Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Madurai With Placements

Have you ever misinterpreted content writing and technical writing as the same? Worry not! You are not the only one who has faced this. If you are a novice in the writing field, you make this mistake. Technical writing is a different arena where the main focus is delivering the content in communicative language. It is one of the most promoted professions in recent times. In this article, we have listed the top technical writing courses in Madurai. 


List of best technical writing courses in Madurai


Technical writing is a booming sector, and technical writers are one of the most wanted professionals in the world. Several companies are sprouting up new products and services in this information era. Technical writers serve the purpose of communicating the products and services to the customers. As you walk through this article on technical writing courses in Madurai, you will realize its significance and applications. 


What is Technical Writing?

Often, we mistake technical writing for other forms of writing like business writing, creative writing, or article writing. Technical writing is a sub-field of content writing that has become immensely popular with the evolution of technology. Technical writers earn more than content writers.

Technical writing is communicating complex data or information in a simplified form. Here, the main goal is to ensure the readers understand the concept. Businesses, technology magazines, and news agencies with technology as their genre adopt this form of writing. 

The purpose of this profession is to provide guidance, instruction, or process details to the readers. With this gaining momentum, we have brought you the top 7 technical writing courses in Madurai to kickstart your career. 


Qualifications For Technical Writer 

We recommend basic educational qualifications to become a specialist in any stream. However, we should not ignore that people have started pursuing jobs that do not match their education profile. But, businesses have their definition of an ideal candidate and prefer candidates who have those qualifications.

Likewise, businesses expect technical writers to fulfill certain criteria to get placements in their company. In this section, we have listed the ideal qualifications before signing up for the technical writing courses in Madurai. 

  • The candidate must be a graduate, preferably in computer science or IT. It is also alright if they are a graduate with a passion for technical writing. 
  • The candidate must have good communication skills.
  • The candidate must have basic computer skills.


Scope Of Technical Writing In India

India is the biggest consumer market in the world. Businesses from across the globe are keen to bring their products or services to India. However, a product or service gains popularity only when consumers connect. It is where the scope of a technical writer comes in.

The purpose of a technical writer is to communicate the complex languages of the products or services to the consumers. The technical writer acts as a link between the business and consumers.  You must have seen several instances where a product is good; but not popular.

It is because the consumers cannot understand or connect with the product. By hiring technical writers, businesses ensure that the technical aspects of their products or services reach the end user.

Hence, there is a scope for technical writers in India. Several top companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Meta, hire technical writers to convey their product information effectively to end users. This article on technical writing courses in Madurai is your first milestone to reach before becoming a prolific technical writer. 


Responsibilities Of Technical Writers

Technical writers have multiple responsibilities throughout their period in an organization. It includes preparing:

  • User Manuals
  • Guides
  • Training Manuals
  • Reference Guides
  • Installation Manual
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers/Journals


Apart from that, technical writers must also prepare their content calendar, coordinate with the engineering team, and prepare relevant documents. When you go through the list of technical writing courses in Madurai, please ensure that they match your professional needs. 


Salary Of Technical Writers In India

A profession is a means to earn money. Before choosing any profession as a career, people equally research the money earned through it. At the end of the day, a secure job equals to secure way of living. Technical writers also earn good pay irrespective of their job levels.

Be it entry-level, mid-level, or senior-level – technical writers are in demand. According to AmbitionBox, the average annual salary of a technical writer in India is 5.7 Lakhs/annum. The entry-level salary is 2.8 Lakhs/annum. If you are going to start your career in technical writing, you can expect a minimum pay of 2.5 Lakhs/annum.

Some of the best technical writers earn more than 40 Lakhs/year.  Another added perk of this profession is you can also pursue this career as a freelancer. There are plenty of job opportunities for freelancing as a technical writer. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pick out the best from the below list of technical writing courses in Madurai and get going with your career. 


Other best courses in Madurai:


Top Technical Writing Courses In Madurai

Several institutes offer technical writing courses in Madurai. However, we have listed the top 7 after carefully analyzing the course’s theoretical and practical aspects. 


7 Best Technical Writing Courses In Madurai

  • Coursera
  • Google Developers
  • Udemy
  • ECT
  • Confai
  • Skillshare


All the courses that are listed in this section are 100% online. So, you can learn from anywhere round the clock without any hindrance.



A premier institute offering state-of-the-art teaching across multiple countries, IIM SKILLS is a learner’s delight. If you are a novice and have no idea how to start your certification program in technical writing, IIM SKILLS is your to-go institute.

The course curriculum ensures you can deliver the copies without any glitches. It automatically makes the program one of the best technical writing courses in Madurai. 

The institute started the technical writing course in 2016. Within a short period, it has reached a milestone that is difficult to achieve. The institute has upskilled more than 35000+ students, and the faculties have 12+ years of experience.


Technical Writing Course Details:

Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course

Duration: 20 Hours of lectures + 60+ Hours of practical assignments

Mode Of Learning: Online

Fees: 14900 INR


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Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Writing
  • Technical Reports
  • White Papers / Journals
  • Conversational Writing
  • DDLC and Versioning
  • API Documentation
  • User Manuals and Application Notes
  • Medical Writing


Highlights Of The Course:

  • Anyone with a graduate degree is eligible to apply for this program. Having a passion for technology with good communication skills adds value to the training. 
  • If you already have experience in technical writing, you can enroll in this course to polish your skills. Content writers, marketing executives, technical documentation engineers, design engineers, and hardware and software engineers can apply. 
  • Once you sign up for this course, you get lifetime access to the LMS portal. As the program is online, you can access the class recordings and study at your pace.
  • On course completion, the students receive a globally accepted certificate. The students of this program have received placement opportunities from top MNCs like Microsoft, Oracle, and Adobe. 
  • Throughout this course, you master tools like MS Visio, MS Project, GIT, and Scribus. 
  • The main objective of this course is to understand and leverage the art of technical writing. 
  • If you are unhappy with the course, you can claim a refund after the first session. 
  • After completing the course, you can join the internship program, where you get first-hand experience in industrial operations.

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2. Coursera

Coursera is an open learning platform based in the US. It was established in 2012 as a medium for students to upskill and cross skills. Coursera is popular owing to its flexible learning environment and the ability to learn from anywhere at any time. This institute also lets students connect and interact through the learning forum. 

The course mentioned here is brought to you by Rice University through Coursera. It is part of a three-part specialization course offered by the same university. The specialization focuses on oral, written, and interpersonal skills. Here, we are briefing about the writing part of the specialization program. You can sign up for the entire program if you are interested. 


Course Details:

Course Name: Writing Skills For Engineering Leaders

Duration: 17 Hours

Mode Of Learning: Online

Fees: Subscription Model


Course Curriculum:

  • Specialization Introduction
  • Writing Skills for Engineers
  • Paragraphs and Reports Writing
  • Clarity and Conciseness


Highlights Of The Course:

  • This course is for engineers who have a talent for technical writing. This course aims at building engineer leaders who can communicate the technical aspects of their work through clear writing.
  • The course is 100% online. You can enroll in the free course. If you want a certificate, you can subscribe to the plans. They also offer financial aid to help students who find it difficult to pay tuition fees.
  • Students must take the quiz to check their knowledge of the previous session. These quizzes are part of the certification program. 
  • Rice University provides supporting reading materials to simplify the learning process for students. 
  • Coursera gives a certificate in collaboration with Rice University for completing the course. You can share it via LinkedIn.


3. Google Developers

Often, tech giant Google introduces new courses and programs for individuals to study and upskill. It includes a wide range of domains, from coding, and digital marketing, to product management. Google teaches this course alone or ties up with any institute to educate people.

Most of the courses from Google are free of cost. Google Developers, an arm of Google, offers technical writing courses on its website. It is a four-level course that covers the basics to the intermediate level of technical writing. The detailed programmed structure places it as one of the most succinct technical writing courses in Madurai. 


Course Details:

Course Name: Technical Writing Course 

Duration: Maximum 8 Hours

Mode Of Learning: Online

Fees: Free


Course Curriculum:

  • Grammar
  • Markdown
  • Self-Editing
  • Organizing Large Documents
  • Illustrating
  • Creating Samples Codes
  • Accessibility
  • Error Messages


Highlights Of The Course

  • Though the course has four levels, we recommend considering the four levels as a single program and completing it.
  • The technical writing course at Google is valuable for software engineers, product managers, and computer science students. Google also recommends having a little background in coding to ace this course. 
  • The curriculum is neatly structured to start from the basics of technical writing to the advanced levels. Thereby, you will have a complete grasp of the process without missing anything.
  • Each level is divided into two parts. It includes pre-class materials that you can cover at your pace, followed by live sessions led by instructors.
  • To guide you through the course, Google supports you with learning materials to make the journey easier. 
  • If you are looking for a technical writing course where you can learn in a short span, this is your best bet. 


4. Udemy

Similar to Coursera, Udemy is an online education provider offering top-notch education to students, working professionals, and school dropouts across the globe. If you’re interested in upskilling or learning something new, Udemy is one of the most popular choices for people. 

When we were looking for the top technical writing courses in Madurai, Udemy is an obvious attribute to the list. Udemy has several courses that walk the learners through the complete technical training program. Here, we have listed the best two technical writing courses for beginners. 


Details Of Popular Courses

  1. Course Name: Professional Technical Writing Advance Your Career

Duration: 6 Hours

Mode Of Learning: Online

Fees: 7900 INR


Course Curriculum

  • Technical Writing – Introduction
  • Components of Technical Documentation
  • Technical Writing Techniques
  • Technical Editing Techniques
  • Variables, Graphs, and Charts


Highlights Of The Course

  • This course by Ugur Akinci is suitable for anyone with a flair to make a career in technical writing. 
  • The instructor is one of the Fortune 100 technical communicators.
  • The course offers an article and 110 downloadable materials to support you towards your training period. You also have lifetime access to the course and the study materials.
  • You will receive a certificate acclaimed by Udemy in the competition. 


Course Details:

  1. Course Name: Technical Writing Master Your Writing Career 

Duration: 5.5 Hours

Mode Of Learning: Online

Fees: 2599 INR


Course Curriculum

  • Technical Writing – Overview
  • Know your Topic
  • Know your Audience
  • Plan the Book
  • Tips to Write, Rewrite, and Polish
  • Marketing the Book


Highlights Of The Course

  • This course trains students to understand the concept of technical writing and how to write a technical book. 
  • It guides the students on the process behind the research, writing, rewriting, and polishing of the book.
  • Students receive a certificate post completing the course.
  • The instructor Joseph Philips is an expert in technical writing. He has written several technical magazines and published 33 technical books for renowned publishers. 


Recommended Reads:


5. ECT

Hailed as the only teaching institute recognized as a startup by the Government of India, ECT offers one of the most practical technical writing courses in Madurai. It offers training in digital marketing, content writing, and personal development for the past 11 years to more than 1200 students across the globe. 

The technical writing course of ECT is available both as a single course and as a bundle. The bundle includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with technical writing concepts. In this edition, we are breaking down the technical writing course alone. 


Course Details:

Course Name: Technical Writing Course

Duration: 3 Months

Mode Of Learning: Classroom / Online

Fees: 19999 INR


Course Curriculum

  • Technical Writing – Introduction
  • Grammar & Styling
  • Information Architecture
  • Markdown Language
  • XML, JSON, and DITA
  • API Documentation
  • Agile Documentation Strategy


Highlights Of The Course

  • The course consists of 32 Hours of classroom or online teaching, followed by 50 Hours of videos.
  • It also comprises six assignments, six live projects, and 12 quizzes to check the students’ understanding.
  • Students receive a globally accredited certificate from ECT on successful completion.
  • This course is more suitable for people interested in getting entry-level or mid-level jobs in this field.
  • The institute also recommends a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to speed up your learning skills.


6. Confai

Confai was founded in 2007 in Mumbai. It is one of the top institutes you can consider for pursuing your technical writing course. It is well-known for its ability to impart advanced training skills to students. The courses provided here are refined without much jargon. 

The technical writing team teaches the resources based on the current trends. The team often updates the course curriculum to suit the business requirements. Hence, it is suitable for anyone looking to start their career as a technical writer. 


Course Details:

Course Name: Technical Writing Certification Course

Duration: 6 Weeks

Mode Of Learning: Online

Fees: 20000 INR


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Document Development Life Cycle
  • Style Issues
  • Presentation Tools
  • Drawing Tools
  • Authoring Tools


Highlights Of The Course

  • The interesting feature of this course is that it talks about several tools that will help you through your technical writing career. It doesn’t limit to writing tools but also focuses on drawing and presentation tools.
  • The training doesn’t have any eligibility criteria. Anyone who has an interest in technical writing can apply for it.
  • The tutor teaches the course through web conferencing. It is a live session. Hence, students can raise questions and clear their doubts from instructors. 
  • After each session, students will receive an assignment and other tasks to back up their live sessions.
  • Students also receive a certificate for completing the course. 

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7. Skillshare

Similar to other educational platforms, Skillshare is an effective online community to begin your career in technical writing. It was founded in 2010 in the United States. The courses available here spotlights more on the practical aspects than the learning aspect. In short, it upgrades your knowledge through interactions. 

In general, the courses belong to the creative, entrepreneurship, and technology categories. Anyone specialized in a particular field can upload educational videos on this website and educate the community.


Details Of Popular Courses

  1. Course Name: Technical Writing Getting Started

Duration: 1 Hour 9 Minutes

Mode Of Learning: Online

Fees: Subscription Model


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Good Technical Writing & the Process


Highlights Of The Course

  • The course is tutored by Dr.Katharina Grimm, an anthropologist who is an expert in effective communication and understanding human emotions. It makes your training easy as you can understand the concepts from an emotional perspective.
  • The course is for anyone looking to start their career in technical writing or those interested in polishing their technical writing skills.
  • While the course is free, you have to pay a certain amount of money to get the certificate. 


  1. Course Name: Technical Writing: The Writing Process

Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Mode Of Learning: Online

Fees: Subscription Model


Course Curriculum

  • Technical Writing – Basics
  • Writing Process
  • Best Practices with Examples


Highlights Of The Course

  • This course is also tutored by Dr.Katharina Grimm. It is the next level of the former course that we have mentioned.
  • It is categorized at all levels. Hence, if you are a novice or an expert, you can sign up for this course. 
  • You can access this class from anywhere at any time. It has many explanatory videos that will guide you through the learning process. 


FAQs About Technical Writing Courses in Madurai


Which industries are in demand for technical writers?

There is a demand for technical writers in every industry. However, these industries have a higher demand, compared to others:

  • Tech and tech-related industries
  • Automobiles
  • Avionics
  • Gaming
  • Engineering
  • Defense
  • Telecommunication
  • Medical 


What are the growth prospects of a technical writer?

Once a person becomes a technical writer, they become a senior technical writer in 2 to 3 years. Later on, the individual gets a promotion to Team Leader. If it is a larger organization, there is the scope of leading a department. The growth prospects depend on the individual’s performance and knowledge.


Are there any age barriers to studying this course?

No, there are no age barriers. On the contrary, any interested individual in technical writing can pursue this course at any age. 


Does an online course affect my learning ability?

No! Online courses give you a flexible platform to study at your pace. You can learn and complete your tasks from anywhere in the world.


Can a content writer become a technical writer?

Yes! A content writer who has sufficient knowledge of the art of technical writing can become a technical writer. 


Wrapping Up

Content is king. It is a powerful tool that can make or break businesses. Hence, businesses invest a lot of money to bring the best technical writer on board. Technical writers are responsible for conveying the company’s complex language to end users in simple language. No matter what AI tools come up, the scope of original content will not fade. The content written by humans is significant as they connect with our emotional intelligence. So, quit double-guessing and choose the right course from the given list of technical writing courses in Madurai. 

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