Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Kochi With Placements

With the introduction of digitalization in India in 2015, new avenues opened in the fields of e-commerce, telecommunication, and Information technology. Digitalization changed the way of living, be it banking and financial services or the way information travels. The initiative has even brought rural and urban India together; any place with the internet and computer can take the benefit of this service. As a result, a number of startups have also been established. Today, there are 7000+ technological startups. Numerous job opportunities have also opened up due to this technological advancement including digital marketing and content writing. Technical writing is one such area that has grown substantially over the past decade. Let’s take a look at various aspects of this trending profession and technical writing courses in Kochi.


List of best technical writing course in Kochi


Technical Writing: Introduction

Technical writing is a writing style that simplifies complex language, in such a way that it is easier to understand for an ordinary individual. Technical writers are a medium through which a common man is able to understand complex issues. It is a concise and crisp style, generally listicle, explanatory, or instructive in nature. Usually seen in user manuals, press releases, guides, executive summary statements, etc. Avoiding Jargon (difficult technical terms) is the primary focus of this writing style.

With technological advancement, the demand for this style of writing has increased considerably. There are a number of technical writing courses in Kochi that can accelerate the learning process of a candidate. Anyone with a good command over technical terms and the English language can make a successful career as a technical writer, provided he takes proper technical writing courses in Kochi or over the internet as per convenience.


Principle Of Technical Writing

In order to make the contents short, crisp, and easy to understand certain rules/principles need to be followed. These are:

  • Fact-checking is essential. A factually correct and detailed document is always welcome.
  • Know Your Audience; Technical writers need to write in a way so that the common man gets past the complex words
  • Structured layout
  • Quality content
  • Consistency in message delivery.
  • Using graphics is an effective way to enhance understanding.
  • The use of short and grammatically correct sentences is important
  • Use of terminology (including acronyms and abbreviations) consistently
  • Use of active voice. Identify passive voice sentences and convert them into active voice.
  • Citations or sources of information must be used in the document.


Types of Technical Writing

  1. White papers – It is a document written by companies for the purpose of Business-to-Business marketing. It informs, promotes & highlights the features of the product or solution offered by the company.
  2. Case Studies – It is a form of technical writing, wherein a real-life situation is described in a way that helps in analyzing and drawing inferences. It is mostly used in professional studies such as medical science, MBA, etc.
  3. Technical proposals – It is a document containing an introduction to the product; explaining how the product could solve a given problem. Its purpose is to translate technical features into something that the consumer will understand as an offering/solution to a problem.
  4. Application Programming Interface (API) Documentation – It is a communication interface through which two different programs communicate and share resources. Three types of API are software API, hardware API & web API.
  5. Software development kit documentation – These are tools that are used in developing various applications for operating systems
  6. Technical manuals – A technical manual is a step-by-step guide to using a technical product so that it becomes easier for the end user to grasp the technical elements of a product. There are 4 kinds of technical manuals customer support (for the end user), organization support (for the employees), marketing support (guides for marketing and sales personnel), and IT support (guide for the IT team)
  7. Repair manuals – These kinds of manuals are easily found with technological gadgets or electronic appliances. They generally contain information regarding the upkeep and maintenance of the product.
  8. User guides – It is a guide that carries instructions regarding the installation or assembly of the product to get it started. Information includes do’s and don’ts, warranty, and legal disclaimer.
  9. Technical reports — These documents are specific to technical and scientific research explaining the entire procedure, progress and result/findings from the research.
  10. Project plans – These are management documents that provide detailed information regarding a project from scratch, including scope, cost, schedule baseline, etc.


Skills Required for A Technical Writer

Technical writing might seem complicated at first sight. But if you look closely, it is a straightforward writing format where everything is written in simple language and active voice so that it can be easily understood by the common man. However, Technical writing is a profession that requires an array of skills to be successful. These skills can be learned through proper technical writing courses in Kochi or from elsewhere around the globe with proper certification. Both online and offline formats of technical writing courses are available. The prerequisite skills to be a successful technical writer are:


  • Good Communication Skills – A technical writer must have great communication skills which include features like clarity, purpose, openness (positivity), and confidence.
  • Grasp Of Technical Knowledge – converting technical terms and jargon into simpler, layman terms are one of the major duties of a technical writer. Hence, the writer must be well-versed in the topics
  • Research Skills – A technical writer acts as a bridge between technology and the end user. Hence, he must be well aware of his audience and the technical topic that he works on.
  • Good Proofreading and Editing Skills – Other than writing, it is essential for a writer to analyze, format, and review the document until it becomes completely understandable and relatable for the targeted audience.
  • Design Skills – Apart from words, a writer must know how to convey his message via graphs, pictures, videos, infographics, etc. the writer must be aware of basic design skills like information design, Graphic designing, typography, etc.


Career Options as A Technical Writer

With the rapid technological advancement, artificial intelligence, and accessibility of the internet at economical prices, there has been a substantial increase in internet readers. Since all of this is new, not everyone is aware of technical language and the slang used by experts. Hence, the role and demand for a technical writer have increased over time. Technical writers are in demand by almost all kinds of organizations.

Apart from being a writer, an individual with all the required skills can even explore options in advertising, consultation, security, telecom, etc., where the demand for a technical expert is immense.

Though technical writing is relatively a fresh concept in India, it is growing in demand in every possible way. A majority of technical writing jobs can be found in technology and internet-based organizations. After COVID-19, many individuals have started exploring options apart from traditional 9 to 5 office jobs, hence the prospects of working as a freelance technical writer are tremendous.


Salary And Scope of a Technical Writer

The average salary package for a technical writer in India is INR 4.97 LPA (including all perks and benefits). The salary package for a fresher in the industry is INR 2.29 LPA. However, with experience, one can expect a package as high as 10 LPA.  As a freelance writer, the pay ranges from INR 1.93 LPA to INR 20 LPA, with an average pay of INR 475 per hour or INR 4 LPA. As this income is not fixed, it depends on how much the clients are willing to pay.

There are a number of factors that affect the salary of a technical writer, namely:

Experience – this is one of the major factors on which the salary package of a writer depends, an experienced writer earns substantially more as compared to a fresher in the market.

Skill – having the right skill set is given for this profession. An individual with a low or no quality skill set is likely to remain out of work in the long run.

Location – Some cities pay higher than average salary rates some offer a lower than average. As an IT hub, one can expect to be paid higher in Bangalore as compared to Delhi-NCR or Kochi

Education – It is commonly observed that a candidate with the required training or education in the field gets an upper hand when it comes to salary and promotion over those who do not have any special education in the field. There is a number of certified technical writing courses in Kochi (Both online and offline) which can help you in landing a job with a better paycheck and growth.

Employer – A big IT firm such as Reliance Jio is likely to pay a higher salary for the same skill set and experience as compared to a startup. However, one must consider other benefits such as health insurance, etc.


Technical writing has a promising future due to the increasing digital presence in society. As more and more businesses welcome the digital market and the internet the demand for technical writers is likely to increase. Some of the other factors responsible for shaping the future of technical writing include interactive content, artificial intelligence, and SEO content writing. For a better understanding of the scope of technical writing in future


Kochi And Information Technology

Kochi (also known as Cochin) is a beautiful city, famous for its beaches and beauty. Information technology has grown a lot over time in Kochi. With technological advancement, the government has inaugurated info parks for IT companies. These info parks are home to almost 450 companies. Some of these companies include Cognizant, Techversant, Webdew, etc.

With the development of infrastructure in information technology in Kochi, the scope in the field has increased and so has the requirement for a technical writer. Having said that there is a gap between the positions available and suitable candidates. The only way to fill in this gap is by training people.  Technical writing courses in Kochi can help an individual to take benefit of this opportunity to become a successful technical writer.


Benefits Of Course

Now that we know various aspects and skills required for technical writing, we shall now understand the benefits of taking up a course in technical writing.

Competitive advantage – Taking a short-term course in the field can bring added advantage over the competition.

Skillset Upgrade – Staying up to date with the latest technology and trends is essential. Taking a short-term course helps you keep your skills upgraded.

Practical knowledge – Effective technical writer needs to be acquainted with more tools than a content writer. A technical writing course helps you practice tools such as WordPress, Spell Check tools, Adobe Framework, etc.

Some of the topics extensively covered in technical writing courses in Kochi are fundamentals, knowing the audience, research skills, technical reports, white papers, case studies, different styles of writing, etc.


Other best courses in Kochi:


Technical Writing Courses in Kochi

Till now we have discussed the scope, benefits, and types of technical writing as a profession in today’s digital world. We have also discussed the dynamics of Kochi as an emerging IT hub. Let’s now take a look at some of the technical writing courses in Kochi which could help in staying updated and well acquainted with the latest tools and techniques. As discussed earlier, a course can prove to be helpful in keeping ahead of the competition in the market.


1. Master Course in Technical Writing

Institute Name: IIM SKILLS

Course Duration: 5 weeks

Course Mode: Online

Course Fee: INR 14,900 + GST


IIM SKILLS is a renowned institute, famous for its professional courses. It is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their skills. The institute is based in Delhi, but thanks to online mode. This course is accessible to candidates across the globe from the comfort of their homes. It is one of the most popular technical writing courses in Kochi.

The Master Technical Writing Course is a certified course with global accreditations. It also provides internship programs and placement assistance to its students. It is designed to cover all the major topics which include fundamentals, datasheets, proofreading, white paper, and journals. It even introduces to latest tools such as MS Visio, MS Project, Git, and Scribus.


2. Tech Writers Master Class

Institute Name: Udemy

Course Duration: 48 lectures/ 6 hours

Cost Mode: Online

Course Fee: INR 2,999


Udemy is a popular choice amongst students as well as working professionals due to its online accessibility. It provides a wide range of courses in IT, finance, writing, etc. One of its highly rated courses is the Tech Writers master class which requires one to have a command of the English language, writing skills proficiency, and some basic technical knowledge. The course material is accessible on smartphones and computer with the internet, which make it a popular choice for technical writing courses in Kochi.

The course consists of modules such as analyzing your readers, writing in different styles, and adding structure to the document. This course is beneficial for beginners who need to learn from scratch as well as experienced candidates who want to update their knowledge.


3. Certified Technical Writer

Is Institute Name: V Skills

Course Duration: Open

Course Mode: Distance Mode

Course Fee: INR 3,499/-


V Skills is of the best distance-mode education institutes. It is managed by Cubezoid Solutions Pvt. Ltd and is the largest certification body in India. It provides study material for self-study and conducts tests and assessments to evaluate the knowledge and skill of the learner. It is renowned for its credibility.

Some of the benefits of the test include government-certified, lifelong e-learning access. The duration of study material is 9 hours approximately.  The institutes take online tests that can be taken anywhere, anytime. It is a 60 mins test containing 50 questions; the passing percentage is 50%. The test analysis students on a real-time basis as per industry standards. It is a good choice for technical writing courses in Kochi if you are an individual who prefers quality self-study material.


4. Technical Writing Course

Institute Name: Henry Harvin Education

Course Duration: 30 hours lecture

Course Mode: Online

Course Fee: INR 15000

Rated as ‘the number one institute for technical writing courses’ by The Tribune, it is one of the most reputed institutes for technical writing courses. The course features elements that help in figuring out different report-writing documents such as research papers, theses, research proposals, etc.  The institute has reputed alumni of more than 300,000 that forms an elite writing academy

This Govt of India-certified course offers a 100% placement guarantee for one-year post-completion of the course. It even has an internship program that allows candidates to have some practical exposure to various tools and techniques applicable to the course. It is known for its respected industry experts who have more than 15 years of experience, making it the preferred technical writing courses in Kochi.


5. Technical Writing Course by K Buffer

Institute Name: Knowledge Buffer (K Buffer)

Course Duration: 15 Days – 90 Days

Course Mode: Online

K Buffer is an institute that has had a variety of courses to offer in technical writing for the past two decades. It has proved itself as one of the most distinguished technical writing courses on an E-Learning platform. It offers courses for beginner to intermediate-level of candidates. All these are short-term courses that range between 15 days to 90 days.


Certificate Course in Technical Writing – This is a beginner-level course. It is a certificate course with a duration of 30 days. It is open to all .i.e., there are no eligibility criteria for this course. It is mainly focused on professional documentation.

Foundation Course in Technical Writing – This course is also a beginner-level course but has a duration of 15 days. Anyone with knowledge of basic English and computer can apply for this course. This form is a short-term course suited for those who wish to get basic knowledge of all the topics leaving out details.

Diploma in Technical Writing –This is a professional course well suited for those who have intermediate language about technical writing as a profession. It is a 60 days course that covers all the essential topics in technical writing. Since this is an intermediate-level of course that requires a basic understanding of the subject, it has an eligibility criterion; only graduates, MT professionals, technical illustrators, copy editors, technical authors, and aerospace, aviation, and engineering professionals are eligible for this course.

Post Graduate in Technical Writing – This is an advanced level course which a duration of 90 days. It covers all the components of technical writing including tools, and techniques such as Adobe, Canva, and Camtasia. This course has an eligibility criterion similar to a diploma course in technical writing.


The best feature of K Buffer is that the institute provides technical writing courses in Kochi for candidates at all stages of education. Whether you are a 12th pass-out or a graduate, each course has something to offer.


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6. Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management or PGDTWBM

Institute Name: Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning

Course Duration: 2 Years

Course Mode: Distance Mode

Course Fee:  INR 58,000 for the general category


This AICTE-approved program is structured in a way that helps students with both theoretical and practical aspects of technical writing. This two-year course ensures detailing each and every aspect of the technical writing process. As claimed by the institute the course aims at developing creativity, an eye for detail, proactive and responsible work ethics, etc.

The course consists of four semesters which is spread over two years. Subjects include Information development life cycle, technical writing styles and editing, English Grammar, business communication, research methodology, advanced documentation types, and process, etc. The course fee is divided into application fee, program fee, and exam fee which varies for every category of student. Though this Symbiosis is an institute based in Pune, it has a brand name which makes it a trending option for technical writing courses in Kochi.


Frequently Asked Questions: Technical Writing Courses in Kochi


1. Will technical writing be replaced by AI?

Ans. With Automation, there is a constant threat to the labor class. As far as technical writing is concerned automation makes it an exciting choice as automation is still developing. It acts as a tool that helps technical writers in times of need. In the long run, automation may challenge technical writers but technical writers will still have an upper hand over AI as the human touch is necessary in order to connect with the audience.


2. How is technical writing different from Content Writing?

Ans. Technical writing is more like factual description or information-based writing. Its main objective is to simplify complicated information. It is limited to writing content for tutorials, user guides, etc. It requires a profound understanding of the technical matter. Creative writing, on the other hand, covers a wide range of writing styles like story writing, articles, poetry, blogs, advertisements, etc. It is a more conversational mode of writing as compared to technical writing.


3. Can technical writing be creative?

Ans. Generally speaking, the word “technical” and “creative” do not go hand in hand. However, technical writing is a process of converting jargon to an easy-to-understand language. It requires creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to ensure that the end result is informational yet easy to grasp.

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