Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Delhi With Placements

Are you considering data analytics as a career option? You could be a fresher or a working professional looking to switch careers. If you are based in the national capital and on the lookout for data analytics courses in Delhi to help you in your learning journey and launch you in this field, you have landed on the right page.


List of best data analytics courses in Delhi


The objective of this article is to provide you with a list of the top 10 highly recommended institutes offering comprehensive data analytics courses in Delhi along with a brief on their broad curriculum as well as course highlights. It is advisable to get more details by visiting the individual websites and choosing a course that will suit your requirements, including budget considerations.

In addition to providing you with information on data analytics courses in Delhi, this article also aims to equip you with basic knowledge about the data analytics field, the skill sets required, and what you need to consider before choosing a course or institute.


Understanding Your Motivation:

Before diving into the various data analytics courses in Delhi, let’s do some soul-searching. Given that you have a good mathematical and statistical background and a love for numbers, what has propelled your interest in data analytics? Is it because you have heard that Data Analytics is fast emerging as the in-demand skill set in current times?

That there is a growing need for professionals with Data Analytics skills and that demand far exceeds supply, that the field is a lucrative employment avenue with a high pay scale and a plethora of job roles. If these are the factors that have spiked your interest in the field of Data Analytics, way to go!

Before embarking on any career choice, it helps if you have a clear understanding of the driving forces behind that choice. Now what’s left is for you to identify the skill sets required and get the right training and certification for a successful career launch.

Let’s touch upon the basics first.


What is Data Analytics?

The world we live in today is data-driven. Numbers do the talking. Traditional decision-making processes which drew heavily on subjective criteria based solely on the experiences of people, knowledge, and personal judgment or intuition have taken a back seat.

Today, individuals or organizations need to make informed decisions on the basis of any meaningful inferences extracted from a collection of data available. Unseen patterns, behaviors, trends, preferences, and opportunities are deciphered from Big Data using specific tools or machine learning algorithms to build predictive models along with data visualization techniques.


The Role of a Data Analyst:

Given that in the current environment, data is all pervasive and that every industry uses data as a fundamental for decision-making, the role of a Data Analyst cannot be underestimated. To put it in a nutshell, the data analyst is conferred the task of turning raw data into meaningful information and offering insights, with the ultimate goal of providing business solutions and ensuring effective decision-making.


Skills Required for a Data Analyst:

Before you venture into the field of Data Analytics as a career option, it will be wise to update yourself on the basic skill sets required for you to excel in this space and take you to the next level. The skills required can be classified into Technical and Non-Technical skills. Let’s examine each of them.


  1. Technical Skills:

When we talk of technical skills, the most in-demand or trending skills in the world of data include:

  • SQL (Structured Query Language): The standard language used to communicate with databases. Knowledge of SQL will help the analyst update, organize, and query data stored in relational databases, as well as modify data structures.
  • Statistical programming: Statistical programming languages, like R or Python, enables the analyst to make advanced analyses that go far beyond the scope of Excel.
  • Machine Learning: A branch of artificial intelligence (AI), which focuses on building algorithms to determine patterns in big data sets, gaining better accuracy with time. While this is not a prerequisite for a data analyst, developing these skills could give one a competitive edge and enable progression to a career as a Data Scientist in the future.
  • Probability and Statistics: A field of Maths and Science that deals with collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presentation of data.
  • Data Management: The practice of collecting, organizing, and storing data in the most efficient, secure, and cost-effective way. No doubt, in some organizations there are data architects/engineers, database managers, or information security analysts to undertake this function, but a Data Analyst manages data in some form.
  • Visualization: Telling a story with the insights gleaned from data to make informed business decisions. Power BI, tableau, etc are the in-demand tools here.
  • Econometrics: The application of statistical and mathematical data models to forecast future trends based on historical data. Especially needed in the financial sector.


  1. Non-technical skills:

One needs more than technical expertise to excel in a career in data analytics. Let’s list down 5 non-technical skills that are imperative for a Data Analyst to thrive. These include:

  • Critical Thinking: Important to analyze problems objectively when dealing with data interpretations before forming an opinion.
  • Effective Communication: It is crucial that findings are communicated effectively with stakeholders who are not from the same professional background.
  • Problem Solving: Proactively digging into the root causes, finding hidden issues, and determining the right approach to solve them.
  • Intellectual curiosity: the drive to find and answer questions that the data presents, but also answer questions that were never asked.
  • A strong Business Sense or Acumen: Without this, the data analyst might not be able to identify problems and potential challenges that need to be addressed for the organization to grow and explore new possibilities.

Learning the correct skills is the building block to a successful career in the field. However, it is important to bear in mind a few considerations before choosing a platform for learning.


Things to Bear in Mind Before Choosing a Course/institute:

No doubt, there are a number of institutes offering Data Analytics Courses in Delhi. But before making a choice, it is wise to take into consideration the following points.

  1. Choose your domain:

If you are able to narrow down your area of interest, that will be a battle half won. Are you interested in Finance, HR, Manufacturing, Retail, E-Commerce, Marketing, Banking, Finance, or Insurance?

There are a host of domains to choose from apart from those listed above, all depending on where you think you will be the best fit. Well, if you are a fresher and still not sure of your domain, it will help to do some introspection and identify where your strengths lie.

  • Why is this important?

Choosing a specific domain and then developing your skills in that area will give you a more focused or targeted approach. Training in the field you want to work in will result in specialized knowledge, increase your expertise and make you more competitive.

Organizations are looking for people to solve their specific problems, with an in-depth understanding of the operations of the firm. When you have domain expertise, you will be more in demand with greater opportunities for growth and advancement.

When choosing a course, make sure to pay attention to the curriculum and see if it offers you what is needed to master your chosen domain.


  1. Job placement/ assistance opportunities:

If you are going to spend a significant amount of money on a course, it is only wise to check if a job placement facility is offered or if assistance to launch you in the field is provided – for instance, help with the preparation of your resume, conducting mock interviews so you have an idea of what to expect when being interviewed, help with profile building and so on.


  1. Projects:

Book knowledge is just not enough to land a good job in this field. You will need practical skills and need to learn practical problem-solving. The learning platform you choose must offer you practical training and experience with industry-relevant projects.  


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Data Analytics Courses in Delhi:

So now, you have a fair understanding of what Data Analytics is about, the skills you need to develop, and what to look for before choosing a course or institute. Bearing these pointers in mind, let’s identify some of the Data Analytics courses in Delhi along with the institutions providing the same.

If you are wondering what are the available platforms for Data Analytics courses in Delhi, you have a choice of online, offline, or hybrid learning depending on whether you are a fresher or a working professional looking to advance career opportunities in the field. Kickstart or catapult your career with:



Founded in 2014, ExcelR is an online training and consulting firm with its corporate headquarters in Houston, but with a global presence and offers Data Analytics courses in Delhi as well. The institute has also partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and is one of the leading data science course providers, aligned to Competency Standards by SSC NASSCOM approved by the Government of India.


Course: Data Analyst Course Training.

Syllabus: The course covers Excel (Basic & Advanced), SQL, Power BI, Tableau, R Programming Fundamentals, Python, and SAS.

Duration: 6 months



  • Format: Live virtual classes
  • 50+ Case studies and assignments with 24/7 Assignment support.
  • 10+ Industry relevant live projects.
  • Experienced faculty from IIT, IIM, and ISB
  • Post-training support.
  • Placement opportunities and assistance – tied up with 150+ companies.
  • Interview Prep sessions and Bootcamps
  • Lifetime eLearning access.
  • 3 in 1 certification – Course Completion Certificate from ExcelR, IBM Certification, AI Variant Internship Certificate.



2. Simplilearn

Founded in 2010 with a base in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore, India, Simplilearn is known as the world’s #1 online Bootcamp for digital skills training and is an option if you are looking for Data Analytics courses in Delhi as well. Simplilearn offers a Data Analytics certification program in partnership with Purdue University and in collaboration with IBM.


Course: Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics.

Syllabus: The course covers Statistics, SQL training, Python, R programming, Tableau

Electives include Power BI, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, and Masterclasses covering advancements in technology/techniques in Data Analytics & Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning.

Duration: 8 months



  • Format: Online Bootcamp.
  • Classes delivered by Purdue faculty and IBM experts.
  • Higher live interaction in online classes.
  • Capstone projects in 3 domains.
  • 14+ Industry relevant projects
  • Alumni Association membership
  • Job Assist facilities provided – Resume Assistance, career mentoring, interview preparation, and career fairs.



3. LearnBay

LearnBay is regarded as one of the best online platforms for working professionals and those making a career transition. Their aim is to enable professionals to use their domain expertise to build meaningful careers, in addition to familiarizing students with real-time technologies, techniques, industry-specific tips, and best practices.


Course: Data Analytics Certification Program for Professionals

Syllabus: Covers Fundamentals of Programming and Mathematics, Statistics, Python, Basic Machine Learning, Data Analytics tools – SQL, Power BI, Big Data, and Spark Analytics, tableau, Numpy, and Hadoop among others. They also offer a number of other specialized courses in Data Science, AI, and ML.

Duration: The online data analysis course is a 4.5 monthly program (weekday batch) and 6 monthly programs (weekend batch)



  • Offers domain specialization courses/ custom fit training.
  • Flexible classes with an option for hybrid learning.
  • Learning from MNC experts.
  • Premium mentoring.
  • 180 + hours of Live interactive sessions.
  • 8+ Real-time Industrial projects, live project experience, and hackathons.
  • Placement assistance with over 250+ hiring partners.
  • Lifetime accessibility.
  • Global recognition with Data Analytic Course Completion Certificate from IBM.



4. Analytixlabs

Founded in 2011 and led by a team of Mckinsey, IIT, and IIM alumni, Analytixlabs has become a top-ranked data science institute offering a wide range of industry-relevant data science courses and certifications. This is one of the good options if you are looking for Data Analytics Courses in Delhi.


Course: Data Visualization and Analytics

Syllabus: Covers Excel, Programming Elements, Statistics, Dashboards, RDBMS & SQL, data Manipulation, analytics, and visualization using Excel-VBA and Tableau.

Duration: 120 hours

Apart from these, they offer specialized courses in Data Science, Business Analytics, and AI. Short-term module courses are also available and designed specifically for industry-relevant skills. The course duration ranges from 110 hours to 220 hours depending on what is chosen. These include Data Science using R, Analytics Edge, Certified Big Data Engineer, Machine Learning course, Data Visualization & Analytics.



  • Flexible learning format – classroom and Bootcamp, live interactive online sessions, and self-paced learning. Option to combine different modes – blended learning.
  • Faculty from leading consulting and technology firms such as McKinsey & Co, KPMG, Deloitte, Fidelity, Facebook, and Genpact.
  • Case study-based modules.
  • Small batch sizes.
  • Individual counseling.
  • Job-oriented hands-on projects, and assignments on real live datasets.
  • Placement guidance – interview preparation, mock interviews, profile building.
  • Industry-accredited certification under “Future Skills Prime”, powered by Nasscom and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).



5. TechStack

This is a Delhi-based training center instituted in 2012 with an in-house team of more than 20 data scientists with extensive industry experience. Affiliated with Orangus India, the institute offers one of the best Data Analytics courses in Delhi.


Course: Data Analytics and Power BI program

Syllabus: This covers Excel, Statistics, SQL, Tableau, Python, Numpy, Pandas, Data visualization tools such as Matplotlib and Seaborn, and Machine Learning among others.


Duration: 6 months

Data Analysis Courses in Delhi Highlights:

  • Classroom and online training.
  • Faculty from IBM, Google, and Infosys.
  • 25+ case studies. Capstone project.
  • Live projects in association with partner agencies Orangus and Team Variance.
  • Career Assistance:
  • 60 days internship included.
  • Lifetime support by being a member of the TeckStack alumni.
  • Certification from Orangus India and TechStack Academy – ISO certified.



6. UNext Jigsaw

Since its inception in 2011, the institute offers Data Analytics courses in Delhi for both freshers and professionals in affiliation with NASSCOM. Programs are delivered in partnership with IIM Indore, Shiv Nadar University, and T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI).


Course: Certificate in Data Science and Analytics for Business

Syllabus: Mathematical and statistical concepts, Data Visualization, Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning tools for Advanced Prescriptive Analysis of structured and unstructured data. Tools include Excel, Anaconda, Python, SQL, Pandas, NumPy, Power BI, and Seaborn among others.

Duration: 33-week online program


Data Analysis Courses in Delhi Highlights:

  • Online live instructor-led sessions.
  • Hands-on learning.
  • Placement assistance for eligible candidates. Mock interviews, resume building, job postings.
  • 150+ hiring partners.
  • Access to e-learning content library, practice assessments, and case studies supplementing LIVE lectures throughout the program duration, and extended for a period of 3 months after program completion.
  • Certification by Shiv Nadar University Delhi-NCR and UNext Jigsaw.



A few other must-known courses


7. Croma Campus E School:

This is an education platform that provides rigorous industry-relevant programs in collaboration with world-class faculty. Incorporated in 2010, the school is ISO 9001:2015 certified and offers a plethora of Data Science courses. If you are on the lookout for Data Analytics courses in Delhi, here is an option for you.


Course 1:  Data Analytics Certification Training.  

Syllabus: Covers Python, Analytics, Statistics, SQL, Excel, Tableau, Power BI

Duration:  Option for weekdays (40-45 days), weekends (7 weekends), and fast-

tracking (8 days).

Course 2: Masters in Data Analytics

Syllabus:  Python, Statistics, SQL, Excel, Tableau, Power Bi, R programming

Duration: 8 months


Other related courses offered include certification training in SPSS, SAS, Power BI, Tableau, R Programming, Advance Excel, and Excel VBA certification. They also offer Masters Programmes in Data Analytics, Data Analytics with BI, and Data Analytics with Tableau (6–8-month course duration)


Data Analysis Courses in Delhi Highlights:

  • Mode of training: Live online/Self-paced/Classroom
  • 2 Industry-based projects, real-time case studies for the Data Analytics Certification Training, 10+ Assignments, and 4+ projects for the Master’s Certification.
  • 24×7 for course-related support.
  • Placement and Career assistance- resume building, mock interview sessions.
  • AZ-900 “Microsoft Azure fundamentals” certification.



8. Upgrad

Incorporated in 2015, Upgrad is claimed to be South Asia’s largest higher Ed Tech Company. It is ranked the No. 1 Start-up in India as per LinkedIn Top Start-ups 2020.  The institute is associated with the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) and Full Stack Academy.


Course: Caltech CTME Data Analytics Certificate Program

Syllabus: Covers Excel, Python, SQL, Tableau, Machine Learning, AWS, NLP, and AI.

Duration: 9 months with 200+ hours of learning.


Data Analysis Courses in Delhi Highlights:

  • Format: Blended learning (online + live).
  • Instructors: Caltech-approved faculty, Fullstack Academy faculty, and industry experts.
  • Industry networking sessions.
  • 5+ projects sponsored by top companies with student mentor interaction, one capstone (learners bring their own project for capstone).
  • Placement and career assistance. One-on-one mentorship, interview preparation, mock interviews. Assured job opportunities for eligible candidates with an 80% score on career eligibility tests.
  • Certification from Caltech.



9. Imarticus learning

Incorporated in 2012, this institute has been awarded many accolades including “Best E-learning company of the year”.

Course:  Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Specifically targeted at Graduates and Professionals (up to 5 years of experience) wanting to build a career in Data Science and Analytics.

Syllabus: Covers Python, SQL, Statistics, Machine Learning, and Data visualization tools with Tableau, and Power BI among others.

Duration: 6 months for the Full-time live weekday sessions, and 10 months for the Part-Time weekend program.


Data Analysis Courses in Delhi Highlights:

  • Core learning via classroom or online live lectures.
  • 25 in-class, real-world projects.
  • Practical skill development with hackathons and capstone projects.
  • Access to study material on a fully integrated online learning portal.
  • Career Assistance and placement offered – placement preparation workshops, mock interviews, and personal mentoring. Placement for candidates who secure at least 60%, who clear mock interviews and capstone project evaluation, along with an average attendance of at least 80% per module.



10. Madrid Software

A Delhi-based training center, established in 2011 by ex-Cognizant employees, offering comprehensive Data Analytics courses in Delhi, in academic partnership with Hewlett Packard. This is one of the trusted institutes in the Ed Tech world.

Course:  Data Analytics Course

Syllabus: The course covers Excel, Python, Numpy, Pandas, SQL, Machine Learning, and Data Visualisation tools including Tableau, MatplotLib, among others.


Data Analysis Courses in Delhi Highlights:

  • Training format – online/classroom.
  • Course curriculum designed by industry experts, and trainers from MNCs with rich experience.
  • Live project-based training in the chosen field.
  • Real-time assignments, case studies, and capstone projects.
  • Personalized counseling.
  • Micro Batches for proper attention.
  • Exposure to global data science platforms like Kaggle, Github, Hacker Earth, etc. for technical proficiency.
  • Training on creating technical blogs & presentations for respective clients.
  • Career assistance and placement are offered – mock tests, interviews, and dedicated placement coordinators assigned to every candidate.
  • 24 x 7 support





1. What is the basic requirement to pursue data analytics courses in Delhi?

Ans: A background in Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science would be an advantage.


2. Is there a difference between Data Science and Data Analytics?

Ans:  While the two terms are used interchangeably, the difference lies in the scope each cover. Data Science is the broader umbrella under which Data Analytics falls. Data Analytics focuses on understanding datasets and garnering actionable insights, whereas data science is centered on building, cleaning, and organizing datasets leveraging algorithms, machine learning, AI, and statistical models.  Data science asks the questions, and Data Analytics answers them. They are not mutually exclusive and are parts of a whole that are vital to understanding, analyzing, and reviewing information.


3. What are the different types of Data Analytics?

Ans: There are essentially 4 types

  • Descriptive Analytics: helps understand “what” has happened in the past.
  • Diagnostic Analytics seeks to understand the “why” behind what happened.
  • Predictive Analytics: relies on historical data, past trends, and assumptions to predict “what will be” in the future.
  • Prescriptive Analytics: identifies “what should be” done or specific actions to be taken.


4. Is Data Analytics an “IT” job?

Ans: Yes, Data Analytics is an IT job because it uses computing technology, programming languages, and databases. Data analysts deal only with software and not hardware computer IT support.


5. Apart from institutes, what are the colleges offering Data Analytics Courses in Delhi?

Ans: Some of the colleges offering Undergrad and Postgrad courses in Data Science and Analytics in Delhi include K.R. Mangalam University- Gurgaon, Great Learning – Gurgaon, Sharda University- Greater Noida, Galgotias University- Greater Noida, Amity University- Noida, Amity University-Gurgaon, Northcap University-Gurgaon, MUIT Noida.

Government colleges offering Data Analytics and Data Science degrees include Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Department of CSC, Miranda House, Hansraj College, IIT Delhi, and Delhi University.



The above is a compilation of 10 popular institutes (in no particular order) offering Data analysis courses in Delhi and career and placement assistance – an added bonus for anyone stepping into the professional world. This list is not exhaustive. Of course, there are many more noteworthy institutes out there, with comprehensive data analytics courses, as well as those offering courses on specific tools of Data Analytics – for instance, exclusive courses on “R”, Python, SQL, Tableau, etc.

These can be chosen by anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge and skill set in that specific domain to become more competitive. Online portals like Udemy and Coursera also have unlimited options in the Data Analytics sphere, offering you the freedom to learn and upskill at your own pace, with budget-friendly options. There is no dearth of choices when it comes to Data analysis courses in Delhi. Apart from Bangalore, Delhi is fast emerging as one of the data science hubs in India with significant demand for skilled data professionals.

But before making a choice, it will be wise to do your research, check the course curriculum and training modes available, ascertain if the course offers you practical-based training, and if accredited certification and placement opportunities are of primary importance to you, then make your choice of course and institute accordingly. Keeping all these factors in find, go ahead and claim your space in the Data World. The opportunities are endless for the right skilled people.

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