • History and overview of R.
  • Getting started with R.
  • R Fundamental.
  • R Decision making.
  • R Loops.
  • R Functions.
  • R Collections.
  • R Data interfaces.
  • R Charts and Graphs.
  • Real-Time Application.

B). BI Analytics and Visualization

  • Fundamental Concepts.
  • Data Sources and Graphical Presentations.
  • Data Handling and Management.
  • Calculating and Presenting Tables.


5. Analytixlabs: –

It is ranked first and India’s top institution for data analytics courses in Surat. It is the topmost institution for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Sciences Courses, and Business Intelligence Courses since 2011. They provide placements to their students in some of the best Industries, like  Accenture, American Express, AbsolutData, Bank of America, etc. Analytixlabs aim to industry-relevant training and practical exposure to aspiring professionals. The institute is a collaboration between the institute and industry experts to ensure that the courses are aligned with the current industry standards.


Analytixlabs Courses module in Data Analytics Courses in Surat

A). Post Graduation in Data Sciences. B). Post Graduation in Data Analytics. C). Data Science 360 Course. D). Full stack Applied AI Course E). Business Analytics 360 Course. F). Artificial Intelligence Engineering.  G). Data Science using R. H). Data Science with Python I). Data Visualization and Analytics.  J). Certified Big Data Engineer K). Machine Learning Course L). Deep Learning with Python.


Why did you choose  Analytixlabs?

  • Thousands of students and professionals trained across the globe.
  • Delivering high-quality training.
  • Producing skilled analytics professionals.
  • Hand-on projects.
  • 24*7 availability.
  • 6 months job challenge.
  • Working with leading organizations.
  • Both online and offline modes.
  • One to One mentorship.
  • Post-class sessions for doubts.


Course Curriculum

They give you two options for Data Analytics Courses. First, PG Diploma in Data Science. And Second, PG Certificate in Data Analytics.

PG Certificate in Data Analytics for Business

A). Module 1

  • Problem Solving.
  • Fundamental of statistics & mathematics.
  • Fundamental of programming.
  • Business intelligence & Data Visualization using Excel and Power BI.
  • Data Analysis and Management (RDBMS – ELT- SQL for Data Science – SQL on the cloud).

B). Module 2

  • Python foundation.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis.
  • Statistical Analysis.
  • Prophetic modeling with the help of Linear & Logistic Regression.
  • Data Analytics applications.

C). Module 3

  • Data Analytics Project – End-to-End pipeline.
  • Business Requirement Gathering.
  • Documentation – best practices.
  • Analytics Project Management.
  • Placements preparation
  • Interview preparation.
  • Mock interviews.


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6. Simplilearn: –

A Surat-based program offers a variety of courses in technology, business, and digital marketing. Simplilearn is a gemstone among online platforms bringing you the greatest PGPs, Master’s, and Live training in business and technology. Since 2009 it is the one the best and largest providers of online learning and skill development courses.

It is the world’s no. 1 online boot camp and one of the leading certificate training providers.  With the collaboration of IBM ( the second-largest Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning solutions provider globally), the Surat-based institute makes students ready for careers in Data Science and AI-related industries.


A view of Simplilearn’s courses in Data Analytics Courses in Surat

A). Data Science and Business Analytics (Applied Data Science with Python).

B). Artificial Machine Learning (AI) with job assist program.

C). Project Management ( PMP Certification Training, PRINCE2 foundation, Agile foundation, and practitioners).

D). Cyber Security ( Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals, CISM).

E). Cloud Computing ( AWS Solutions Architect).

F). Big Data ( Big Data Hadoop and Spark developer).

G). Quality Management.


Why go with Simplilearn?

  • Offer over 400 courses in various fields.
  • Tasks involving real-world data sets with virtual labs.
  • Hands-on learning.
  • World’s leading certification training providers.
  • 85% report career benefits.
  • Only online classes.
  • 40+ global Accreditations.
  • 2000+ qualified trainers.


Course Curriculum

Simplilearn provides in-depth learning on Data Science and Data Analytics with two degrees, i.e., Post Graduation Programs and Master’s Programs. Post Graduation program divides into seven sections. And, Master’s program is divided into two sections. Following is the course curriculum of the Post Graduation Program in Data analytics.


A). Induction session for a professional certificate course.

B). Business Analytics with Excel

  • Decision-making skills.
  • Data Analysis and Statistics.
  • Foundational concepts of Analytics.
  • MS Excel is in-depth.


  • SQL database
  • Application of database.
  • Fundamental of SQL.

D). Data Analytics with Python

  • Programming foundation.
  • Python boot camp.
  • Analyze data in Python.
  • Data visualization

E). Data Analytics with R

  • Data exploration.
  • Predictive Analytics.
  • Descriptive Analytics Techniques.
  • All about the R language.

F). Tableau Training

  • Building visualization.
  • Designing dashboards.
  • All about Tableau.


Frequently Asked Questions: Data Analytics Courses in Surat


  • Differentiate between data Science and Data Analytics?

These two are relatable but yet slightly different. Data science is related to the consumption of data to build models that can predict future outcomes. It concentrates on cleaning, building, and coordinating datasets. But on the other hand, Data Analytics is related to analyzing past data to make known decisions in the present. Focus on discovering answers that have already been said.


  • It is good to choose Data Analytics as a career?

Data Analytics is a growing field with handsome career opportunities. Data Analytics is used everywhere, in business, marketing, technology, and even science. Data Analytics is crucial for today’s timeline where everything is connected to the data.


  • Can Data Analytics Work from Home?

The answer is yes. Data Analytics jobs can be done on a remote basis. There are so many companies out there that give you remote jobs.


  • Are Data Analytics boot camps worth it?

Boot camps are much easier for understanding the concept and less time-consuming. It is suitable for those who are financially weak and want a glance at this particular subject.


Closing Note

Above are the top best Data Analytics Courses in Surat with detailed course curricula, training programs, and placements. Besides these six, there are some more best institutions for Data Analytics Courses in Surat, like, Intellipaat, CCE IIT Madras, Grass Solutions Pvt Ltd, Compusoft Computer Education, Database Developer Training, SVR, Edureka, Creative Design, Multimedia Institute.


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