IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Review

In this article, we are going to cover IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Review in detail. This article will aim to delineate the highlights of the Technical Writing Master course offered by the leading ed-tech institute with emphasis on the course curriculum and other distinct features of the program. You can then make an informed decision on whether to pursue a technical writing career and how lucrative it might prove for you. 


IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Review


But before, that let’s get a little idea about what technical writing actually is. You have a brand new microwave oven, the latest model available from a popular brand. However, as you unbox it, the various buttons, knobs, and contraptions on it flummox you. Having to make sense of it all can be overwhelming. But just then your eyes land on the small manual inside the box. You open it! And Voila!..all of the instructions right from what those various knobs and buttons are to their purpose is clearly explained for you to understand. 


The technical writing domain is vast but this is just one of the primary examples of the job of a technical writer. They simplify complicated jargon, and materials to make it less arduous for people to understand technical concepts. A technical writing course is meant to provide you with the mastery to do exactly that! You break down complex instructions, jargon, and terms for the common people to comprehend something more easily. That’s the crux of technical writing.


IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Review – A Comprehensive Detail 

The technical writing master course at IIM SKILLS is an immersive online training for 5 weeks. The course incorporates 20 hours of lecture and 60 + hours of practical assignments. You get knowledge of several software tools and applications that helps you in your journey of becoming an astute technical writer. The course material is aligned with the demands of the technical writing industry and the curriculum is industry-specific and job-oriented. 


The curriculum of the technical writing master course is as follows:

  • Introduction To Technical Writing 
  • Job Profile Of A Technical Writer 
  • How To Start Writing Technical Documents 
  • Audience Analysis 
  • Research On Technical Writing Topics 
  • Creating Your Content Strategy
  • Flowcharts, Mindmaps, Infographics, Block Diagrams, And Schematics 
  • Technical Report Writing 
  • White Paper Writing 
  • Journals 
  • Document Versioning 
  • Conversational Writing 
  • Micro Content 
  • The Different Steps Of Reviewing, And Publishing 
  • An Introduction To Technical Writing Tools 
  • XML Authoring 
  • User Manuals 
  • Data Sheets 
  • Application Notes 
  • The Principles Of Effective Technical Writing 
  • Medical Blogs And Medical Content Writing 
  • Case Study On Infineon 

Course fee INR 14900 + taxes


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Distinguishing features of the IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Master Course


Course Curriculum

The course curriculum is considered among the finest in the industry. The teaching pedagogy incorporates practical learning as the most essential part of the technical writing program. Right from teaching the basics of technical writing to the more advanced concepts, IIM SKILLS covers all aspects fully. 


IIM SKILLS emphasizes that to become a successful technical writer, one has to possess incisive knowledge of the technical writing concepts and how it is done in real projects. Practical learning is the key to creating immaculate technical documents for the target audience. 


Furthermore, the course is industry-validated and aligned with Google. The program encompasses all essential components of the technical writing industry and helps you to garner knowledge on the relevant topics of technical writing. 

Practical Learning

Reiterated time and again, IIM SKILLS highlights the importance of hands-on training. They have 60+ hours dedicated to projects and assignments that will assist you in developing a strong foundation of technical writing concepts and propel you towards becoming a successful technical writer. 


The practical training at the institute gives you a thorough idea of the complex concepts of technical writing and helps to do away with the ambiguity surrounding the very concept of Technical documents. 


You will also gain mastery in different forms of technical writing. The course ensures that all the concepts, right from research, to bringing out the final product are done in a structured, organized, and systematic manner for you to have a successful career in the long run. 


Immersive Interactive Sessions

IIM SKILLS technical writing courses are conducted virtually in a live classroom setup. The immersive learning approach helps to do away with distractions and interactive sessions help you to brainstorm and exchange ideas and views with your fellow students as well as your mentor. 


The batch size is limited ensuring that you get personalized attention and hone your skills to suit the standards of the technical writing industry. 


Free Lifetime Access to LMS

Students have free lifetime access to the learning management system (LMS). This means, that even after the course is completed, you have access to all your resources, case studies, learning materials. 


The learning management system also updates the learning resources as and when changes happen in the technical writing domain. Therefore, you not only get access to all the study materials of your course but also updated information about the industry. This, in turn, helps you to keep abreast of the latest trends and happenings of the technical writing world. 


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Support Desk

The support desk of the institute is available to you 24/7 and attends to your queries, doubts, confusions, and grievances as promptly as possible. When you have registered for a course at IIM SKILLS you can rest assured that your association with the institute remains forever no matter what course you enroll in and when the course gets over. The team is affable and helps you to overcome even the minutest of difficulties or challenges in your learning process.


Flexibility in Class Timings

Sometimes the hubbub of our everyday lives can pose as an impediment to your upskilling efforts. To ensure that you do not miss important classes, IIM SKILLS gives you access to all the class recordings so that you can go through them if you are unable to attend the live sessions. 


This is one of the most distinctive features of the technical writing course at IIM SKILLS. The reassurance that you’re not going to miss out on anything if you are unable to attend a class is a great relief. It helps you to remain updated with everything taught in the classes. 



IIM SKILLS helps you to strengthen your knowledge of software, and tools that make your technical writing work smoother for you. You learn how to work with these tools in real-time projects and gain mastery of some of the most important tools like Git, MS Visio, MS Project, PowerPoint, and Canva among others. 


Ideal For People from diverse educational and professional backgrounds

There is a preconceived notion that people from technical backgrounds can only take up the career of a technical writer. That is not true at all. If you are passionate about writing and you want to make a career in technical writing, you can very well enroll in a technical writing course and start your journey. 


The IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course has been structured in such a way that it caters to people from diverse educational and professional backgrounds. So, even if you are from sales, marketing, media, law, or are a housewife, a retired person, you can upskill, learn technical writing and embark on what can be a very prosperous career for you. 


It is also great for people who want to restart their careers after a hiatus. The main incentive for all of this should be your penchant for writing and your willingness to create documents that are easy for the layman to comprehend. 


The technical writing course is ideal for general content writers, documentation engineers, control engineers, design and development engineers, existing technical writers, hardware and software engineers, and anyone interested in pursuing a career in technical writing. 


Course Instructors

The course is designed and formulated by industry experts with 5+ years of experience with a thorough understanding of the technical writing industry. Hence, the course encompasses everything that is intrinsic and integral to becoming effective technical writers, and assist you every step of the way to get your foot in the door.


Master Certification

IIM SKILLS offers a Master’s Certification in technical writing once you complete the course and pass the examination that is conducted at the institute. 


The certification from IIM SKILLS is globally recognized and eminent multinational corporations and fortune 500 companies trust IIM SKILLS for their superior curriculum and exemplary teaching methodology. 



IIM SKILLS offers top-notch internship opportunities to students. Internships are a very essential part of any program today. Without hands-on training and knowledge of how things are implemented in real-time and real projects, it is very difficult for students to understand the demands of a particular industry. 


The technical writing industry is no different, and hence internships constitute an important element of the learning process. The internship offered at IIM SKILLS is optional and you can start your internship after an assessment test for the internship program. It is a one-month intensive training that will help you understand and polish your skills in technical writing even more. 


Forum and Community Membership

Another of the major features of IIM SKILLS is the community and forum membership whereby students get the opportunity to join the forum and be part of the community of stellar Technical writers. This comes as a part of the post-training support system and helps to keep you connected with your peers, fellow batchmates, and mentors for discussions brainstorming, and valuable insights. 


This forum and community help you to develop confidence and conviction in your capability as a technical writer. They help to groom you into a true professional and help you to imbibe the best practices for a successful career in technical writing. 


Placement Assistance

Placement assistance and job referrals are a part of the technical writing course at IIM SKILLS. After a meticulous assessment of your skills, strengths, and capabilities, those who are suitable are selected for placement opportunities. Top MNCs like Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Cisco are brand partners of IIM SKILLS and help to start your journey in the technical writing domain.


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Certification Process of the IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course

Step 1 – Registration

Once you go through the details of the Technical Writing Master Course, you can request a call-back and talk to an expert before registration. Once you are certain that you want to pursue the course, register for it. As soon as you register, you get access to the learning materials of 5 weeks Online technical writing course in your LMS. Here you will find all the relevant information, course syllabus, and details of how the course will be conducted. 


Step 2 – Selection of Batch

After registration, you will also be asked to choose your batch. You can select weekend or weekday batches as per your preference. 


Step 3 – Classes

The details of the topics covered in the classes will be given to you beforehand. You have to attend 70% of the classes to be eligible for sitting in the technical writing course examination. If you attend the sessions through recorded classes, it will also be counted as part of your attendance. However, attending those classes is mandatory.


Step 4- Test

You will then have to sit for the technical writing course examination which is conducted virtually. Once you pass the examination, will be given the certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation within 15 days from the day the results are out. 


Step 5 – Internship

Now, this is where your journey in the world of technical writing starts. You can apply for the optional non-paid internship conducted at IIM SKILLS. In the span of one month of the internship program, you will learn how to implement the knowledge of tools to ease your work in the technical writing domain. You will also become well versed with the different software and applications and the ways and formats of writing impeccable technical documents. 


Step 6- Exploring Job Options

Whether or not you take up the optional internship, you will be given career counseling and will explore different job options. You might want to opt for freelancing, start your own technical writing business, or choose technical writing jobs for organizations. 


IIM SKILLS will provide you with adequate knowledge and information on how to approach freelance projects and opportunities and how to formulate and create client proposals. You should also learn marketing and sales skills to be able to make a favorable impression on your potential employers. 


Step 7- Placement Support

IIM SKILLS is a leading ed-tech institute offering diverse professional courses. They have partnered up with several corporate organizations and help with placement support. After your technical writing course is over you, will be provided with placement opportunities based on your strengths and skills. 


Step 8- Embarking on the Exciting Journey Full of Potential

With certification, soft skills training, and other features available to you from IIM SKILLS, you are now ready to embark on your journey of becoming a successful professional technical writer. 


In this aspect, you can take up freelancing work, start working for a company, or set up your own technical writing business and look for clients on different digital platforms. 


You can also become a mentor/coach imparting knowledge to budding technical writers about the nitty-gritty and finer nuances of technical writing. 


IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Review: Summing it Up

With the IIM SKILLS technical writing course, you get distinctive features like a month of guaranteed internship, soft skills training, portfolio creation. One of the best features of the program is the support for both consulting and technical domains


This essentially means that even when your course is over, you will get assistance and help whenever is required. The support desk is prompt to address all your queries and doubts. The learning management system of the technical writing course is a repertoire of all information relevant to a technical writing career. It will provide you with all the pertinent information required for you to leverage the benefits of the technical writing industry and also to glean the latest information on the same.  


Concluding thoughts: IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Review

As delineated above IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course is one of the finest professional courses that will help you get the required knowledge along with plenty of features to propel your technical writing career towards success.


The live sessions, full free lifetime access to a learning management system and support the institute provides during the tenure of the course as well as after the course makes IIM SKILLS the finest institute to enroll for. Post-course assistance is one of the main qualities that separates IIM SKILLS from the rest of the institutes. 


The mentors are professionals in the technical writing domain and the teaching pedagogy is well thought out and organized to maximize the productivity of the students. 


Knowledge dissemination is the primary point of the curriculum. The course curriculum is advanced and encompasses all the topics and chapters that are significant to clinch a job in technical writing. 


Last but not least the much-coveted Master certification of IIM skills technical writing course is a validation of your talent and skills. This will be a stamp of approval from the institute that will ensure that you get the most lucrative jobs in technical writing.


FAQs on IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Review

1. How Lucrative is a technical writing job?

The demand for technical writers is on the rise now and it’s only going to increase in the coming years. With more and more startups and new businesses coming up there will be a demand for Technical writers who will be able to become the medium of communication of brand messages between companies and target audiences. 


A technical writer at the very beginning of their career can earn anywhere between 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum. The average annual salary for technical writers is around 6 lacs. With experience and superior skill sets, technical writers can earn up to 12 lacs or even more. Of course, international clients will pay more than their Indian counterparts. 


2. What are some of the job profiles in technical writing?

Some important job profiles of Technical writers can be technical content writers, technical content strategists, documentation specialists, information experts, designers manual writers, technical communication experts, policy writers. 


3. Will a technical writing course help me get good job offers?

A technical writing course not only helps you to understand the basic and advanced concepts of technical writing but also provides you with the exposure to explore different job opportunities in the technical writing domain. 


The institutes come with internship and placement opportunities. The internship helped to gain experience working on real projects. Placement opportunities help you to get acquainted with different organizations that require the services of Technical writers. In this way, you do not only get to interact with various businesses but also get access to networking opportunities to bag the most lucrative jobs in the technical writing industry. 


4. What skills do I need to become a successful technical writer?

Some of the most basic skills that you need to master to become a technical writer are superior research skills, understanding of the product or service that you are going to write on. Some other skills are an incisive knowledge of the industries you work in, working with technical documentation tools, and fundamental graphic and web designing skills. You should also have a good grasp of the language you are writing in. 


5. Which industries require technical writers?

There are several industries and sectors that require the services of specialized Technical writers. Some of the industries are biotechnology, engineering, aeronautics, the healthcare industry, the finance sector, computers, hardware, software, defense industries, automobile manufacturers, heavy machinery, appliances, consumer electronics, biology, genetics, and others. 


Taking all of these factors into consideration, it can be said that IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course is your best option if you want to become an ingenious technical writer with incisive knowledge of creating technical documents that resonate with your target audience. 


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