Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune 2021

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the act of promoting or advertising on any online platform- whether emails, social media, or web pages. It involves strategies and techniques to establish a full-fledged online presence that can be used to gain an online market for our services or products. 

These techniques are called digital marketing strategies and can be learned by anyone despite their educational background. So, for those wanting to start a career in digital marketing or using digital marketing strategies for building their business online, here is the list of some of the best digital marketing courses in Pune that can help you achieve your goals.


List of the best digital marketing courses in Pune


Digital Marketing Scope in India


With the boom in the development of technology, internet users have significantly increased. Especially, the year 2020-2021 has been the year of online importance. The quarantine and lockdown period has majorly shifted focus to having an online presence. 


Today, it has become extremely important to have an online reach and approach to the targeted audience group and it has caused a drastic growth in the digital marketing field.


Before getting deep into various digital marketing courses in Pune, let us take a quick look at the job profile that you can opt for as a digital marketer.


Different Digital Marketing Job Profile


There are different roles and opportunities that one can opt for in the digital marketing field. These digital marketing positions require some strong and innovative skill sets and strategies like SEO, SEM, content marketing, email marketing, and so on. Some of the major digital marketing job profiles are discussed below:


1. Digital Marketing Intern


This is an entry-level job profile for digital marketing. It involves a great chance to learn and improve skills and gain professional experience. A digital marketing intern has to work with the marketing team to manage and launch campaigns, work on creative content for social media platforms and do SEO for web traffic. 


It is a good position to start a digital marketing career. The average entry-level digital marketing intern salary in India is 122,890 INR. 


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2. Digital Marketing Executive 


Digital marketing executives help in managing the strategies for the online campaigns for the promotional and other events. 


This position requires some prior experience in the digital marketing field and usually, a digital marketing intern is promoted as a digital marketing executive after having relevant exposure in the field. The average annual salary for entry-level digital marketing executives in India is 3,45,283 INR.


3. SEO Specialist 


SEO specialists have to manage the techniques and strategies that are required to increase a company’s web traffic. They have to do an analysis of the competitor’s website and make relevant strategies to ensure the page rankings. 


This position requires basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, and JavaScript and detailed knowledge about Google algorithms. The average annual salary for an entry-level SEO specialist in India is 2,48, 268 INR.


4. Social Media Specialist


Social media specialists are in charge of developing, implementing, and tracking the company’s social media strategy to raise brand awareness, improve marketing efforts, and boost sales. 


They must be creative and open with their thoughts. The position requires some knowledge of social media marketing tools like Buffer. The average annual salary for entry-level social media specialists in India is 3,45,247 INR. 


5. Pay Per Click Analyst


Pay Per Click analysts are responsible for running and optimizing PPC campaigns. The companies, apart from getting organic results, also invest in paid advertising. 


They pay every time their ads are clicked and visited, so it’s the responsibility of the PPC analyst to analyze and manage the results and success of paid ad campaigns and bring the highest possible return on investment. 


They must possess the knowledge of data analysis and have some experience with tools like Google analytics, web trends, etc. The average annual salary for entry-level PPC analysts in India is 3,34, 605 INR.


6. Search Engine Marketing Specialist


Search engine marketing specialist does the execution, collection, analysis, and identification of data, trends, and insights to achieve the maximum ROI in paid search campaigns. The person has to track, report, and analyze web analytics, pay-per-click initiatives, and campaigns. 


The position is held responsible for paid ads campaigns across all the search engines and display networks. It requires having technical knowledge of various bid management tools like Click Equations etc. and basics of analytics. The average annual salary for entry-level SEM specialists in India is 3,49,441 INR.


7. Google Ads Specialist


Google ads specialists oversee the advertising campaigns for the company. They are responsible for creating and analyzing ad campaign strategies. They identify the right targeting advertising methods and prepare ad content for the campaigns. 


The job requires a generous amount of knowledge of Google Ad Words. The average annual salary for an entry-level google ads specialist is 3,88,000 INR.


8. Content Writers

Content writers are the major part of the digital marketing team. They research industry-related topics and write clear marketing copies to promote the company’s brand and product. They establish the link between the customers and the clients with their words. 

The position requires knowledge of SEO basics and good communication skills. The average annual salary for entry-level content writers in India is 2,82, 309 INR.


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9. Content Marketing Manager


A content marketing manager deals with planning and initiating content marketing strategies. They collaborate with the designing and writing teams to produce professional and valuable content. 


Their work is to edit and proofread and improve the content crafted and created by the content writers and deliver quality content for the clients and help them improve their sales. The average annual salary for the entry-level content marketing manager in India is 6,08,826 INR.


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Top 7 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune


  1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills offers one of the most popular digital marketing courses in Pune. It is a highly reputed and trustworthy institute that offers courses in various cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and others. 


The main factor that classifies it as the best course is its course module and practical training. The course offers a complete, comprehensive, and detailed program to shape you from a naïve to an experienced digital marketer. 


The Digital Marketing Master Course is a 3 months program that contains more than 40 modules of digital marketing along with hands-on assignments to improve your digital marketing skills. 


The trainers are the industry experts who guide and improve you throughout the journey. Anyone from any background be it a student, college dropout, working professional, or entrepreneur can join the course.


The course is designed in a way that at the end, the candidate would be able to qualify for 12 internationally valued certification exams.

1. Google Video Advertising Advanced Certification

2. Google Shopping Advertising Certification 

3. Google Adwords Certification 

4. Google Mobile Advertising Certification

5. Google Analytics Certification

6. Google Adwords Search Certification

7. Google Adwords Display Certification 

8. Google Digital Sales Certification

9. Hubspot Inbound Certification

10. Hubspot Social Media Certification

11. Hubspot Email Marketing Certification 

12. Facebook Blueprint Certification



The Main Features of the Course are:

● 80 hours of live training

● 15+ Live Projects

● 10+ Case Studies

● Free tools worth 79000+

● 40+ digital marketing modules

● Placement Support

● Lifetime Support

● Internationally approved Certificates


Course Name: Digital Marketing Master Course

Fees: 29,900 +GST

Course Duration: 3 Months

Check out the Course reviews. and book your demo class with IIM Skills if you are passionate about making it digital. 


IIM Skills digital marketing course free demo invite


2. LIPS India 


The digital marketing courses at Lavenir Institute of Professional Studies or LIPS India are considered as one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune.  This high-quality course is designed to provide comprehensive training. The trainers at LIPS India are IIT and IIM alumni and are extremely qualified and provide excellent guidance to the students.


The institute offers different courses related to the digital marketing domain like advanced SEO, Google Ads training, social media marketing, website designing, and many others. The most popular course here is the detailed digital marketing course. The main highlight of this course is its 100 plus hours training modules.


The Main Features of the Course are:

● Mentorship by IIT alumni

● Lifetime access to Tools and Platform

● Live Assignments 

● Internationally approved certificates

● Technical support

● Several batches options


Course Name: Detailed Digital Marketing Course in Pune

Fees: 30000/-

Duration: 100+ hours


3. Digital Trainee


The Digital Trainee is a popular institute in Pune that offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune. It is an institute that follows the “No Theory Rule” and focuses completely on practical learning and training.


It offers the most efficient way to start- up your digital marketing journey. They provide a variety of digital marketing courses to choose from. 


The digital marketing course comprises 44 modules that train the students from the beginner level to the advanced level. The curriculum is designed to boost hands-on experience in the practical world.


The Main Highlights of the Course are:

● Free Domain and hosting

● 100% Job assistance

● International Certificates

● Portfolio Building 

● 50+ Online Digital Marketing Course 

Course Name: Digital Marketing Course




The Pashium International Institute of Digital Marketing or PIIDM offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune. The course offered here is practical and job-oriented. 


The course is designed from the very basics of digital marketing to advanced levels. The institute is led by industry experts from different digital marketing fields. 


The Main Highlights of the Course are:

● 100% Placement Assistance

● Lifetime support

● 10+ Years Experienced Faculty

● Portfolio building 

● Personal Mentorship

● Soft Skill Training

● Study Portal and Material

● Guest Lectures from Experts in the Industry

● Classroom and Online Training


Course Name: Advanced Digital Marketing Program 2.0


5. School of Digital Marketing Pune


The digital marketing courses at the School of Digital Marketing, Pune, is one of the most popular and appreciated courses in the city. The institute offers a variety of courses for specialized training in the digital marketing field. 


The Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Course for working professionals is one of the best courses that the institute offers. This course is designed to provide comprehensive training in the digital marketing field. 


The faculty is very well experienced and has trained hundreds of students and professionals in their career journey. The main highlight of the course is the practical sessions, internationally approved certificates, and excellent placement results.


The Main Highlights of the Digital Marketing Certification Course: 

● 120+ hours of training 

● 100% Placement 

● Personal Mentoring 

● Live Projects 

● Practical application of 20+ Industry Tools

● 6+ Managerial skills

● 2+ Live Projects


Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Fees: 15000/-

Duration: 2 months


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6. NSDM Institute


NSDM India is a recognized institute that offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune. The training institute offers various courses related to the digital marketing field like Google Adwords Certification Course, Advanced Google Analytics Course, Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course, Social Media Marketing Course, and many others related to different fields.


The Main Highlights of the Digital Marketing Course Offered in NSDM are:

● 100% Placements

● Learn from industry experts

● Google certification

● Internships

● Free domain and hosting 

● Learning by doing approach

● Live projects and case studies

Course Name: Advance Program in Digital Marketing

Mode of Training: Classroom and Online


7. EduPristine


Edu Pristine offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune that are practical and provide experiential learning. The courses provided here are for everyone- whether it be new learners, professionals, or entrepreneurs. 


They have options for both online and offline batches. The faculty is extremely supportive, and they also provide doubt clearing sessions.


The Main Highlights of the Digital Marketing Course are: 

● 40+ module 

● 100+ hours program

● 15+ case studies and projects

● 15+ certificates

● Placement assistance

● After course engagement

Course Name: Digital Marketing Master Program.

Course Duration: 48 hours online classes and 60 hours of classroom classes.

Fees: 24000 for online classes and 36000 for Classroom training. 


8. Victorious Digital


Victorious Digital offers digital marketing courses in many cities like Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, and other major cities of the country. 


They offer a career-oriented digital marketing course in Pune that is planned from a very basic level. They provide a real-life skill learning experience along with exploring the core of the digital marketing field.


The Main Highlights of the Digital Marketing Course are: 

● Learn directly from industry experts

● 15+ Internationally approved Certificates

● Guaranteed Paid Internships

● 100% Placement Assistance

● Practical Training with assignments

● Flexible Batch Timings

Course Name: Digital Marketing course in Pune

Course Duration: 2 months


9. Digital Dnyan Academy


Digital Dnyan is one of the prestigious institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Pune. The course is developed to enhance your skills and help you get placed in the digital marketing field.


It focuses on the overall development of the students and helps them acquire the required skills and knowledge for the industry.


The Main Highlights of the Digital Marketing Course are

● 7+ Internationally accepted Certificates

● 40+ Modules to work on

● 100% Job Assistance

● Guaranteed Internship Certificate

● Resume Building

● Interview Preparations

● Lifetime Support


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10.  Alive Digital 


Alive Digital offers a high-quality and practical digital marketing course in Pune. The course curriculum is designed for anyone from any background and is one of the best digital marketing courses that can help you to understand the basic concepts and implement them in real- life.


The Main Highlights of the Course are:

● 110% practical based session

● 30+ modules

● 60+ tools 

● Job assistance

● The government of Maharashtra recognized certification

Course Name: Complete Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 2.5 months


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the average duration for digital marketing courses?

The approximate duration for a comprehensive digital marketing course is around 4-5 months. But it also depends upon the case studies and the practical sessions provided with the course.


2. What institute offers the best digital marketing courses in Pune?

The article itself lists the institutes that provide the best digital marketing courses in Pune. It depends upon one’s budget, location, and timings to choose from these.


3. Who can take up these courses?

Anyone interested in the digital marketing field can take up these courses. Most of these courses are developed from- basic to advanced levels.


4. What profile can someone choose after completing digital marketing courses?

There are plenty of opportunities available in the digital marketing field like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing. You can choose anyone based on your interest and expertise.



These are some of the best digital marketing courses in Pune that can help you gain practical knowledge in different aspects of this field. These courses can be a boom for you to kick start your career. So, find the right fit for you and enroll yourself. 

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