12 Best Technical Writing Courses in Delhi With Placements

Delhi is known to be one of the best destinations to acquire knowledge in any field. As we are progressing, the need to acquire both soft skills and hard skills is increasing. Hence, here is a list of technical writing courses in Delhi that can help you to deal with this new generation corporate world.


technical Writing Courses in Delhi


But what does it mean? Technical writing is basically writing or drafts meant for technical communications. It’s usually used in technical, operational, or occupational fields. These fields might include engineering, computer hardware, and software, robotics, finance, consumer electronics, aeronautics, biotechnology, etc.


This requires the writer to have a solid understanding and knowledge of the respective field. The reader also needs to have basic knowledge so that they can understand the technical jargon being used in a writing.


Technical writing is done for a specific topic. It encompasses various elements of technical procedures. The main purpose of any technical write-up is to inform the audience about the subject matter and outline the technicalities of a product or process. They cover a wide range of areas like beliefs, emails, reports, summaries, statements, etc. A technical write-up is often presented in a structured manner.


Purpose of Technical Writing


The primary objective of technical writing is to provide proper insight and educate its readers always. It’s like written communication that flows from an expert to learners. The textbooks we used/use to study from, in our schools, colleges, or any other educational institute, are all examples of technical writing. Following are some of the major purposes of technical writing:


  1. a) assisting someone to understand the workings of any computer, medicine, technology, or machine
  2. b) explaining in detail the functioning of an object
  3. c) instructing on how to conduct and excel in a project


It’s important to keep in mind that the information is passed in the most simplified manner so that it’s easy for the reader/ learner to comprehend the matter.


Types of Technical Write-Ups


It is important to know what type of technical writing format will be best suited for a piece of information. There are various kinds of technical documents. Some of these types are:


  1. a) Technical Reports: Technical reports are written to provide information, recommendations, instructions, and/or analysis. These reports provide enough matter to the readers to make decisions and provide adequate data on the topic.


  1. b) Technical Manuals: They give instructions on how a device or program is to be used. The reader is either the user or developer of the product.


  1. c) Emails: Emails are a brief form of communication whose goal depends on various aspects. Usually, they provide instructions, with an additional use to persuade or instruct.


  1. d) Technical Proposal: Technical proposal provides instruction to a new plan. It defines the purpose, method to be used, budget, expected results, and benefits, etc. A proposal acts as an outline of the actual project. If a proposal is free of charges or cost-free, the proposal may not add it.


  1. e) Specifications: They are the detailed outline of the design, structure, standard of a product, its process, packaging, etc. with a level of clarity that allows a third party to construct or reconstruct it.


  1. f) Technical Specification Datasheets: It provides the technical features, characteristics with a certain level of detail which allows a third party to include them within a different system.


  1. g) Guides and Handbooks: They are a form of reference that is quickly accessible. They usually have a set of reliable instructions.


  1. h) Standard Operating Procedures: They are a collection of step-by-step instructions meant for workers to help them complete their routines.


Technical Writing Courses in Delhi


As the above description has made it clear, technical writing is a highly recognized occupation in technical fields. Hence, here are some of the technical writing courses in Delhi that you can opt for:


The Best Technical Writing Courses in Delhi


IIM Skills: 


This institute provides one of the best technical writing courses in Delhi. They provide training for a lot of things like content writing, digital marketing, CAT training, GST training, etc. Since 2015, they have trained more than 15000 students. Their course is structured in such a way that students can learn and understand a concept. The mentors here are highly qualified and experienced and give one the required guidance and advice to achieve their career goals. They offer a host of courses in other cities like technical writing courses in Kolkata, Mumbai, and other cities of India as well. They also offer a varied number of other courses like content writing courses in India, digital marketing courses in India and so on. 


This course is an interactive program with one month of live training that consists of 20 hours of lectures which include 60+ hours of practical assignments. This course also provides software tools, internship and placement opportunities, etc. The course material is designed in collaboration with brands like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.


Brand Partners 

Brand Partners


IIM SKILLS Reviews Of Students 

technical writing courses in Delhi Reviews and testimonials


Other than these perks, through this course, one will also get lifetime consulting and technical support, portfolio development for job seekers and freelancers, etc. This course will help you score a certificate. This course is eligible for:


  1. graduates in any stream who are interested in technology and writing
  2. someone with good language and communication skills
  3. someone with internet research skills


Best Features of IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course 

1. Curriculum

The Technical Writing Master Course at IIM SKILLS offers you incisive and in-depth knowledge of technical writing. You become well versed with the different terms, terminology, tools, and software that are used in technical writing. It also enables you to craft more compelling technical writing documents that resonate with your focus customers. The comprehensive curriculum helps you to hone your skills further and start a lucrative career in technical writing confidently.

2. Tools


With exhausted knowledge of tools like MS Visio, MS Project, Git, Scribus, Canva, and PowerPoint, among others, the technical writing course at IIM SKILLS ensures that you are updated with the latest information and knowledge on tools that can facilitate efficiency and more smooth execution of technical documents.

3. Internship

The guaranteed internship for one month helps you to work on practical projects with the knowledge that you have garnered throughout the duration of the course. You get the additional facility of portfolio development for freelancers and job seekers. The mentors at the institute offer you all the guidance to initiate a career in technical writing. For students who have had prior knowledge and experience of working in the technical writing sector, you will be able to advance your career rapidly after the completion of the course.

4. Interactive Sessions

The immersive interactive classes held in the virtual setup helps you to discuss your points, put forth your vision, and resolve any doubt arising during any part of the course chapters. The course is meant to provide information and knowledge to beginners as well as people with some experience in the field. Interactive live classes also mean you do not have to commute and can attend the classes from wherever you want.

5. Benefits of Master Certification

The master certification in technical writing is proof of your abilities as a technical writer and helps to strengthen your resume to bolster your chances of getting better job opportunities. After you get the certificate, you can display it on your LinkedIn profile and other digital channels as validation of your competency as a skilled technical writer.

6. Other Significant Features

There are a number of important features like a free support system, a forum that enables you to be a part of the community for a lifetime, access to the learning management system free of cost, and free job referrals based on your skills and performance in the examination. The only caveat in all of this is that you have to be sincere in your efforts in attending the classes in order to be well informed on all aspects of technical writing.



Course Fee – INR 14900 + GST 


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Nano Science & Technology Consortium provides technical writing courses in Delhi which give the participants a lot of chances to interact with one another and the faculty. The program brings in a lot of activities and resources to enhance the knowledge of students and get them involved. The total fees for Indian students are Rs. 10,300 that includes program fees and registration fees. A few features of this course are:


  1. a) quizzes
  2. b) self-tests
  3. c) chat sessions
  4. d) uploading assignments
  5. e) links to various websites
  6. f) collaboration among students, etc


Students of this program also receive a certificate. Support material and confirmation letters are dispatched to participants within 10 days of receiving the application form and program fees.


Information Developers Foundation:


For this technical course in Delhi, all one needs is a learning attitude and the ability to write simple English. Learning technical writing from here can help you attract top employers. The faculty providing this course has worked for Oracle, EXFO, Century Link, GlobalLogic in the past. The duration of a class is 1 hr. 30 min. This course will teach you how to write and monetize your technical writing. It is one of the best technical writing courses in Delhi. 


IIM SKILLS TW Invite Delhi




Education and Career Times is an institute recognized by the government of India. Here one gets:

  1. a) 40 hours of live/classroom training
  2. b) 8 assignments
  3. c) 4 live projects from international clients


Anyone from a fresher to a working professional can grab this opportunity to learn technical writing. It helps you excel at writing. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch or leveling up your knowledge. It teaches you how to handle all types of clients and projects smartly and tactfully. This course also includes certification. Hence, it adds to your credibility as a technical writer.


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This is one of the most recommended technical writing courses in Delhi. Google is

one of the most reliable sites when it comes to learning a new skill. They have divided the technical writing course into two parts:


  • A) Technical Writing Course One: 


One needs to have a little proficiency in written English. However, they aren’t expected to be strong writers.


  • B) Technical Writing Course Two:


This is a course meant for those who have completed the above given technical writing course. Here they teach various tactics to draft a write-up and techniques to detect errors.




Coursera provides a technical writing course in Delhi by MIPT. This course helps one to develop skills essential to communicate information obtained through operational, technical, or experimental work.


It highlights the facts that define the degree of technicality of language and concepts that are to be used in a write-up. It will teach how one can write various technical reports like:


  1. a) research reports
  2. b) design and feasibility reports
  3. c) process reports
  4. d) consulting reports, etc.

This course also illustrates various styles, language structures, approaches, etc. that can be used while drafting a technical write-up or reporting the results of research.


Pure Training:


Their ‘technical documentation’ course is one of the best technical writing courses in Delhi. With this course, one can reach senior technical writing positions and handle complex projects or a small team of writers and editors. This course will teach you:


  1. a) project environment
  2. b) document template designing
  3. c) documentation process
  4. d) documentation tools


This course can be joined by any graduate/engineer, a candidate with IT experience, medical transcriptionists, call center executives, software engineers, technical writers who want to upgrade their technical skills, etc.




Their ‘technical writing essentials’ is one of the best technical writing courses in Delhi. In this course, you’ll be taught the basics of technical writing and communication. This includes a thorough study about the characteristics of technical writing, its complexities, nature, and the importance of knowing the needs of one’s audience and writing according to it.


Through this course, one can also learn how various strategies to enhance clarity, readability, etc. can be enhanced. The course will also introduce elements like professional representation, technical document design, collaborations, oral presentation, and as important research skills as technical writing.




Udemy too provides one of the best technical writing courses in Delhi. They have more than

10 courses that focus on giving guidance on technical writing. The courses range from Rs. 455 to Rs. 12,800. The requirement for some of their courses are:


  • a) Learn API Technical Writing: Teaches how to compile, organize and document structured data. One can go for this even without having any programming knowledge.


  • b) Learn API Technical Writing 2: Here, technical writers are taught about the documentation of REST. In this too, candidates can apply without having any programming experience.


  • c) Business Writing & Technical Writing Immersion: Here one can learn effective skills required for business writing and technical writing.


Instructional Solutions:


This is one of the best technical writing courses in Delhi. This course is also available for groups as:

  1. a) self-paced, online course
  2. b) instructor-led virtual
  3. c) instructor-led on-site


For individuals, it’s available as a self-paced online course. For them, this course is available at Rs. 67,242. For a group, the fees can be customized. This particular course teaches one the planning and writing processes that can help one convey technical and complicated information more efficiently.




This is one of the most wonderful online technical writing courses in Delhi, meant for career-oriented individuals, corporate, military, government employees, consultants, and current technical writers. On completion of their course, one can receive a dedicated certificate from Clemson University, The University of Maine Conferences & Institutes, or The Ohio State University.


If you already have work experience in technical writing, you can go for ‘Workplace Experience Certificate Service’ to receive more exposure in this field. They also have a Technical Writing Certification for project managers who want to enhance their understanding of technical communication. One can also learn about Madcap flare, HTML5, Framemaker, etc. to level up their project-making skills.


Henry Harvin:


The technical writing course provided by Henry Harvin is considered one of the best in Delhi. The course structure includes:

  1. a) training
  2. b) projects
  3. c) internship
  4. d) placements
  5. e) e-learning
  6. f) boot camps
  7. g) hackathons
  8. h) certification
  9. i) gold membership


The curriculum is designed by industry experts to get the student ready to face and deal with clients not only nationally but also globally. In their gold membership, one receives 24×7 support service for a year. This includes live projects, guaranteed internships, weekly job support, recorded videos, monthly brush-up sessions, etc.


IIM SKILLS TW Invite Delhi


Process of Technical Writing


To further enhance your Technical Writing, here is a step-by-step process that you can follow:


  • a) Project Preparation– Project preparation begins when a technical write-up or document is requested. This step can be done by the employer, a colleague, or the client. Through the request, the initial requirements of the document are decided. This included the document type, subject area, audience, etc. of the content.


All these important aspects aren’t necessarily revealed at the start. Sometimes even the clients aren’t sure of their requirements. A conversation about the document is significant to ensure that you as an author can understand everything. By asking questions, one can ensure that all these concerns are answered so that the project is clear and well planned from the start.


  • b) Audience Analysis– After the initial planning process, the most important determinant is the audience. The audience should always be the first writing factor for a technical writer. It’s important to write the document based on the understanding of the target audience. One must make sure that the technical information is not changed, no matter how the information is being conveyed to the target audience.


  • c) Understand the User- To write an accurate document, one must do enough research to gather as much information as possible on those who will use the document. It’s important to know if the audience is familiar with the topic, or the topic is new for them, or if they’re somewhere in between.


One must determine what the audience will be looking for when they start reading their document. The reader’s objective will define the writing process. The main goal of a write-up is to answer the queries of the readers.


  • d) User Experience– Now that he has discovered who their target audience is, one needs to pay attention to how it suffices the audience’s needs. Experts often tend to write documents that show their in-depth knowledge and make it appealing to their peers. This mistake makes the writer ignore a major point, how an audience will perceive this content or piece of information.


While writing, one should keep revisiting and rereading their own matter or document from the viewpoint of an audience. One must keep asking themselves if their content is accessible, how and when it will be used, and if it’s easy to navigate. A document should always appear useful to the user.


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How to Enhance Your Write Up


i) Accurate Word Choice: Use the best combination of words to explain the context. Include all the necessary information that will make the matter understandable and precise. Avoid too much usage of pronouns like ‘it’ and ‘that’ as readers find it challenging to identify the antecedent.


ii) Active Voice: Active voice is easier to decipher than passive voice. Use an active voice wherever possible.


iii) Sentence Structure: Try to combine sentences and eliminate unnecessary words to make the matter as short as possible. Technical writing is supposed to be easy for people to understand.


Frequently Asked Questions on technical writing courses in Delhi


Q.1 What are the prospects of a technical writer?

A: The increased dependence on technology and demand for complex medical and scientific information has created a lot of job opportunities for technical writers.


Q.2 Do technical writers require a set of qualities?

A: A write-up should be easy to understand, accurate, concise, and clear. Technical writers need to inculcate these qualities in their writing.


Q.3 What skills are required to be a technical writer?

A: A college degree is usually considered a minimum to start learning a technical writing course. Knowledge or experience in the field of science, engineering, or technology is considered beneficial.


Conclusion on technical writing courses in Delhi


Day by day, the need to understand and use advanced technology is increasing. We can see a lot of web pages facilitating researchers about various devices, services, etc. The usage of drones, for example, is explained by a lot of experts or users online. Hence, this is the best time to jump into this field.


If you have the knowledge and skills required, you can even earn from this sector because people out there need help to operate a lot of daily-use items. Thus, here, we compiled a bunch of technical writing courses that can aid your course. Hope this article provides a bit more clarity about it.


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