Top 7 GST Courses in Lucknow With Placements

The complicated structure and changing policies of GST made it a mind-boggling process to understand. For this, we bring you holistic knowledge about the finest platforms that promise to deliver GST Courses in Lucknow.


Top 7 GST Courses in Lucknow


With the implementation of GST, the market of India took an upsurge in the global market. Goods and service tax (GST) unified all the indirect taxes (executed before GST) and made some prudent changes in the development of the economy of India.


To gain a certificate of Goods and Service Tax, you should have a clear perspective for GST and eligibility. You must also gather information like how it works? What is the syllabus of a GST certification course? So, let us head down to the road to dig the immense knowledge about Goods and Service tax and its crucial components.


Read this knowledge-packed article about some of the best institutes that teach GST courses in Lucknow.


What is GST?


GST or Goods and Service Tax is a comprehensive tax system levied on manufacturing, sale, and consumption of goods at a national level.


It came into force on 1 July 2017, and the vision for introducing it into the legislation of India was – one nation, one tax. This tax is comprehensive, multistage, and destination-based. Comprehensive because it covers all taxes. It is Multistage as its value adds up at various stages. GST is consumerism or destination-based tax, meaning if a product manufactured in Pune sells in Himachal Pradesh, then tax collected will go to the Himachal Pradesh government.


The GST council of India brings updates to the GST system and is responsible for governing the smooth flow of the rule and regulations of GST. There are 33 members in the GST council – 2 from the center, 31 from 28 states, and 3 union territories.


Types of GST


There are four types of GST:


  • The Central Goods and Service Tax (CGST): The tax levied on goods and services given within a state falls under CGST. All the gathered amount under CGST goes to the central government. CGST only applies to those products which are manufactured and consumed within the same state.


  • The State Goods and Service Tax (SGST): State government levies this tax for the transactions within the intrastate. All the goods and services consumed and produced within the same state comes under this tax. Mostly, SGST and CGST both are mentioned together on all sales and purchases done within a state.


  • The Union Territory GST (UTGST): This type of tax is similar to SGST, but instead of revenue collected by the state government, it goes to the Union Territories of India.


  • The Integrated Goods and Service Tax: IGST is the tax that applies to goods and services between two states. Instead of imposing CGST and SGST, the government of India introduced IGST to omit complications.


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Five Different Tax slabs


Fundamentally, the GST tax has five tax slabs. Various items come under these tax slabs. GST tax slabs have been fashioned mindfully so that necessary items come under the low percentile of the tax amount. However, premium or luxurious facilities or goods align towards a high amount of tax.


0% Tax slab: This slab attracts items that are of regular consumption such as milk, buttermilk, curd, natural honey, fresh meat, chicken, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, color books, drawing, judicial papers, stamps, hotels, and lodges below INR 1000 and so on.


5% Tax Slab: This contains items like packed foods, apparel below INR 1000, skimmed milk, branded paneer, frozen vegetables, cashew, raisin, ice, kerosene, coal, medicines, rail and economic class air tickets, small restaurants.


12%: Products like cell phones, apparel above INR 1000, business class air tickets, non-AC restaurants, edibles- frozen meat products, butter, cheese, ghee, packed dry fruits come under this slab.


18%: This slab attracts goods like cameras, aluminum foil, printers, monitors, luxury hotels, banded garments, other edible products like pasta, biscuits, cornflakes, preserved vegetables, ice cream, mayonnaise, mineral eater, and so on.


28%: Goods and services such as vacuum cleaners, movie tickets above INR 100, chocolate without cocoa, waffles, aerated water, personal care items- shaving creams, shampoos, deodorants, sunscreens come under this slab.


Besides these, there are two more categories. One is 3% which applies to gold, and the other is 0.25% on rough precious or semi-precious stones.


Benefits of Pursuing GST Courses in Lucknow


Being a holistic levy, Goods and Services tax covers unnecessary indirect taxes such as VAT, excise duty, services tax, and many more. Hence, bring many advantages to the economy by completely vanishing the complex tariffs conducted in the past.


The Key Benefits of GST Are

  • Raising the Indian market value in the globally competitive world.
  • Mitigating cascading effect (double taxation) that escalated the prices of products and services.
  • At present, almost the majority of the items come under the 18% tax slab. Before GST, the limit imposed on levy used to exceed any limit.
  • With its introduction, many job opportunities opened for accountants, law aspirants, and many more candidates because its complex system needs comprehensive knowledge of GST experts.

With the introduction of the new GST rule, it is crucial to get enrolled in the GST courses in Lucknow or other states of India, as it is mandatory to get a hold of a certificate for practicing GST.


What Is The GST Course, And Why Should You Pursue It?


GST course is a program designed to impart knowledge about the nooks and corners of the new GST tax regime. The course and certifications are offered by MSME ( Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises).



  1.   GST levy
  2.   Time of supply
  3.   Place of supply
  4.   Input tax credit
  5.   GST valuation
  6.   Returns
  7.   Registration
  8.   Refund and penalties
  9.   Offenses
  10.   GST advance ruling
  11.   Custom duty
  12.   GST ethical practices
  13.   GST assessment
  14.   Transitional problems


Advantages of Being GST Certified Expert


With the implementation of GST, many job opportunities took birth. It paved the way to career for many experts like accountants, chartered accountants, and accountant executives. It helped in creating 1.3 million jobs for tax experts, hence opening a passage to many careers. Knowing your way around e-commerce, you can earn extra benefits as a GST practitioner. You will be able to use the latest technology and accountant software, therefore, putting yourself above the list.


After pursuing a GST course, you will sharpen your resume and will be eligible for job profiles:

  • Accountant executive
  • E – accountant
  • Senior accountant
  • E – filing expert
  • Accounts manager
  • Tax advocate
  • Tax consultant


You can only practice in the field of GST if you have authority. Hence, getting certification is inevitable. So, to be a GST practitioner, you should do a GST certification course. If you live in Lucknow, there are various best GST courses in Lucknow.


Eligibility for GST Course


Students pursuing study in commerce or accounts, chartered accountants, IAS aspirants, LLB practitioners and aspirants, tax practitioners, and accountants are eligible for learning GST. Anyone who meets the requirement as prescribed in section 2(55) of the CGST act becomes eligible for opting for the GST course.


Best GST Certification Courses in Lucknow


There are various GST courses in Lucknow that give optimum guidance about the nitty and gritty of this new levy rule. Some of the best institutes offering GST courses in Lucknow are listed below:


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the best institutes when it comes to GST courses in Lucknow. They deliver lessons through an online platform. Thus, you can learn at your convenience. You will get a Master’s certificate registered with MSME. The extensive curriculum for GST makes their course a winner for aspiring learners. You will learn from the experts having incredible industry experience about the subject.


Their GST course syllabus includes up-to-date insights and information on GST. Every complex module of GST’s curriculum has many small parts. The syllabus of IIM Skills has been designed to start your journey from introduction to fundamentals of GST and later gain expertise by engaging in practical hands-on assignments. That said, the IIM Skills GST course is one of the best online GST courses throughout India.


Course Duration: 4 weeks

Salient Features

  1.   An in-depth curriculum with insights into the latest GST domain.
  2.   Live interactive lessons at your convenience.
  3.   Free ebooks, invoicing tools, and software.
  4.   16 hours lectures.
  5.   Practical assignments for hands-on learning.
  6.   Learn from experts about the theoretical and practical application of GST.
  7.   Learn your way around every aspect of GST through comprehensive learning.



9 modules collectively make their GST course holistic. These are:


  1.   Extensive basic information on GST
  2.   Framework and structure of GST
  3.   Registration under GST
  4.   GST invoicing, rules, and regulations
  5.   GST returns filing
  6.   Composition scheme
  7.   Reverse charge Mechanism (RCM)
  8.   E-way bill under GST


Some of the salient features of the GST Course from IIM SKILLS are as follows:

  • IIM SKILLS offers a comprehensive program that is replete with live assignments, weekly projects and helps you to master the different skills required to excel in a career as a GST practitioner. With free ebooks, invoicing tools, and software, the institute offers the Master Certification that is recognized by the MSME Government of India.
  • Along with the Master certification in GST, you also get lifetime access to recorded sessions. You have access to all case studies, learning materials, and resources from the institute for free lifetime access. This would enable you to refer to the study materials whenever there is confusion. The learning management system can be accessed through any device which makes it easier for people to learn from a computer, a tablet, or a phone.
  • Starting from the framework of GST  to making the payments, GST returns and filing, all of the concepts whether basic or advanced are covered fully in the GST course at IIM SKILLS.
  • You become well versed with GST terms and understand the entire process of its application, implementation, and filing.
  • Since there are weekly assignments, you can understand what your strengths are and where you are lacking. This paves the way for you to work on your weaknesses and gain an overall incisive understanding of GST.
  • The course is formulated in a way that makes you job-ready after the completion of the course. Hence you can start applying for jobs in the finance sector for GST positions whether it be a consultant, an analyst, a tax accountant, or any other job profile.
  • Whether you are an entrepreneur or hold a financial position of importance in an organization, this GST course will enable you to polish your existing skills and will open up more career avenues.


Fee: Rs 9900 (GST Excluded)


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Contact: +91- 9911839503




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The Institute of Company Secretaries of India is a leading national professional body in India administered by the Department of Corporate Affairs. The company aims to promote, regulate and develop the career of corporate secretaries in India.


It is one of the imminent platforms for GST courses in Lucknow. The course delivered by ICSI has 360-degree information on GST rules and regulations. The online tutoring model of ICSI has webinars and recordings that bring easy accessibility to you.



  •   You should be an ICSI member.
  •   Students of the ICSI executive program or higher.


Course Duration: 15-20 hrs of training.

Fee: 7500/- + GST (registration is non-refundable and cannot be canceled.)


Salient Features

  1.   Online training sessions through in-depth recorded videos and presentations.
  2.   Get a certificate after the successful completion of the exam.
  3.   Two forms of assessment modes: multiple choice questions and project reports.
  4.   60% mandatory attendance.



  1.   Overview of GST
  2.   Filing returns
  3.   Time of supply and valuation of supply
  4.   Tax invoice
  5.   Advance ruling
  6.   TDS, TCS in GST
  7.   Assessment and audit
  8.   Compensation to states under GST
  9.   Electronic commerce


3. Arun Jaitley National Institute of Financial Management


AJNIFM is the independent institute of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. It delivers education in public policy, financial management, and other governance issues. They have immensely experienced faculty, including the former chief commissioner of GST.


AJNIFM has been recognized as high quality and correct training institute by the National Academy of Customs and indirect taxes. Hence, it is one of the best GST courses in Lucknow.


Course Duration: 5 days (40 hrs.)

Fee: 6000 for students.


Salient Features

  1.   Online training.
  2.   Learn from leading experts.
  3.   Get material on GST and related taxes.
  4.   Round-the-clock online support.
  5.   Gain skills like taxation, GST training, registrations, and many more.



  1.   Introduction to GST and its types
  2.   Tax invoice
  3.   Bill of supply
  4.   Place of supply and registration
  5.   Time of supply
  6.   Valuation under GST
  7.   Returns in GST
  8.   Impact of GST on Customs
  9.   Demands and recovery
  10.   Traffic and non-tariff barriers
  11.   About different tax laws


4. Lucknow University


Lucknow University is one of the prestigious institutes in Lucknow that has successfully imparted knowledge in various fields. The university’s department of commerce was the first to introduce the GST certification course in Lucknow. This certification course was launched with the vision of making commoners aware of the upcoming new tax regime of India.


Most importantly, the university wanted to prepare professionals for this new world of GST. The course outline set by the university’s faculty has detailed and latest knowledge about GST. This course covers the length and breadth of the Goods and Service Tax. Hence, making it a comprehensive course on GST.


Duration: 6 months.

Salient Features

  1.   Six-month certification course.
  2.   It is 4 credit course; 2 credits- skill development and 2 credit- theory.
  3.   Learn practical features of Goods and Service Tax.
  4.   Gain certificate after successful completion.



  1.   Basic concepts of accounting
  2.   Contract and Sales of Goods Act
  3.   Basic concepts of GST as a single and uniform indirect tax on goods and services
  4.   Types of GST invoice
  5.   Types of GST returns
  6.   GST rates and HSN code
  7.   computation and filing online GST
  8.   Tally ERP- 9 GST software
  9.   Monthly GST return (GST-R)
  10.   Annual return (A-R)


5. Udemy


Udemy is one of the most popular digital platforms that deliver many types of courses at reasonable prices. This online platform has many GST courses in Lucknow ranging from basic understanding to master courses. However, its Master in GST course is the most effective for getting GST certification course in Lucknow and other parts of India.


This course includes the legal understanding of GST with practical knowledge. The 4.3 ratings and bestseller tag of the course on the Udemy app display superior quality. Moreover, the instructor of the course is CA Saurabh Jog, who has 20 years of professional expertise. So, if you opt for this one, you sure are in safe hands.


Duration: 34 hours and 43 minutes.

Fees: 5120/-


Salient Features

  1.   Course delivery through interesting animated videos.
  2.   Online quizzes.
  3.   Practical and case studies.
  4.   Rigorous syllabus.



  1.   Introduction to GST
  2.   Time of supply
  3.   Accounts and records
  4.   Tax invoice
  5.   Value of supply
  6.   IGST ( place of supply)
  7.   Returns
  8.   TDS and TCS
  9.   E-commerce
  10.   E-way bill
  11.   Registration
  12.   Inspection, search, and seizure
  13.   Offense and penalties
  14.   Transitional provisions
  15.   Payment of tax


6. NAS Solutions


Situated in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, this institute is one of the trusted names in practical training. NAS Solutions is the institute that gives comprehensive GST courses in Lucknow to aspiring learners. This training center aims to provide practical knowledge to individuals as well as corporate sectors. 20+ courses delivered by this institute are Human Resource Management, SAP, Python, GST training, advanced MS office course, and many more.


GST course of NAS solutions has 6 modules. These modules have detailed knowledge about various regions of Goods and Services Tax. Most importantly, they have well-experienced faculty to guide you through the journey of the GST certification program.


Duration: 2 months.

Fees: 6000/-.


Salient Features

  1.   Practical training
  2.   Affordable course
  3.   One-on-one interaction with mentors
  4.   Placement assistance
  5.   Free study material
  6.   Free workshops



  1.   Registration
  2.   Various types of E-ledgers understanding
  3.   Returns
  4.   Thorough knowledge of payments
  5.   Application refunds, track application status, track status of invoicing data
  6.   E-way bills, movements of goods under GST
  7.   CGST rules



7. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a digital platform that has made an incredible image for its quality education. It delivers GST courses in Lucknow through live training sessions. The course has intensely detailed knowledge about various GST aspects. Many renowned media houses like Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times feature this course.


The faculty of the course is well-experienced and has won awards from multiple media houses. This is a 9 in 1 GST course containing sections like training, projects, internship, certification, placement, E-learning access, Bootcamps, hackathons, and one-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Accounts Academy.


Duration: 32 hours.


Self-Paced Course: Rs 8099/-

Live Online Classroom: Rs 8999/-


Salient Features

  1.   Free study material worth Rs 500.
  2.   Learn from elite faculty who have won awards.
  3.   One-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Accounts Academy.
  4.   Regular boot camps.
  5.   Placement help.
  6.   Certification from award-winning institute and Government of India.



  1.   Supply or levy
  2.   Place of supply
  3.   Value of supply
  4.   E-way bills
  5.   Registrations
  6.   Input tax credit
  7.   Transitional provisions
  8.   Account and records
  9.   Invoice
  10.   Tax payment
  11.   Time of supply
  12.   Returns and refunds
  13.   Audit and assessments
  14.   Offenses and penalties
  15.   Demand and recovery


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of pursuing GST courses in Lucknow?

GST-certified professionals gain the opportunity to raise the bar of their salaries by 15 – 25%. The certificate opens the door to many professions like consultancy and other career opportunities. You will also develop a skill to brush up on your profile.


What are the qualifications to become a GST practitioner?

  •   GST practitioners should be of sound mind.
  •   They should be Indians.
  •   They should not have caused any felony against the law.
  •   They should not have any bankrupt involvement.


What are the roles of the GST practitioners?

GST practitioner has duties related to the GST observance on behalf of their customer or company.

  •   File GST tax returns (monthly, quarterly, or annually.)
  •   Making payment of GST on behalf of the Taxpayer.
  •   Submit a GST refund claim.
  •   File GST returns GSTR1 and GSTR2 along with detailed information about the outward or inwards supplies.


What is the average fee of the GST courses in Lucknow?

The average charges for GST courses in Lucknow may range from 5000/- to 9000/-.




All the discussed institutes are great for GST courses in Lucknow. They all cover essential elements required for a GST practitioner to master. Every institution has immense experienced faculty who are ready to support you at every hurdle in the course.

So, if you live in Lucknow, above are some of the best GST courses In Lucknow offered by the finest institutes in the city.


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