Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal With Placements

Raw and unused data is a big challenge for businesses today. It has to be stored, organised and interpreted for better understanding. Businesses leverage data analytics to process them. Companies hire data analysts to find meaningful results from the data. Thus, there is a need for data specialists in the job market. If you are an aspiring data analyst, learn from the best data analytics courses in Bhopal. This blog post will list the top 8 data analytics courses, their course curriculum, highlights, fees and contact details. Before dealing with that, let’s understand the details about data analytics as a field.


List of best data analytics courses in Bhopal


What Are Data Analytics?

Data analytics collects raw information about company purchases and customer details. This data gets built up gradually, leading to difficulty for the company to make decisions on further improvement.

Ignoring the data or wrong interpretation drifts the business to loss. Data analytics helps to figure out the data pattern and provide valuable insights. Further, AI and sophisticated tools can automate the analysis process to predict the business model.


What Are the Business Benefits of Data Analytics? 

Almost every business benefits from data analytics globally. Some are banking, media, health sector, insurance, wholesale and retail platforms.


Following are some of the benefits that businesses enjoy using data analytics

  • Risk management
  • Providing a personalised experience for customers.
  • Figuring out the wrong data model for the business


Is Data Analytics a Promising Career?

As per Global Big Data Analytics Market Size 2021-2029, the data analytics market is expected to value over 650 billion dollars by 2029 compared to 240 billion dollars in 2021. This report signifies the growing market size in the data sector. So, the job needs will increase. Above all, there are diverse career paths yielding high income.


Jobs in Data Science

Here are the perks of various career roles in the data analytics branch.


Career roles in data analytics Work nature Salary
Data Scientist Extracting, cleaning and processing of data 10.8 LPA
Data Analyst



Review and increase revenue by solving data problems 2-11.5 LPA
Data Engineer


Build platforms to manage data for the data analysts 10.3 LPA
Data Architect




Uses tools to migrate, visualise data and construct future databases for businesses 14-46 LPA
Machine learning Engineer Automate the Data analytics model using machine learning and AI tools


3-20.5 LPA
Business analysts


Work to improve the business model 3-15 LPA


Eligibility Criteria for Data Analytics Courses

Various degrees are offered in institutions and colleges in Bhopal. As there are diverse career paths in data analytics, so do the courses, which include machine learning, data science, and business analysis. You can start with the introductory course and move on to the specialisation in your career peak.


Here are the eligibility criteria for some of the popular courses in data analytics.

  • B.Sc. Data Science- passed 10+2 with a minimum of 50%
  • M.Tech Data Science- Passed B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science, IT/M.Sc. Statistics, Mathematics
  • MBA Business Analytics-Passed graduation in Maths/Statistics/Economics with a minimum of 50%
  • Ph.D. in Data Science- Master’s degree with a minimum of 55%.


Who Can Become a Data Analyst?

You can enrol in data analytics courses with basic computer and technology, statistics, and mathematics knowledge. Graduates, IT employees, banking experts, salespersons, and network managers are the general category of candidates yearning to become data analysts.


Data Analytics Course Syllabus

The Data Analytics syllabus includes basic to advanced-level topics to learn. They are

  • Relational data basement management
  • Data structure and programme design
  • Computer organisation
  • Python programming in c
  • Image analysis
  • Forecast Analytics
  • Customer and pricing analytics
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Simulation
  • Business and social media analytics
  • E-commerce and Marketing
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Machine learning


Skills Required in the Data Science Field 

To succeed in any career, you need hard and soft skills. This holds for Data analytics, too. It would help if you were an expert in handling immense data quickly and well-versed in various tools to be a top data analyst.


Hard skills required for a data analyst

  1. Data research
  2. Data collection
  3. Data cleansing
  4. Data migration
  5. Data visualisation
  6. Data management
  7. Solving problems through probability, math and statistics
  8. Coding
  9. Project management
  10. Business handling


Soft skills required for a data analyst

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Adaptability
  4. Strong communication


Data Analytics Tools

With the massive development of the technical field, new data collection and organising tools are popping up every day. Companies choose the tools based on their needs. However, these are the data analysts’ essential data management tools. Some of the tools and their usage are listed.





Usage in data analytics Companies using the tools
Tableau Tableau is a business intelligence software that identifies and visualises the data source’s type (numerical, text value, Boolean value). Lufthansa, Lenovo and Honey well



R is the programming language to solve statistical problems and data visualisation. Amazon, Accenture, Google




Python is a general language the data analyst adopts for data integration with websites. Spotify, Netflix, Reddit
Rapid miner


Rapid Miner is a data mining tool to build machine learning models, including data loading and transformation. Sony, Visa, Canon


KNIME is open-source data analytics for data visualisation with less programming code. The tool allows developers and analysts to develop workflow. Gucci, Volvo, Intel
Apache spark


Perform data analysis using Python, SQL, Java or R. The tool answers fast queries even for extensive data. Oracle, Verizon
Microsoft Power BI


Power BI is a data visualisation software product. Power BI can be used for extensive data compared to Excel. Wipro, Deloitte, Capgemini



Quick View is a BI platform for interactive analytics apps and dashboards. Berenberg bank, TCS, HCL


Talend is used for data integration, quality, governance, and application integration. Dominos, ebay, Toyota


Splunk is a data analytics tool to analyse issues with servers and applications. It helps in data visualisation. Porsche, Bookmyshow


Now, let’s answer the main question. What are the top 8 data analytics courses in Bhopal? We list market experts’ data analytics courses with certificates and placement assistance.


Other best courses in Bhopal:


1. Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal – IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is one of the trusted online course providers in India. They offer courses in banking, writing, marketing and finance. The students of every course are provided with deep knowledge in the corresponding field. On top of that, internship opportunities equip the learners with practical skills.

Data analytics course is one of the courses gaining popularity across the country. Top learners from the data analytics course have landed jobs in Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. The average CTC offered for IIM SKILLStrained students is 3-8 LPA and the highest CTC is 14 LPA. Let’s analyse this top-rated data analytics course by IIM SKILLS.


Course Name: Master Data Analytics Course


Course Modules:

Data Analytics using Advanced Excel Introduction to Data Handling

Data Visualisation in Excel

Data manipulation using Functions

Data analysis and reporting

Overview of dashboards

Create dashboards in Excel-Using Pivot controls

Data Analytics using VBA



Introducing VBA

Critical Components of Programming Language

How VBA Works with Excel

Programming Constructs in VBA

Functions & Procedures in VBA-Modularizing Your Programmes

Objects & Memory Management in VBA

Communication with Your Users

Data Analytics using SQL

Data Analytics using SQL Basics RDBMS Concepts

Utilising The Object Explorer

Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)

Data Manipulation (DML Commands)

SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Integration Services


Data Analytics using Power BI               




Data Preparation and Modelling

Removing and adding rows

Data Analysis Expressions

Reports Development




Data Analytics using Python-1  Introduction to Basic Statistics

Introduction to Mathematical Foundations

Introduction to Analytics & Data Science

Python Essentials

Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)

Overview of Python

Cleansing Data with Python

Data Analytics using Python-2



Data Analysis Using Python

Basic Visualisation Tools

Visualising Geospatial Data

Data Visualisation with Python

Advanced Visualisation tools

Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing

Data Analytics using Tableau



Data Handling and Summaries-1 & 2

Building Advanced Reports and Maps

Table Calculations

Calculated Fields

R for Data Science



Data Importing/Exporting

Data Manipulation

Data Analysis

Data Visualisation with R

Using R with Databases

Introduction to Statistics

Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems and Testing 

Data Analytics using Alteryx



Alteryx Designer Interface

Filtering/Data Processing

Data Cleansing



Course duration-6 months live online class.

Course fee– 49,000 INR + Taxes


Why choose IIM SKILLS for data analytics course

  1. 100% tool-based learning
  2. 2 months guaranteed internship
  3. Practical learning for 100+ hours
  4. Money back guarantee if you wish to drop out after the first session of the course
  5. Coverage of various tools like Excel, VBA, Power BI, Python, SQL, R, Tableau and Alteryx.
  6. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in any stream can apply
  7. Guarantees interview support
  8. Flexible course timings
  9. Lifetime access to the materials
  10. Free online demo session
  11. If you need only specific modules, for example, if you need to study data analytics using Tableau, it can be studied separately.


The details of the separate packages include

  • Data analytics with Excel +VBA
  • Data Analytics with SQL
  • Data Analytics with Power BI
  • Data Analytics with Python
  • Data Analytics with Tableau
  • Data Analytics with Alteryx
  • Data Analytics with R


Each of the packages cost 19,900 + Taxes


Contact- +919580740740


2. Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal – Data Sync

If you are looking for a professional hand in data training, Data Sync is the institute you should go to. The data analytics courses at Data Sync Institute focus on tools and technology governance. They ensure their students are strong enough to meet the job standards and overcome challenges in the market.

It is a core institute offering all courses related to data science. Some techniques that may interest you are Data analytics, Big data, Full stack development, Data science, Data analytics by Python and many more. Let’s overlook the Data Analytics course.


Course Name: Data Analytics


Course modules: The course is divided into 8 sections. The sections include data visualisation, data preparation and modelling. Further, it teaches handling data in marketing, social media, finance and logistics fields. However, the tools covered here are limited to SQL, Tableau, Zoom data and superset.

Other modules focus on the project and hands-on learning part. Case studies, assignments and analytics project modules raise the value of the course. The stellar features of the curriculum are career advice and mentorship support. These help you quickly plunge into the job market, setting goals and tactics to land a dream job.


Highlights of the course 

  • Courses are beginner-friendly. It suits the fresher and working professionals.
  • Live sessions and interaction with industry experts.
  • Hand-on learning with recent technologies


Course duration: 60 hours

Mode of the course: Online

Course fee: Contact the course provider

Contact details: +91 83497 10335, +91 9137913070


3. Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal – Academy of Data Science

Academy of Data Science is the software institute in Bhopal providing online solutions to various fields. They also train students to pave the way in the competitive field. Providing learning resources similar to America, Australia, and the UK is the main objective of the Academy. They also collaborate with other SAM Girls College, Oriental Institute and many more institutes for training the learning community.


The data science academy offers micro degrees and certification courses. The courses in the institute cover

  1. Python,
  2. Power BI
  3. Python with ML & DL
  4. Data modelling and preprocessing with MSSQL
  5. Python with ML
  6. Artificial intelligence
  7. Data visualisation with Tableau


As you may have noted, there is no stand-alone data analytics course. But, data analytics using Python, Tableau, and SQL are given importance. Choosing any of the above methods can provide focused knowledge. Moreover, it is also budget-friendly as the courses do not offer comprehensive modules.


Highlights of the course

The course provides personalised mentorship by industry experts

The community of students are managed by relationship managers in need

Exclusive career assistance and job fairs are arranged for the students

Well-optimised LMS for in-depth learning of concepts

Hand-on experience


Course duration: 45 hours per week

Mode of the course: Online

Course fee: Contact the Academy


Contact details: +91 9893452420

Email ID-


4. Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal – Talent Spiral

Talent Spiral is an IT company, aka Ed-tech company, serving Bhopal people. They offer digital solutions to organisations and training to students. The learning centre conducts tests, activities, and workshops and provides career guidance globally.

They are the host of many in-demand tech courses in the market. Web development, Data science, Human resources, prompt engineering, cloud computing, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence are the programs offered on this platform. Let’s focus on the Data Analytics course.


Course Name: Data Science Certification Training


Course modules: The introductory part of the course includes data types and exploration. Further, the next modules use tools like Excel, Tableau, and Python. Data acquisition, processing, visualisations and ethical considerations are also taught in the curriculum.

The course curriculum is well structured to fit the dynamic field. All the main tools are covered with analysing data. Talent Spiral also provides 3 months of internship support for all registered students.


Highlights of the Course 

  • Regular doubts clearing sessions
  • Practical hands-on capstone project
  • Networking opportunity
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Guidance for Career


Course duration: 60 hours

Mode of the course: Online

Course fee: Contact the course provider

Contact details: +918965987932, +919617161034


5. Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal – Cybrom Technology

Cybrom Technology is a dedicated ed-tech company that offers 20 online courses. They offer many courses under one roof. State-of-the-art infrastructure accompanies the world-class training. Specialisation labs, group discussion rooms, an auditorium, and a cafeteria make cybrom, a mini college.

Software and web development, digital marketing, IT Ops & cyber security and data science & analytics are the main streams of topics that the institute teaches. They claim to train their students intensively in theory and practical application.


Let’s learn more about the data analytics course


Course Name: Data Science and Analytics

Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal Modules: Data Science (ML + Big data), Machine learning and artificial intelligence. Statistics and probability are in the first module, strengthening the skills of course beginners. Moreover, the course covers data mining, processing modelling, and valuation with hands-on learning sessions. The students also get business intelligence and reporting modules at the end of the system.


Highlights of the course 

  • The course operates by assigning hands-on learning with real-world projects. (More than 120 projects)
  • Curriculum instructors are field experts
  • The modules are up-to-date with industry trends
  • It fuels the students to prepare for job interviews and assists with the same.
  • Students can pay 50% of the fee after the placement.
  • A wide range of tools are covered in the course (Python, R, Spark, SQL, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Pig, Hive.


Course duration: 6 months training+2 months internship

Mode of the course: Online and offline

Course fee: Contact the course provider

Contact details: +91 97559 96968


Recommended Reads:


6. Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal – Tonar Systems

Tonar Systems is the leading course provider in Bhopal. They provide both online and classroom training for students. They work on the motto of producing qualified software candidates. A team of certified professionals and experts spill valuable tips and tricks during teaching. Let’s learn more about the data analytics course.


Course name: Advanced Data Science

Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal Modules: The certification course in advanced science has 8 modules. It teaches how to collect, process and transform the data into useful forms. Python is the only tool used to manage the data. Big data is the next module, which introduces statistics for analysing techniques. Further topics give insights into Network science, Machine learning, and Artificial intelligence. It also always provides hands-on experience in data modelling and visualisation.


Here is the list of other significant courses related to data analytics

  1. Microsoft Power BI Certification training course
  2. Big data
  3. Python


Highlights of the course 

  • Certificate on completion of the course
  • Updated curriculum
  • 24/7 teaching assistance
  • A community of field experts interacts with students


Course duration: 3 months

Mode of the course: Online and offline

Course fee: Contact the course provider

Contact details: +91 755 408 0407, 8103880828, 9424997651


7. Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal – Techsimplus

Techsimplus is another tech-savvy offering IT training programmes in Bhopal. The institute walks on the mission to fulfil the learning and skill development. They have a separate board of expert panels to develop the curriculum building. The company trains the students in web development, mobile development, Machine learning and Augmented reality apps. When you research the data science course, you can notice plenty of top-notch skills paralleling the in-demand skills.


Course name: Machine Learning Science, Machine Learning & Deep Learning


Course modules:

The topics are well structured and focus on machine learning with Python. The tools and techniques taught in the classes include Yolo, Open CV, Pandas, Numpy, Keras, Tensorflow, AWS, Matplotlib, and Python.


The outcomes of the course are

  1. Classify images, data and faces using machine learning
  2. Deploying the data models on AWS
  3. Able to visualise with Matplotlib and Plotly.


Highlights of the course 

  • Certificate on completion of the course
  • Curriculum design by field experts
  • Internship for enrolled students
  • Membership with Techsimplus community
  • 10+ live projects for hands-on practice


Course duration: 2.5 months

Mode of the course: Online

Course fee: 4,999 INR

Contact details: +91 98937-62256



8. Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal – ITE Bhopal

ITE Bhopal partners with Read Hat Pearson to provide authorised training in software solutions. The Institute of Technology (ITE Bhopal) is also an ISO-certified company providing onsite/online/online classes. ITE provides 10+ courses on Linux, server security, cloud computing, troubleshooting and diagnostics. All the above courses come with red hat certification. Python, computer networking, and Linux are other courses offered.


Course name: Big Data/Hadoop

Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal Modules: The courses teach how to handle big data using Hadoop. The system provides insights into storing, processing and managing big data.

A glimpse of the data course is given as follows

  1. Big Data Overview
  2. Indexing and Data Modelling
  3. Language R
  4. Spark Overview
  5. Connection with Python


Course duration: Contact the course provider for more information


Mode of the course: Online /class training

Course fee: Contact the official course provider

Contact details: +91 9111 240 646/ 755 4700 646



Frequently Asked Questions: Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal


Is Data Analytics an Easy Course?

Yes, taking up a course and learning data analytics for 3 months can make you a job-ready person. It requires basic technical and statistical skills to understand the nuances of data modelling.


What Is the Eligibility for Data Analysis?

Data analysis does not require any particular degree. Anyone with a basic degree qualification in any stream is enough to enrol in a data analytics course. However, it would help if you had essential knowledge or interest in computer science and statistics.


Is a Data Analytics Programme High-Paying?

Yes, the growth in the global economy pushes companies to hire data analysts who can derive meaningful results from vast data.


Conclusion: Data Analytics Courses in Bhopal

As online data analytics courses are trending, many online and offline institutes offer courses. But it would help if you analysed the course curriculum, duration, internship opportunities and placement support before enrolling. Before investing, try to attend a free class/workshop to decide the quality of the course.

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