Top 11 Digital Marketing Courses In Finland With Placements

With the new age of Digitalization, the evolution of marketing techniques and internet platforms has considerably increased. A  need arises to update ourselves in “Digital Marketing”. For an Employer who wants to improve his marketing skills, a businessman who wants to improve his business or a student who wants to improve his career options in Digital Marketing, a good Digital Marketing course is required to understand and learn the techniques, skills and concepts. “Digital Marketing Courses in Finland “ offers better opportunities for those who wish to explore studying abroad.


Before we explore the best Digital Marketing Courses in Finland, let us first learn about the types of digital marketing.

Different Types of Digital Marketing 

 With the growing digital presence everywhere, over 60 %of the world’s population spends their time online. Below are listed different types of digital marketing.

Short Message Service Marketing 

Short Message Service marketing, also known as SMS,  is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. It is a simple and effective way of using texts and messages to promote products.

One of the advantages of  SMS digital marketing is it creates a personal bond with direct customers. Sending texts directly to customers regarding offers and promotions increases the sales of the products.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The main objective of search engine Optimization is to improve a website’s visibility and traffic. How can you increase your web traffic? 

  • Using relevant keywords and incorporating them into website content attracts relevant traffic to your website.
  • They are creating quality content to target the audience.
  • To improve and help search engines by using back-links and Hyperlinks.
  •   Guest blogging can boost website visibility. Write quality articles on other sites and link to yours for more traffic. It can also build relationships with bloggers and expand your brand. Include it in your content strategy.
  •   By promoting your website on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, You can improve traffic to your website.
  • Improving your site performance and increasing its speed gives a better user experience.  It helps in achieving a higher search engine ranking.

E-Mail Marketing 

One of the fastest and most effective forms of digital marketing is E-Mail marketing. In this type of marketing, The company marketing team directly sends information to consumers regarding sales, special offers, or new product launch details. Marketing tools, such as MailChimp, are used for email marketing. 

Content Marketing

Content writers play an important role in digital marketing, whether e-mail marketing, SEO, short message service or social media platforms such as YouTube and  Twitter. For people who enjoy writing and creating content, digital marketing creates a platform for content writers to showcase their skills.

The various tools that can be used are WordPress, Hubspot, Keyword Generator, MailChimp etc., Which are helpful in planning, creating and promoting the Brands.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing strategy,  Creating business profiles and posting them on social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

According to the 2023 statistical survey, there is about a 75%increase in web traffic compared to previous years.

These social media platforms help to build direct relations with the audience, which makes individuals connect with your products and increases awareness about your brand.

Affiliate or influencer Marketing 

Affiliate or influencer marketing is becoming one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. In the last few years, Social media influencers have grown immensely.

The organisation can engage an influencer who can create content that will help promote the business or product. Influencers can engage viewers using media like YouTube, TikTok And Instagram.

Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing. 

Pay-per-click or Search Engine Optimization are essential digital marketing strategies to increase website traffic. High competitive keywords play a crucial role in this process, and using them can effectively create awareness and attract new customers.

Search engine optimisation is the best way to reach target audiences and measure the effectiveness and performance of the product. By implementing these strategies, businesses can achieve better results and stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape.          

 Apart From the Above Digital Marketing, There Are:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Audio Marketing
  • Website Marketing   

Given the growing demand for digital marketing, there is now a need for digital strategy and skilled professionals in this domain.

Pursuing a career in digital marketing has numerous advantages, such as versatile job opportunities, attractive salaries, flexibility, and the potential for freelancing. This creative industry provides individuals with opportunities to showcase their skills.

It is recommended to take relevant courses to understand digital marketing better and improve one’s skills.

A Few Recommended Digital Marketing Courses Near You:

Why Study Digital Marketing Courses in Finland?

This land of the midnight sun, known for its magnificent lakes, snow-capped mountains, and pleasant weather conditions throughout the year, is one of the most popular destinations for international students.

Finland is a Nordic country that is well-known for its outstanding higher education institutions, which provide several options for international students. The country has outstanding infrastructure, well-equipped libraries, and colleges that are heavily sponsored by the government, making it an appealing location for students seeking top-tier education.

Let‘s Delve Into Our Topic, Why Study Digital Marketing Courses in Finland?

  • There are about 14  universities and 24 educational institutes in Finland that are in the top 100 universities ranking in the world.
  • They have a lot of student exchange programmes, which students can avail of the opportunities.  
  • Students can look into part-time work opportunities while studying. 
  • ‘This land of the midnight sun’ is a well-organized country, with good infrastructure and has connectivity of public transport to all important places.
  •  Their banking sector is very innovative, advanced and easy to use.
  • The cost of living in Finland is comparatively cheap compared to other European countries.

Explore other Digital Marketing Courses near you.

Top 11 Digital Marketing Courses In Finland With Placements


Improve your career options by enrolling in IIM Skills. A Digital Marketing course with IIM Skills is highly recommended globally. You will become a Digital marketer, which will create a positive impact on your career growth.

The course is compiled and taught by experts who have 20 years of experience in Digital Marketing.

Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 3 Months Of Online Training Program + 2 Months Of Paid Internship

Fees: 329.48 Euros + Taxes

The Course Content Covers:-

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
  • AI Digital Marketing Course
  • Google Ads
  • eCommerce Marketing
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Keyword Research
  • Digital Marketing basics
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Retargeting

 Course -Duration

This online digital marketing course is 3 months in duration with a Paid internship of 2 months and covers everything to become a successful Digital marketer. It has lifetime access to course updates and videos.

The cost of the course is 200 euros, and IIM skills help in placements as they are in collaboration with top companies such as Amazon, TCS, and Google.

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Other Popular Digital Marketing Courses You Should Explore:

2. University of Helsinki 

Initially established under the Swedish empire in the year 1640 as the Royal Academy of Abo, it is now one of the oldest and largest universities in the World. Students worldwide can take the opportunity to study here with a wide range of courses offered to them. 

  • This university offers about 130 programmes across 40 subjects.
  • There are about 20-plus scholarships to which students can apply.
  • There are about 30,000 students,10%are international students.

According to the Study Abroad World Ranking, the University of Helsinki stands at the number two position in Finland and worldwide at 100.

Don’t Skip These Highly Recommended Digital Marketing Courses:

3. Aalto University 

Established in the year 2010, this university is an amalgamation of three renowned institutes of Helsinki of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics, and Helsinki University of Arts. Making it the 3rd-largest university in Finland.

According to the Study Abroad Aide World ranking, Aalto University stands at no 182 and is at no 83 in Europe. About 16% of foreign students take up different courses at Aalto University.

4. University of Turku 

It’s one of the earliest universities established in early 1640 under the Royal Academy of Turku. Later, in  1960, the University started to expand rapidly, making its presence globally for its high standard of teaching and collaboration with renowned foreign universities, there are numerous on-campus and off-campus opportunities for the students.

According to a study abroad Aide world ranking, the University of Turku stands at 4th Position in  Finland and  300 worldwide. Of the total 25000  students, 11% are international students. 

A Few More Top-Ranking Digital Marketing Course To Unlock Endless Career Opportunities In Digital Marketing:

5. University of Vaasa 

Established in 1968, it is one of the largest Business Universities in Finland. The School of Finance and Accounting, the School of Management, the School of Marketing and Communication and the School of Technology and Innovations come under the University of Vaasa.

The university offers different multi-disciplinary courses such as  Bachelor’s programmes, Master’s programmes, open university, and student exchange programmes. Pursuing Digital Marketing courses in Finland at this university is highly recognised in Finland and Abroad.”

According to the Student Abroad Aide World Ranking, the University of Vaasa holds the fifth position in Digital Marketing courses in Finland and 370 worldwide.

6. University of Oulu

The University of Oulu was established in 1958 in the city of Oulu in northern Finland. It is considered one of Finland’s largest and topmost universities. The university focuses on research and has five main research areas.

Some of the Key Areas, Where Research is Focused Are:-

  • The molecular and environmental basis for lifelong health.
  • Understanding human change.
  • Digital solutions in sensing and interactions.
  • We are creating sustainability through materials and systems.
  • Earth and near-space systems and environmental change.

Some of  the Notable Alumni of This University Are:

 Leena Ala-Kokko– PhD professor, biochemist, and molecular biologist; he is a co-founder and president of Connective Tissue Gene Tests.

Sakari Orava is a specialist in sports medicine Physician. Famous for operating surgeries on many top athletes, including  David Beckham.

Martti Ahtisaari, a former President of Finland, is also a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Tuija Lehtinen is an author. He is known for his works like Mirkka, Laura and Janne’s novel series, and he is the Chief scriptwriter of The Dibidogs animation series.

Juha Sipilä– M.Sc. (Tech.), former Prime Minister of Finland

According to the Study Abroad Aide World Ranking, the University of Oulu is at position 6 in Finland and worldwide stands at 372, the total percentage of international students is at 11%.

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7. University of Jyvaskyla 

The origin of this university can be traced back to early 1850 when it was initially started as a Teacher Training School. It laid the foundation for the concept of schooling. This university offers different programmes in undergraduate, postgraduate and teacher training courses; there are about 120 subject area disciplines.

International students can avail the opportunity of a student exchange program. The university has been, tied up with almost 360 universities worldwide.

According to Study Abroad Aide world Rankings, the University of Jyvaskyla Stands at Position seven and worldwide Ranking of 464.

8. Lahti University of Technology (LUT)

The institute is known for its specialisation in the fields of Engineering and technology. It emphasizes renewable resources such as clean water, air, solar power, and wind energy using biofuels and trying to find sustainable solutions. 

This beautiful university campus is located on the shore of the famous Lake Saimaa & offers the best platform for Digital Marketing Courses in Finland.

According to the Study Abroad, Aide World Ranking  Lahit University of Technology stands at 8th position in Finland and at number 500.

9. University of Eastern Finland 

The two famous institutes, the University of Joensuu and the University of Kuopio merged to form the  University of Eastern Finland, established in 2006. upgrading itself with the latest changes in the teaching field, the University of Eastern Finland offers you the latest courses in the fields of 

  • Law and Engineering 
  • Medicine and pharmacy
  • Economics and Business Administration 
  • Natural Sciences  
  • Social Sciences 
  • Humanities
  • Psychology and Theology
  • Health Sciences
  • Natural and Forest Sciences 

According to the Student Abroad Aide World Ranking -the University of Finland stands in the 9th position in Finland and worldwide 600.

10. Abo Akademi University 

Abo Akademi University is one of the few universities which give importance to the Swedish language, internationally recognised for its contribution to education through scientific knowledge.

Its campuses in Vaasa and Turku offer renowned research and scientific knowledge. According to the Student Abroad Aide World Ranking, the Abo Akademi University stands at 10th position in the list of best digital marketing courses in Finland and it stands around 400th worldwide.

11. University of Lap Land 

Located in northern Finland, the University of Lap Land is in the city of Rovaniemi in the Arctic Circle.

Established in the year 1979, the University of Lap Land mainly focuses on Tourism, Arts and northern Arctic Issues.

One of the unique courses that the University of Lap Land offers is a year course in the Arctic study programme, which covers Environmental studies in this northern Arctic region, its Global Responsibility and sustainable tourism. 

With a cosy atmosphere and excellent student support services with modern campus facilities, the university attracts many international students.

According to the Student Abroad Aide World Ranking, the University of Lap Land stands at position 11th in Finland and is among the two thousand best universities worldwide.

Apart From These Top 10 Universities, Other Best Digital Marketing Courses in Finland Offered By Specialised Universities Are:

  • National Defence University
  • Hanken School of Economics
  • Helsinki Institute of Arts.


Q. How to apply for a Student visa to Finland?

  • You need a certificate of admission from the university to which you have applied.
  • Fill up the application forms with the documents needed.
  • After paying the application, book an appointment and attend the visa interview.
  • The Normal waiting period is three months. After confirmation, you will receive mail or a message regarding a resident permit for studying in Finland, and you will be ready to fly.

Q. How much will it cost to study Digital Marketing Courses in Finland?

Compared to other European countries in Finland, Tuition fees are comparatively low here. That is, international students need not shell out more money for Fees.

Q. How is student life in Finland?

Student life in Finland can be both hectic schedules and laid back, known for its outstanding higher education policies, students have good opportunities for studying and, researching. They can enrol in student clubs and organisations. Known as the Land of Thousand Lakes, there are numerous lakes and its nature makes this place unique, students in their free time can explore the nature.      

Q. Can international students do part-time jobs?

There are no restrictions for international students to work and financially support themselves. It is usual practice for the students to work during term breaks and summer. They can even work part-time, there are no restrictions on working hours, and eligible students can apply for scholarships.

Q. What is the Job Market in Digital Marketing?

Doing “Digital Marketing Courses in Finland “ adds advantages to your resume. Here is the list of opportunities that you may have:-

  • Digital Marketing Analyst 
  • Digital Marketing  Manager
  •  E-commerce Strategist
  • Visual Designer
  • Content writer 
  • Freelancer 

Q. Who can apply for the Digital Marketing Course?

After completion of Plus 2 students can apply to this course. Students who are interested in marketing, and communication, and who are good at content writing can pursue this course.

Q. Which are the best Digital Marketing Courses in Finland?

Apart from the Digital Marketing e-commerce certificate issued by Google, the Digital Marketing and Analytics certificate issued by the University of Turku, and the professional certificate in Digital Marketing issued by Oolu, out of all these certificates the Executive Digital Marketing Application and Analytical Application issued by the IIM Skills considered to be one of the “Top best Digital Marketing Courses in Finland”. 


With rapidly growing and gaining popularity in Digital Marketing, doing a course will improve your Technical, Analytical and Creative Skills. Offering you a wide choice of career choices from SEO Optimization to YouTube influencer-creating content becomes a critical part.

If you are ready to take challenges and work with dedication and hard work, this field is considered, to be one great choice.

As discussed above taking a Digital Marketing Course in Finland will help you to achieve your goals and get your Dream Job.

Most of the courses are online, university-affiliated courses, the average course time is one month.




































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