Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad With Placements

With the expansion in the business sector, the importance of efficient and improved performance of an organization has been crucial. In this article, we understand the importance and the part it plays in any business with detailed information that assists you in selecting from the many Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is rapidly emerging as an IT Hub, with numerous tech giants leaving their marks in Hyderabad, creating an advanced environment that nurtures innovation, This will be the year the city sees the shoot up in the number of employees and start-ups. To enhance your skills and gain a deep-seated expertise, we look into the following courses that help propel you in this influential sector.


List of best data analytics courses in Hyderabad


What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the process where businesses use raw data to identify patterns and various trends, that help gain insight and information which provides solutions, and meaningful correlations to fuel overall growth and elevate the business.


Importance of Data Analytics

With the growth in the industries, businesses need to evolve and provide optimal products and services. The inevitable expansion in the competition creates the space for newer methods, tools, and technologies that contribute to the business’s overall performance.

Data analytics helps businesses attain actionable insights in Risk Management, and derive structured data that can be applied to understand how to develop a business with incremental growth in 2023. Extracting Raw Data will enable the industry, firms, and individuals to establish a vision that is based on trusted data.

Recognizing various arrangements from sets of existing data, and identifying relationships and trend patterns in the industry can create a dynamic impact on the company’s future. It enhances productivity, drives sales, and promotes better usage of resources. A proper process of analyzing data is the most important part of a business. Data analytics helps make better and more informed managerial decisions.

Data Analytics can be used for preventative measures for environmental issues, it can solve problems with the collection of past data, and make proper and right changes that support environmental health.

The opportunities for data analytics have a wide range, from healthcare services to marketing and social media the data gathered can be used to predict and make revolutionary changes. Application of Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad is also done to maximize profits, gaining an in-depth understanding of the target audience helps make quick decisions and improve business operations.


Role of Data Analysts

Data analysts work with different data, and complex data and discover essential insights for the business. To enhance efficiency, different tools and technologies are applied that are advanced and high-speed in calculating necessary predictions, and organizing intricate data that help businesses thrive.


Life Cycle:

Step 1: Discovering the Data

Data discovery includes gathering resources and enough information for the particular business domain.

Step 2: Data Collection

In this process, data structures are collected, evaluated, and explored to further build a model.

Step 3: Data Model Planning

Large amounts of data are then analyzed to build a suitable and apt model.

Step 4: Data Model Building

The necessary models that are planned will be executed, to understand the target performance, until it aligns with the business values and goals.

Step 5: Data Communication

This step will determine whether the model has failed or been successful, depending on the results. Significant and vital findings are then formulated for the stakeholders.

Step 6: Data Operation

The final model is implemented and monitored, and then integrated into the business if it has achieved the desired goals.


Future of Data Analytics:

Data has been exponentially increasing in recent times. With the ever-evolving industrial sectors, consuming, and analyzing data has become a crucial step. Because of Data and Analytics, companies have been able to boost sales and revenue, better than before.

Data has been used to understand the consumers and predict the outcomes of the sales of a company. Without using data analytics, businesses bear the risk of potential failures and losses. It creates indecisiveness in the operations of a business, which leads to inefficiency.

Data analytics has made an incredible shift in the way a business works, it has been able to target remarkable growth, all the while eliminating risks and errors that would otherwise occur.

It promotes competent marketing which is key for taking a company to the next level. It creates a rooted knowledge of the consumer’s interest in using advanced technologies. Data analytics has proven its importance in Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Transportation, Insurance, Retail, and many other sectors.

The demand for Data Analytics has surged worldwide. Data analytics has become a sought-after profession across India and Hyderabad being a popular IT hub has a pool of opportunities present for people from different domains.


The 4 Types of Data Analytics That Target Better Decision-making.

  1. Descriptive: Gives analysis regarding what has previously occurred. The information on the status of the business and collecting necessary and accurate data for the same.
  2. Diagnostic: Understanding why it is happening, finding the root cause, and explaining it.
  3. Predictive: Forecasting what is likely to happen, and specific outcomes based on the nature of the data analyzed. Building the right business model.
  4. Prescriptive: Testing out the different models using advanced technologies to decide the best course of action, based on the future goals and plans of the business.


Earning Potential After Completing Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad

The Average Salary of a Data Analyst in India is INR 5,00,000 per annum and in Hyderabad is INR 5,50,000 p.a.

The salary you get depends on an individual’s work experience in the field.

With 1-4 years of experience, you can earn around INR 7,00,000 p.a.

With 5-9 years of work experience, you can earn around INR 13,00,000 p.a.

With 10+ years of work experience, you can earn around INR 20,00,000 p.a.


Eligibility for Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad:

The minimum qualification needed to pursue a Data Analytics course is a bachelor’s degree. Even though there is no pre-requisite, having an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Finance, or Statistics does ensure that the individual has a well-versed knowledge to deal with complex forms of data and has the essential Statistical and Mathematical Skills.

Having basic skills and knowledge is sufficient for getting into the world of Data Analytics, but having domain expertise does become a preferable choice in the market. The following Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad are based on developing a strong skillset with the right practical understanding that can efficiently prepare you for the vast and booming Industry.


Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad:



IIM SKILLS delivers a promising Data Analytics course with a Master’s Certificate that is efficiently structured to help learners gain eminent skills and techniques needed to set foot in this competitive Industry. They are a leading ed-tech platform that trains you with refined, present-day Data Analytics understandings.


Data Analytics Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel

Module 2: Data Analytics Using VBA

Module 3: Data Analytics Using SQL

Module 4: Data Analytics Using Power BI

Module 5: Data Analytics Using Python-1

Module 6: Data Analytics Using Python-2

Module 7: Data Analytics Using Tableau

Module 8: R For Data Science

Module 9: Data Analytics Using Alteryx


Course Details:

Duration: 6 months

Course Fee: 49,900 + 18% GST

Mode of Learning: Online


Tools covered:

  1. EXCEL
  2. Power BI
  3. Tableau
  4. Python
  5. SQL
  6. Alteryx
  7. R


Why choose IIM SKILLS?

  • This course is diversely designed for working professionals, and students and offers flexible scheduling.
  • You focus on developing a strong hold on linear and non-linear regression models.
  • Get better at clustering models including K means, etc.
  • Learn visualization techniques like heatmap, treemap, waterfall, Pareto, etc.


Contact: +91 9580 740 740,


Other best courses in Hyderabad:



EXCELR, Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad is one of the most prominent names growing worldwide, from the USA to India and Malaysia as a platform for high-quality training provided by professionals and experts having 12+ years of experience. Their curriculum consists of detailed preparation with advanced tools and technologies.


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Excel: Basic to Advance

Module 2: MySQL

Module 3: Tableau

Module 4: Power BI

Module 5: Business Statistics

Module 6: Fundamentals of R

Module 7: Fundamentals of Python

Module 8: ChatGPT


Course Details:

Duration: 6 months

Fee: 44,999 INR for Live Virtual Classroom

Mode of Learning: Online


Skills Covered:

  1. Database Concepts
  2. Data Analysis Concepts
  3. Functions, Charts and Slicers
  4. Data Visualisation



  1. Excel [Basic & Advanced]
  2. SQL
  3. Tableau
  4. Power BI
  5. Business Statistics
  6. Python and R Programming
  7. SAS [Self-Paced]
  8. Large Language Models [LLM] & ChatGPT


Why Choose EXCELR?

  • It has an Industry-Based Course Curriculum
  • Work Hands-on with 50+ Labs, 30+ Assignments, and 1500+ Interview Preparation Questions
  • A Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Support through WhatsApp, Calls, and emails
  • Lifetime E-Learning Access
  • 3 3-in-1 1 Certificate that offers Course Completion Certificate from ExcelR, IBM Certificate, and Internship Certificate form AI Variant.


Contact Information:  Call +91 8035240515


3. Intellipaat

Intellipat as a company, has developed courses in collaboration with some of the biggest IT Firms and trained more than 600,000 learners. It is an established company that delivers lifelong support to its learners.


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Preparatory Sessions – Data Transformation

Module 2: Data Wrangling with SQL

Module 3: Presto

Module 4: Introduction to Data Science and Statistics

Module 5: Business Problem Solving, Insights and Storytelling

Module 6: Optimization Techniques

Module 7: KNIME

Module 8: Statistics and Machine Learning using R Programming

Module 9: Predictive Modelling

Module 10: Time Series Forecasting

Module 11: Feature Engineering

Module 12: Advanced Machine Learning Techniques

Module 13: Data Science Execution Strategy

Module 14: Business case strategy

Module 15: Visualization using Power BI

Module 16: Data Science Capstone Project


Course Details: Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad

Fee: Online Classroom – 100,035 INR

Duration: 7 Months

Mode of Learning: Online


Why Choose Intellipaat?

  • 50+ Live Sessions across seven months
  • 218 Hrs Self-paced Videos
  • 200 Hrs Project & Exercise
  • Learn from IIT Madras Faculties and Industry Practitioners
  • One-on-one with Industry Mentors
  • Resume Preparation and LinkedIn Profile Review
  • They provide 24*7 support to their learners



  1. R Programming
  2. Excel
  3. SQL
  4. Power BI
  5. Presto
  6. Python
  7. KNIME


Contact Information: Call +91-7022374614

Ratings: 4.7 – Trustpilot, 4.7 – Sitejabber, 4.4 – Mouthshut


4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is the world’s leading digital economy skills provider across the globe with an online boot camp. With 2000+ Qualified trainers and 40+ Global Accreditations, their courses are designed with top corporations and Universities.


Course curriculum:

Module 1: Business Analytics with Excel

Module 2: SQL

Module 3: Programming Basics and Data Analytics with Python

Module 4: R Programming for Data Science

Module 5: Data Analytics with R

Module 6: Tableau Training

Module 7: Data Analyst Master Capstone

Course Details:

Fee: 54,000 INR

Duration: 11 months

Mode of Learning: Online Bootcamp



  1. Excel
  2. NumPy
  3. Pandas
  4. SciPy
  5. Power BI
  6. Python
  7. R Programming
  8. Tableau
  9. MySQL


  • Power BI
  • Industry Master Class – Data Analytics


Why Choose Simplilearn, out of all the Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad?

  • Top-notch course curriculum with integrated Labs
  • Live Masterclass and hackathons from IBM
  • 8X higher live interaction by industry experts
  • Capstone and 20+ Industry-relevant Data Analytics projects to ensure comprehensive learning.


Contact Information:  1800-212-7688


Switchup – 4.5 stars

Course Report – 4.5 stars


5. 360 DigiTMG – Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad

360 DigiTMG offers one of the best Data Analytics training with influential concepts like Data Mining of Structured and Unstructured Data, with the aid of real-life examples.


Course Curriculum:

Module1: Data Preparation

Module 2: Data Cleaning

Module 3: Exploratory Data Analysis

Module 4: Feature Engineering

Module 5: Feature Extraction

Module 6: Feature Selection

Module 7: Hypothesis Testing

Module 8: Regression Analysis

Module 9: Predictive Modeling

Module 10: Data Mining (Supervised and Unsupervised)

Module 11: Text Mining

Module 12: Natural Language Processing

Module 13: Machine Learning

Module 14: Black Box Techniques (Neural Networks, SVM- Support Vector Machine)

Module 15: Time Series Analysis (one of the techniques of forecasting)

Module 16: Project Management


Course Details:

Fee: INR 40,000 +tax [Virtual Instructor Led-Training]

Duration: 3 months



  1. Excel
  2. Tableau
  3. Power BI
  4. SQL
  5. NOSQL
  6. Python
  7. R Programming
  8. PySpark


Why Choose 360 DigiTMG?

  • Develop live reports from streaming data to make necessary business decisions.
  • Apply data, and visual insights for businesses.
  • Develop an understanding of row-oriented and database systems.
  • Lifetime LMS access
  • Offers Offline Hiring Events out of all Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad.
  • Hands-on experience on Live project
  • Complimentary courses


Contact information:

Phone: +91-9989994319 or 1800-212-654321




Google – 4.8 stars

Facebook – 5 stars


6. Skillslash

Skillslash being one of the leading Data Science training providers, offers domain expertise with project-based certification with practical training. Their Business Analytics courses are globally recognized with you experience a hybrid learning mode.


Course name: Business Analytics Course


Course Curriculum:

Module 0: Basics for Data Science

Module 1: Programming Essentials

Module 2: Applied Statistics

Module 3: Introduction to Machine Learning

Module 4: SQL for Business

Module 5: MongoDB [only in Pro Max]

Module 6: Excel for Business

Module 7: Tableau for Business [only in Pro Max]

Module 8: Powe BI

Module 9: Project Management [only in Pro Max]


Course Details:

Fee: Pro – INR 60,000+ GST

Pro Max – INR 95,000+ GST

Duration: 8 months

Mode of learning: Live Classes


Why Choose Skillslash?

  • They prioritize Real Work experience.
  • Building your own course – create a customized track that works best for your career aspiration.
  • Guaranteed job referral – Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad
  • Microsoft Certification
  • 15+ Industry Projects
  • Program Subscription


Contact Details:

  • Phone: 831-911-911
  • Email:



  • Course Report – 4.9 stars
  • Switchup – 4.8 stars
  • Google Reviews – 4.7 stars



The Big Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad by ACTE is a live instructor-led training with certified experts of 10+ years of experience. With expert training and interactive sessions, ACTE uses advanced tools and technologies to equip you with practical skills.


Course curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction to Big Data Analytics

Module 2: Data Mining Techniques

Module 3: Data Warehousing and ETL

Module 4: Big Data Analytics Tools

Module 5: Data Visualization

Module 6: Algorithms for Machine Learning

Module 7: Real-Time Big Data Analysis

Module 8: Case Studies and Projects


Course Details:

Fee: INR 14000 [online training], INR 16,000 [one-to-one training]

Duration: No Information

Mode of Learning: Classroom Batch Training, One to One Training, Online Training, Customized Training.


Why Choose ACTE?

  • Access to trendy and self-paced projects
  • Gain practical experience and expertise to face job interviews
  • Projects for hands-on learning
  • 40+ Hrs Hands-on Live Training
  • Lifetime course material Access.


Contact information:

  • Phone +91-8376 802 119



  • Switchup – 4.8 stars
  • INDIAAPL – 5 stars
  • Course report – 4.8 stars


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8. Learnbay – Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad

Learnbay’s Data Analytics course is formulated to tackle complex analytical problems in different industries. It serves both working professionals and professional beginners from different sectors.


Course Curriculum:

Module 0: Preparatory sessions

Term 1: Python Programming

  • Basic and Advanced Python

Term 2: Statistics and Machine Learning

  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning

Term 3: Data Analytics Tools

  • SQL
  • Power BI
  • Big Data and Spark Analytics
  • Time Series

Term 4: Excel

  • Essentials


Course Details:

Fee: INR 79,000 + 18% GST

Duration: 6 months

Mode of Learning: Classroom and Online Training


Tools Covered:

16+ Tools, some of them are:

  1. Python
  2. Jupyter
  3. Excel
  4. NumPy
  5. Pandas
  6. Power BI


Why Choose Learnbay?

  • Guaranteed Interview Calls
  • IBM project Certification
  • Designed for professionals.
  • Mock interviews with Industry leaders
  • Get 1 year of job and placement support.


Who is this course for?

  • Minimum of 1 year of IT/non-IT work experience.


Contact information:

  • Phone +91 7795687988
  • Email



  • Course report- 4.7 stars
  • Switch up- 4.7 stars
  • Google reviews- 4.8 stars




1. What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the process where large volumes of raw, unstructured data are used to find industry trends and statistics that help the business in product development, marketing, and boosting sales.


2. What does a Data Analyst do?

The job of a data analyst is to analyze past data and create models out of complex data with the help of tools and technologies like Python, Power BI, etc.


3. What skills are required for a Data Analyst?

Data Visualization, Finding Creative Solutions, Soft Skills, basic knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics, Machine Learning, tools like Python, etc are some of the skills required for Data Analysts.


4. Is coding required in Data Analytics?

Coding is a required skill in Data Analytics, though having fundamental efficiency in programming is enough.


5. What is the salary of a Data Analyst?

The average salary of Data Analytics in India is INR 5,00,000 p.a.


6. What is the salary of a Data Analyst in Hyderabad?

A Data Analyst in Hyderabad earns between 2,30,000 p.a. and 21,20,000 p.a. The average salary is around INR 6,00,000 p.a.


7. What is the salary of a Data Analyst in Hyderabad for Freshers?

A Data Analyst without any experience can earn around INR 2,40,000 p.a.


8. What is the highest salary of a Data Analyst in Hyderabad?

The highest salary of data analysts in Hyderabad is around INR 23,00,000 p.a.


9. How can I start to become a Data Analyst?

Data analytics can be learned with proper training from professionals who have proficiency and in-depth insight into the Industry. There are various courses that provide such knowledge, and usage of tools, some of the best are mentioned in this article.


10. Which is the best course for Data Analytics in Hyderabad?

There are many recognized institutes that have created online, hybrid courses. Some of them are EXCELR, ACTE, Intellipaat, etc.


11. Are there Data Analytics courses with placements?

Many Data Analytics courses in Hyderabad offer placements and guarantee support like IIM SKILLS.


12. Who is eligible for Data Analytics?

The required qualification is a bachelor’s degree.


13. Is a Data Analytics Job difficult?

With proper experience and skillset, data analytics isn’t as difficult, but it requires keeping up with the current advances and changes. A data analyst’s job is highly demanding because of the amount of problem-solving that they do on a regular basis, but with sufficient experience, it isn’t difficult.


14. Can I become a data analyst in 6 months?

Becoming a data analyst can take months to years, a dedicated course of action, and discipline combined with support from professionals can help a person become a Data Analyst in 6 months.


In Closing:

To have a promising head start in a world of data and its complexities, a proper skillset is needed that ties up with practical training from industry experts. The transferrable skills of Data Analytics help in monitoring the market and its trends, and since the development of technologies like Artificial Intelligence [AI] and Machine Learning [ML], an even more rapid change is inevitable. Data Analytics is a creative process that is Timesaving and highly resourceful, it can be applied in any chosen domain, which makes it a potent skill to acquire. To learn the current impact of Data in Industries of India and Abroad choose the right Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad.

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