Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai With Placements

Aspiring to become a data analyst? Let’s talk about some data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai that might help you boost your data analytics career. You may be looking to start a career in data analytics, move into a career in this field, or just learn more about it. Whatever you need, we’re here to help with our list of handpicked data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai. We’ve included a mix of both offline and online data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai and tried to highlight each course’s key features to help you plan your next move.


List of best data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai


Navi Mumbai is an emerging data analytics hub and will be opening up many data analytics-based roles such as ‘data analyst’ and ‘senior data analyst’ in the years to come. Hence, pursuing data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai is a great option, especially if you live in or near the area. If not, there are many online learning platforms that offer a great way to pursue data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai and other locations as well. Let’s dive in!


1.     Data Analytics Course by IIM SKILLS


If you’re looking for live, online data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai, you may find the Data Analytics Course offered by IIM SKILLS to be a great choice, for both beginners and experienced professionals. IIM SKILLS offers a “Certified Data Analyst Master Course”, a 6-month data analytics course with a guaranteed internship, guaranteed interviews, and a strong focus on practical, hands-on, and tool-based learning. Plus, you just need a Bachelor’s degree (in any discipline) to enroll!



Practical learning: This data analytics course aims to make you job-ready with 100% tools-driven training, 100+ hours of practical assignments, 7+ live projects, and 10+ case studies. These exciting features definitely make it worth exploring!

Suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals: Whether you’re a fresher or a mid or senior-level industry professional, this course can help you take your data analytics skills to the next level.

Suitable for non-tech background students: If you’re from a marketing, commerce, political science, or other non-tech background with good data skills and an analytical mindset, this course would be perfect for you.

Internship: Get a guaranteed 2-month internship once you complete this course.

Placement support: Get a guaranteed interview for a data analyst role when you complete this course. IIMSkills offers information on suitable job openings, resume building, career advice, and interview tips to help you land a job interview.

Lifetime access to course content: Access lectures and tools anytime after you complete the course.

Additional support: IIM SKILLS offers 24/7 support for you to clear doubts and queries while learning and working on your assignments.


Other Details

Programming languages and tools covered: Excel, Power BI, Python, Tableau, SQL, Alteryx, R

Placement support: 100% interview guarantee

Duration: 6 months

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree (any discipline), basic knowledge of computers and technology; prior knowledge of mathematics and statistics is a plus, but not mandatory.


2.     Data Analytics Course by I.T. Vedant


This is one of the data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai that offer guaranteed placement in data analyst roles. It is very industry-focused, with 80% practical learning through projects and case studies. It has a mix of online and offline sessions. I.T. Vedant’s Navi Mumbai center is located in Vashi.



Practical training: This is one of the best data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai we’ve found so far in terms of practical, industry-focused training and placements; it has over 20 case studies and projects. For instance, you’ll work on designing a model that can predict whether or not a patient will get heart disease and evaluate every step of the supply chain of a business, from the time they acquire raw materials to the time they deliver products to customers.

Additional support: I.T. Vedant also offers career counseling before joining the course and a dedicated Relationship Manager to support you throughout the course.


Certifications: You can earn many certifications in this course:

  • Certification from I.T. Vedant in “Master’s in Data Analytics“
  • Certification from I.T. Vedant and IBM in “Master’s in Data Analytics“
  • Module-wise certifications from I.T. Vedant
  • Preparation for the Microsoft certification exam

Guaranteed placement: This course offers a 100% placement guarantee on successful completion, with 150+ mock interviews, personalized career guidance, and profile-building sessions.


Other Details

Programming languages and tools covered: Advanced Excel, Python (analytics and programming), Power BI, Tableau, SQL, and more

Placement: 100% placement guarantee

Duration: 6 months or less, depending on how many modules you choose


Other best courses in Navi Mumbai:


3.     Free Data Analytics Courses on


Alison is an amazing place and a must-have in your online learning journey for lots of topics, including data analytics. It’s full short, quick courses on various data analytics topics created by experts and experienced professionals in the field. The courses are accredited (by an independent UK organization).



High-quality courses: Alison provides high-quality training and course content from experts who have worked and excelled in their respective fields. It uses an innovative system of accreditation for the courses

FREE courses: Yup, all the courses are totally free!

Online learning: Learn anytime, anywhere at your own pace.

Get certified within hours! It takes just 1.5 to 3 hours to finish a certificate course on Alison and just 15-20 hours for a diploma course. For a small fee, you can get your certificate as soon as you complete a course. All the courses offer certifications. There are also some diploma courses available on this platform.

International learning platform: Benefit from the experience and expertise of professionals around the world.

No matter what level you are at as a learner, this platform is definitely worth looking into. You can use it to supplement your learning, pick up some certificates in your free time, or get a quick sneak peek into the data analytics world (if you’re a beginner).


4.     Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate (offered by Google through Coursera)


This course is great for beginners and new learners. It starts with the very basics of data analytics such as how to think analytically and how to ask the right questions to solve problems. It then gives an overview of how to clean data and prepare it for analysis, how to use SQL queries to analyze data, and how to present data using data visualization tools. Finally, it does a deep dive into the R programming language. Once you complete these modules, you can work on a capstone project*.



Great for beginners: As mentioned earlier, this course is simple and covers the basics of topics such as SQL, Tableau, and Spreadsheet. It can help you land entry-level data analyst jobs (data analyst, junior/associate data analyst roles). However, Python, an essential programming language for data analysts, is not covered in this course.

If you’re already a data analytics pro and would simply like to have the certificate for showcasing in your profile, you can easily fly through the course, complete the quizzes, and get certified.

Practical learning: This course offers a capstone project, but it does not offer any other assignments/live projects for practical learning. You can use it as a first step towards your analytics career to learn (and get certified in) the basics of data analytics that will help you land entry-level roles. Once done, you can pick up more advanced skills in Excel, Python, and other tools/languages, work on projects, and practice interview questions from other platforms such as StrataScratch and to grow further in your career.

Capstone project: This course offers a capstone project that you can complete and showcase to potential employers. You will be working with live datasets.

Career resources: On completion of this course, you will gain access to resume review services, personalized feedback on improving your LinkedIn profile, and interview prep resources, including mock interviews.

Once you complete this course, you can complete more data analytics projects from elsewhere to help practice your skills and build your portfolio.


Other Details

Programming languages and tools covered: Spreadsheet, SQL, R, Tableau, Presentations

Duration: 6 months, 10 hours a week

*Note: “Capstone projects” are projects you can complete at the end of a data analytics course where you apply all the skills and tools that you have learned. They’re great for consolidating and strengthening your data analytics knowledge and also for showcasing to employers while looking for jobs.


5.     Certificate Course in Data Analytics by 360DigiTMG


360DigiTMG offers data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai and many other locations across India. Their meticulously-designed data analytics course covers all the essentials you’ll need to become a skilled, industry-ready data analyst. It is available in the form of online instructor-led sessions.



Build a strong knowledge base: This course provides excellent coverage of the basic and advanced concepts of all essential data analytics topics and tools. It is taught by industry experts and faculty from top engineering colleges and business schools.

Practical training: Get strong, hands-on practical training in data analytics through 80+ hours of assignments and 80+ hours of live projects.

Get an extra edge with IBM: 360DigiTMG’s collaboration with IBM in creating and updating its courses will make sure you get a competitive edge in your learning. You can earn a data visualization certification from IBM in this course.

Internship: This course offers an internship with Innodatactics Ltd. where you can work on live data. Once you complete the course, you can enroll in this internship. You’ll also receive an internship completion certificate upon completing the internship.

Placement support: 360DigiTMG can help you with resume building and interview preparation once you complete their course. They collaborate with reputed placement consultants for placing their students. Once placed, they provide technical assistance on the first project on your job.

Additional support: Students are assigned a mentor as soon as they join the course and may even be assigned additional mentors if they require extra support during the course. 360DigiTMG also offers career guidance before you join the course based on your education and work experience.


Other Details

Duration: 3 months; 48 hours of live online sessions, 80+ hours of assignments, and 80+ hours of live projects.

Eligibility: To enroll in this course, you need a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science, data science or engineering (any branch) from a recognized university.


6.     Free Data Analytics Courses by Great Learning


Looking for free data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai? Sign up for Great Learning’s data analytics courses, learn basic to advanced concepts for various data analytics topics, earn certifications, and use them to grab better job opportunities – completely free!



Flexibility: The mode of delivery is online with self-faced video lectures, so you can upskill yourself anytime, anywhere. Each course is only for 30 minutes to 6 hours, so you can pick up skills quickly and easily.

Lifetime access to course content: Gain lifetime access to course material after you sign up for a course.

FREE online courses: These courses are completely free, all you need to do is sign up. Definitely worth checking out!

Practical training: There are no assignments, live projects, or capstone projects available along with these courses, so you may need to work on projects from other platforms to practice your skills and build your data analytics portfolio.

Career support: There is no dedicated placement support here, though there are courses with career-transitioning guides that can walk you through data analytics projects that you can work on. We suggest completing projects and practicing interview questions from other platforms that offer them.


Other Details

Duration: 30 mins to 6 hours, depending on the course

Programming languages and skills covered: Python programming for data analytics, EDA (exploratory data analytics), and multivariate analysis.


7.     Data Analytics Courses by Vedant Wiise

Vedant Wiise offers data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai with placement support. They offer both live online and classroom-based sessions in data analytics in topics such as SQL and Python. Each course takes 1-1.5 months to complete. You will also get live projects to work on for practical learning.

If you complete at least 2 months’ worth of data analytics courses with Vedant Wiise, you can avail of free placement support, including a dedicated placement team, interview preparation, and resume-building sessions. Placement support is available for one year from the time of course completion, which is sufficient time to get you placed. You can check out their center at Greater Khanda, Navi Mumbai, or enquire about and enroll in their courses online.


8.     Data Analytics Course by Dimensionless


If you want to pursue data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai online, be sure to check out Dimensionless. It offers an amazing, high-quality data analytics course with placement support. It is packed with many case studies that make the modules more interesting and industry-oriented, where you get to analyze data from Google Play Store, Uber, Swiggy, and a health insurance company. Dimensionless is led by Kushagra (IIT Delhi) who has 10+ years of extensive data analytics and data science experience.



Suitable for non-tech background students: You can take this course even if you are from a non-tech background with no prior coding experience.

Practical training: This course offers hands-on, case study-based learning delivered by experienced professionals. You will also get to work on many live projects based on real-world industry data.

Additional support: This course also offers dedicated doubt-clearing and project sessions, a mentor for one-on-one support, and 24/7 WhatsApp support.

Placement support: Dimensionless offers placement support through interview preparation, resume-building, and portfolio-building sessions, and access to their employer network.


Capstone projects: Get excellent practice applying your skills to real-world data with capstone projects on:

  • Analyzing global COVID-19 data
  • Analyzing data for Uber and Swiggy


Other Details

Duration: 80+ hours of live online sessions (1.5 hours on weekdays and 6 hours on weekends).

Programming languages and tools covered: Statistical techniques, Python, SQL, Tableau


Recommended Reads:


9.     Data Analytics Courses by Udemy


Udemy is one of the world’s most popular online learning platforms, with lots of courses on almost any topic you can think of! Udemy can help you pick up in-demand data analytics skills and tools to land your first data analyst job or to grow and advance in your data analytics career. The courses can even supplement the learning you acquire from other places. Since they are online and self-paced, you can refer to them anytime to build on existing skills or acquire new ones.



Wide selection of courses: Find data analytics courses for every topic and requirement, from a beginner’s Excel course or an introduction to Tableau course to a hands-on Python course where you work on portfolio-ready projects. Apart from data analytics courses, you can also browse courses on related topics such as machine learning and AI.

Suitable for all levels: You can find courses for beginner as well as advanced levels. You can also find courses specifically focused on assignments/projects.

Practical learning: Udemy offers many courses where you can complete actual live projects that you can add to your portfolio.

Career support: On Udemy, you can find many resume-building and interview preparation courses specifically related to data analytics.

Certifications: Earn certificates as you complete courses on Udemy, which you can add to your resume, share with peers, and use as motivation to continue your learning journey.

International learning experience: Learn from experts and experienced professionals around the world.


Other Details

Duration: This depends on the course you select, There are courses with 2 hours’ worth of videos, 7 hours’ worth of videos, and even extensive ones with 40+ hours’ worth of videos. You can pick the ones that best suit you in terms of time, course material, and topics that it covers. Also, you get lifetime access to a course once you’ve purchased it.

Programming languages and tools covered: All in-demand data analytics tools (Excel, Tableau, Python, etc.), interview preparation, and hands-on live projects.


10. Data Analytics Course by Digital Vidya


This course helps you to cover a wide range of data analytics topics in a relatively short period of time (6 weeks). You will be introduced to various data analytics and data visualization techniques and then move on to advanced Excel, SQL, and other topics.



Practical training: There are over 10 assignments you need to complete during the course that will help you grasp the material, find areas where you have doubts that you may need to revise and maybe even use as work samples for future recruiters.

Placement support: Digital Vidya offers a 100% interview guarantee for students who complete the course and the final exam.

Capstone projects: Once you complete the Advanced Excel and the Introduction to SQL and Data Science modules, you will be able to work on 3 capstone projects:

  1. Performing a risk assessment of credit card customers
  2. Analysis of IPL data to gain insights into the performance of each individual player as a batsman, bowler, and fielder and the performance of each team
  3. Analyzing data for a computer rental business and presenting it visually in an easy-to-understand manner using data analytics tools and techniques


Other details

Duration: 6 weeks (4 weeks of live online sessions + 2 weeks of project work)

Programming languages and tools covered:

  • Data analytics tools: Excel (basic and advanced), SQL
  • Data visualization tools: Tableau, Power BI, and Quick View

Placement support: 100% interview guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


1.     What is data analytics?

Businesses need to process large volumes of consumer data to understand trends and patterns that can help them make decisions, make process improvements, and solve problems. Data analytics involves collecting this data, cleaning it preparing it for analysis, and then analyzing it and presenting it in an easy-to-understand visual format. This helps businesses to understand these trends and patterns, decide on actions that they can take, and predict future trends and patterns. Data analytics work uses many tools such as Advanced Excel, Python, and Tableau.


2.     What does a data analyst do?

A data analyst helps a business to solve problems and make business decisions. To this, he/she:

  • collects, cleans, and organizes data
  • analyses it using various data analysis tools and techniques
  • extracts useful insights from the analysis
  • presents the analysis and insights in a visual format that is easy for business decision-makers to understand


3.     How much does a data analyst role pay?

According to various job portals and the 360DigiTMG institute, a junior data analyst earns between 4-7 lacs p.a. and a senior data analyst earns over 13 lacs p.a.



So, there’s your handy list of data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai (both online and offline) that include practical learning. You may want to enter into a data analytics career, upskill and grow in your career, or simply be curious about the field. Whatever the case, we hope this list of data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai helps you decide on which courses would be best suited to your needs.

When evaluating a data analytics course or comparing courses, be sure to do what we’ve done: make sure it includes practical learning (assignments and projects with live data), placement support (interview preparation resources, mock interviews, resume building, and portfolio building), coverage of all important tools and topics and a capstone project to consolidate your data analytics learning. If you’re not immediately looking for data analytics jobs and are just exploring the field, you can pick courses based on course duration, topics covered, learner levels (basic or advanced), certifications offered, and other similar factors.

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