Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Patna With Placements

No matter which field of the profession we are involved in, the words “Data Analytics” would have become part of our common parlance at the workplace. With the internet becoming widely accessible to all parts of the globe, the relevance of online data has increased multifold, and the current scene is touted to be the new normal for the next many decades. As a corollary to the increase in online data, there is currently an unprecedented demand for data analysts. In this article, we are about to find out what the Top Data Analytics courses in Patna are. Let us first understand some basic aspects of Data Analytics.


List of best data analytics courses in Patna


What is Data Analytics and Why is It Important?

Simply put, Data Analytics involves an examination of sets of data to draw conclusions to convey relevant information to the end-users. This exercise helps a business identify key areas of performance, ways to optimize their resources effectively to achieve their monetary goals, and devise their strategies accordingly.

In today’s world, where every service is marketed to customers and products are purchased and sold online, the role of data analytics assumes greater importance. Every word that is searched on the internet represents a business opportunity. Here are a few key benefits of using data analytics in business.


  1. Helps understand the mindset of the target market.

Analyzing what the target demographic is looking for, their preferences, their average income and spending abilities, etc. can help businesses identify how to best structure their marketing campaigns to optimize their sales.


  1. Enables strategic decision-making.

While Data Analytics is key to the day-to-day operations and management of a business, the process also drives key strategic decisions that impinge on the business’s growth, survival, and scale. The results that Data Analytics yield could determine whether a new product or service should be launched, an existing one be withdrawn, whether the workforce should be scaled up or sized down, etc.


  1. Identifies inefficiencies in operations.

Data Analytics can help identify areas that are underperforming in the business and can help cut costs and improve profitability.


  1. Effective Management of risks

Data Analytics can help a business understand the risks surrounding it and the factors that could cause setbacks in its day-to-day operations. Thereby the business can take effective measures to mitigate these risks and better utilize the resources to minimize the potential for losses.


  1. Personalize customer experience.

Businesses can use Data Analytics to analyze consumer trends such as consumer purchases, preferences, likes, and dislikes which will in turn help them enhance customer experience by designing their strategies to best suit their customers.


What Are the Types of Data Analytics?

There are mainly four types of Data Analytics

  1. Predictive Data Analytics

Under this type of Analytics, the data analyst would estimate the likelihood of a future event based on past trends.


  1. Prescriptive Data Analytics

Under this method, the data analyst suggests the best possible course of action for a given scenario based on all possible existing factors.


  1. Descriptive Data Analytics

This type of data analytics provides information on the event that has occurred. The data analyst identifies relevant trends and other information based on a past event or a current situation.


  1. Diagnostic Data Analytics

Under this method, the data analyst identifies why a certain event has taken place. This type of Data Analytics involves digging deep into a past event to analyze what led to the event.


What Are the Popular Data Analytics Tools?

Here are some of the most widely taught tools in Data Analytics courses in Patna

  1. Microsoft Excel

MS Excel has been the most reliable data analytics tool for decades. It is easy to learn and use and has multiple functionalities such as pivot table, SUMIF, Vlookup, etc. MS Excel’s macros also come in handy for problem-solving. Many legacy companies continue to rely on MS Excel for a major portion of their in-house data analytics.


  1. Python

Python is a programming language that is used for various forms of data analysis and reporting. Its features can be used for the manipulation of large data.


  1. Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a relatively new data analytics tool that has garnered popularity in a short span for its interactive visual reports. It is also well known for its data connectivity and is compatible with not only Excel but also text files, SQL servers, and cloud sources.


Future of Data Analytics

Due to the burgeoning number of internet users, Data Analytics has shown remarkable growth over the past few years. According to World Bank. Internet penetration has doubled from 20% to 41% between 2018-19 and it is expected that usage would go up by another 900 million users by 2025. As a result, there has been a steep increase in the yearly growth in the Data Analytics industry with market value having reached USD 45 billion.

According to various sources, India is one of the market leaders in Data Analysts. The various industries where Data Analytics would turn out to be a lucrative career option are as below


  • Banking

Banks employ data analysts to perform Predictive Analysis to understand possible fluctuations in the economy which would directly impinge on their business. Data Analytics hence plays a key role in this sector.


  • Manufacturing

Data Analytics comes in handy in optimizing resources and cutting costs which are essential to the operations of companies in the manufacturing sector.


  • Retail

In the retail sector, Data Analytics helps in identifying consumer preferences which in turn drives businesses to achieve their optimum scale.


  • Healthcare

The healthcare industry is among the most benefitted when it comes to the use of Data Analytics. Healthcare professionals stand to benefit a great deal through Data Analytics which would help them put together information relating to diagnosis and likely outcomes of treatments.


  • Information and Communication Technology

It goes without saying that Data Analytics is the cornerstone of the IT industry. The industry benefits from the various forms of Data Analytics that help companies take key decisions regarding the workforce, the scale of operations, etc.


Other best courses in Patna:


Now that we are acquainted with the basics of Data Analytics, let us further understand what are the most reliable Data Analytics courses in Patna which provide practical training that would help us build a career in this profession.


1. IIM SKILLS- Data Analytics Master Course

IIM SKILLS, one of the leading educational institutions in India, has launched an elaborate Data Analytics Course which is conducted online. Recognized by the Government of India, their certification would add immense value and hence IIM SKILLS offers one of the best Data Analytics courses in Patna. This 6-month training covers a wide range of topics and allows the students to perform on different projects and assignments given to them during the program. Key details of the course are as below.



6 months


Mode of training:



Data Analytics tools covered in the syllabus:

  1. Advance Excel
  2. VBA
  3. SQL
  4. Power BI
  5. Python
  6. Tableau
  7. R Programming
  8. Alteryx



  • Introduction to Data Handling
  • Data Visualization in Excel
  • Data Manipulation using functions
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Overview of Dashboards
  • Create Dashboards in Excel
  • Case studies and projects


Course fee:

INR 49,900 + Taxes



  • Certification by IIM Skills
  • 100% assured internship
  • Lifetime access to Reading material


Contact details

Check out IIM Skill’s official website to get in touch with the team


2. Coursera: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

This online course by Coursera can be taken up by beginners with no prior experience in the field of Data Analytics. This program provides training to use popular tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, SQL, R-programming, etc. Data cleansing, aggregation, visualization, etc are also covered in this course. Rated highly on Coursera and with strong testimonials to its credit, this course is one of the top Data Analytics courses in Patna to look out for.


Key details of the course are as below



6 months: 10 hours per week


Mode of training:




Google Career Certificates (Offered by Google, Rated as Top Instructor on Coursera)



Course 1: Foundations: Basics of Data Analytics

Course 2: How to drive data-based decision-making

Course 3: Prepare Data for Exploration

Course 4: Data processing- from dirty to clean

Course 5: Analyze data to provide the right solutions

Course 6: Share data visually

Course 7: Data Analysis with R Programming

Course 8: Google’s case study


Course fee:

INR 577 per month

Total cost : INR 3,461



  • Employer-recognized certificate from Google
  • Career support upon completion of the course


Contact details

Check out Coursera’s official website to get in touch with the team


3. Excelr

This course is accessible to freshers and professionals with a bachelor’s degree in any stream. Although priced on the higher side, this course offers multiple long-term benefits and placement support. It also comes with the added advantage of providing certification from IBM and AIVariant making it one of the best Data Analytics courses in Patna. It is also highly rated on Google with a 4.8/5-star rating.


Key details of the course are as below


Tools covered as part of the Curriculum:

  • Microsoft Excel (Basic and Advanced)
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Python
  • ChatGPT
  • Others



6 months- 150 hours


Mode of training:




Alumni of IIT, IIM, ISB, and qualified PhD


Course fee:

INR 44,999 (EMI options available)



  • IBM certification
  • Dedicated placement support
  • Permanent access to Learning Management System (‘LMS’)


Contact Details

+91 8035240513

Head over to their website for more details on the course.


4. Simplilearn- Data Analytics Course by Career Karma

This Data Analytics course is affiliated with IBM with a special focus on Python and SQL tools.  It is rated highly on Switchup and Course report with a 4.5/5 star rating making it an easy pick when it comes to Data Analytics courses in Patna.


Key details of the course are as below


Course Curriculum

  • Course 1: Data Analytics with Excel
  • Course 2: SQL
  • Course 3: Basics of Python in Data Analytics
  • Course 4: R Programming
  • Course 5: R in Data Analytics
  • Course 6: Tableau Training
  • Course 7: Data Analyst Masters Capstone
  • Electives: Power BI/ Industry Master Class



1 year


Mode of Training:



Course fee:

INR 54000 (EMI options available)



  • Certification from IBM
  • Masterclass by Industry experts


Contact details

Toll-free: 1800-212-7688


5. DataMites- Global Institute for Data Science

This is yet another highly-rated Data Analytics program that offers an internship along with virtual classroom training. DataMites is a leading provider of online training in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Mining, etc. This option works well for those looking for good Data Analytics courses in Patna.


Key details of the course are as below


Course Curriculum

  • Data Analysis Foundation
  • Python Foundation
  • Data Science Foundation
  • Data Analyst Associate
  • Advanced-Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics with ML
  • Version Control with GIT
  • Database: SQL and MongoDB
  • Big Data Foundation
  • Certified BI Analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence Foundation



4 months with 200-plus classroom hours


Mode of Training:



Course Fee:

INR 47,900 (EMI options available)



  • Ratified by the International Association of Business Analytics Certification (IABAC)
  • Affiliated certification from FutureSkills Prime
  • Certification from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ( Government of India)
  • NASSCOM Certification
  • Certification from Jain University
  • One Client/Live project with internship experience certificate
  • Job Assistance: Resume preparation, Job Alert, Interviews, etc


Contact Details

1800 208 5514 (Toll-free)



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6. Intellipaat: Data Analytics Course

This is another online classroom spearheaded by faculty from IIT Madras and other industrial experts making it one of the options to be considered for Data Analytics courses in Patna. This program was also ranked No 1 in Data Science by India TV. Although expensive, this course promises its money’s worth with its expert trainers and post-training support.


Key details of the course are as below


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Data transformations using MS Excel and Python

Module 2: Data Wrangling with SQL

Module 3: Presto

Module 4: Basics of Data Science and Statistics

Module 5: Business Problem solving

Module 6: Optimization Techniques

Module 7: KNIME

Module 8: R Programming

Module 9: Predictive Modeling

Module 10: Time Series Forecasting

Module 11: Feature Engineering

Module 12: Advanced Machine Learning

Module 13: Data Analytics Execution Strategy

Module 14: Case studies

Module 15: Power BI

Module 16: Capstone Project

Module 17: Job Readiness


Apart from the above modules, the course also offers Projects at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance Levels.



7 months with 218 hours of self-paced videos and 200 hours of Projects


Mode of Training:



Course Fee:

100,035 (EMI options available)



  • Certification from Intellipaat and IITM Pravartak
  • SQL Certification
  • Power BI Certification
  • Placement Assistance
  • Exclusive access to Intellipaat’s job portal
  • Peer Learning whereby a chance to interact with students across all batches and alumni will be provided.


Contact Details:

+91 7022374614


7. Coding Invaders: Data Analytics Course

This online classroom provides expert training for beginners with a 100% job guarantee. The classroom sessions would be simulator based. This course is specifically designed for Beginners and its content is developed by industry experts from companies like Amazon, Deloitte, Philips, Zee, etc making it an easy pick when it comes to Data Analytics courses in Patna.


Key details of the course are as below


Course Curriculum

  • Google Sheets: Basics, functions, dashboards
  • SQL: Operators, Queries, Advanced Functions
  • Statistics: Basics, Data, and Hypothesis
  • Power BI: Setup and dashboards, Modeling
  • Python: Operators and functions, Datasets, Arrays, Charts
  • Projects under each module, midterm exams, Final exam



6 .5 months


Mode of training



Course Fee:

Starts at 7990 per month (12 months no cost EMI)



  • Certification from Coding Invaders
  • Guaranteed job placement


Contact Details:

Head over to their website for contact details


8. CSDT Centre- Patna

CSDT Center provides in-person training for Data Analytics. It is a well-established institute in Patna located in Shahdev Mahto Marg opposite Allahabad Bank. In the era of online services, it might seem old-school to choose in-person classes but the personalized attention and face-to-face interaction are sure to provide an edge to the students that take up this Data Analytics course.


The Key features of this course are as follows


Course Curriculum:

  • Foundations: Getting started, Python Programming, Mathematics
  • Data Analysis: Data cleansing, Statistics, Summarizing and Visualising
  • Machine Learning: Predictive Analysis, Data mining
  • Applied Projects
  • Career Preparation


Contact details:



Details regarding duration and fees are available by contacting the institute directly

For more details regarding the course, head over to their website


Frequently Asked Questions (‘FAQ’) on Data Analytics


1. Do I need any qualifications to take up one of the Data Analytics courses in Patna?

Most data analysts would be expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics, or information systems. However, with the growing volume of data, people from unrelated fields such as accounting and commerce, have also taken up Data Analytics courses and have successfully switched careers. Hence there are many Data Analytics courses in Patna that provide training to beginners with no relevant experience.


2. What is the average salary one can expect after completing a Data Analytics course?

According to various sources, the average salary of a data analyst is roughly INR 5.5 lakhs per annum and could range anywhere between INR 2 lacs to INR 12 lacs per annum.


3. What skill sets should I need to work on before taking up Data Analytics courses in Patna?

You can work on honing your logical reasoning and analytical thinking. An inclination towards mathematics and statistics serves as an added advantage when considering a Data Analytics course. Working on your collaboration and communication skills could also provide a good fillip to your career as a data analyst.


4. Is coding essential in Data Analytics?

Yes. Coding is an important aspect of any Data Analytics course that cannot be avoided. Be it MS Excel, Python, SQL or any other Data Analytics tool, coding would be inevitable.


5. Is it worth paying for an online certification for Data Analytics courses in Patna?

Yes. Gaining a certification would help you launch your career as a data analyst and you will thereby reap the monetary benefits of investing in a good quality online course.


6. Which industries have the most demand for Data Analysts?

If you are looking to pursue a career in Data Analytics, you may find yourself in demand in the following industries: Banking, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Insurance, Government, and many other such industries.


7. Can you become an expert in Data Analytics by completing one of the Data Analytics courses in Patna?

Yes. The courses mentioned in the article and various other online and offline courses would train you on all basics and advanced concepts of Data Analytics along with practical training and assignments which would render you highly qualified to take up Data Analytics as your career.



With the advent of Artificial Intelligence over the past few years, automation has become an integral part of every business to process the huge volumes of data therein. With the world becoming more AI-dependent by the day, we need to keep up with the evolving demands and equip ourselves with the skills that are necessary for the dynamic work environment of today. Data Analytics and related automation are here to stay and will continue to be a booming industry due to the sheer volume of data in organizations. As a fresher or as an experienced professional, this could be one of the most lucrative career paths to choose. Investing in one of the Data Analytics courses would definitely render immense benefits to your professional life and help you launch your career successfully.

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