Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Pune

If you’re someone from the commerce field, you must have heard the term ‘Financial Modeling’. With a high career scope in the finance segment, it is currently a demanded skill and is very contrasting from other accounting jobs. So if you’re from Pune and looking to sharpen your skills, below we have listed the top 5 financial modeling courses in Pune with detailed information that will fulfill your learning needs. This article will help you to choose what fits you best.


List of best financial modeling courses in Pune


First, Let’s Know a Little About Financial Modeling:


Financial Modeling is a decision-making tool or a representation process to summarise a company’s expenses, income, financial figures, and operational figures in excel or a spreadsheet, by which a company can make decisions based on the framework you have created. In other words, analysis of data and making decisions as per that in an organization/ company or individually is Finacial Modeling.


Skills Required to Be a Financial Modeler


  • Excel Skills: Chart making, pivot table, lookup table, conditional formatting, validation of data, and data analysis. These are some basic Excel skills you should know to be a Financial Modeler. 


  • Knowledge of the Industry: It is a must for you to have the industry knowledge that you are working in. Stay updated, and be informed of the latest trends, and the changes occurring.      


  • Finance & Accounting: It is an important skill one must have to be a  Financial Modeler. Finance and Accounting are also known as Financial statements. Preparation of an accurate financial account of an organization for a period is what we call Financial Statements. They are primarily of three types- Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows.


  • Knowledge of Business: In this field, an individual should know how to do business. When and where to invest, when to raise the capital, decision-making capabilities, and other finance-related skills. 


  • Communication Skills: Many industries hire candidates who have fluent industry language along with strong writing and communication skills. You should be able to explain your financial terms to others in a simple manner with your communication skills. 


  • Digital Knowledge: We are living in a world where digitalization and automation of technologies are increasing day by day. This rapid digitalization has encouraged companies to hire finance professionals with fine IT knowledge. one must be aware of the accounting software 


How Much Do You Earn as a Financial Modeler?


There are many professions you can get into after learning Financial Modeling. A good qualification and a good experience can lead your way to earning a decent amount in this profession. In India, earning starts for an individual as a Financial Modeler is 5.25 Lakhs per year and can be increased up to 28 Lakhs per year. 


Why One Should Opt For Financial Modeling Course:


Lack of Practical Knowledge- Post qualification: Most of the qualifications you have done do not possess the basic understanding of either business or financial statements. Every individual in this field that comes after doing  B.Com or even MBA, they are not able to answer or perform the basic skills about financial statement.


In reality, their understandings of these concepts are very bookish. They just stick to the books. But in the outer world skills are more critical than your qualification. Just to make your qualification practical, you should learn Financial Modeling.        


Basic Knowledge of Business and Finance: Everyone in the finance field has got fixated on their perception of the concepts of finance which never get used in reality. They don’t know about operating language, accurate business decision-making, stock evaluation, or even how would operating windows come into place.


Because their educational curriculum is not practical. Everything is about clearing the exams or finishing the syllabus. So; to get the basics of business and finance, you should learn Finacial Modeling which will open up your mind to practicality.


Find Your Area of Interest: Since you would get an approach to doing things a little more practical in finance, you will be able to explore which area you want to work on. Finance is a very vast field. It is not just fixed to investments and banking. So this course will give you a direction on which area you should perform, where you can approach your career, and your qualifications in the future.


Financial Models, You Get to Learn in Financial Modeling Courses in Pune


The Three-Statement Model: As the name suggests, in this model, the three statements ie. income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet all are linked by using formulas in Excel. It is the most basic model in financial modeling.


The Budget Model: For getting the budget together for the coming year, this model is used in financial planning and analysis. It is heavily focused on the income statement and designed to get monthly or quarterly financial figures.  


The Merger Model: It is also called the M&A model. The merger model is a more advanced model used for the evaluation of accretion of a merger or acquisition. 


The Initial Public Offering Model: This model is used by investment bankers and corporate developers. It is used to value the business in advance to went public.


The Forecasting Model: This model is used in financial planning and analysis which includes building a forecast compared merger model.


The Consolidation Model: In this model, multiple units of the business are added. Every business unit has its tab, and with the consolidation model, it simply sums up other units too.


The Discounted Cash Flow Model: It is used to value a company that is based on the  Net Present Value. This model takes the flow of cash from the three statement model and puts some changes then uses an XNVP function in excel to discount them as per the company’s Average Cost of Capital.


Must consider a few other rewarding courses in Pune for career enhancement


Jobs After Financial Modeling Courses in Pune


Equity Research Analyst:  They help their clients and companies by analyzing, tracking, and evaluating the growth of the companies. They play a vital role in the major financial decisions of their clients and organizations.


Financial Planning Manager: Financial planning managers are those who create plans for their clients and companies to realize their current monetary goals with a positive effect on their long-term goals


Project Finance Manager: Supervise and manage the projects related to cash flow, revenue, and expenditure. They coordinate with various departments and extend their help in forecasting and budgeting projects and overseeing the implementation and execution.


Credit Rating Analyst: They are responsible for the assessment of credit requests, help in the assessment of credit risk, perform due diligence from time to time, and analyze and present findings on repaying capacities of debtors and borrowers. 


IB Associate: Investment banking analysts and associates have similar roles and responsibilities,. In simple terms, you will be promoted as an investment banking associate after gaining 2-3 years of experience working as an investment banking analyst.


Hence, ideal IB associates have strong knowledge and practical experience in performing the tasks of analysts, but they are in the higher stack of the hierarchy because they manage the IB analysts under them and act as a link between the vice president and the analyst team. IB associate is a client-facing role. 


Investment Banking Analyst: IB analysts work under the leadership and guidance of IB associates. They perform tasks like research, financial analysis, pitch presentations, scheduling, etc. 


Financial Analyst: The role of a good financial analyst is to take up research tasks and activities and design investment strategies to help their companies and  clients in making proper investment decisions


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Financial Modelling Courses in Pune:


1. IIM Skills


IIM SKILLS is one of the best institutes to learn financial modeling from the comfort of your home. It is an online training provider that will fulfill your financial modeling learning needs and develop the desired skills. Here you will get to learn everything in a practical and detailed manner.


Equal attention is given to each student so that they can get the benefit evenly. If you’re someone who’s looking for personalized coaching then IIM SKILLS fits best to your need. The financial modeling course offered by IIM SKILLS is considered one of the best as the institution always wants to meet the need of ambitious individuals. 


One of the reasons people choose IIM SKILLS for learning is that this institute provides certification which is recognized by the government, also the faculties and trainers are dedicated to enhancing the students in every manner, whether it is professionally or personally.


You will learn a generous number of financial modeling skills by working on the practical assignments provided by them. If you want to do Financial Modeling courses in Pune from the comfort of your home then IIM SKILLS is no doubt the option for you.


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


Course Highlights:

  • 50+ hours of lectures 
  • Live Projects
  • Practical Assignments
  • Case studies 
  • 2 Months guaranteed Internship
  • Interview Preparation
  • 100% Job Support
  • Course Material Aligned with Excel 
  • MSME recognized Certification
  • Lifetime Acess to the LMS  


Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration: 3 Months 

Course Fees: 39,900+ GST


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Passed out or pursuing commerce and finance 
  • Have a working knowledge of computers
  • Basic knowledge of Excel


You might also be interested in the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Pune to gather advanced finance expertise.


Other Courses

GST Certification Course

BAT Course


2. Udemy


Udemy is a US-based massive online course provider that offers more than 196,000 courses. There are several Financial Modeling courses in Pune provided by different trainers, out of which you can choose which fits you the best. One core benefit of doing the financial modeling course from Udemy is that there’s no specific duration or deadline for the completion of the course.


You can learn at whatever time you want to. They have an app that can get accessed to your phone to watch their course videos. They provide you lifetime access to their course materials.  You can enroll in their financial modeling courses in Pune from the comfort of your home. 


Some of the Best Financial Modeling Courses Offered by Udemy Are:


Course Name: Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation

Course duration: 15 hours

Course Fees: Rs, 3499 


Course Name: Financial Modeling and Valuation Course 2022

Course duration: 31.5 hours

Course Fees: Rs, 3499 


Course Name: The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2022

Course duration: 19.5 hours

Course Fees: Rs, 3499 


Course Name: Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling using MS Excel

Course duration: 11 hours

Course Fees: Rs, 499 


Course Name: Finance Training for Financial Analysts

Course duration: 10 hours

Course Fees: Rs, 499 


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3. Grant Thorton Academy


If you are someone seeking to learn financial modeling courses in Pune in a guided online environment, GT academy offers a certification course online on financial modeling and valuation. The mode of learning is live online classes. They teach the core concepts of different financial models through different case studies using real-world examples relevant to their roles.


The syllabus is divided into 8 live online classes, the classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays. (five hours per class). If you are someone who works five days a week and wants to complete the certification quickly, this program becomes a good choice.  


Course Duration: 40 hours of classroom session

Course Fees: 27,500 plus taxes 


4. Coursera


Coursera is again a big online course provider that has access to 7,000+ world-class courses with hands-on practice and job-ready certificates including the Financial Modeling course in Pune too.  There You can choose financial modeling courses in Pune, which you can opt and learn from your home. 


Here Are  the Courses Provided by Them in This Field:

  • Business and Financial Modeling Specialization
  • Excel Modeling for Professionals: Best Practices & Pitfalls
  • Data Science for Investment Professionals Specialization
  • Finance & Quantitative Modeling for Analyst
  • Excel skills for Data Analytics and Visualisation


You can enroll yourself in any of these financial modeling courses in Pune or any other part of India. 


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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


5. Internshala Training


Internshala is a huge training and internship platform located in Gurgaon, India. This online website helps students to get internships and opt for courses of their choice. They too have an app that can be operated via smartphones and learning can be done on that too.


Speaking of Financial Modeling Course here, then Internshala Trainings provides a Financial Modeling course where you’ll learn through videos. After the completion, you will get an industry-recognized certificate plus curated internship options. If you are someone Finding financial modeling courses in Pune, then Internshala training will help you get one.


Course Duration: 6 weeks of training [ 1hr/day]

Course Fees: 1349/-


Course Highlights:

  • Online learning
  • Can be done on mobile too
  • Certification by Internshala 
  • Doubt clearing
  • Lifetime access to the course content
  • No prior knowledge is required, beginners can also apply
  • Project Building for hands-on practice
  • Placement assistance


The learning model of the course: 

  • Watch videos for learning the concepts 
  • Quizzes and module tests for knowledge testing 
  • Project assessments for hands-on practice
  • Appear for the final exam to get certified 


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Q1. In which all fields can financial modeling be a useful skill set to take your career to the next level?

Financial modeling is a useful skill for students and professionals who are pursuing their careers in charted accounting, management students and professionals who are MBA (master’s in business administration) graduates, financial risk managers (FRM)  / Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), and other professionals who are closely related to finance department like research analysts, investment bankers and portfolio managers to name a few. If you are learning it to develop your knowledge or trying to turn your career toward the finance department then anyone with an interest in financial modeling is still a good fit. 


Q2. What are the tools used in financial modeling?

Financial models are majorly prepared with Microsoft excel because it has all the features and functionalities jam-packed in them for performing all kinds of calculations, logical operations, and financial analysis. Hence excel is used as standard software in most organizations. However, it is to be noted that financial modeling requires advanced knowledge in excel and not just the basics of it. In large-scale organizations where the quantity of data is huge and sophisticated tools like SAP and Oracle are used. That being said, the percentage of organizations using such tools is comparatively less. 


Q3. Is Financial Modeling a good career?

In today’s competitive world of jobs in finance, Financial Modeling is one of the best career options you can choose. If you are from the finance field with good qualifications and skills then you can choose this as your profession. Choose the best course, get certified, and then go for it.


Q4. Is Financial Modeling hard to learn?

As everything you do needs practice, just like that Financial Modeling also needs practice to learn. It is hard if you are trying to learn it on your own, but with professional guidance and training, this process will become easy. All you need is a perfect learning platform that will brush up your skills and make you an eligible candidate for this profession


Q5. Will I be able to learn financial modeling courses in Pune? 

There are many institutions that offer financial modeling courses in Pune, in both offline and offline modes. With the advent of the internet, the world has become a  global village and you can learn the courses while living in any part of the world now. Hence we have listed the best institutions which will help you master financial modeling. You can freely enroll in any of them.




Just like other professions and the skills which are required in that particular field, Financial Modeling has also become an important ingredient for financial professionals and Business companies. It needs good guidance, training, practice, and specialized skills. All these requirements can be fulfilled only if you choose the right platform for your learning. Remember, this learning will lead you to an aspiring career you have always dreamt of. So step forward and choose one of the best financial modeling courses in Pune which will benefit you and the industry you are going to work in.

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