7 Best Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow

Every organization needs a healthy forecast for fast progression, and reports indicating these forecasts can be generated through financial modeling. A good model covers all aspects of an organization and displays its strengths and weaknesses. This subject has a huge scope and job prospects, or can also be learned for personal enlightenment. It is of utmost importance that a skilled and informed individual handles such reports and has a basic understanding of specific financial jargon. Finding the right institution can be daunting, and hence, this article will try to sum up the best possible options available for financial modeling courses in Lucknow. 


List of best financial modeling courses in Lucknow




Financial modeling, though a simple term, encompasses the future of the whole of an organization in two words. There are many uses and one must utilize all available options to provide the best alternatives to an organization. There are different formulas/statements such as Weighted Average Cost of Capital, Balance sheet, Profit and loss statement, etc. used to calculate such models and each model has its significance.


Keeping yourself updated may earn you an increment or even boost your skill quotient. It may seem complex upon the first view, but after breaking them down into different sections, it can be consumed bit by bit until one becomes proficient in them. For learning an important subject like this, it is imperative to choose reputed schools or institutes that give proper information and help you understand the topics comfortably and easily. It can be through online or offline modes in Lucknow or any other city.


There Are Different Types of Models Depending Upon Which Area/s an Organization Would Like to Forecast:


These models are then tabulated and created on an excel sheet which also has different methods. Each institute that teaches financial modeling courses in Lucknow has a useful way to create these models, you can go through their curriculum and decide which one suits your needs best. 


Some Terms Associated With Financial Modeling:


  • Valuation – It means when a business or asset’s worth is determined using various methods. Three of the main types are DCF analysis, Comparison analysis, and Replacement cost approach. A model is created based on these valuations.


  • REFM – Real Estate Financial Modeling is a very useful concept when you have covered the basics and would like to specialize in this field. It contains three main types which are Acquisition, Renovation, and Development. The forecasts are calculated keeping in mind the view of the owner or the lender. 


  • Quantitative – Sometimes Inputting raw data may not give desirable results, which is why they are then organized into sets using formulas. These will help detect a pattern that can then be used for such a modeling template. 


  • Business – The above model is also used for making better business decisions. Organizations can predict the risks they might need to overcome and foresee how they may perform with the given numbers.


About Lucknow and the Opportunities Available


Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, also known as India’s second happiest city, has promising economic growth in various fields like Information Technology, Manufacturing, etc., and also produces major items that contribute to the country’s exports. Companies and industries that are aiming toward growth need a feasible model that ensures success.


This is where a skill like Financial Modeling comes into play. A satisfactory tabulation of their data will pinpoint the parts where they need improvement. Many well-known institutes provide financial modeling courses in Lucknow that can educate you regarding this subject as well as the basics involved in understanding the finance industry. 


Some websites provide financial modeling courses in Lucknow that can clearly explain the concepts and guide you with options that will increase your knowledge. You can interact with the best coaches, gain education, certificate, reading material, etc. from anywhere or in Lucknow. The rural, urban and semi-urban divide that exists physically can be diminished with the use of online platforms.


So, learning financial modeling courses in Lucknow can be at your fingertips. As a tier-2 city, Lucknow has the potential for development and you can be employed in good positions in leading companies. There are departments in some organizations same as the types of models given above such as Mergers and acquisitions, Economic Planning and analysis, Equity research, etc. 


You Could Land Job Roles Such As:


  • Equity/Debt research analyst
  • Real Estate Analyst 
  • Asset Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Strategy and Business Transformation Manager
  • Research associate, etc.


In This Article, We Are Going to Cover the Top Institutes That Provide Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow:


1. IIM Skills


A distinguished brand, based in New Delhi, IIM Skills, offers Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow with 2 months of guaranteed internship and 100% job support. They begin with the basic relevant topics that need to be understood and work their way towards concepts of Valuation and Modeling. The topics covered are in-depth with hands-on training for maximal retention.


They have a supportive staff that can guide you through any difficulties and all they request is sincerity and focus. After the classes and training, an exam is conducted after which you will receive a master’s certification recognized by MSME Govt of India. A value-for-money program that can instantly nudge you towards a better future in Lucknow or any other place is IIM Skills. 


Duration: 3 Months

Fees: Rs 39,900 + GST

Material: 5+ case studies with session recordings, ebooks, and others available on LMS (Learning Management System) 24/7 


Skills Acquired:

  • Increase in Critical and analytical thinking
  • Improvement in error tracking tricks 
  • A better understanding of key fundamental accounting concepts
  • Increased knowledge about methods for valuation


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Other Courses by IIM Skills

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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. IMS Pro School


This institute is an Integrated Management System initiative that has teamed up with five reputed organizations to provide you with the best possible Financial Modeling courses in Lucknow. The syllabus’s focal point is on Corporate related Financial Modeling through which you will understand the economic climate that requires such models.


The three-month course will give you a certification with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) and Pro School after which you can write an NSE academy exam and that name will be a sure-fire way for gaining maximum recognition in Lucknow or anywhere else. 


Duration: 3 Months

Fees: Online classes- Rs 32,000 + GST, Classroom teachings- Rs 40,000+ GST, Distance learning- Rs 20,000 + GST

Material: case studies-based methodology


Skills Acquired:

  • Ability to build models for various business scenarios
  • Improvement in Aptitude score
  • Strengthens ability to identify problems
  • Improvement in the evaluation of cost-saving 


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3. The Wall Street School


They encapsulate the essence of Financial Modeling by diving deep into three of the most used type of models which are Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Merger (M&A), and Leveraged Buyout (LBO) along with other important facets of the subject. They also help you communicate with previous candidates, with whom you can discuss the course and its benefits. This institute also helps you polish your resume and provide useful tips for clearing interviews. 


Duration: 6 weeks

Fees:  Rs 40,000 + GST on enrollment

Material: Real case studies and discussions


Skills Acquired:

  • Improvement in building assumptions and their rationale before making business models
  • Improvement in determining the monetary health of a company 
  • Ability to utilize the correct method for valuation
  • Learning to calculate certain formulas if proper information is unavailable


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4. EduPristine


A notable finance training contributor, that handles five verticals which are finance, accounting, marketing, healthcare, and Analytics. They provide corporate as well as classroom training with free downloadable study materials available on their website.


The program is divided into fourteen days curricula, you can choose to take the financial modeling courses in Lucknow through live sessions or study at your own pace through the self-study package. The modules are presented more from a corporate perspective and contain different real-life cases.


They teach the creation of templates for these models which will be useful when inputting data submitted by organizations. They also have a discussion forum where you can express your doubts and concerns. At the end of the program, you will receive a certificate in collaboration with BSE Institute Ltd. 


Duration: 70 Hrs

Fees: On inquiry

Material: Free resources available on the website and 24/7 LMS access with 1-year validity


Skills Acquired:

  • Ability to compare valuation summary using different parameters
  • Learning the impact of losses and tax payables
  • Ability to evaluate balance sheet projections
  • The practice of real-life case studies enables better problem-solving


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5. Coursera


A widely popular online platform that provides courses from well-known international universities. This subject on this website is taught in variations. Two of the specializations offered by The Wharton School online, the University of Pennsylvania include interesting modules about quantitative and business models.


The Specializations are divided into five and four courses which can be continued at your pace. Those who understand the basics and would like to learn the international approach can explore these specializations. There is also a special program for the DCF model offered by Coursera. Learning Aid can be availed for those who are unable to pay the fees. 


Duration: Flexible Schedule, Approx. 6 months

Fees: For 6 months- Rs 3,118 per month 

Material: Video lessons and downloadable materials available anytime


Skills Acquired:

  • Ability to understand how financial and non-financial data interact to create forecasts
  • Ability to create models for your own business or enterprise
  • Ability to structure complex problems and find useful alternatives
  • Learning to create your models with key ideas


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6. Udemy


Any data-driven tabulation requires exemplary skills in Microsoft Excel. The Financial Modeling and Valuation course offered by 365 careers on Udemy will help you master the popular application in terms of creating such models. Assignments include building models from the beginning using raw data.


The sample videos will give you an idea of the different sections in the package. The introductory video for the course is available on Youtube where you can watch it and then decide if it is worth enrolling in their Financial Modeling courses in Lucknow. 


Duration: total length 16 hours 21 minutes

Fees: Can be bought for Rs 3,499

Material: Total of 621 downloadable resources 


Skills Acquired:

  • Ability to perform regular tasks faster
  • A better understanding of the theoretical concepts of different models
  • Ability to create models from scratch
  • Improvement in using tools that aid in calculation


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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


7. Internshala Trainings


A website mainly used for applying for internships also has training programs that assist candidates in upskilling. Financial Modeling is one of the courses part of the training program. The teachings include case studies of a popular Indian company and two projects that test your knowledge of the modules learned.


It also covers the important statement tabulations that are a basic requirement before creating models. It can also be enrolled by newcomers looking for financial modeling courses and can be accessed by mobile, however, some system prerequisites are listed on the site.


Duration: 6 weeks (flexible schedule)

Fees: Rs 4,999

Material: Downloadable content with lifetime access


Skills Acquired:

  • A better understanding of investment decision techniques
  • Learning to create different performance metrics
  • Improvement in a basic understanding of concepts of the Balance sheet, Schedules, and Profit and loss statement analysis
  • Ability to analyze past statements of an organization and arrive at solutions


The above institutions or websites are capable of imparting first-class knowledge, where you can master financial modeling in given periods. They all have an efficient way of conceptualizing the subject, all you need to do is create a learning plan and go through them one by one.


The expertise gained from these programs will make you adept at handling situations that will save an organization/company time and money. So, invest your time and money into the right program and let it transform your career. 




Q1. What is Financial Modeling?

It is a tool used in organizations to look into the history and collect important facts, data, and information that will help them foresee any profit or loss they might incur in the future. There are different types of these models which are:

  • Discounted Cash Flow, 
  • Merger and Acquisitions,
  • Leveraged Buyout, 
  • Three-statement, 
  • Sum of the parts, 
  • Option pricing, 
  • Comparable Company Analysis, 
  • Initial Public Offering, 
  • Consolidation, and 
  • Budget

They are created after assuming certain figures to compare and act accordingly for the betterment of an organization. 


Q2. Why is it important to learn about Financial Modeling?

These models are essentially used to predict the future of any organization using numbers. An elementary-level understanding of this subject can further your prospects in any industry as finance is needed everywhere. Some companies are searching for candidates with specific knowledge of excel. Almost all these courses use excel to teach you these models with shortcuts that save time. 


Q3. Where is it used?

These models can be used by Banks, Companies, Institutions, etc. for 

  • Equity Research
  • Sales & Trading Forecasts
  • Investment/Commercial Banking
  • Profit & Loss Forecasts
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Risk Management
  • Valuation of business etc.

Such departments help an organization or company understand all the threats inside and outside their work environment. These are then analyzed and presented in a tabulated format where issues are visible and steps are formed for mitigation. 


Q4. Where is this course available?

This course is available online as well as offline. You can connect from anywhere if you enroll in an online program. There are many schools/institutions/colleges giving classes or study materials on this subject with variations. You can go through some of them mentioned above, conduct your research and apply whichever financial modeling courses in Lucknow are beneficial. 


Q5. Who can apply for this course?

Anyone interested in this subject can apply, it also helps if you have read, or heard about this before on a basic level. And if you have a basic understanding of accounting concepts, excel skills, interlinkages between important concepts of accounting, etc. Graduates/Postgraduates in Finance/Business Management/Commerce, Professionals like Chartered Accountants (CA), CFAs, Investment bankers, Engineers, Lawyers, etc. can also register for financial modeling courses in Lucknow if it can be utilized in their current work field and level up their resume. There are some institutes/sites that have eligibility criteria, please read the rules and guidelines and contact the support team for any doubts.


Q6. When can we apply for this course?

Every institute has a certain date for joining. Please look into the details given on their website or contact them by phone or email so that you can get a detailed view of the syllabus and requirements before joining. There are some financial modeling courses in Lucknow mentioned above, go through those sites as well and fill out the form if satisfied. 


Q7. What kind of jobs will I get if I do this course?

There are different departments like Equity Research, Debt-Equity Analysis, Mergers, and Acquisitions, etc. in companies/organizations that require knowledge in this subject. You can seek jobs such as 

  • Financial analyst, 
  • Equity research associate, 
  • Investment banking associate/manager, 
  • Portfolio Manager, etc.

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