Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon With Placements

Are you wondering which skill can help you make better decisions, identify potential risks, and grow your business faster? Look no further, as the answer lies within the realm of cognitive data analytics. Data analytics is the practice of using quantitative information or data to discover and exploit useful insights that can aid in personalized decision-making. It is an area that is expanding quickly as companies of all sizes recognize the benefits of utilizing data to enhance their operations. By enrolling yourself in Data Analytics courses in Gurgaon you can discover how your consumers behave by looking at what they buy, how they use your goods or services, and what they might want in the future. You may use this information to create new goods and services, enhance your advertising efforts, and boost client pleasure.


List of best data analytics courses in Gurgaon


4 Major Types of Data Analytics

In today’s era where we have data amounting to approximately 64 Zetabyte (Study of 2020), it becomes necessary to be able to distinguish between the different kinds of it so that it is manageable and the information can be used to mark a trend and grow efficiently.


  1. Descriptive Analytics: The simplest sort of data analytics is called descriptive analytics. It merely summarises what occurred in the past. Descriptive analytics, for instance, could be used to produce a report that indicates how many people have bought a product over the previous year.
  2. Diagnostic Analytics: This type of Data Analytics goes beyond descriptive analytics. It aids in your understanding of why events occurred. Diagnostic analytics could be used to pinpoint the causes of a rise in customer attrition.
  3. Predictive Analytics: The most complex sort of data analytics is called predictive analytics. It makes future predictions about what is most likely to occur. Predictive analytics can be used to identify the clients most likely to abandon your business.
  4. Prescriptive Analytics: The most sophisticated sort of data analytics is called prescriptive analytics. It explains what you ought to do. Prescriptive analytics might be used, for instance, to suggest a marketing campaign that has the best chance of succeeding.


There are various other specialized sorts of data analytics in addition to these four basic categories, including:

  • Text Analytics: Data using text analytics can yield valuable insights. Text analytics could be used to determine the tone of customer evaluations or to extract the most important ideas from a document.
  • Image analytics: To gain insights, image analytics analyses visual data. For instance, image analytics could come in handy to recognize things in a photo or follow people’s movements in a video.
  • Video analytics: To gain insights, video analytics analyses video data. Video analytics could be used to count the number of individuals within a store or to monitor customer behavior in a retail environment.


You might feel inundated and overwhelmed with all this information but don’t be! These skills can be learned even without any prior experience or knowledge. Let me break this information down for you into easy-to-remember analogies so that they stick with you.

  • Descriptive analytics: It is like looking in the rearview mirror to see where you’ve been.
  • Diagnostic analytics: like using a detective to figure out whodunit.
  • Predictive analytics: like looking into a crystal ball to see what the future holds.
  • Prescriptive analytics: like getting advice from a wise old owl.
  • Text analytics: like reading a book and finding the hidden meaning between the lines.
  • Image analytics: like looking at a painting and understanding the artist’s intent.
  • Video analytics: like watching a movie and understanding the plot.


Why Gurgaon for Data Analytics Courses?

Due to the abundance of innovation, high technology, and IT businesses, Gurgaon is an excellent spot to study data analytics. These businesses are always seeking qualified data analysts, and data analytics courses in Gurgaon will equip you with the knowledge and abilities you need to work in this expanding industry.

There are a variety of cutting-edge data analytics courses in addition to the more conventional ones. Modern methods including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing are the main topics of these courses. The data analytics courses in Gurgaon will be a terrific choice for you if you want to keep on top of developments in the field of data analytics.


Here’s a List of All Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon Available for You



Anybody who wants to learn data analytics, regardless of background, can take the tailored data analytics course offered by IIM SKILLS. The course material is created to offer practical assignments that allow students to get real-world practical experience. Case studies, hands-on projects, and virtual training sessions with faculty members who are industry professionals are all part of the course.

The trainers come with vast industrial experience having hands-on experience in implementing analytics and machine learning projects. In order to help their clients become “Industry-ready” professionals and improve their career chances, they put a strong emphasis on assisting them in developing fundamental and advanced analytics abilities.


The Data Analytics Course Modules Include:

  •  Basic and advanced Excel
  •  Visual Basic Application
  •  SQL Basics
  •  SQL Server Reporting Services
  •  SQL Server Integration Services
  •  Python Analytics with Machine Learning
  • Business Analytics with Tableau+Power BI+SQL+Alteryx+Excel, and more.


Mode of delivery: Online

Course duration: 6 months

Key features: 2 months Non-paid Internship (Optional)


Other best courses in Gurgaon:


2. ExcelR

ExcelR provides a range of courses in Data Science, Data Analytics, and other topics making it is another great option for Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon. They have trained more than 150,000 professionals across a variety of courses, and they are a renowned training delivery partner for 400+ corporate clients as well as universities and educational institutions around the world.

This course is offered to you in collaboration with IBM. They offer intensive interview training and the course’s curriculum is a great blend of theoretical and practical learning.

Their Data analyst course offers Excel, Advanced Excel, Tableau, SQL, Power BI, and Basics of R & Python. ExcelR also helps to prepare for the interview throughout the course and they have a dedicated placement cell to aid the students with employment opportunities right after finishing up with the course.


Mode of delivery: Online

Course duration: 6 months

Key features: Students get a jumbo pass which enables them to join the unlimited live sessions for a period of 1 year.


3. Analytixlabs

A comprehensive, industry-relevant Data Science course with placement assistance is being offered by AnalytixLabs under the name Data Science 360. Data Visualization and analytics, Data Science With Python, and Machine Learning courses are all included in the course. Their data analytics courses in Gurgaon are well-trusted and renowned.

The program is intended for candidates who have no prior programming experience but wish to learn practical skills for the workplace using a well-known open-source Data-driven learning platform. The course is designed to be completed in up to 1 year. Their students have a proven record of getting placed in high-ranking companies making it one of the best data analytics courses in Gurgaon.

Trained and experienced Faculty make up their team. They have been offering these data-related courses since 2011 and thus are trusted by many.


Mode of delivery: fully interactive online and offline classes depending on the course plan you choose.

Course duration: 500 hours (46 classes)

Key features: Demo sessions available, extensive curriculum, capstone projects, and career assistance.


4. iClass Gyansetu

If you’re a working professional and seeking growth in the areas of software, analytics, and leadership then Gyansetu’s Business/data analytics courses in Gurgaon is the right choice for you. They provide a variety of specialized, bespoke solutions for professionals and corporations in the form of training and mentorships in addition to nurturing emerging talents through summer training programs.

The data analytics course from iClass Gyansetu is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to analyze, manipulate, and visualize data using a variety of tools and techniques. Topics including Excel, Machine Learning, Python, Big Data, and Power BI123 are covered in the course.

Real-world projects, case studies, exercises, and mock interviews are also included in the course to help you study and get ready for the workplace. You need not be a pro to enroll in their course as they emphasize developing courses suitable for all.


Mode of delivery: Online + Classroom

Course duration: 4.5 months (320 hours, of which 160 hours are instructor)

Key features: The course can be repeated for free within three months after the completion of the course.


5. Boston Institute of Analytics (BIA)

Another great option to consider is the Boston Institute of Analytics. As the name suggests, the institute excels at providing analytical and management courses such as data analytics, business management AI, etc. Along with the tools, their course also covers essential skills such as hypothetical testing, visualization, and statistics.

They also offer a business management and analytics course that emphasizes project management, business analytics, and data-driven decision-making. Other facilities such as interview assistance and real-time-based projects are also provided to the students so that they do not miss out on gaining practical experience as well as theoretical learning.


Mode of delivery: Classroom (offline) + Online

Course duration: 4 months

Key features: Multiple advancement levels offered i.e.

  • Certification – 4 months
  • Diploma – 6 months
  • Master Diploma – 10 months


6. TCA Gurgaon

Project-based industrial training, skill development, and corporate training are all offered by TCA Gurgaon, an educational institution. It is a recognized educational institution that offers a wide variety of training programs made to improve abilities, encourage professional development, and meet the demands of diverse industries.

For project-based industrial training, skill development, and corporate training, they are Gurgaon’s one of the top training facilities. Six real-world projects as well as numerous data science tools and technologies are included in the course.

In order to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience, they have developed a multi-way approach to the course, which includes Classroom training, practical learning, and live and recorded sessions. Their educational quality is trusted by many.


Mode of delivery: Classroom + Online

Course duration: 6 months diploma

Key features: The course remains accessible to the students for one year (Online and Offline).


7. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya, is a top training company in the digital industry, specializing in imparting cutting-edge knowledge to individuals and groups. They provide a variety of online learning opportunities in the fields of SEO, social media marketing, data science/analytics, digital marketing, and many more.

Their Data analytics Course is thoughtfully combined with advanced Excel training which aims to refine the data and help working professionals as well as students. They also provide real-world experience by inculcating capstone projects in their course syllabus. Additionally, the program offers lifetime access to online course materials, round-the-clock support, help finding employment, and industry-recognized certification.


Mode of delivery: Online

Course duration: 16 weeks

Key features: Lifetime access to the course, and affordable prices.


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8. Great Learning

Great Learning provides a Data Analytics Bootcamp Programme, a course in data analytics boot camp that is placement-oriented and is available both in-person and online. This 4-month job-focused course’s practical curriculum covers all the industry-relevant skills that recent graduates need to flourish in a data-driven environment.

Industry professionals who deliver this course will provide you with helpful guidance and insights. Additionally, you will engage in live interactive sessions with them to get your questions answered and gain knowledge from their experiences.

Your resume writing, LinkedIn profile updating, aptitude training, interview preparation, and job search aid will all be handled by the course’s career support team.


Mode of delivery – Online and Offline (However, there are only 4 locations in which the course is being delivered in classroom mode – Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune)

Course duration – 4 months

Key features: 7 guaranteed placement opportunities, specially designed for newly graduated.


9. Simplilearn

Making you a specialist in data analytics, Simplilearn provides a Data Analyst Master’s Programme in partnership with IBM. This course teaches you how to use SQL databases, R, and Python, develop data visualizations, and use statistics and predictive analytics in a commercial setting. There are also Masterclasses from IBM subject matter experts throughout the course.

The program offers a thorough course curriculum that combines self-paced learning videos with live online instructor-led classes. To ensure thorough learning, the course also provides 20+ industry-relevant Data Analytics assignments. Projects involving the banking, e-commerce, technical, and industrial sectors.


Mode of delivery: Online

Course duration: 12 estimated

Key features: Exclusive Hackathons by IBM Experts, Comparatively flexible learning.


10. EduBridge

Enrolling in EduBridge’s Certification Programme in Data Analytics can help you advance your profession in data analysis. The program is designed to provide participants with a better understanding of the topic by giving them the chance to receive practical training. The education is delivered through project-based and experiential training approaches to help you grow and provide you with real-world experience.

Throughout the entire program, highly skilled and experienced master trainers from the Data Analytics spectrum will assist you in securing your ideal job by imparting a solid technical foundation and using a dedicated placement manager forum.


Mode of delivery: Online

Course duration: 546 hours

Key features: 3 placement Interviews guaranteed.


FAQs: Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon


  1. What is a course in data analytics?

A data analytics course is one that equips you with the knowledge and abilities required to analyze data. Data collecting, data cleansing, data analysis, and data visualization all fall under this category. Numerous subjects are frequently covered in data analytics courses, including:

  • Data collection entails compiling information from several sources, including polls, databases, and social media.
  • Data cleaning is eliminating errors and discrepancies in the data.
  • Data analysis: This entails analyzing data and looking for trends using statistical techniques.
  • Data visualization: Making visual representations of data, such as charts and graphs.


  1. What advantages come from enrolling in data analytics courses in Gurgaon?

The advantages of taking a data analytics course are numerous. These consist of:

Opportunities for employment: Data analytics is a fast-expanding profession, and there is a strong need for knowledgeable data analysts.

Pay: The median yearly salary of a data analyst in the United States is approximately $100,560.

Advancement in the workplace: Data analytics is a skill that is applicable across many different industries. This implies that data analysts have numerous options for advancing their professions.

Problem-solving abilities: Data analytics shows you how to use data to solve problems. This is a useful talent that you may use in both your personal and professional life to address a number of problems.


  1. What kinds of data analytics courses in Gurgaon are there?

Data analytics courses come in a wide variety of forms. These consist of:

Online classes: Online classes are a fantastic choice for those who wish to learn independently and at their convenience.

Courses taken in person: In-person courses are suitable for those who wish to interact with knowledgeable professors and other learners.

Boot camps: For students who want to learn data analytics rapidly and get certification, boot camps are an excellent alternative.


  1. How do I find employment opportunities in data analytics in Gurgaon?

You can do the following things to find work in data analytics:

Get Certified: Obtain a data analytics certification to demonstrate to employers that you possess the abilities they are seeking.

Network with others in the data analytics sector: By connecting with those in the sector, you can find out about job openings and open doors.

Build a Resume: Create a portfolio of data analytics projects to demonstrate your talents and experience to potential employers. Try to engage in more and more internships so that you have a strong portfolio to present in front of your employers and showcase your abilities.

Practice your data analytics skills: You will get better at using data analytics the more you use them. You may want to put a tad bit more effort if you have never studied statistics or higher mathematics to understand the algorithms but you need not worry as almost all of these Data analytics courses in Gurgaon start from scratch, making them suitable for beginners and not really have any prerequisites.



There are a lot of opportunities to learn in the present day where almost everything has been digitalized. It could be one of the reasons that you set your mind to learning this data art. We’ve extensively researched and then prepared the above list so that you can compare and make your decision. To help you compare and decide, we did a lot of research before creating the list above. While all of the courses provided by the different institutions mentioned in the list above are legitimate and offer completion certificates, choosing the best one for you may leave you perplexed. So, before choosing a course, take into account the points that follow.

  • Budget friendliness: If you’re still a student then you may want to consider this point however, do not worry as this does not always affect the quality of education.
  • Mode of delivery: Whether you want to take the classes in the comfort of your home or you simply like being present in the physical classes. If you’re a working professional then an online live course should be a better option for you. In this list of data analytics courses in Gurgaon, you will find both online and offline options.
  • Duration: If you want to enhance your resume and want to learn the skillset without investing much time, you may want to go for shorter duration courses. But if you want to put more time into learning and understanding the deeper concepts then longer-duration courses are the right ones for you.
  • Researching: You may wish to carry out your own small research about data analytics courses in Gurgaon. As these courses are offered by different institutions and taught by various faculty, you can do a little fact-finding and scrutinize the features that matter the most to you.
  • Trust: You may find some courses more trustworthy in comparison to others when it comes to imparting knowledge and making you career-ready. In this case, you can go through the feedback of the other people who have already taken the course and have attained the alumni status.

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