Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore With Placements

Information technology is the future worldwide, bringing change and connecting people across the globe for better living. Even India has not stayed back and marked its existence by becoming one of the world’s largest exporters of IT services. Now the question would arouse in your mind – How will I be able to grab this career opportunity in technical writing? Where to find the best technical writing courses in Bangalore. Don’t worry; we have made a comprehensive list of top 10 technical writing courses in Bangalore and basic technical writing knowledge.


Top Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore


As the IT sector is flourishing rapidly, the demand for drafting & writing scientific journals, articles, technical reports, user guides, engineering instruction manuals, and product samples have grown considerably. So, to fulfill this increasing need, there is a very high demand for technical writers worldwide and in India.


While in India, Bangalore city is also known as Silicon valley & IT hub of India because it is the largest exporter of IT services and promotes an innovative start-up ecosystem in India. As Bangalore becomes the hub for the IT sector, the future demand for a technical writer would be exponential, making it the best career choice for everyone who loves writing for complex processes & technological development.



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Introduction To Technical Writing


A technical writer develops specialized material such as technical publications, user manuals, journal articles, engineering manuals, medical guidelines, product samples, and various technical reports. Generally, technical writers deal with complicated material, reducing it into practical actions and data that different customers and technical employees may apply to execute their duties. Depending on the technical documentation the firm needs, writers may be accountable for all of the corporate material.


Individuals with a talent for writing and a love for tech may be lured toward a profession in technical writing. In addition to converting detailed, highly specialized knowledge into intelligible English, technical writers publish manuals, journal articles, and how-to guides for technology corporations and other clientele. Other job activities may include completing research, building outlines, producing new material, updating old content, preparing process manuals, and working with technical experts to understand a project’s needs.


What Does A Technical Writer Do?


Technical writers utilize their language and speech abilities to distribute detailed, technical information in various industries, including health, energy, state services, web design, application development, and medical science. Although an individual’s particular tasks vary, responsibilities may include the following:


  • Evaluating the requirements of persons who utilize technical documentation
  • Talking with product creators and reviewing product samples
  • Writing and modifying product support content
  • Determining whether to add images, graphics, and graphs to boost users’ knowledge
  • Collecting user comments to evaluate whether material needs to be updated or enhanced

Most technical writers work as full-time professionals in an office setting; however, freelancing options are also available. Freelance technical writers may operate based on the project and specific client needs per their flexible schedule.


Future Of Technical Writing In India Based On Facts And Information:


  • Smartphone contributes to 45-55 percent of firms’ digital advertising expenditure, which is predicted to climb to more than 65 percent by 2022.
  • India will have 310 million active gamers by 2021, generating a $1 billion industry. Furthermore, user penetration will climb to 12.6 percent in 2021 and 16.1 percent by 2025.
  • 829 million new smartphone users are predicted to rise in India by 2022.
  • According to a joint estimate by MMA India and media agency GroupM, India’s Internet user population will reach 900 million by 2025, up from 622 million today, resulting in a multifold rise in online commerce.
  • According to the report, India will have 500 million shoppers by 2030.
  • Gartner estimates that the government’s IT expenditure will reach $8.3 billion in 2022, an increase of 8.6 percent from 2021.
  • The software market is predicted to expand quickly (24.7 percent ) in 2022, as citizen service delivery applications leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning improve across citizen initiatives.

As it’s clear from the above data, we are moving towards the digital world, indirectly giving rise to the demand for technical writers across India and especially Bangalore as India’s IT hub.

As per the Payscale report, the average technical writer’s salary is Rs 5,60,854 per year.


Tips To Become The Best Technical Content Writer :

  • Assess your audience and comprehend the person. You are writing for the user of a product who needs to solve an issue. A comprehensive grasp of the user’s knowledge, expectations, and requirements will assist you in serving the user in the best manner possible.


  • Think UX (user experience) (user experience). Make sure the material you provide for your user is valuable, task-based, accessible, simple to browse, readable, and easy to comprehend.


  • Learn to interact with subject matter experts and obtain knowledge. Dare to ask questions and only stop asking after a comprehensive grasp of the product’s lifecycle: from unpacking through disposal through installation, commissioning, usage, maintenance, troubleshooting repair to the ultimate step, disposal.


  • Analyze, map, and arrange the information you have obtained. Only after you have specified a clear structure will you be able to build a logically ordered and easy-to-navigate document within which consumers may discover solutions to their issues quickly.


  • Write in a topic-based manner.


  • Develop a neutral and straightforward writing style:


  1. Use the current voice (e.g., Press the button instead of Now you can push the button) (e.g., Push the button instead of Now you can make the button).
  2. Use straightforward language.
  3. Use brief sentences.
  4. Use precisely one instruction per phrase.
  5. Write task-based instructions.
  6. Avoid unclear words.
  7. Avoid jargon.
  8. Consider adopting basic technical English or the concepts of minimalism in technical writing.
  9. Learn to build graphics, such as tables, drawings, print screens, and videos. Apply precise and uniform formatting. Technical documentation comprises several forms of information, such as warning signals, directions, and relevant information. A consistent layout of the various kinds helps people identify the content.
  10. Review carefully: Erase grammatical faults and technical flaws.


Even if you don’t understand how to write top-notch technical content, we have sorted the Top 10 technical writing courses in Bangalore to make you an expert.


The Best Ten Technical Writing Courses In Bangalore Is As Follows:


1.  IIM Skills


An outstanding institution with a worldwide reach, IIM Skills is the place to develop your skills for both personal and professional success. It is vital to remain aware of the developments and upgrade your abilities and work methods with continually developing new technology.


At IIM SKILLS, they will help you keep a competitive edge with their industry-focused short-term courses. In this hands-on technical writing training program, you will learn the ability to interpret and explain complex technical knowledge into reader-friendly written documentation. They offer a comprehensive education in all major cities including technical writing courses in Hyderabad, Delhi, and more. 


With their experienced mentorship and proven ideas and strategies, you will likely find technical writing a breeze. Having taught over 15000 + persons since 2015, they have attempted to guide you through a life path of learning. Their dedication to high-quality, hands-on training, student assistance, and affordable course prices make trainers and students their brand ambassadors.


One of the most significant advantages that make IIM Skills finest from other technical writing courses in Bangalore is that they provide practical training in the form of an internship, making you job-ready in the real world. After internship completion, they have a unique cell that helps placement assistance to get adequate returns on skills you learned in this technical writing course.


What are the salient benefits you get?

  • 1 Month guaranteed internship
  • Lifetime support (Consulting & Technical)
  • Portfolio development for job/freelance
  • Publishing your first white paper
  • Publishing a scholarly article or book.
  • Opportunity to publish your first technical blog with Times of India.
  • 5 hours of live training.
  • Total 20 Hours lectures
  • Practical Assignments- 60+ Hours


Brand partners of IIM SKILLS


Testimonials and reviews from Students of IIM SKILLS


IIM Skills technical writing course curriculum includes:

  • Technical Reports: Learn to prepare written documentation outlining the project’s method, outcome, or progress. Technical papers typically fall within the area of grey literature.
  • White Papers/Journals: Like an eBook, the white papers are in-depth studies and advice on specific subjects. Learn to scan the length and breadth of a particular topic and assist readers in comprehending and solving challenges. A long-form of content, while in use for commercial objectives, learns to create white papers that affect customers’ decision-making process.
  • Intended for academic or technical audiences, learn to write remarkable journals with full details, keeping the learning community updated on the newest research in diverse subjects.
  • Scientific Research: Self-explanatory, creating peer-reviewed correct scientific research articles, following all the stringent standards. These are frequently in partnership with medical, science, engineering, etc.
  • Conversational Writing: With all the heavy-duty computer jargon, it helps understand how to utilize a conversational tone in technical writing. It is recognized as effective and engaging in an otherwise severe material.
  • API Documentation(Application Programming Interface): Learn the best practices for the all-important API documentation, helping developers comprehend its capabilities.
  • Medical Writing: All healthcare websites, organizations, periodicals, and journals need professionals experienced in medical writing, providing well-structured materials with clinical research.

IIM SKILLS ensures that you continue your learning even when the course gets over. It is with this thought that they offer access to the Learning Management system free of cost for a lifetime. This means that you can avail of t]all the latest information, news, updates, course materials, case studies, resources recorded classes whenever you want. The support desk for technical writing is available 24×7 enabling you to resolve your doubts and queries promptly. IIM SKILLS also offers soft skills training to instill confidence in your abilities. They guide you to create resumes that will impress your potential employers and helps with infographic resume creation for better job opportunities.


Course Fees: RS 14900+ 18% GST


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2.  Techtotal System


TechTotal delivers a unique and powerful platform for online instruction in technical Writing. Highly experienced teachers and distinguished professors with hands-on expertise in technical writing will guide and assist in developing the new entrant into an industry-ready, professional technical writer.  They have been delivering online training using their specialized LMS (Learning Management System) server, through which any course may be learned within a period of 25 Sessions (2hrs each session) (2hrs per session).


Course Outline:

  1. Technical Writing
  2. Software Development Life Cycle – SDLC
  3. Technical WritingProcess
  1. Document Delivery Life Cycle – DDLC
  2. Document Deliverables
  3. SME Interviews and Project Planning
  4. HTML & XML Intro
  5. Writing Skills
  6. Style Guide and Standards
  7. Technical Writing Software Tools
  8. Microsoft Word
  9. Adobe RoboHelp
  10. Adobe FrameMaker
  11. Snag IT
  12. MS- Visio
  13. PowerPoint
  14. Photoshop
  15. Reviews, Delivery, and Publication
  16. Resume Preparation and Certification

These overall modules with online learning make it eminent from other technical writing courses in Bangalore.


Duration: 15 days Fast Track

30 days normal track


3.  Technokraft


TechnoKraft was founded in 2003 as a training center to educate technical writing and instructional design. The training facility was developed to encourage and teach aspiring technical writers and instructional designers to enhance their talents. It is one of the finest institutes in Bangalore to give high-end technical writing training and the first from India to provide training in instructional design. This has made technoKraft more prominent than other technical writing courses in Bangalore.


TechnoKraft has taught hundreds of students and led them to successful careers in technical writing and instructional designers by pushing their constraints to thrive and flourish in their chosen industry. Major IT organizations entrust us for their report writing, professional training, and recruitment services.


Some of the few features of Technokraft are:

  • Tasks: After each unit, learners have to execute high-quality, unique tasks offered for each subject.
  • Demonstration: Recruits have to acquire knowledge about a subject and prepare and deliver it to people. The presentation will be assessed based on: the organization, flow, language, substance, and graphics.
  • Pitch and confidence levels of the speaker.
  • The speaker should be able to address the questions posed properly.
  • Mock Interviews: Mock Interviews are held to prepare the students for future work circumstances.
  • Study Materials: After each module, learning materials will be supplied.
  • Assessment Test: After the course, an evaluation exam will be held to qualify for the certificate.
  • Certificate: Certifications will be awarded following satisfactory fulfillment of the above-listed requisites.


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4.  Bluedot Consultancy


Bluedot Consultancy was ranked one of the Top 25 promising consultancies in 2017, including Educational consultancy, integrated training & capability development (Corporate houses & Individuals), User Manuals, technical writing, and IT recruitment services. They have been consistent with 90 % placement performance for their students after course completion.


What makes them unique from other technical writing courses in Bangalore?

  • 2000+ learners and still increasing
  • Industry based curriculum
  • Trustworthy coaches and mentors
  • Virtual programs
  • Guaranteed placement assistance
  • 2 months of comprehensive training with practical assignments and projects.
  • Hands-on learning tools like Adobe RoboHelp, FrameMaker, Confluence, Jira, XML, etc.



5.  Black & White


Bwtechwriting contains three main service wings: author and documentation consultation, writing solutions, and technical writing and marketing communication training. Writers at Black and White bring extensive knowledge and experience in various industrial domains. Black & White’s unyielding position against plagiarism, its skill to deliver full client-centric services, and its unsurpassed service quality has won it a place among the best documentation firms in the nation.


It covers both theoretical and practical knowledge, making you a complete expert in technical writing. Having a branch in Australia defines its quality with its reliability for its learners and guides them to differentiate from other technical writing courses in Bangalore.


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6.  ECT


ECT  is the only training institute recognized by the Govt of India with its stronghold on technical writing training, giving them a prestigious status from other technical writing courses in Bangalore. The training is 32hours live online, with 50 hours of e-learning recorded lectures and doubt solving available for further queries. It provides you with 6 live projects, 6 assignments, and 12 quizzes to brush up on your skills at just a price of RS 19,999 only including GST.


7.  Coursera


Why Coursera? Will it be the right choice for technical writing learning? Yes, it’s the best choice as Coursera expanded over 49 percent in India over the previous 12 months, becoming the second biggest market internationally with over 12.5 million users. Nearly 7.5 million new participants in India have been enrolled since January 2020, and total course enrollment numbers were at 24.6 million as of June end.


Technical writing course addresses several aspects that impact the degree of intricacy of the language and ideas included. You will learn to write diverse technical reports, e.g., research lab reports, scientific papers, design, and feasibility reports, performance reports, consultancy reports, etc. The course also handles numerous language, structural, style, and content challenges that you might experience when describing the findings of your study.


With 4.6 stars from 520 learners, it is best to select from various top 10 technical writing courses in Bangalore. It includes a shareable certificate, flexible learning, and approx. 19 hours to complete giving you a comprehensive learning experience.


8.  TriumphIndia

Triumph India works with big corporations and individuals to educate beginners and experienced writers by delivering courses that vary from basic technical writing training to highly specialized training in authoring and publishing technologies. They design unique workshops for every batch of students who study with them to help them get real-time working experience which is not available from other technical writing courses available in Bangalore.


9.  Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning


Synbiosis offers Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management(PGDTWBM) which AICTE approved for delivering quality in their technical writing course. The curriculum provided here focuses on connecting and educating the learners with academic and practical elements of Technical Writing. The curriculum focuses on generating skilled technical communicators who would prove to be proactive and accountable for working at every professional level. This curriculum especially targets cultivating creativity, an eye for detail, and procedural discipline, distinct from other technical writing courses in Bangalore.


10. Henry Harvin

With 15 years of experience in the industry, 350 lectures delivered and recognized by top organizations for their best learning, it becomes a desirable choice to select from top technical writing courses in Bangalore.


The course covers the components that determine the complexity of the language and concepts provided. You will discover how to create unique specialist reports, e.g., lab reports, study reports, strategy and feasibility reports, progress reports, counseling reports, and so on. The training likewise progresses toward a few languages, design, style, and topic concerns that you might encounter when declaring the aftereffects of your inquiry.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Is a career in technical writing a good choice?

Yes, definitely because as we are moving towards complete digitalization, the demand for technical writers will rise quite soon.


2. Is it important to take a technical writing course to be an expert, or is it better to start self-learning?

Suppose you are a disciplined person who is consistent in working hard. In that case, you could master technical writing but believe me, to be an expert in overall technical learning and earn a certification, it’s important to select from above given top 10 technical writing courses in Bangalore.


3. Is Content Writing & Technical Writing the same?

No, they are different as technical writing requires engineering & software knowledge, while content writing covers a wide range of topics, including technical communication. But after doing deep research and the need for a technical writer arouse, a content writer could work as a technical writer.



That’s all, the above technical writing courses in Bangalore cover everything that will help you gain comprehensive knowledge with hand-in experience. Not just that, most of them provide placement assistance along with an internship training program inclusive of certification & letter of recommendation. Here, you will find some online technical writing courses outside of Bangalore that may instigate doubt in your mind whether it will be worth quality, assistance, etc.?


Don’t think too much because any route you choose will give you the best start in the technical writing industry & make you the expert in a particular field. However, choose an institute that meets your expectations and criteria. There are many considerations for an individual when they want to enroll in a course. Course fee, mode of study, duration, curriculum are all key considerations. priorities and expectations from a course differed from person to person. So it makes sense to make a checklist and then proceed. 

Select any institute of your preference and all the best for your great future. Please comment below or contact the institute directly for further queries.


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