Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata With Placements

Have you been told that IT jobs pay better and there are more prospects in the IT sector than in any other industry? You will be surprised to know that a few non-IT roles pay as much as the IT ones. All you need is the required skill set to get you ready for the right job. There are nearly 1000 vacancies for Data Analysts on any given day in Kolkata. The best way is to train yourself in the right skills to land your dream job. You must know about the institutions providing the best data analytics courses in Kolkata to acquire the skills.


List of best data analytics courses in Kolkata


Describe- Data Analytics

Data analytics can be defined as the art of scrutinizing unprocessed data and drawing sound conclusions from it. In other words, it analyses rough data and processes it to bring out the best possible outcome. Most data processes have been automated, and many techniques are involved in processing the data collected. A data analyst uses specific algorithms to work on them to get the desired results.


Are Data Analytics & Data Analysis the Same

While the words sound similar, data analytics differs significantly from data analysis. Data analysis is performed after data has been processed, and data analytics, on the other hand, targets a specific aspect of the data to conclude it.


What are the Advantages of Using Data Analytics in Business?

  1. Data Analytics is key to a business and helps it to increase profitability by guiding it in the right direction.
  2. As the processes are automated with algorithms designed to get the correct output for a specific date, they can rarely go wrong.
  3. Businesses are given an in-depth description of the reason for the occurrence and can predict the future of the problem. Thereby eliminating many unwanted issues.


What Skills Are Required for a Data Analyst

Some essential skills that need to be developed to mold yourself as a data analyst are as follows.”

  1. To learn and master Structured Query Language. A data analyst uses SQL to update and organize the data. Most companies require you to clear the SQL screening test.
  2. Understanding programming languages such as R or Python.
  3. In-depth knowledge of Machine learning to understand the algorithms required to process extensive data.
  4. Understanding statistics and Probability with specific references to programming languages in Python and R
  5. Knowledge in interpreting data with the help of graphs and charts.
  6. Application of Econometrics to successfully give prospects and trends of an organization.


Is Data Analytics a Good Career Choice?

It is a most definite YES! And what’s more, Data Analytics will become increasingly important with time. The need for Data Analytics has risen drastically over the years. It doubled to 40% in 2020 from 20% in 2018. The World Bank has predicted that by 2025, internet users will increase to a whopping 900 million.

As a result, there will be an increase in the market value of the Data Analytics industry to nearly US$ 46 Billion. No Doubt, Data Analysts will be in great demand in the future. Furthermore, Data Analytics is advantageous in web development, SEO, Tech Support, and Business Analyst fields.


Top 10 Institutes Offering Best Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

Let us now look at the top institutions offering Data Analysis Courses in Kolkata that focuses on the skills mentioned above:


1. Ivy Professional School

Ivy Professional School is a top-ranked institution that offers one of the best data analytics courses in Kolkata. As a result, top analytical organizations in India have recruited most of their students. Ivy School is proud to be associated with top IT companies in India, such as CTS, Paypal, Honeywell Technologies, etc., as their official training partner. Moreover, their esteemed faculty members are alumni of prestigious institutions in India and abroad.

Course: Certification in Business Analytics

Duration:  The entire course structure is under 200 hours.

Course Structure:

  • Automation Procedure-Usage of Advanced Excel Techniques in Dashboarding
  • Database Models -Steps to Design them
  • Database Structure-Case Studies and Implementation
  • SQL Query Programming
  • Visualization of Data using Basics and Essentials of Tableau
  • Statistical studies required in Business-Study of data and effective representation with the help of graphics
  • Study of R programming language – Introduction, data handling, and predictive method of modeling in R
  • Basics and Essentials of Python Programming
  • Study of Machine Learning
  • Ensemble and decision tree supervised learning in Analytics and Mining.


Who Can Pursue the Course

  • Graduation or a post-graduation degree in any of the following streams: Mathematics, Statistics or Economics, Commerce or Finance.
  • Students with an MBA degree
  • Final year students of Engineering 
  • Working professionals with a background in banking, finance, and IT


Fees: The certification course would cost you less than Rs 41000. All students can avail of the 0% EMI facilities available. The institute also extends loan facilities to students.

Why Choose Ivy Pro?

Ivy Pro provides one of the best Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata. They teach the required knowledge to the students to make them more aware of the competition involved in the field of Data Analytics. The training provided to the students in Ivy Pro enables them to get the right strategy for the best ROI in every project undertaken by the organization.


2. Data Brio Academy

Data Brio Academy is one of the best institutions to offer great Data Analysis Courses in Kolkata. The institution is headed by well-established corporate individuals who desire to teach and train the best students. The unique conceptual learning keeps them apart from other technical institutions.

Data Brio faculty delivers by involving their students in a work-based approach. In addition, the live examples and extensive learning workshops will give the students excellent career prospects in Data Analytics.

Trainers at Data Brio Academy have a vast experience in well-known tech companies in India and abroad. They aim to deliver the best training to students and make them efficient in the world of Data Analytics.

Course: Certification in Data Analytics and Tableau

Duration: The course can be completed in under 40 hours.


  • Basics of Data Analytics
  • Understanding data collection
  • Concept of Formatting, Cleaning, and Collating Data
  • Concept of Visualizations
  • Advanced Excel for Analytics
  • Concept of Tableau workspace
  • SQL Programming
  • Using SQL tools to integrate with others
  • Understanding the ways to analyze unstructured data
  • Understanding essential software tools in data analytics such as R, Python, etc.


Who Can Pursue the Course

  • Graduates and Postgraduates in the field of Science, Economics, Statistics, and Mathematics
  • Professionals who know Data Science and other related fields.


Fees: The entire course will cost you between Rs.40000- Rs.50000

Why Choose Data Brio

Data Brio is an excellent institution with some of the best Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata. It prides itself on giving the best data analytics training to the students. Furthermore, they ensure each student is given special individual attention and guides them on exciting industry projects.

Trainers at Data Brio are subject matter experts and mentor their students effectively. Students can attend online classes or offline as well. Moreover, every training session is recorded and readily available to them.


A few other best courses in Kolkata


3. ExcelR

ExcelR training firm is a global company based in the USA. Their headquarters in Houston, Texas, has helped many students to accomplish goals and visions for the future. In addition, ExcelR has made its presence across the world. The organization believes in providing the best training to enhance every student’s career.

The placement cell is exceptionally effective and ensures that opportunities are available to everyone. ExcelR’s training approach is both practical and involves theory aspects too. This has earned them a valuable reputation of becoming one of the top institutions to provide the best Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata.

The many reasons for attaining such a high standard are its highly qualified trainers and collaboration with IBM. Furthermore, when you choose ExcelR to learn Data Analytics, you will be provided the best training from reputed faculty members and get an international certification.

Course: Certification Course for Data Analyst

Duration: The entire course can be completed in less than 180 hours.

Course Structure

  • Business-related Statistics- Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
  • Excel Basics, functions of excel, advanced excel functions, and data handling
  • SQL Programming basics. Introduction to SQL commands and operators
  • Creating Charts and Advanced Dashboards in Tableau
  • R programming basics, functions, and statements.
  • Python Basics
  • Introduction to Power Business Intelligence (BI) Modelling and Creating desktop visualizations.


Who Can Pursue the Course

  • Graduates and Postgraduates from Commerce, Science, and Engineering courses.
  • Working professionals who are from the BPO or KPO industries.
  • Freshers/Professionals with sound analytical skills
  • Professionals with a background in Finance, Management, and Accounting 


Fees: Excel R provides an online learning mode, and the entire course costs Rs 40000.

Why Choose Excel R

ExcelR is a modern learning training institute that provides a flexible mode of training to its students. While providing the best teachers and excellent training, they also concentrate on the overall development of every student.

You will be given regular assignments, live online support, a modern learning management system, and opportunities to be recruited by top industries. Therefore, when you choose ExcelR, you choose one of the top training institutes to provide the best Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata.


4. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is a world-recognized training institution that is instrumental in providing some of the best Data Analysis Courses in Kolkata. It is a global leader in Data Analytics with trainers having over 16 years of experience analyzing and deriving valid information from unprocessed data.

The highly experienced faculty members of the Knowledge Academy have excellent teaching methodologies to give perfect insights into handling data efficiently. The academy provides various modes of training to its students. They are as follows:

  • In-Classroom Schedules
  • Online Schedules – With live instructors
  • Online Schedules (recorded sessions) – Self-paced learning
  • Corporate Onsite Schedules


The Knowledge Academy firmly believes that Data Analytics has a bright future. And students will have fantastic career prospects if they pursue the course in Data Analytics. Moreover, with multiple scopes in various industries, Data Analytics is a must for strong economic growth.

Course: Certification In Advanced Data Analytics

Duration: The entire course is for six months.

Course Structure

Introduction to Data Analytics and Statistical Analysis

  • SQL Data
  • Data Analysis- Python basics
  • Tableau – Data Visualization
  • Presto- Introduction, Writing Queries & Data Transformation
  • Data Analysis – With MS Excel


Who Can Pursue the Course

  • Graduates in the fields of Science, Commerce, or Engineering.
  • Postgraduates in the fields of Science, Commerce, or Engineering.


Fee: Course Fee is Rs 40000-Rs 50000

Why Choose Knowledge Academy

Knowledge Academy has constantly proven to be the best among all the top institutions offering Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata. The course fee is highly competitive, and they guarantee to provide the best training for a modest fee. Furthermore, the faculty members of Knowledge Academy are highly trained and experienced.

The quality of their work can be judged by the exceptional performance of their students. All online courses that have been scheduled are conducted as per the dates provided and are never delayed. Thus, Knowledge Academy delivers as per the promise made to the students.


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5. Simplilearn 

Simplilearn is the best online training institute for learning the latest digital skills. The concept of teaching online is an excellent approach by Simplilearn. It follows a time-tested module for delivering through renowned universities and corporations. In addition, Simplilearn conducts live online classes for students and professionals to upskill their careers.

Thus enabling them to achieve many of their goals and aspirations in the shortest time possible. The results are overwhelming, as Simplilearn promotes an environment most suitable for students and professionals. In addition, people worldwide can take up their courses without leaving the comfort of their homes.

So if you are from Kolkata, you must consider Simplilearn if you wish to pursue a career in Data Analytics. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that Simplilearn is one of the few online courses to offer some of the best Data Analysis Courses in Kolkata. Moreover, as per the recent survey conducted by EY, Simplilearn is regarded the best training boot camp online for learning digital skills.

Course: Data Analyst Master’s Program

Duration: The entire course is for a six-month duration. 

Course Structure

  • Introduction to Data Analytics and Advanced Excel for Business Analytics
  • Python – Programming and Tableau Training for Data Analytics
  • R Programming
  • SQL Programming
  • SQL Training


Who Can Pursue the Course

  • A graduate degree with aggregate marks of 50% or above
  • Work experience is not mandatory
  • Need not have programming background
  • Programming knowledge will be added advantage


Course Fee: The total course fee is Rs 55000/-

Why Choose Simplilearn

Data Analytics Master Program in Simplilearn is an excellent training Bootcamp that offers many benefits. It provides projects that are effective and time-tested with live interactive classrooms. You can choose from the flexible schedule to enhance your career.

Besides, Simplilearn is an online learning platform that has successfully tied up with IBM to bring the best learning modules for its students. You will be given 24-hour access to their learner groups and faculty. Apart from regular classes, you will be eligible to attend masterclasses by well-known leaders from top industries.

Thus, all the above benefits indicate that Simplilearn has earned a well-deserved reputation among top institutions providing the best Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata.


6. Sevenmentor

Sevenmentor Training Institute is a highly equipped organization that delivers educational modules to students and professionals. They work with industry experts to give the best training to their students. Sevenmentor has an excellent track record of developing successful educational techniques that work for all who seek its assistance. With over fourteen years of experience and good trainers, Sevenmentor has become the best institute to offer top Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata.

Course: Data Analytics Training Program

Duration: The system is for a six-month duration

Course Structure

  • Introduction To SQL
  • Understanding and Writing of SQL Statements
  • Sorting And Restricting Data
  • Working On Data Manipulation Language
  • Working On and Understanding Multiple Tables
  • Understanding Subqueries
  • Using SQL functions and queries
  • Data Warehouse- Introduction and Tools
  • Understanding Power BI- Installation and Data Sources
  • Data Visualization – Tableau Dashboards and Graphs


Who Can Pursue the Course

  • All Freshers
  • All graduates in Engineering and Science degrees
  • Graduates and Postgraduates of any discipline
  • Working Individuals.


Course Fee: The course fee structure in Sevenmentor ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 3,00,000, depending on the choice of module and mode of learning.

Why Choose Sevenmentor

Sevenmentor is a well-established training institute that has trained thousands of students and professionals. The Data Analytical Training Course is fantastic and appeals to many worldwide.

Due to its flexible approach to learning, either by online, classroom-based, or one-on-one training schedules, Sevenmentor has become one of the top learning institutes to offer Data Analysis courses in Kolkata.

Sevenmentor has excellent installment methods, which relieves students wishing to opt for flexible payment schemes. Furthermore, Sevenmentor offers a certification that is accredited to some of the most important companies all over the world. This automatically ensures the best placement offers from top companies.


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7. Datatrained

Datatrained is a unique education company that delivers quality technical training and education to all. With a very challenging view of giving access to many in the Asian subcontinent, Datatrained aims to provide specialized programs in Data Science, Engineering, AI, Data Analytics, and a lot more.

They firmly believe that good technical education need not always be costly. While adapting to flexible and convenient methodologies in imparting education, Datatrained has become one of the best technical institutions to offer quality Data Analytics Courses In Kolkata.

Datatrained ensures all their students are given ample opportunities for suitable placements. They can achieve this solely due to a successful collaboration with leading organizations in the country. 

Name Of the Course: Post Graduate Data Analytics Program

Duration Of the Course: The entire course can be completed in eight months.

Course Structure

  • Foundation Course in Python and Statistics
  • Machine Learning – Supervised and Unsupervised
  • Excel Module – Advanced functions
  • Tableau Theories – Introduction, data handling, and advanced reports


Who Can Pursue the Course?

  • Graduates and Postgraduates in any discipline
  • Professionals from Science, Engineering, and Commerce backgrounds.


Course Fees: The entire course fee is Rs. 69999.

Why Choose Datatrained

Datatrained is a terrific interactive learning program to offer one of the best Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata. The data analytics program provides more than 300 hours of learning modules and IBM certification on completion. Data training provides career guidance and supports students in placements too.

With expert faculty, the best tools, and a competitive fee structure, Data Trained has everything that a student of Data Analytics would want. Moreover, they provide projects that will enhance your work experience and an assurance of a job after completing the course.


8. NSHM knowledge campus

NSHM is a leading educational institution in the eastern part of India. Since its inception in 1996, NSHM has constantly strived to provide the best degree courses in West Bengal. As a result, they have excelled in business management, computer analytics, engineering, design, and technology.

NSHM has not ventured into meeting India’s digital education needs. They now have full-time degree programs in AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Culinary Science.

The new programs offered by NSHM will give a student the best opportunities in the fields of Data Analytics and other related fields. Furthermore, NSHM has become one of the best institutions to provide top Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata.

Course: Master’s in data science and Analytics

Duration: The entire program is in a hybrid mode of education. This full-time course is only conducted offline, and the course duration is two years.

Course Structure

  • Fundamentals in Computing and Database Management
  • Statistical Methodology in Time Series and Statistics
  • Machine Learning in Python Programming
  • Data Science Advanced Concepts in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Educational Qualifications Required for the Course

  •  Graduation and Post-Graduation in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Technology
  • Graduates in Economics and Statistics are also considered


Course Fees: One-time Payment is 3,76,500

Why Choose NSHM?

NSHM has the best Data Analysis Courses in Kolkata, and the reasons are pretty straightforward. They have the best faculty, course modules, and placement services. Moreover, every year, all their students are recruited by some of the top industries in the world.

So when you choose NSHM as your career partner, you choose success, development, and growth. With fantastic mentors, you will never be alone in the vast field of Data Analytics.


9. Quick Xpert Infotech

Quick Xpert Infotech is a training institute that has provided IT services and training since 2014. They have imparted technical education and training to over one thousand students in India and globally. Due to the dual mode of online and offline training given by Quick Xpert, students from all over the country and abroad can easily access the institute without any hassle.

Quick Xpert has excellent teachers who offer students the best teaching methodology and hands-on training to help them prepare for employment in the IT industry. Hence they are regarded as a leading technical institution to provide the best Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata.


  • Short Data Analytics Course And Training
  • Full Course In  Data Analytics  And Training


Duration: The course duration for a short-term course in Data Analytics is four months, and the full course in Data Analytics is six months.

Course Structure

  • Installation and Configuration of MySQL programming and database
  • Tableau – Introduction to Interface, Charts, and Date Aggregations
  • Visualization Of Data and Formatting of Data
  • Python – Basics, Programming, and Data Analytics.
  • Excel- Analytics of Excel, spreadsheets, and common functions


Who Can Pursue the Course

  • Freshers with a graduation degree from any background.
  • IT and Non-IT professionals can apply.
  • Those with good knowledge of Data Programming can apply.


Why Choose Quick Xpert

Quick Xpert is an internationally well-known technical institution that believes every student interested in Data Analytics can be technically trained. By offering expert training with a cost-effective fee structure, Quick Xpert has become one of the prominent institutions to offer top Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata.

When you learn with Quick Xpert, you will be part of the course that will teach the basics of data analytics and impart practical training to prepare you for lucrative career choices.


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10. Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is a leading technical software education and training institute that offers students online and in-classroom training programs. It has managed to secure the top position in software training and is now the leading online institute to provide the best Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata.

Exquisite corporate training, the best syllabus, and experienced faculty are the reasons Besant Technologies is the most preferred training institute. Furthermore, they offer technical training programs worldwide through online videos, 24-hour support, and job placements. 

Course: The Data Analytics Course

Duration: The entire course is for five months.

Course Structure

  • Statistical Analysis-Introduction and Techniques in Statistics
  • Basic and Advanced Excel Tutorial
  • SQL Programming and Training
  • Tableau Course – Introduction and Training
  • BI – Getting Started and Overview with Training
  • Understanding Python Concepts


Who Can Pursue The Course

  • Graduates in Statistics, Maths, and Computer Science
  • Graduated In a related field of Data Analytics
  • Working professionals with knowledge in BI and software reporting.
  • Experience in Datawarehousing
  • Business Analysts and Software Programmers looking to further their careers.


Course Fees: The course fee is Rs 40000

Why Choose Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies offers one of the best Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata as they believe in teaching data analytics in the least amount of time. With excellent project learning experience, high-level assignments, and an opportunity to apply for the best Data Analyst positions, Besant technologies will be the top option for you to learn Data Analytics.




Q1. Can a Beginner learn data analysis courses in Kolkata?

A beginner in data analytics can start by understanding the available data types and how they are processed. Before taking the course, a beginner will be benefited from the free courses provided by certain institutions to be sure about the course.


Q2. Is Coding required for Data Analytics?

Data Analysts are required to use coding in their daily work. However, coding is generally not required to study Data Analytics.


Q3. Can a Data Analyst work from home?

Data Analysts can do work-from-home roles. They can work anywhere as long the data and analytics software is available.


Q4. Can I do a Data Analytics course without experience?

Yes, you can. You need to be sure about your path to becoming a Data Analyst. You can then look for a course that provides some foundation on data analytics and understands the skills that need to be sharpened. Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata will help you get the certificate, after which you can branch out into a job in Data Analytics.



The Internet is the next significant discovery in this new era of information and technology. Anyone keen to get immediate information can simply click on the correct information. Hence, Data Analytics is set to take a center stand and will soon take over the world. Data Analytics will become indispensable to top businesses looking to make the right decision based on the available data. Increased job opportunities with an equal increase in salaries are some of the reasons Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata will flourish and make a positive mark.

As a Data Analyst, you will individually influence your company’s decision-making. Additionally, pursuing a Data Analytics Course will soon present you with limitless freelancing opportunities! So, all interested in upskilling their knowledge or looking for a change in their career can go through the article to learn more about Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata to make a perfect choice.

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