Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur With Placements

Nagpur is one of the hottest destinations for tech enthusiasts who want to enhance their skills in analyzing and studying data analytics courses in Nagpur. Data Analytics involves the process of gathering data and studying it minutely to draw conclusions and make predictions; and policies as measures to make a big impact in various fields, be it business or film production and even health care services, nowadays no area has not been untouched by data analysts.


List of best data analytics courses in Nagpur


So all in all Data Analytics is the art wherein the Data Analyst can comprehend the psyche of the customer by reading the data collected and then deciding what measures are to be taken if the grip on the customers is not to be loosened.  However, the process of collecting data from the market is not a cakewalk, there are various steps involved that ensure that the data that finally reaches the hands of the analyst is almost 100% accurate.

The process involves Identification, Collection, Cleaning, Analyzing, and Interpretation. The various Tools required in this are SQL, Python, SAS, and JAVA. MATLAB, etc., and the Techniques involved are Text Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Diagnostic Analysis, Predictive Analysis, and Pre Descriptive Analysis. Thus the job opportunities for a Data Analyst are one of the most lucrative in the market today.

After completing a course in Data Analytics one can get a job as a data engineer, data scientist, data architect, database administrator, and data analyst with a probable starting salary of 4 lakhs or more. One can opt for a certificate course or a diploma course, otherwise for a post-graduate level course one needs to have a specialization in Management or Computer Science.

However, for a graduate degree course, one needs to have attained at least 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent in Science or Computer Science from a recognized university.


Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur – Offline and Online

The city of Nagpur located in the state of Maharashtra is one of the best seats for Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur. Several premier institutes provide the best education required to hone one’s skills as a Data analyst; some of these institutes provide online and offline courses at a reasonable cost and the placements are made by liaising with some of the renowned corporate houses of the country.


 Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur



IIM SKILLS provides various comprehensive courses and data analytics is one of them. The duration of the Data Analytics  Master course is 6 months with 2 months of internship. There are 160 hours of Lectures, 100+hours of Practical Assignments coupled with hands-on learning of the various tools that are applicable to the course.

The course also entails more than 7 Live Projects, more than 100 Case studies, and the scope to be adept at more than 7 Tools. Not only this, but it also assists with a 100% Internship, a promise of sure-shot interviews, and a Data Analytics Master Certificate from IIM SKILLS which is recognized by the Government of India.

The institute also has tie-up with some of the top MNC Recruiters like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc. The best features of the institute are its Master Certificate, Training that is based on rigorous unpacking of the various tools that are applicable to the course, Lifetime access to the course material and other resources, 24×7 support of the trainees, and practice-based training that pumps up the confidence of the trainees.

IIM SKILLS also provides a plethora of Modules and one can choose a Module as per one’s needs and desires. The cost of each Module is 19,900+ taxes.


 The Data Analytics Course Modules are as follows:

  1. Data Analytics with EXCEL +VBA – a one-month training course that includes more than 24 lectures.
  2. Data Analytics with POWER BI-a one month Training Course that includes more than 24 lectures.
  3. Data Analytics with Python- a one-month Training Course that includes more than 20 lectures.
  4. Data Analytics with SQL- a two months Training Course that includes more than 39 lectures.
  5. Data Analytics with R- a one-month Training Course that includes more than 20 lectures.
  6. Data Analytics with TABLEAU- a three weeks Training Course that includes more than 15 lectures.
  7. Data Analytics with ALTERYX- a three weeks Training Course that includes more than 18 lectures.

Data Analytics Course- A complete Data Analytics Course from IIM Skills would cost around 49900+ taxes. The prominent features have already been mentioned above, however, there are added features like a 100% Money-Back Guarantee after the first session, if the course does not meet your expectation, Certification fees that include exam fees and certification fees, and an opportunity for availing a group discount of 10%  on 3 or more registrations.

The Pre Requisites for the Analytics Course are a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized College or University, Basic knowledge of Computers and Technology and previous knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics would be preferred but it is not an essential requirement.


2. ExcelR

ExcelR provides online Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur to facilitate learning for aspirants as well as professionals who desire to upgrade their skills and thereby go a notch up the ladder of success. The duration is 150 hrs / 6 months, the USP of the course is that one does not need to know coding as the tools like  Excel(Basic and Advanced), Tableau, MySQL, Power BI, Business Statistics, Python and R Programming, SAS(self -paced) and Large Language Models (LLM) and ChatGPT are used.

This is rounded up with a thorough interview preparation from the very first day. ExcelR works in collaboration with tech guru IBM and is open to graduates from all academic backgrounds like Science, Commerce, or Humanities. Freshers and Professionals with a penchant for analytical and logical reasoning are most welcome.

Apart from this, the course is also open for Financing and Accounting Professionals, Professionals from BPO or KPO domains, and Management Professionals. Online classes conducted in live virtual classrooms are available at a nominal cost of 44,999 Rs.

And at this cost, the online course offers you a range of top-ranking trainers from over the country, 60+ assignments/case studies to ensure that the candidate has practical experience in applying the skills that have been learned, the study of data projects that are based on real life, assured placement assistance, a chance to network with 350+ corporate companies and also a Jumbo pass that permits you to attend unlimited online classes/ batches for 1 year.

The skills that are taken care of are- Database Concepts, Data Analysis Concepts, Functions Charts, Slicers; and Data Visualization. Thus ExcelR has a lot to offer in its platter right from day one till another year after the course completion and in fact, for a lifetime the course pays you back by earning you a good place in the job market.


3. QuickXpert Infotech

It provides Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur in both online and offline modes. The institute vouches for its dedicated team of mentors and provides excellent guidance and placements at a very nominal cost. As the course is available both offline and online, therefore both working professionals as well as aspirants in the field of Data Analysis can join the course. To get a feel of the content and the faculty, Online Demo is also available. The Technologies that the students are made familiar with are Oracle SQL or MySQL, Python, Python Analytics, Excel Analytics, Tableau, and Power BI.


The course is offered in two packages.

a.Package 1 offers a 4-month Data Analysis Course while;

b.Package 2 offers Advanced Data Analysis Course which runs for 6 months.


Apart from these, courses customized as per the requirements of the students are also provided in fast-track batches. All the above-mentioned tools are taught in detail by an expert faculty. There are no pre-requisites for joining and anyone from an IT or Non IT background can join the course. The fee for the course is not disclosed, hence if you are interested you can easily go on to the institute’s website and request for disclosing the fee. The course done by QuickXpert is in great demand.

The other features of the course provided by QuickXpert are personal attention given to each student, training by experts in the field, 80% practical application-based work, excellent study material, a course completion certificate, live projects, and case studies to help you get in-depth knowledge, rigorous interview preparation and the best placement service.

Some of the good companies in which the candidates have been placed are Darwin Platform Group of Companies, Freight Tiger, Yash Technologies, G-Square Solutions Private Limited, etc. Some other noteworthy features of the institute are –it has been there for 9yrs in IT Training, is ISO Certified Institute, provides the Best Placement Service, and 100% Job Oriented Program (a recent placement saw a fresher being offered a package of 4.5 lakhs) liaisoning with 1000+ companies and more than 1000s of students trained, attractive fees and a free demo to help you to make up your mind.


4. SevenMentor

It provides efficient and related knowledge in Data Analysing at a reasonable cost. Thus it especially opens doors for students who are not from very strong financial backgrounds. Faculty with a vast range of experience expanding to over 10 years shape and nurture the aspirants for a job that is in great demand nowadays.

Statistics show that the demand for personnel to explore the trend of the market and thereafter prepare strategies to provide customer satisfaction; and thereby increase sales of the company, is in high demand, but sadly the number of trained personnel is very less. The skills needed in analyzing data not only help businesses in modifying their production but also assist in restructuring various other sectors like education, distribution, real estate, and media.

Keeping the vast range of sectors in view, it is seen that skilled manpower is required to tackle the growing demands for data analysts. Thus young adults and students with sound skills in computer application and good analyzing and interpretation skills are highly in demand, they must opt for this particular career and can earn remuneration which could even be higher than a large number of IT professionals.

Students with an aptitude for Mathematics and Statistics can easily make a career in Data Analysing; as it would further challenge their skills in Algebra, Graph theory, Statistics, etc. SevenMentors caters to the needs of the market by providing Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur, to those who not only hold certification but also are highly skilled in taking decisions and are aware of the latest tools and software apps that are needed to accomplish a task.

The institute has a well-equipped infrastructure, with accessible WiFi and advanced classroom facilities. The schedule is designed in such a way that even working professionals can fit in and not lose out on upgrading their skills due to a rigid learning schedule. Morning weekday, evening weekday, and weekend classes are available and one can choose the classes at one’s convenience.

The course is available both online and offline, for online mode- Online Corporate Training is available. Freshers, B.Sc. / B.E. students, Engineers, any graduates, any Post Graduates, and Working Professionals can apply. The Trainers at the institute use basic and simple language to explain the concepts to the students.

The students are given real-life examples to get a deep understanding of the concepts and they are encouraged to explore and make deductions. The topics covered are vast and varied to ensure that the student is well-equipped to soar higher in the field of data analysis. The certificate that is issued by SevenMentors is recognized by all the Major Global companies around the world. After the completion of the theory part of the syllabus, the students are trained for the practical aspect of the course.

Thus the certificate provided opens your gateway to leading roles in data analysis in several MNCs all over the world and thus you can rest assured of landing a well-paying job; after project-based hands-on training and through training to face the interviews.

By the end of the training you will have learned all aspects of Data Analysis, you would have proficiency level knowledge of HIVE, R, Scala, and SQL( Structured Query Language), a sound understanding of the ecosystem of Data Analytics, experience and practical knowledge on Pig Hive Hbase and commercial distributions. The USP of the course rolled out by this institute is that it provides training from both beginner to Advanced level and  proudly claims to have trained 2000+ trainers(100 batches  with around 100%completion record)

Corporate Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur provide in-depth knowledge of Data Analysing to professionals in the field of data analysis and also helps freshers to get better placements in the field.


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5. Datamites

Datamites is another institute that provides holistic education through Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur; for an extraordinary career in Data Analysis. The overview of the course gives an insight into the different aspects of the course that is roughly divided into 3 phases.

In the first phase come self-study, videos, and books, the second phase is extensive online training followed by IABAC Certification exams, the third phase includes Internship Project Mentoring followed by Live Client Project Delivery and the last step is Resume Preparation and Job Alert Interviews. The most distinct feature of this institute is its Lead Mentor- Mr. Ashok Veda-  who holds an experience of 19 years in Data and Analytical Science.

He has carved a niche in the field of Data Science and has already trained around 20000 Data Science Aspirants. He has a degree in MBA from IIMA and the University of Amsterdam. And has done Ph.D. in AI, presently he is associated with as the Founder and CEO, which is an AI Company.

The Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur provided by the Datamites is imparted in three ways- 1. Live Virtual (Instructor Led Live Online Course) 2. Blended Learning ( Self Learning + Live Mentoring) and 3. Classroom (In-Person Classroom Training). The fee for the Live Virtual Course is 47,900, the fee for the Blended Learning is 28,990 and the fee for the Classroom Training is 54,900.

The specifications for Live Virtual are- IABAC@and JAINx@ Certification, 4 months- 200+ Learning hours, 20 hours learning a week, 10 Capstone and 1 Client project,365 days Flexipass+Cloud Lab and Internship + Job Assistance.  The scope of the Blended Learning Includes Self Learning+ Self Mentoring, IABA@ & JAIN@ Certification, I year access to E-learning, 10 Capstone and 1 Client Project, Job Assistance, and 24*7 Learner Assistance and support.

The Classroom model of the course guides the given spheres: IABAC@ &JAIN@ Certification. 4 months- 200+ hours of learning, 20 hours earning a week, 10 Capstone +1 Client Project, Cloud Lab Access, and Internship + Job Assistance. The course is a CDA-certified course.

To conclude the USP of the course is its Certificate being Globally Recognized, Career Guidance by expert counselors at every step and personalized counseling to raise skills in managerial roles, 5 Case Studies that include practical decision-making cases, a specialized syllabus and well experienced famous trainers having been in the field, for several years and with a wide range of experience; and expertise in  Data Analysis.


6. 360DigiTMG

It offers Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur, in collaboration with IBM, and vouches for 96% placements, 98% course satisfaction, and 98% course completion. The institute provides 3 kinds of Courses-Professional Courses in Data Analysis-  which teach the students some of the very important skills that are required to grab a good-paying job.

The skills taught are Data Cleaning, Data Visualization, and other relevant tools. Under this course, one learns to clean and organize data for analysis. It polishes and arms you with skills that are required to capture the highest-paying jobs in the market in the field. The second category, of course, is Certificate in Data Analysis, which teaches you to tackle huge data sets and have hands-on experience in doing so with tools like SQL, NoSQL, Tableau, Power BI, and Advanced Excel.

It also enables the students to learn to store, reuse, manipulate, and analyze bulk data sets stored in RDBMS, document-based database systems. Data Analysis Free Internship. The institute works in collaboration with IBM which specializes in providing cognitive solutions and consulting services. Thus the students are made familiar with blended learning.

The course fee for the Virtual led Instructor course is Rs. 40000+ tax, while for Employee Upskilling the course fee needs to be enquired and verified through a call. The schedule and criteria for the Virtual Instructor Lead Course are live online classes held on weekends and weekdays, 365 days of access to online classes, provision of paying the fee in monthly EMIs at 0%interest, lifetime validity for access to LMS, 20+ live classes taken by professors from FT top 20 universities and last but not the least career support services that are also readily available.

On the other hand, the Employee Upskilling Programme offers online or virtual classes, a customized course, a plethora of case studies relevant to the industry embedded in the curriculum, pre and post-assessment consultation and feedback, additional basic courses along with the main course, and learning systems based on the corporate and business world with the provision of teams and individual dashboard and reports.

The training at 360DigiTMG makes the students proficient in the use of different tools. Tools like Excel. SQL/NoSQL are used to process the data while tools like Tableau and Power BI help in visualizing the data. The concepts like Data Processing, Data Cleaning, and Exploratory Data Analysis are studied deeply and to the core. NoSQL or Not only SQL is a non-tabular database that stores data, unlike the traditional way data is stored.

It is used actively with fast-paced and agile development, storage of structured and semi-structured data, huge volumes of data, and so on. On the other hand, Power BI is a wonderful tool that converts data that is from an unrelated source to insights that are visually immersive, coherent, and interactive. To get the work done a collection of software services, connectors, and service apps are used.

The main three elements of Power BI that work together are Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, and Power BI Mobile Apps. Apart from the tools mentioned here, several advanced tools are embedded in the course by  360DigiTMG; which is regarded as one of the top institutes that provide Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur, so that the students are acquainted with the latest techniques that are surfacing in the market and are in the trend.

Thus in conclusion, it can be seen that Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur are very competitive as they are several institutes that provide top-class training to aspiring students as well as working professionals. There is a plethora of jobs with high-paying salaries and multiple chances of growth. So it would be the wisest thing ever, to jump on the bandwagon and get yourself enrolled in the best of the institutes of Nagpur that provide the best Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur; and live the life that you have been dreaming of.

These courses will definitely redefine your professional goals and enhance you to a level that you have always envisioned for yourself. Dream big and dream bigger but you must not let the opportunity go, for you have some of the best institutions helping you to make good of your life and career. Strive when the iron is hot and live your life to the biggest, by getting yourself a secure, prosperous, and enriching future.


FAQs: Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur


1. Which institute is considered to be the best for studying Data Analytics courses in Nagpur?

Though every institute has its own USPs it has been observed that ExcelR is the best institute that churns out highly paid Data Analysts. The trainees have been placed in some of the top MNCs in the country and abroad.


2. Is Data Analysis an IT job?

Though Data Analysis is not an IT job it still makes use of several IT tools to compute data, do statistical research and study, and then derive strategies and procedures to implement as the next course of action.


3. Which inherent skill is an added advantage if a student chooses a career in Data Analytics?

The student must be good at analyzing and interpreting. Also, he/ she be able to identify trends and use foresight to take decisions that would be the best outcome of the deep study. So good critical thinking and problem-solving skills would be an added advantage. And acquired knowledge about statistics and reading graphs and maps would further help in concluding. To sum up these skills a dash of good communication skills and collaboration would make an ideal combination for this course. Therefore it is advised to enroll in the Data Analytics Courses in Nagpur to get a strong foothold in your career as a Data Analyst.


4. What much salary does a Data Analyst draw in India?

The average salary of a Data Analyst is around 4lakhs+. The salary range falls between 1.9 lakhs to 11.5 lakhs. But at the end of the day, it depends on the experience one holds in the field.

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