Top 7 Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore With Placements

As we live in the modern era, we need technology in all aspects of life. If you are someone who has a profound interest in technology, you may study data analytics. Data analytics is the process of examining data and drawing conclusions from the information that a firm or company needs. In this article, we will provide you with the meaning of data analytics: its types, various tools, the process of becoming a data analyst, and the top 7 data analytics courses in Coimbatore that give you insight.


List of the best data analytics courses in Coimbatore


The courses help students to comprehend how to collect and analyze data. This article also provides you with various tools to analyze data and to master programming languages like SQL, Python, R, etc. to become a data analyst. You will get to know the technical skills as well as the soft skills needed to become a data analyst in a respected business or firm.


What is Data Analytics?

Data is just raw information; data science is the process of gathering that information, and data analytics is the process of interpreting the gathered data. Data analysis provides useful meaning to the information that has already been gathered from all those sources.

There is a plethora of data produced every minute in every sector. But all data are not necessary. The majority of data is useless. Data Analytics is the process by which user data are gathered and analyzed for future use. Here the role of a data analyst is needed.

The job of a data analyst is to transform raw data into intelligible useful data to identify patterns. Data analyst transforms illegible figures into rational data. There are various processes to sort out the important data from a vast range of unintelligible data. A data analyst must have the technical skills and insight to do the best in their job.

These technical skills include data visualization, data cleaning, a rudimentary understanding of machine language, relevant mathematical concepts, and an understanding of applications of different tools. Data Visualization is nothing but a graphic presentation of logically arranged information.

A data analyst presents useful data from a plethora of apparently unuseful data with the help of various charts, graphs, maps, bullet points, etc. Data Visualization is more than merely the traditional presentation of useful data. It generally helps the firm to comprehend the available information more logically.

Unprocessed data is not particularly useful for future use. It might result in false patterns and most likely lead to drawing an incorrect conclusion. Therefore, the role of a data analyst is to clean up the datasets to create useful data to enumerate the correct patterns. But all the processes have to be done through some tools.

For instance Python, Excel, R, MATLAB, etc. help us to analyze the process and it takes time. Another skill required to become a successful data analyst is to have a succinct mathematical concept. Mathematical understanding must consist of an understanding of linear algebra and calculus.

Basic statistics are also equally important when it comes to the matter of becoming a data analyst.  You cannot become a data analyst with only technical skills, you also need soft skills that help you to be recognized at the firm. After the technical tasks are over, a data analyst’s job is to present the presentation before the team correctly.

No matter how great a data analyst you are, if you cannot explain patterns to a non-technical person, you will fail eventually. Hence communication skills are very important for data analysts so that they can explain their patterns to technical and non-technical persons equally.


There Are Various Processes of Data Analytics: 

Requirement of Data Gathering: The first step is to find the requirements needed to gather data. A data analyst gathers data from various sources and decides what data they are planning to analyze.

Collection of Data: After knowing the requirement, the next step is to collect from sources. 

Cleaning of Data: Data cleaning is mandatory for sending them to delete for analysis. All the collected data is not useful, so it is the process where the data should be cleaned up.

Analysis of Data: This step is the most important part of Data Analytics. With the help of different tools like Python, Power BI, Excel, Rapid Miner, etc., data analysts interpret and understand data and draw a conclusion from it.

Visualization of Data: Data Visualization means graphically showing the information a data analyst analyses with the help of maps, graphs, charts, etc.

After having a look at various processes of Data Analytics, you have to know the tools. Here we have discussed ten tools used in data analytics. You can get an idea of how these tools help to collect, manage, and analyze a vast range of raw data to get logical information.


Tools Used in Data Analytics

Excel: Excel is a tool to synthesize data you have gathered. It can be used to analyze simple data. You can use charts, graphs, pivot tables, and different formulas to conclude the unimportant data.

Python: Python is a programming language widely used for its flexibility to analyse data. It also has a plethora of libraries. Python Data Analysis Library, known as Pandas, is a well-known used library dedicated to data analytics

Tableau: Tableau is another tool to analyze and visualize data from a huge range of data. It is an easy tool to conclude with help from this tool. It provides smart dashboards, and fast analytics to analyze data sets.

Power BI: Power BI is a tool for business analysis. It provides smart dashboards to end users to make their reports. It is a Microsoft tool and it gathers large data from various sources of business and analyses the data to draw a significant and logical conclusion from it. It manages to give insights via different charts, graphs, and visualization tools.

SAS: SAS is Statistical Analysis System. It is a programming language and provides the results of statistical analysis, and predictive analysis. SAS analyses huge amounts of collective data to come to conclusions about the future events of the business.

R: R is a programming language, especially for statistical analysis. It is used for handling large data sets, and it also has several libraries for analyzing and visualizing data.

RapidMiner: RapidMiner is another tool for analyzing data. It is mostly used for data mining and expertise data.

QlikView: QlikView, another data analytics tool, can analyze huge data sets and provides a dashboard to get insights.

Apache Spark: Apache Spark is an open-source data analytics tool. Its Machine Learning component is reliable when it comes to big Data Analysis.

Talend: Talend is also an essential tool when it comes to analyzing data. It provides tools that help the analyst gain insight.


Different Types of Data Analytics:   

Descriptive Analytics: Descriptive analysis answers the question ” What has previously occurred?” It deals with selected data.

Diagnostic Analytics: The diagnostic analysis focuses on the question “Why did this happen?” and finds the answer by analyzing data. It focuses on why something happened in a particular business. For example, in recent years a company faces huge losses. There the job of data analytics is needed. The role of data analytics is to explore why such a thing has happened by analyzing the relevant data.

Predictive Analytics: The predictive analysis focuses on the future and answers the question “What is likely to happen?”

Prescriptive Analytics: Depending on the previous analytics, the prescriptive analysis answers the question “how can you capitalize on projected outcomes?”


Where is a Data Analyst Needed

Data Analysis is an indispensable part of every sector. You can work as a data analyst in various sectors like Health Sector, Sales, Banking Sector, Corporate Sector, Public Sector, Travel Industry, etc. The job of a data analyst in any sector is to gather and interpret data into rational information and see how it is better to take care of the company later.


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Data Analytics vs. Data Science

Data Science is the group of studies that deals with aims to find patterns by sifting through vast volumes of data with the help of Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning Language, and Computer Science. While Data Analytics on the other hand concerns with Mathematics and basic Statistics.

It helps to analyze data to find trends with the help of analytical tools like prescriptive, descriptive, predictive, and diagnostic analytics. In short, Data Analytics is a branch of Data Science where data scientists formulate business-related questions and data analysts solve them by finding business trends.


Top 7 Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore

Here we have discussed the top 7 data analytics courses in Coimbatore:


1. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is one of the best institutions that offer data analytics courses in Coimbatore. This Post Graduate course offers an excellent career through assignments, projects, competitive hackathons, etc. This course develops a strong bond between education and industry. The learning management system assists in revisiting important topics. Insider tips help to land a dream job and allow entering the industry as a fresher.


Course Modules and Program of Study

  • Data Science & Hadoop
  • R & Python
  • SAS & Tableau
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Power BI
  • SQL


Career Services & Placement Support

  • The course offers profile enhancement through portfolio-worthy capstone projects and hackathon results.
  • It builds the candidate’s resume with their CAS team.
  • It offers to access mock Q&As for the toughest interview prep.
  • The course trains the students with the best industry experts.
  • It also offers 100% placement support with its private placement portal.
  • The program offers theory classes with practical experience.


Course Fee: INR 225,000

Duration of Course: 23 weeks


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2. 360DigiTMG

360DigiTMG is another place that offers one of the best data analysis courses in Coimbatore. This course offers various tools to learn the analytical process. Learners can access the process of storing, collecting, and analyzing huge amounts of data. It has also collaborated with IBM, which covers the course in great detail.  


Course Modules of Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore:

  • Excel 
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Python
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • MySpark
  • Data Collection
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Selection
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Machine Learning Program


Career Services & Placement Support

  • It offers certification in collaboration with IBM
  • Lifetime LMS Access
  • Practical Experience in a live project
  • Unlimited number of Mock Interviews
  • Blended Learning
  • Offers placement in renowned companies after the completion of the course
  • Apply Machine Learning approach to business decisions
  • Offers classroom and online sessions with the expert industry professionals


Duration of Course: 3 Months


3. Black Board Learning

Black Board Learning is another institute that offers one of the best data analytics courses in Coimbatore. This course gives the candidates a strong understanding of data analytics with the help of descriptive and practical knowledge. It offers different tools to analyze and visualize data and to find trends.

It helps people develop and enhance business skills with the help of Tableau and through Data Visualization with charts. The students can acquire data analytical skills by learning the usage of tools like R and Excel from scratch, data manipulation, and data visualization.


Tools Used in the Course:

  • R
  • Tableau
  • Excel


Career Services and Placement Support:

  • It offers advanced data visualization by exploring dual-axis charts, and data hierarchies.
  • The students can organize the statistics with Excel. It includes Z Test, T-Test, and case studies. 
  • It helps you develop basic skills like Regression Models and Predictions.
  • You can learn the fundamentals of R including build functions.
  • The trainers are not just analysts but consultants who give you practical lessons rather than just introducing you to the theories.
  • This institute offers placement after the completion of the certification course. They share the student’s resumes with their hiring partners.


Course Fee: INR 9500

Duration of Course: 4 weeks


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4. FITA Training

FITA offers industry-oriented training in data analytics courses in Coimbatore. FITA teaches students the basic fundamental understanding of analyzing data from large and unintelligible data sets. FITA also covers the various types of data analytics in the course including Predictive Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization, etc.


Course Modules of Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore:

  • Big Data (Hadoop and MapReduce)
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Unix
  • Introduction to algorithms
  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • Data Visualization


Career Services and Placement Support

  • The course learns Big Data Analysis with Hadoop.
  • It offers an opportunity to learn how to use Big Data in Businesses like Stores, Hospitality, Digital Marketing, etc.
  • The student can understand the basic structure of MapReduce.
  • It is based on classroom training to gain practical knowledge.
  • Industry experts are the ones to provide live online classes.
  • FITA provides mocks and various tests to crack interviews in different industries.
  • The course ensures the students get placement in renowned companies like MOU and also more than 1500+ Medium level companies.
  • The students also may get global certifications.
  • No. to contact: 9597888270


5. SimpliLearn

Through a partnership with IBM, SimpliLearn offers one of the best data analytics courses in Coimbatore. This course provides every step to master the knowledge of data analytics including practical and theoretical analysis. This course provides a Data Analytics masterclass with Industry experts from IBM.


Course Modules of Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore:

  • Business Analytics with tools like Excel
  • Data Analysis with programming languages like python
  • Descriptive Analysis 
  • Statistical and Predictive Analysis
  • Tableau and R
  • Power BI
  • SQL Database
  • Data Visualization


Career Services and Placement Support

  • SimpliLearn offers online sessions.
  • It provides projects covering different sectors such as banking, technology, corporate, etc.
  • It also has labs for freshers to get a practical session.
  • You will get placement support with their private portal.


Course Fee: INR 54000

Duration of Course: 12 months 


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6. ExcelR

In collaboration with IBM, ExcelR gives one of the best online Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore. It is a well-planned course and also provides real-time examples.  


Tools Used in the Course:

  • Excel
  • Tableau 
  • MySQL
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • Python


Career Services and Placement Support With Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore:

  • ExcelR provides 50+ assignments
  • It also offers online learning with recorded sessions.
  • Certified industry experts give the class and also provide assignments, and projects to prepare for the interview.
  • Post trainee will get an opportunity to work with different companies as ExcelR gives placement support.
  • You can get Jumbo Pass. It will give to access unlimited online classes for 1 year


Course Fee: INR 39999(Live Virtual Classroom)

Duration of Course: 160 hours



ACTE offers one of the best Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore with a huge curriculum. The course based on online training gives you the perfect experience to gather and upgrade your skills to become a data analyst. The course Curricula are mentioned below.


Course Modules of Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore:

  • Introduction to Data Science in details
  • Introduction to programming languages like SAS, R
  • Introduction to Data Collection, Data Exploration, Data Mining
  • Detailed lesson on regression, clustering, and case study on these rules
  • Introduction to ProcReg 
  • Detailed learning on time series, text analysis, optimization, and data visualization
  • Case Study in all those above tools
  • Offers many more tools regarding the course


Career Services and Placement Support:

  • The course offers classroom training, online training, one to one training.
  • The course offers Big Data Analytics Certification.
  • It can assure 100% placement support.
  • It not only focuses on the traditional way of learning but also helps to gain advanced and practical learning.
  • The course provides tests and projects for interviews and for developing the resume.


Duration of Course: 40+ hours


FAQ on Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore


Q1. I am a student of English major. Can I study Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore?

Yes, of course, you can. It does not matter whether you are from a technical field or a non-technical field to pursue Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore. You just can have a basic understanding of the process and have a clear notion about how it works.  There are some prerequisites that you have to fulfill for becoming a data analyst. You should have prior knowledge of various tools which are used in the analysis. You should know programming languages like python, and database tools like excel, etc.


Q2. What are the job opportunities after the completion of the data analytics courses in Coimbatore?

Various opportunities are waiting for you after you complete the course. You can apply to different sectors as a junior data analyst. If you have brilliant experience in this field, you can be a senior data analyst in a company. You are also able to become a data scientist.


Q3. Do data analysts need to be good at math?

It is not necessary to be an expert at math to become a data analyst. But you should have a basic understanding of mathematics e.g., statistics, arithmetic, linear algebra, calculus, etc. You must have a strong foundation in basic math so that you can solve the problems that you will get in your job.


Q4. Which is one of the best data analytics courses in Coimbatore?

The above-mentioned courses are in great demand and highly recommended. You can apply for any above-mentioned courses after doing proper research. We can assure you that each institution we have mentioned offers the course are liable and trustworthy. You can decide which is best for you after segregating your needs.



Today various firms hire data analysts to attain their business goals. There can be a good chance to hire you as a data analyst if you have the potential skill that the company needs to predict its future by analyzing Big Data. You will get ample opportunities after becoming a data analyst. The course will help you to develop the basic skill that you can use in anywhere. Data Analytics is emerging extensively today. Data Analytics is an indispensable part of various industry.

Anyone who behold a strong interest and the power to comprehend the process can be a successful data analyst. There is a huge demand for data analytics professionals today in different sectors e.g., Government sectors, Corporate Sectors, Businesses, etc. who can provide the skill to achieve the future goals of their respectable companies or businesses or whatever it is.

We have discussed in detail the Top 7 Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore for you that offer certification programs to get a plethora of jobs once you complete the course from any of the institutes. It is absolutely perfect for you if you have outstanding skills in arithmetic and are also keen to solve numeric problems. These courses offer practical outstanding data analysis via assignments, learning materials, and of course both classroom and online classes.

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