Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad With Placements

Data analytics course has become one of the most popular courses in recent days to get a high-paying job, and for many, it is seen as their dream career. The reason for giving priority to this field is that data analytics has become the most important part of any business, small scale or large scale, in order to develop their accomplishments or performances, and experts in this emerging field seem to be limited. This article gives insight into the data analytics courses in Ahmedabad that are provided by the top institutes.


List of best data analytics courses in Ahmedabad


The Reason Why It is Gaining Ground in Recent Days is as follows:


1. Organizations Need Data Analysts

As today’s marketing and business fields have become competitive, there is a need to make changes in services and products by understanding the exact reason behind them. Today, firms are tech-driven and fast-growing, so in order to make internal decisions to improve the business, there is a need for data analysts.

The data collected in the raw form based on their organizations is just facts or numbers without being interpreted by data analysts in a meaningful way. For most companies, for cost reduction to make changes in customer service and products, and to overcome a loss, the role of data analysts is vital because their predictions on data analysis are more efficient.

Whether you are an employer or employee, to improve the performance of your company, it is wise to do a data analytics course or hire a data analyst. Therefore, data analytics courses in Ahmedabad are in demand because the city has many top companies with a demand for data analysts.


2. The Future Scope of Data Analytics Courses

The demand for this job seems to increase in the future as the entire company’s work is transformed and improved based on the meaningful analysis of the data analysts. The most prominent sectors that depend on data analysis are banking, manufacturing, sales, the healthcare sector, and information and communication technology.

They seem to rely entirely on data for more company gains, and there is a need for new sophisticated methods to work on structured and unstructured data. Eventually, it creates a need for learning courses related to data analytics. The scope for the future also makes data analytics courses in Ahmedabad more popular.


What Does the Course Cover?


1. General Concepts of the Data Analytics

In a data analytics course, students are taught the essentials of statistics and data visualization through computer technologies. This helps them to solve complex data using software and tools related to their work to make predictions and assumptions.

  • Data analysis skills
  • Statistics
  • Research methods
  • Probability
  • Data mining techniques and applications
  • Functions of technological tools used in data analytics:


2. Data Analytics Tools for Technical Data

The course includes access to using some tools to perform daily functions in order to gain knowledge of data management. The most common among them are;

Python and R: They are the programming languages used in this field, R is used for statistics and analytics, while Python is a high-level interpretive language. Both are free and can be downloaded from their respective websites.

Power BI: It is a Microsoft product used for business analytics and it provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities.

Tableau: It is a business intelligence tool used to make analysis and interpretation in an easy format which allows working on live data sets.

Microsoft Excel: It is one of the popular tools, and it provides users with features such as sharing a workbook, adding data directly to the excel sheet from a photo, and so on.

SQL: It can be used to store, access, and extract large amounts of data in order to carry out the whole data science process more smoothly.

Rapidminer: It is mainly for processing data, building machine learning models, and deployment.

Apache Spark: It is a cluster computing framework that is open source and is used for real-time processing.


Prerequisites for Enrolling in the Course:

The most common requirements for entry-level seem to be a degree or diploma in mathematics, statistics, or computer science. The intermediate and advanced levels seem to have master’s degrees or higher since they learn more complex data interpretation.

Anybody with or without prior knowledge or experience in using statistics or mathematics can also do the certificate course provided that a proper plan of action is made to learn new things.


The Top Data Analytics Certifications

  • IBM data science professional certificate -data visualization, machine learning modeling, and IBM data libraries.
  • Using Power BI, you can prepare, model, visualize, and deploy data.
  • Statistical business analyst professional certificate—to improve predictive and statistical modeling abilities
  • Data analytics certification: Analyze and visualize data to solve business problems.
  • Cloudera data platform generalist-system administration, data analysis, and solution development using the CDP platform.


What Makes the Course Career-oriented and Career-Ready?


1. Demand for Data Analysts

The demand for data analytics professionals is on the rise in top organizations to perform important policy-making decisions and marketing strategies. Because the number of trained professionals is limited, students seek out course providers to gain specific knowledge in a short period of time.

Training professionals in corporates has become an urgent need, so the data analytics courses are real-life application-oriented before progress, the learners get career ready. As demand increases, the pay scale for professionals in the field of data science also increases.

Further, data analyst jobs are not limited to one sector; they have multiple fields such as finance, marketing, commerce, business intelligence, sales, and so on. If you enter the job as a data analyst, the career path may take you to different levels like data specialist, data engineer, or data scientist depending on the firm. This upgrades the pay and positions based on roles and responsibilities.


2. Training Focuses on Working on Live Projects.

The course on data analytics prepares a candidate for a highly-paid job because, during the course, learners work on real projects. It helps to expand their knowledge of the field apart from the training. This helps to showcase one’s expertise while working with real employers and clients and facing challenges to meet the target.

It helps to create a good portfolio and attract the top firms to hire, and you can also share your portfolio with working professionals’ networks to get to know them better.


A few other in-demand courses in Ahmedabad


The Top 10 Institutes That Provide Data Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad


1. ExcelR

This is a leading institution that offers quality coaching in collaboration with IBM for a variety of courses taught by well-qualified professionals who are up-to-date on the latest technologies. This institution was founded in 2014 with its world headquarters in the USA, and it has branches in countries like the UK, India, Australia, the Middle East, and the Netherlands.

They are an excellent training and consulting center for providing high-quality classroom and online training. This is one of the reliable institutes for learning data analytics courses in Ahmedabad as it has witnessed the training of 140,000 students and professionals from diverse domains. The details of the data analysis courses in Ahmedabad they provide are furnished below.


Duration: This is a six-month course.


  • Business statistics and fundamentals
  • Excel uses the most common functions to use data in an advanced method.
  • SQL-different operations of managing data using SQL
  • Tableau-advanced use of the tableau tool
  • R’s introduction and key concepts
  • Python overview and key concepts
  • Power BI


Highlights of the course:

  • A tailored curriculum is provided for the course.
  • Opportunity to work on live projects
  • The training model combines face-to-face and online instruction.
  • Accessibility to e-learning
  • Assignments


Requirements for the course are:

Students: Students from science, commerce, and engineering streams.


  • Professionals with backgrounds in finance, accounting, and management with
  • Working people from any domain who possess logical and analytical skills.


Any stream with good logical and analytical skills.

The course fee is ₹39,999.


2. Simplilearn

This is one of the best online boot camps to recommend for someone who is looking to enhance the skills to become a data analyst, like students and professionals from big corporations and small businesses. They provide the course in collaboration with IBM, a leading cloud platform and global consulting employer.

The training provided by this company is specified as skill-based, industry-focused, and training that is globally relevant for diversified career and business targets. This company was established in 2010 and is based in California, San Francisco, Bangalore, and India. This company is one of the best platforms for data analysis courses in Ahmedabad. The details of the program are mentioned below.


Duration: This is an eight-month course.


  • Data analysis abilities
  • Excel for statistical analysis
  • Functions of data analysis tools like Python and R
  • Technical tools to visualize data using Power BI and Tableau.
  • Modules on linear and logistic regression
  • Clustering using k means
  • Learning is supervised.



  • For freshers and professionals, a first-rate course curriculum with integrated labs is provided.
  • Learners get the IBM advantage from master classes and hackathons.
  • Industry experts conduct live interactive online sessions.
  • Projects are based on e-commerce, banking, technology, and manufacturing.



Candidates should have knowledge of basic mathematical calculations. Professionals with backgrounds in IT, marketing, finance, supply chain networking, and data analytics.

The course fee is ₹54,000.


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3. Tops Technologies

This is one of the best IT institutes which provide data analytics courses in Ahmedabad with expert trainers who provide industry-based training. It delves deeply into data visualization and interpretation using cutting-edge tools. Furthermore, it guarantees the learners’ career growth and job opportunities for those who are seeking them. Let us see the course details below.


Course Highlights

  • Well-qualified teachers
  • Students are limited to a batch.
  • Timings are flexible.
  • Work on live projects
  • Career-centered learning
  • Involved and interactive teaching and learning
  • Job mentorship


Course Module:

The module covers the key concepts of data science with detailed information on data analytics, its types, and the fundamentals of data collection and data mining. In addition to that, the data analysis courses in Ahmedabad introduce the tools and techniques for using Python programming, and SQL fundamentals, excelling in data analytics, and R programming.

Overall, all these skills you acquire by applying them in real-life applications in data science give you more confidence to face the real challenges at the end of the data analysis courses in Ahmedabad provided by Tops technologies.


4. Imarticus Learning

This is one of the renowned institutes that provide high-quality, technically advanced data analytics courses in Ahmedabad, which is a post-graduate program. They teach the concepts in depth and are aimed at equipping their learners with the advanced digital scenarios of the future.

Duration: The program duration is in two formats.

  1. Full-time weekday program—6 months (freshers )
  2. The part-time weekend program–10 months (professionals)


Course Features:

  • The instructor-led live classrooms.
  • Customized learning
  • Classroom-led work on real projects
  • Self-paced learning in the LMS
  • capstone project
  • Career preparation workshops
  • Hackathon
  • A dedicated team of career support


Course Module:

The course modules in this program differ for freshers and professionals. Here below, the most commonly used curriculum for both categories is mentioned.

  • Programming in SQL and Python
  • Data Visualization techniques using Tableau and Power BI
  • R and data science fundamentals.
  • Big data and Hadoop
  • Big data analytics with Spark
  • Statistics


The course costs ₹. 225,000.

Installments ₹67,650

The data analytics courses in Ahmedabad provided by Imarticus Learning will provide you with a certificate upon completion of this advanced course, which adds value to your professional credentials.


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5. Fingertips:

This is one of the fastest developing technologies in the modern industry, which provides advanced courses in data science. The course includes in-depth training in data analysis and the tools used to perform various functions. The training is of high quality and is industry-based and customized by experienced staff who have many years of updated experience in the field.

This institute started in 2010 and the most impressive fact about it is that it has trained about 20,000 learners, out of which 95% of them were placed in well-paid corporates. This is one of the reasons why many prefer to do data analytics courses in Ahmedabad in this particular institute. Let us see a few details of the course:

Course Fee:

Online -₹44999 rupees

Classroom-led training – ₹49,999



  • An insight into data analytics
  • The basics of statistics
  • Learning an advanced version of calculations in statistics
  • An understanding of probability
  • Database basics
  • The basics and functions of SQL
  • In-depth study of python
  • Self-paced learning with MongoDB


Highlights of the Course:

  • It has 3000+ hiring partners.
  • A platform for learners to experience real projects
  • Interactive sessions are live and provided both online and classroom-based.
  • The course completion certificate
  • Career support and mentorship


6. Acte

This is an IT training center that provides a variety of courses by industry experts to meet the industry’s needs in the current scenario. The data analytics courses in Ahmedabad provided by this institute are online. One of the objectives of the data analytics course provided by this center in Ahmedabad is they directly support their learners to prepare for the data analytics interview in order to attain their dream job.


Course Highlights

  • The instructor-led live classes.
  • Training and internships are focused on a career basis.
  • Expert advice on obtaining a dream job in an MNC or a reputable firm.
  • Training in Big Data Analytics
  • We offer courses tailored to your needs, from beginner to advanced.
  • Give two international certifications.


Course Curriculum: The curriculum covers a wide range of concepts relevant to the course. A few topics among them are listed below.

  • The Basics of Data Science
  • Statistical terminology
  • Techniques of Data Exploration
  • Data mining
  • Dimensionality reduction techniques
  • Regression topics
  • Association rules



  • This center is a recognized one and its certificate is accredited worldwide
  • This is a member of the American Committee on School Leaders.


The instructors of this center suggest their learners get the most popular data analytics certifications from Google. In short, this course is dedicated to driving their learners to a tech-driven future society.


7. Coursera

This is an online learning platform for many courses. They do not require prior training experience or knowledge. This course teaches programming language skills as well as fundamental cloud and data analysis. This online data analytics course by Coursera is very effective for pursuing a beginner-level data analyst job. As data analytics courses in Ahmedabad are popular among professionals, Coursera is one of the best options for online mode.


Course Highlights

  • Classes are taken by universities and outstanding companies
  •  Flexible class schedules as convenient.
  • Affordable course fees
  • Job skills are developed.
  • Learn through hands-on projects.
  • Excellent preparation for an entry-level data analytics job.
  • Earn a career credential certificate.


Course Module:

  • Data foundations
  • Data exploration techniques
  • Data processing
  • Data analysis practiced through technical tools


Course Duration: 3-6 months.


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8. Knowledgehut 

This is a leading provider of training to enhance the skills of professionals of big corporations in the fields of technology and management. The advanced data analytics courses in Ahmedabad provided by this company are the right choice for anyone who is aspiring to become skilled as a data specialist.

They teach all statistical, analytical, and problem-solving skills through their well-planned curriculum. Upon completion of the data analysis courses in Ahmedabad, candidates are immediately placed in good companies.


Course Curriculum:

  • The course module covers the fundamentals of data analytics using Hadoop tools.
  • Multiple data set collaboration is learned through the pig framework.
  • Data is organized using hive frameworks.
  • The analysis is done on real projects during training.


Course Highlights

  • Learners enrolled in this course get access to free e-learning in 100+ courses.
  • Students get high-quality 30-hour training.
  • Classes are held by experts in the data field.
  • Learners can also opt for personalized training.
  • Corporate training for professionals is made convenient through a customized learning plan and time schedule.


The data analytics courses in Ahmedabad provided by Knowledge Hut are suitable for those with a mathematics background who have statistical and analytical skills at a basic level. This is because, at the end of their learning journey, they land in an advanced role as a data specialist as a data scientist, or in any leading role in an organization with a high salary package.


9. FITA Academy

This is one of the well-known training providers of various technically advanced courses in all major cities in the country. The course on data analytics provided by this center is an advanced course that gives in-depth knowledge of data analysis and its related techniques using software and internet tools. Let us see the course details.


The Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Learners are trained to use Excel and Tableau to analyze and visualize data sets.
  • R and Python, two data science programming languages, are taught.
  • Concepts of Statistics
  • Probability concepts
  • Training for big data analytics using Spark and Map-reduce
  •  Solving data quality issues.


Course Highlights

  • Customized learning—options for online training, classroom training  and recorded class sessions
  • Classes by expert trainers in the industry
  • Personalized training
  • Deep experience in live projects.
  • Affordable, tech-driven standard training
  • Career support to work in small to big firms


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10. Seven Mentor

This institute is a provider of both IT and non-IT courses. The data analytics courses in Ahmedabad provided by Seven Mentors are for both new and experienced professionals with hands-on experience with practical projects as well as theoretical knowledge of various data science concepts.

This data analytics certificate course was developed with tie-ups with top IT companies so that it aids the learners in fetching a well-paid job easily if they meet the skill sets required relevant to the field.


Course Curriculum:

The course covers all the basic concepts of data analytics and is practiced through intensive training. The fundamentals of R, Python, pig, and hive and how to use them in data analysis studies are trained by experts. Furthermore, the latest methodologies to analyze and interpret large amounts of data are used.


Course Highlights

  • Proficiency in all key areas of learning
  • certification is globally accredited.
  • Trainers are experts in the industry and possess up-to-date knowledge of the subject they teach.


This institute is ideal for learners of all levels, from beginner to advanced, to move their careers toward the advancing field of data science in modern society.

Course Duration: 90 hours


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Do the data analytics courses in Ahmedabad offer placements on completion of the course?

Mostly, all the institutes promise placements. Still, securing a job depends on one’s own capability. Furthermore, there will be a particular career mentor team in all the institutes to assist students in preparing for and attending interviews. Most of the institutes create portfolios for their candidates during the course if they strictly adhere to the career path planned by the training centers.


2. Which degree is mandatory to do the data analytics courses in Ahmedabad?

There is no compulsion on the background of any particular degree for entry-level, but someone who is planning to take this course to perform an important role in a firm should have basic logical and analytical skills. Furthermore, a basic mathematical background would be better for doing the advanced data analytics courses.


3. Can I do data analysis courses in Ahmedabad while working?

Yes, this course can be done while working, but only paid courses have the flexibility of timing and access to live classes. There will be recorded classes, so it is easy to get the missed sessions. Further, most of the institutions have customized learning systems like part-time, weekend, and full-time as such. As a result, this course can be completed while still working.


4. What is the salary range for data analytics?

In India, data analyst fresher earns 15.8k per month and 1.9 lakhs per year. Depending on the city and the firm, the salary range varies. However, data analyst jobs are generally well-paid.

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