Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Pune With Placements

Technology is the core of this modern society and it’s improving every day at a very fast pace. To keep up with technology and its latest trends, we must learn to adapt. But technology tends to be difficult to grasp at some point and without any proper instructions, it would become a nightmare. This is where technical writers come in to help us learn about the technology and how to use it properly. So, if you’re looking to have a career in technical writing, get started by selecting any of the below-listed institutes offering technical writing courses in Pune.


List of best technical writing courses in Pune


What’s Technical Writing and Why Is It So Important?

Technical writing is a form of writing used to convey complex information to a reader who may need it to understand or perform a technical task. Technical writing is precise and to-the-point writing, that explains a specialized or technical topic. This form of writing is generally used for technical communication in industries with technical and occupational backgrounds.

Technical writing has a long history and it has been in use since the first World War. At that time, military, industrial, and telecommunication technologies were advancing. In the beginning, nobody knew how to use these advanced technologies. But, to educate users about the latest advancement in technology, technical writers wrote instructional manuals.

Today, most people may interpret that technical writing is used in the user manual to convey setup instructions. But it has many uses, such as reports, datasheets, product specifications & descriptions, press releases, and so on.


There’re Four Kinds of Technical Writing


End User – This sort of technical writing tends to address the end user, to educate them about operating the product or troubleshooting it. This type of writing can be seen in user guides, handbooks, disclaimers, and website help & support center.

Expert To Expert – This type of technical writing tends to address experts from an expert in the same field, to assist them to go more deeply into the subject. This specific kind of writing includes research papers, study reports, legal records, and white papers.

Process Documentation – This sort of technical writing is used to standardize the work practices in an organization, that’s why it is written for internal consumption only. Process manuals, company wikis, reports on KPIs and long-term objectives, and human resource guidelines are all examples of it.

Marketing Communication – Technical writing can be persuasive and the writer’s job is to increase product or service awareness and sales by explaining its technical features and benefits to the target audience in clear and straightforward language. Case studies, educational articles, etc are a few examples of technical marketing communication to sell technical services and products.

The value of technical writing is evident in many areas, from consumer goods to the workplace. Product specs and instructions become incomprehensible or even harmful in the absence of clear, precise writing. With proper information provided by technical writing, products and procedures can be used safely and effectively.

So, it’s quite safe to assume that the need for technical writers in various industries is huge. And many professionals are now seeking an opportunity to get started as technical writers. If you’re a student or a working professional and looking to start your career in technical writing, then you must start now. To get started in this industry, select any of the institutes providing technical writing courses in Pune listed in this post. 


Difference Between Content, Creative, Copy and Technical Writing

If you’re new to writing, then the chances are that you might get confused between content, creative, copy, and technical writing. As these forms of writing are completely different but at some point, they share a common goal. And that goal is to communicate in human language. But still, these writing forms are quite different, and once you know the difference, you can choose the right form for yourself. 


Content Writing: This writing form is used to communicate information with an objective, such as creating awareness about a product or service, helping the audience with their problems, and generating leads. Content writing is based on facts and it should be marketable, otherwise, it’s of no use.

As a content writer, you must have a vast knowledge of various topics or should be able to write about any topics your client desires. The topics could be about anything, from tangible to intangible products and services. Examples of this writing form are blog writing, article writing, and so on.


Creative Writing: We all love watching movies, both fictional and non-fictional, but have you ever wondered who wrote these movies? Well, a creative writer did. So, creative writing is used to communicate information, ideas, and views intending to either entertain or educate the reader. Creative writing is based on the imagination and creativity of the writer, to show ideas, views, and personal thoughts. Examples of this writing type are novels, short stories, poetry, song lyrics, film or movie scripts, and so on.


Copywriting: One of the important writing forms with the only objective of making a sale. Copywriting is used to convince the audience to buy the products or services, by triggering a psychological need.

The copywriter must be aware of how human psychology work and turn features into benefits. Examples of copywriting are landing pages, PPC or Search Engine Ads, Social Media Ads, and so on…


Technical Writing: This writing form is used to communicate technical and complex information to educate the reader in an easy-to-digest form. So, that the reader can make use of that information and perform a technical or specialized task. Technical writing is precise in nature and should only communicate about the subject or task.

As a technical writer, you must have deep technical knowledge about the products and services you’re writing for. Examples of this type of writing are user guides, product specifications and descriptions, datasheets, research papers, study reports, and so on.

So, if you’re interested in being a technical writer, then you can join any of the institutions listed below, that offer technical writing courses in Pune.


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Best Institutions Providing Technical Writing Courses in Pune

Upon research, plenty of institutes were discovered providing technical writing courses in Pune. But only a few could make their names here in this post. You can enroll in any of the following institutions to get started and achieve your career endeavors.



IIM SKILLS is one of the promising institutes offering technical writing courses in Pune. Founded by Vaibhav Kakkar in 2015, it’s currently renowned as Asia’s largest online education institute. All the trainers at IIM SKILLS are well-experienced in their domains and are quite helpful when it comes to teaching.

Not only that, the institute is well known for internship and job placement opportunities at a wide level. The course offered by IIM SKILLS is a master course to turn you into a full fledge technical writer. This course covers all the topics in detail about technical writing.

This course includes both lectures and practical assignments to get you real-world work experience. Also, you’ll be given feedback upon completing the given assignment, helping you improve as a writer.


You’ll Learn the Following in the Technical Writing Course

  • Detailed Introduction
  • Writing Process
  • Technical Reports
  • White Papers
  • Medical Writing
  • And so on…


This form is currently undergoing maintenance. Please try again later.


Course Duration: This course can take up to 80 hours, including live lectures and practical knowledge.

Enrollment Fee: The course fee is INR 14,900 + GST and with that, you’ll get lifetime access to the latest study material.


Contact Information:

Phone – +91 95807 40740

Email –

Website –



Symbiosis is one of the oldest distance-learning institutes in India, founded in 2001. Ever since then, Symbiosis has introduced many professional programs at affordable prices. Moreover, its certification has great value, even though it offers distance learning programs.

This would be the only institution that is offering technical writing courses in Pune as a diploma program. This program is designed to make you an accountable technical communicator. The program consists of both theoretical and practical elements of technical writing. 


You’ll Learn the Following: 

  • Technical Communication Overview
  • Writing Style, Tools, and Editing
  • Business Communication
  • Research Process
  • Documentation Types & Writing Processes
  • And so on…


Course Duration: It’s a post-graduation diploma and its duration is 2 years but you’ll be given 4 years to complete it. 

Enrollment Fee: The total course fee is INR 50,000, but you can opt for an EMI plan. Also, you should visit their website for more details on the fee structure.


Contact Information:

Phone – +91 20 66211 00020

Email –

Website –

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

3. Ibruk

Ibruk is a technical writing company that offers educational programs as well. Founded in 2007, Ibruk has been offering its services to world-leading companies such as IBM, Yahoo, Mastek, and many more. The course Ibruk offers is designed by technical writing experts, who’re well-experienced.

The goal of this course is to improve your writing skills and train you to create technical documents for users. Also, you’ll be given assignments to help you gain real-life experience. After completing the course, you can apply to work there as an intern or a full-time employee.


You’ll Learn the Following: 

  • Introduction
  • DDLC
  • Working with RoboHelp
  • Write Effective Content
  • Working with MS Word
  • And so on…


Course Duration: It’s a one-month certification course.

Enrollment Fee: The course fee is INR 30,000 excluding GST.


Contact Information:

Phone – +91 98200 54581

Email –

Website –


4. Vskills

One of the top-ranking e-learning platforms, Vskills offers certification programs for its students and many working professionals. Its certification value is great as it’s approved by the Indian Government and also the certificate is valid for a lifetime.

No doubt, it is one of the best institutions that offer technical writing courses in Pune. It’s all because of their course structure, which is to make you ready according to the writing industry’s needs. Also, it has partnered with,, and to help you land great jobs.


You’ll Learn the Following: 

  • How to Write
  • Understanding the Audience
  • Documentation or Manual Planning
  • General Writing Principles
  • Sentence Structure
  • And so on…


Course Duration: It’s 9 hours course and there will a 60 minutes exam too.

Enrollment Fee: The course fee is INR 3,499 and you’ll get lifetime access to e-learning material.


Contact Information:

Phone – 011 4734 4723

Email –

Website –


5. Savitribai Phule University

Founded in 1949, Savitribai Phule University is one of the leading institutions in India. Located in Pune, renowned as the chief educational center of Maharashtra. This university offers a variety of academic and professional programs to its students, and one such is a technical writing course.

The course this university offers is an online class, also your instructors are from the same writing industry to teach you. The practical assignments will be given to you and you can complete them at your own pace. There will be one free workshop on the topic and you can commune with the industry experts. 


You’ll Learn the Following: 

  • Language
  • Document Planning
  • DDLC
  • Types of Technical Information 
  • Latest Trends
  • And so on…


Course Duration: It’s a three-months course and there would be additional 30 hours for practical assignments. 

Enrollment Fee: The course fee is INR 20,000.


Contact Information:

Phone – +91 98814 09638

Website –


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6. Udemy

We all know about Udemy as one of the world’s finest online educational platforms. There’s no need for any introduction as this platform has been there for over a decade now and has transformed millions of lives. Udemy offers a large variety of courses in different segments of the industry, for all sorts of industry needs.

Also, the courses it offers are good for both beginners and experts. The course Udemy offers on technical writing is a master course and the sole purpose of the course is to get you started in your writing career. It includes all the topics of writing and publishing your writing work.

Also, upon joining Udemy, you’ll have access to a worldwide active community of professional technical writers to get help with writing-related matters.


You’ll Learn the Following:

  • Introduction
  • Understand your audience
  • Researching
  • How to write and rewrite
  • Improve your writing
  • And so on…


Course Duration: It’s 5.5 hours pre-recorded class, which means you can go through the entire class at your own pace. 

Enrollment Fee: The course fee is INR 2,999, but if any offer is available then you might get a 72% off.


Contact Information:

For any inquiries or questions related to the course, please visit the help and support center.

Website –

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

7. Technical Writer HQ

Word’s biggest and leading community for aspiring technical writers, Technical Writer HQ offers a wide variety of foundational technical writing courses in Pune and worldwide. In addition to offering leading technical writing training programs, this community is widely recognized as one of the best in the field of technical writing. 

The course provides the groundwork for the technical writing profession, equips you with the skills necessary for success, and prepares you to command a higher wage. By the end of the TWHQ’s technical writing course, the participants will have learned the fundamentals of writing and be ready to enter the field as competent writers.


You’ll Learn the Following: 

  • Introduction
  • Document Writing
  • Document Formatting
  • Document Editing
  • Readability & Proofreading
  • And so on…


Course Duration: It’s a ten-week course and you’ll need to invest 4 hours every week.

Enrollment Fee: The course fee is USD 299 with lifetime access to the study material.


Contact Information:

Phone – +1 619 944 0697

Website –


8. Henry Harvin

Another promising institute that offers technical writing courses in Pune is Henry Harvin. This online institute was founded in 2013 and has made its name in top-ranking education platforms on a global scale. The institute offers 1 year of placement support after completing the technical writing course.

The course offered by Henry Harvin is designed to make you effective at technical writing and with the required tools. You’ll be taught all the required techniques to become good at the writing process. To assist you with the writing experience, you’ll be offered internship opportunities regularly.


You’ll Learn the Following: 

  • Complete Introduction
  • Writing Process
  • Writing Tools
  • Writing Techniques
  • Creating Templates
  • And so on…


Course Duration: This course can be completed in 36 hours.

Enrollment Fee: The course fee is INR 17,500, but you can pay it in installments as well, and you’ll get lifetime access to learning material.


Contact Information:

Phone – +91 98919 53953

Website –


Frequently Asked Questions About Technical Writing Courses in Pune


Q1. Is technical writing a difficult job?

There is no job that is not difficult, but you may find people in industries making their job looks easy. This is because of the time they’ve invested in polishing themselves in what they do on regular basis. The same applies to technical writing. In the beginning, you may find it difficult and want to give up, but it is just a matter of having faith in yourself and experience. 

With each project completion, you’ll gain experience and knowledge in the industry you’re writing for. And with experience and knowledge, you can become a great writer. For the initial experience, you can opt for internship programs and many of the above-listed institutes that offer technical writing courses in Pune have it as an important element.


Q2. Is technical writing good as a career?

As a career, technical writing is a great one. With the technical industry booming so does the demand for technical writers. Every business needs a technical writer who understands the technicality of their industry. Moreover, resources suggest that the need for technical writers will rise by 12% by the end of 2030 as compared to other writing occupations. So, it would be the best time to get started by enrolling in any of the institutes providing technical writing courses in Pune listed above.


Q3. Are technical writers highly compensated? 

The income part depends on many variables. If you’re working as a fresher employee in India then you can make up to INR 2.77 lacs a year. But if you’ve got an experience between 1 to 4 years, then you can get paid up to INR 4 lacs a year. When you become a technical writer, you can work for domestic or international clients. In the United States, the salary ranges from USD 45,000 to over 100,000.  If you’re concerned about landing a job, then don’t fret. The institutes listed above that offer technical writing courses in Pune, do offer job-placement opportunities along with interview preparation.


Q4. Do I need any coding skills to be a technical writer?

As a technical writer, your job would be writing not coding. You’re expected to have a good grasp of human language, not a programming language. Also, you must be able to read and understand the given concept and write it in an easy language that the reader can understand. 

In case, you’re writing for the SAAS industry and the topic contains the usage of programming language, then your client will let you know. You’ll be briefed on how a reader should input code to run the software, so all you need to do is state it in the writing. 


Q5. Can I become a technical writer without any prior skills?

Becoming a technical writer without any prior writing skills would be difficult. See, unlike creative writing, this writing form needs a professional touch. You’ll have to explain technical things in an easy language that the reader could understand. You’ll need to know the technical jargon used in the industry. Also, you’ve to be a subject matter expert to get hired. In case, you’re not an expert then you must have good reading and understanding skills so that you can write on the topic after a brief study. So, if you’re starting as a technical writer, having prior skills in the writing and technicality of the industry would give you an edge over other existing writers.



The technical writing industry is booming faster than any other writing industry and this growth will continue to grow even more. As a technical writer, you’ll find many opportunities to grow as a writer as well as a successful professional. So, in the end, enroll in any of the institutes that offer technical writing courses in Pune to get started and secure a satisfying future.

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