Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata

Kolkata – a contemporary metropolis in India with a strong educational foundation and literacy, has a variety of technical writing courses. The greatest public library in the nation makes the great place of joy, India’s scientific and cultural capital, a popular travel destination for many readers. As a forward-thinking metropolis, Kolkata is growing in a variety of digital enterprises and industries, giving many people an excellent career option in technical writing. We have put together a list of the top 8 Technical Writing courses in Kolkata that might improve your writing. Don’t worry if you don’t have any prior expertise in this sector; they will teach you everything from basic to advanced.


Top Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata


Technical Writing – An Overview

The documentation created in all technical subjects is known as technical writing. It involves simplifying technical information or complex structural data from technology innovations in an approachable manner.

It is largely used to convey concepts, strategies, and reports both inside and beyond the company in the most comprehensible way possible. It is increasingly becoming more popular as a skill and a career to pursue because it demands in-depth data investigation and industry understanding. Large businesses and industries frequently employ this form of writing, because it is in high demand.

Technical Writing – Types

  1. Report Writing and Documentation
  2. Scientific and Medical Documentation
  3. Books and Guides
  4. Manuals
  5. Descriptions
  6. Press Release
  7. Assistance Guides and User Manuals
  8. Proposals
  9. Journals
  10. Catalogs
  11. Whitepapers
  12. Product Recalling
  13. Templates
  14. Proposals
  15. Preparing Databases
  16. Preparing Summarises

Importance of Technical Writing courses

You can better understand the foundations of this expanding career option by enrolling in classes and learning everything from scratch. By enrolling in a well-designed course that is specifically customized to your needs, you may acquire everything in one place and save time by not wasting it searching for information. We have shared the top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata which are available right now if you want to learn how to write well for technical audiences. You can enroll in any course at one of the many excellent institutions. You will learn all the fundamentals of technical writing in a technical writing course, as well as the structure and different formats in technical writing.

However, it must be understood that if you already possess some knowledge or abilities, your path into technical writing will go smoothly and without any problems.

Let’s try to comprehend what those things are about which I am talking. You must first have a strong command of the language. You see, there are numerous languages today in which you may write technical content, but whichever language you choose, you must be proficient in it. This is because, institutions won’t help you get better at grammar, communication, vocabulary, etc. To improve your technical writing, you must start focusing on these issues right now.

Who can apply to Technical Writing courses?

Technical writing is typically a career that anyone with a degree in a technical discipline, such as engineering, physics, or medicine, can pursue. Candidates with degrees in journalism, communications, or English are also preferred by employers. Although one might be successful in the world of content writing with these backgrounds.

However, it is not required. Without any prior technical writing experience, many technical writers have found success. Everything is now accessible online; all you need is some excellent research techniques, access to the right resources, and persistence. And you’re welcome in the technical writing community.

One of the most crucial aspects of any writing is research, but in technical writing, its significance is doubled. You must be extremely attentive and concentrated on your writing because you must extract all the accurate information from the vast number of sources available.

Additionally, the internet has a wealth of excellent tools. They may assist you in creating text that is easier to read, devoid of grammatical mistakes, and many other things. Above all else, having patience is crucial if you want to succeed in this industry.

As we can see, businesses are expanding daily, and as a result, technical writers are in more demand. And as a result, there are now more institutions in Kolkata offering technical writing courses.


Here is the list of the top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata


1. IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Master Course

IIM SKILLS is a platform for education that teaches people how to become expert professionals. This institute tops our list of top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata because it is a global leader in online education, with its headquarters in New Delhi. One of the top technical writing programs in Kolkata has been IIM Skills, which is also available in 23 other Asian locations.

To help you become an expert and take the lead in your industry, the curriculum covers a wide range of formats, software, tools, and other topics. The top technical writing program in Kolkata is IIM Skills.

In addition to the Technical Writing course, they provide some of the best-designed courses in content writing, digital marketing, advanced SEO, and GST practitioner courses.

Course Duration – 20 hrs

Course Fees – INR 14,900

Course Modules –

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. How to write
  3. Creating your content
  4. Technical Reports
  5. White Papers/ Journals
  6. DDLC and Versioning
  7. Conversational Writing
  8. Reviewing and Publishing
  9. API Documentation using XML
  10. Data Sheets, User Manuals, and Application Notes
  11. Effective Writing
  12. Medical Writing
  13. Case studies and much more.

Course Features –

  • Interactive sessions
  • Brilliant faculty
  • Beginner to advanced course
  • Master Certification
  • Guaranteed internship opportunities
  • Lifetime Support and Access
  • Dedicated placement cells
  • Tools-driven training
  • Practical learning
  • Portfolio Development

Skills you acquire –

  • Follow best techniques and steer clear of errors.
  • Design elements can be used to create documents that are visually appealing, improving the reading experience.
  • Follow the format and steer clear of traps.
  • With the mind reader, sharpen your technical writing skills.
  • To make difficult technical topics understandable, explain them.
  • Know the many types of technical communication
  • After analysis, document written documents.

Tools you learn –

  • MS Project
  • MS Visio
  • Git
  • Scribus
  • Canva


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2. Technical Writing Course – ECT 

The very next institute to feature in this list of top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata is ECT. Delhi-based Education and Career Times (ECT) offers online training and quick certification programs to help people get jobs. It is a government-approved educational training center that offers some of the best technical writing programs in Kolkata. It prepares students to be professional and skilled.

Course Duration – 32 hrs

Course Fees – NR 16,949 + GST

Course Modules –

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. Grammar and Styling in Technical Writing
  3. Information Architecture
  4. Master a Markdown Language
  5. Learn XML
  6. Learn JSON
  7. Learn DITA
  8. Document Authoring Tool
  9. Technical Authoring Tool
  10. API Documentation
  11. Agile Documentation Strategy
  12. Careers in Technical Writing
  13. Contributing to Open-Source Projects
  14. Other useful and beginner-friendly tools

Course Features –

  • Recognized by the Indian government
  • Interactive sessions 
  • Opportunities for internships
  • Personalized Attention Live Projects and Certification Assignments
  • Technical Tests


IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course invite


3. The Technical Writing Course (Beginner Level) – Udemy

One of the top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata is offered by Udemy. This online educational platform was created in May 2010 and offers a wide range of courses to build abilities from beginner to advanced levels. No-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee is offered. This beginner-level course in technical writing teaches you how to make a document template and how to draught your first user manual.

Other Technical Writing courses offered by Udemy are –

  1. Technical writing-master your writing career- Rs.455/-
  2. Technical writing-how to write software documentation- Rs.455/-
  3. Technical writing-how to create instructional video-Rs.455/-
  4. Project management for Technical writing-Rs.455/-
  5. The guide to creating end-user documentation-Rs.455/-

Course Duration of Technical Writing Course (Beginner Level) – 6 – 8 weeks

Course Fees – INR 12,800

Course Modules

  1. Different between Business and Technical Writing
  2. Audience Analysis – Principles
  3. Components of Technical Documentation
  4. Writing Documentation Plan
  5. Creating an Index
  6. Creating a document template
  7. Fundamental mistakes in technical writing and editing
  8. Use of tables in documentation
  9. Selecting and Annotating images
  10. Using flowcharts in documentation
  11. Basic technical writing principles

Course Features – 

  • Relevant course materials
  • Weekly updates of tutorials and write-ups
  • Exercise sheets, solution sheets, and quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Access on mobile & tv
  • Certification


4. Advanced Technical SEO Training – PromozSEO

The PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy in Kolkata, which is renowned for its advanced training in digital marketing, SEO, social media, and YouTube marketing, offers technical writing courses in the city.

PromozSEO has been ranked among the top ten digital marketing training facilities in India by Silicon Valley. The program consists of more than 70 hours of interactive, in-depth education that is provided live in a classroom setting in Kolkata or online from any location. Visit PromozSEO for more details. This course is one of the top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata.

Course Modules – 

  1. HTML Structure Variation
  2. SEO Friendly URL Optimization
  3. Understanding Duplicate Content Issue
  4. Understanding URL Redirection and its type
  5. Cannibalization
  6. HTTP Error handling
  7. Sitemaps and Robot.txt – 
  8. Google Webmaster and Analytics
  9. Inbound links and cleaning
  10. Analyzing Website

Course Features –

  • Advanced course module
  • Deep insights into the digital world
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques
  • Free Tools
  • Approved by SiliconIndia


5. Technical Report Writing Course – Futurelearn 

Futurelearn is a digital learning platform that was established in 2012 and offers a wide variety of online courses for all skill levels. Technical writing in Kolkata is a skill that is well worth learning. The strategies needed to create well-written reports are introduced in this course.

Engineers use technical writing as a technique to convey their thoughts. You will learn about referring and citations, how to present equations, facts, and diagrams, how to employ tenses, and other language usage strategies in this course.

You will study the fundamentals of technical report writing and how to effectively convey your ideas in engineering reports. Every step of this self-guided course allows you to go at your own pace while also getting to know other students. Hence this course is included in this list of top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata.

Course Duration – 6 weeks

Course Modules 

Importance of technical reports

  1. Writing Aims and Objectives
  2. Citing and Referencing
  3. Anatomy of Technical Report
  4. Writing Abstract
  5. Writing Discussion Sessions
  6. Proper use of tense and language
  7. Precision, units, and errors
  8. Presenting data
  9. Diagrams, Labeling, Figure
  10. Presenting nomenclature and equations

Course Features 

  • 100% online
  • Course developed by University of Sheffield
  • Interactive sessions
  • Practical and resourceful


6. Introduction to Technical Writing – Compete Infotech Academy

Compete Infotech Academy is a top-notch training facility for digital marketing, SEO, social media, and PPC in Kolkata. This is included in this list of top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata as it specializes in educating students to become successful entrepreneurs and in all facets of marketing.

They provide a range of learning opportunities at affordable prices. The academy provides a huge selection of courses on its website, including short-term programs, workshops, gratis materials, certification programs, and much more.

The academics and staff are wholly dedicated to imparting digital knowledge to as many people as is humanly possible. Many prestigious MNCs and well-known companies from around the world, like IBM, HCL, TATA, Cognizant, and Capgemini, have confidence in the university.

Course Module

The institute offers”Introduction to Technical Writing” as the first module in its well-designed main course, Advance Level Content Writing Certification Course. Throughout-depth coverage of more than 20 modules and topics is provided in the course.

Course Features

  1. Expert Faculty
  2. Insights into Digital Training
  3. Interactive sessions
  4. Practical Assignments
  5. Global Certification

IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course invite


7. Coursera 

It was established in 2012 and is yet another top platform for online education. One of the top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata, it offers a tonne of courses at all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Course Duration – 1 month

Course Modules –

  1. Introduction
  2. Workplace research
  3. Organizing the information
  4. Researching the topic
  5. Capstone Project

Course Features –

  • You can tackle many engineering genres using it.
  • to produce important paperwork.
  • Structure your writing properly.
  • managing voice, tone, and fashion.
  • Clear and concise writing.


8. Technical Writing Course – Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is an international EdTech firm with locations in the US and India that offers top-notch training and services through thoughtfully created and thoughtfully arranged resources, courses, and content.

Over 100 institutions in India and more than 180 companies and corporations trust Henry Harvin as a training partner. The business has a long list of accolades, associations, and recognitions to its credit.

Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata offer information in the form of various modules and help you transform challenging stuff into polished, useful writing for your clients. The course includes engaging projects and training sessions in addition to a discussion of various formats and how to use them and so it is considered one of the top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata.

Course Modules –

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. Documentation Process
  3. Technical Writing Process
  4. Grammar and Editing
  5. Technical Writing Software Tools
  6. Components of Technical Document
  7. Techniques of Technical Writing
  8. Technical Document Template Creation
  9. Formats
  10. Advanced Tech Tools

Additional Modules – 

  1. Soft Skills
  2. Resume Writing

Course Features 

  • 9 in 1 course
  • Lifetime access and support
  • 1 year Gold Membership
  • Alumni Status
  • Practical Training
  • Internship and Job Support
  • Line Online Training and Projects
  • Bootcamps and Hackathons
  • Certification
  • Learning to use tools and software


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1. Is pursuing one of these top technical writing courses in Kolkata, worthwhile?

Yes, because it guarantees that the employee will make their product, service, subject, explanation, and other formats as clear as possible, technical writing is a highly sought-after skill set in large organizations. This simplifies, streamlines, and improves the operations of the company.

Spending the time and money to learn technical writing gives you the chance to develop your profession and gain access to a wide body of information.


2. What kind of salaries do technical writers earn after completing one of these top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata?

The Economic Times has compiled a list of the highest-paying professions for 2017 that includes technical writing. The need for a technical writer has been growing along with the number of technological enterprises. In India, a technical writer makes on average Rs. 5 lakh per year.

The salary structure for this profile is between Rs. 2.29 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh per year. The pay varies from firm to company as well. A staff technical writer makes Rs. 22 lakh a year, compared to a senior technical writer’s Rs. 12 lakh.

Your salary is also determined by your skill level. The demand for talents varies along with the industry. Thus, to earn more money, one needs skills that are currently in the industry. Robohelp and Adobe Framework skills increase your compensation by 11% and 17%, respectively. Additionally, the use of Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and Visio raises your pay scale by 5%, 4%, and 3%, respectively.

You may decide to pursue a lucrative freelance profession. In India, a freelance writer makes 475 rupees per hour. The remuneration ranges from Rs. 1.93 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh per year. A senior technical writer can earn up to Rs. 20 lakh per year, or Rs. 10 lakh on average.


3. Is there a technical writing degree offered by any colleges in India?

No, colleges do not currently provide technical writing degrees that we can share. You can sign up for a variety of institute-provided short-term courses.


4. List the responsibilities of a technical writer.

The responsibilities are –

  • A technical writer does research on tech-related topics for their employer.
  • They compile the data, plan the document, do the research, and finally write the document.
  • They arrange the documents, revise, create, and proofread them before adding them to the database.
  • They produce publications such as journals, articles, manuals, instruction books, descriptions, handbooks, whitepapers, and documents.
  • They perform the specialized function of creating and editing current documentation for the business.
  • They must express themselves simply and with clarity.
  • work in a variety of disciplines, such as medicine, technology, and science.


If you have read the entire essay without skipping it, you may have a better understanding of what technical writing is, how broad it can be, and how profound an impact it can have on society. There is no scarcity of technical writing courses in Kolkata if you want to enroll. They are widely available. But keep in mind that technical writing programs teach you many styles and writing strategies that you might use in your work. However, they won’t instruct you in grammar, communication techniques, or vocabulary building, therefore it is preferable to acquire these fundamental but fundamental topics first. You won’t be able to use what you will learn in your training or course in your writing if you don’t.

So, as mentioned, these are the top 8 technical writing courses in Kolkata. The courses are offered as needed, are self-paced, take place in online live classrooms, and some are offered offline by institutions in Kolkata writing courses.

The institutes provide a thorough introduction, extensive expertise, and 24/7 support. After doing the extensive study, select the course that is best for you. In the corporate and industrial fields, learning technical writing is a straightforward skill set.

Keep in mind that you must always be prepared to overcome obstacles and adjust to a changing environment. Develop your technical writing expertise and skills right away.


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