Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Bhopal With Placements

In the world of communication, technical writing is a unique art that requires a masterful blend of clarity and concision. To excel in this field, technical writers must possess an exceptional skill set that allows them to create documents that are both informative and easy to understand for the target readers. Technical writing courses in Bhopal aim to equip individuals with the skills needed to create technical documents that are easily comprehensible and impactful.


List of best technical writing courses in Bhopal


You’ll learn how to produce user manuals, technical reports, and other types of documentation that can be easily understood by any reader while mastering the art of effective communication.


Technical Writing in Bhopal: Opportunities and Benefits

Technical writing courses in Bhopal offer a wide range of benefits and opportunities for those who are interested in pursuing a career in technical communication. Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, India, has a growing demand for technical writers in industries such as IT, manufacturing, and healthcare.

By taking technical writing courses in Bhopal, students can learn how to effectively communicate complex technical information to a variety of audiences, including both technical and non-technical readers. They can also gain expertise in using tools and software commonly used in technical writing, such as Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and MadCap Flare.

Jobs in technical writing are expanding in importance and variety as a result of the development of digital technology and online content. Software development, healthcare, engineering, and manufacturing are just a few of the fields where technical writers could find work.

In Bhopal, there are several companies that hire technical writers, including IT firms, pharmaceutical companies, and government organizations. Technical writers may work as part of a team, collaborating with subject matter experts, project managers, and other stakeholders, or as freelancers, working on a project-by-project basis.

Overall, the scope of technical writing courses in Bhopal is expanding, and individuals possessing the skills and expertise to effectively communicate technical information have a strong potential to succeed across diverse industries.


Technical Writing: Types and Unique Skills Required

Technical writing offers a range of approaches to writing about technical topics. Some of the widely used types of technical writing include:


  • User manuals and guides: Step-by-step instructions for using a product or service, such as a smartphone user manual or a guide to setting up a new software program.
  • Technical reports and research papers: Detailed explanations of research findings or project updates, such as a report on the results of a scientific experiment or a progress report on a construction project.
  • White papers and proposals: Persuasive documents used to convince a reader to take a specific action or adopt a certain viewpoint, such as a white paper on the benefits of renewable energy or a proposal for a new business venture.
  • Training materials and instructional design: Materials used to educate individuals on how to perform a task or use a particular product, such as employee training manuals or instructional videos.
  • Online help systems and knowledge bases: Online resources that provide users with answers to frequently asked questions or troubleshooting tips, such as a help center for a software program or a knowledge base for a healthcare website.
  • Marketing and advertising copy: Written content used to promote a product or service, such as a brochure for a new car model or a social media post for a fashion brand.
  • Regulatory and compliance documents: Documents that adhere to legal and regulatory standards, such as safety manuals for a manufacturing company or privacy policies for an online retailer.


Each type of technical writing requires specific skills and expertise. Some of the unique skills required for technical writing include:

·      Exceptional written communication skills

·      Ability to simplify complex information

·      Clear and precise writing style

·      Keen attention to detail

·      Quick understanding of technical subject matter

·      Understanding of target audience and their needs

·      Familiarity with industry-specific tools and software

·      Collaborative work approach with subject matter experts and stakeholders

·      Adaptability and flexibility in managing multiple projects and deadlines

·      Knowledge of technical writing and documentation best practices.


Technical writers must be proficient in adapting to diverse writing styles and formats to effectively convey complex information to different audiences. Enrolling in technical writing courses in Bhopal can provide aspiring writers with the crucial skills required to excel in this field.


Impact of AI on Technical Writing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way technical writers create documentation. AI can help writers make their writing process faster, more accurate, and more effective. For example, AI can use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze large amounts of text and understand the context and meaning behind the words.

This can help create automated summaries or identify potential errors or inconsistencies in a document. Additionally, machine learning algorithms can learn from large datasets of existing technical writing to automatically generate new content that is accurate and easy to understand.

AI can also improve the accessibility of technical writing. For instance, AI-powered tools can automatically generate alternative text descriptions for images and provide real-time translations for users who speak different languages.

In short, AI is changing the field of technical writing by making the process faster, more accurate, and accessible to a wider audience.


Other best courses in Bhopal:


5 Best Technical Writing Courses in Bhopal



IIM SKILLS is a renowned institute with a global presence. It is the ideal destination for individuals seeking to enhance their skills for personal and career development. If you have a passion for technology, logical thinking skills, and the ability to write clear and concise instructions, consider enrolling in this Online Technical Writing Master Course.


Course Name: Technical Writing Course

Course Fee: Rs 14,500 + 18% GST (Price includes exam and certification fees)

Course Duration: 5 Weeks


Highlights of the Course

  • 5 Weeks Online Technical Writing Course
  • 20 Hours Lectures
  • 60+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • Software Tools
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Guaranteed Internship for one month
  • Lifetime Support (Consulting & Technical)
  • Publishing Your First White Paper
  • Portfolio Development for Job/Freelance


Course Curriculum

  • Technical Writing Introduction
  • Technical Reports
  • White Papers
  • Journals with detailed accounts
  • Peer-reviewed accurate scientific research papers
  • Conversational Writing
  • API Documentation
  • Medical Writing


Skills You Will Acquire

  • Craft documents that resonate with the intended audience by analyzing their needs and preferences, while using concise language to effectively convey the message.
  • Choose the most suitable format for the technical information being conveyed.
  • Simplify complex technical concepts for ease of understanding by non-experts.
  • Consider the reader’s needs and preferences when writing technical documents.
  • Adhere to formatting and documentation guidelines. Use design elements to enhance readability and visual appeal.
  • Follow best practices to avoid common mistakes in technical writing.



Technical Writing Tools You Will Master

  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Git
  • Scribus
  • Canva
  • Powerpoint
  • Word
  • Robohelp
  • XML
  • DITA
  • API Documentation
  • HelpNDoc
  • MadcapFlare
  • HelpNManual
  • Spotlight
  • Swagger
  • ReDoc
  • DapperDox



  • A graduate in any discipline with writing proficiency combined with a passion for technology
  • Strong language and communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of the Internet


Course Materials in aligned with

  • Google
  • Top MNC Recruiters
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Amazon
  • Adobe


After passing the exam, you will be awarded a globally recognized Master Certification (TWMC) from IIM SKILLS in the form of a digital copy.


Contact Details: +919580 740 740 I Email:


2. ETC

ECT is recognized by the Government of India. A certificate from ECT can help you advance in your career and publish your work with confidence.


2 Technical Writing, Government Recognised Courses Offered


Course Name: Option 1 – Technical Writing Course

Course Fee: INR 16,949 + GST (18%) = INR 19,999

Course Duration: 3 Months


  • 32 hours of classroom/live training plus 50 hours of eLearning videos
  • 6 Assignments
  • 6 Live Projects
  • 12 Quizzes
  • 1 Certification


Course Name: Option 2 – Technical Writing Course + [HTML + CSS + JavaScript]

Course Fee: INR 33,898 + GST (18%) = INR 39,999

Course Duration: 3-6 Months


  • 96 hours of classroom/live training plus 100 hours of eLearning videos
  • 18 Assignments
  • 18 Live Projects
  • 36 Quizzes
  • 4 Certifications


If you have prior knowledge of programming languages or HTML, or if you want to achieve short-term goals, you can enroll in “Option 1 – Technical Writing Course”.

However, if your aim is to secure a stable career in top tech companies in the long run, “Option 2 – Technical Writing Course + HTML + CSS + JavaScript” would be an ideal choice.


Course Module – Option 1

  • Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Module 2: Grammar & Styling in Technical Writing
  • Module 3: Information Architecture
  • Module 4: Mastering Markdown Language
  • Module 5: Learning XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • Module 6: Learning JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • Module 7: Learning DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)
  • Module 8: Document Authoring Tool – Oxygen XML Editor
  • Module 9: Technical Authoring Tool – MadCap Flare
  • Module 10: API Documentation
  • Module 11: Agile Documentation Strategy
  • Module 12: Careers in Technical Writing
  • Module 13: Contributing to Open-Source Projects
  • Module 14: Other Beginner-Friendly Tools


Course Module – Option 2

Modules 1-14: Technical Writing Course

Module 15: Introduction to Web Development Fundamentals

Module 16: Setting Up Dev Environment

Module 17: Learning HTML 5 – Elements & Structure

Module 18: Learn HTML – Tables

Module 19: HTML Forms

Module 20: Semantic HTML

Module 21: Learn CSS

Module 22: Introduction to JavaScript

Module 23: Learn JavaScript Conditionals

Module 24: Learn JavaScript Functions

Module 25: Learn JavaScript Scope

Module 26: Learn JavaScript Arrays

Module 27: Learn JavaScript Loops

Module 28: Learn JavaScript Objects

Module 29: Learn JavaScript Iterators

Module 30: Learn JavaScript Class

Module 31: Learn JavaScript Modules

Module 32: Errors & Debugging in JavaScript

Module 33: Concept of DOM

Module 34: DOM Events with JavaScript

Module 35: Building Interactive Website with JavaScript

Module 36: Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests


Highlights of the Course

  • Recognized by the Government of India
  • Internship Opportunity
  • Personalized Attention & Feedback
  • Live & Interactive Sessions


Top Companies Hiring Technical Writing Professionals

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Intel


Upon successfully completing the course, you will be awarded a certificate that is recognized worldwide.


Contact Details: +91-7827916060 I Email:


3. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning

The PGDTWBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management) program aims to prepare learners with theoretical and practical aspects of Technical Writing to produce competent technical communicators. The program fosters creativity, attention to detail, and process discipline. Additionally, the program is AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) approved.


Course Name: Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management

Course Duration: 2 Years (The registration period is valid for four academic years)


Course Fee:

Category One-time full payment 1st installment 2nd installment
General ₹ 50,000/- ₹ 35,000/- ₹ 20,000/-
Defense ₹ 47,000/- ₹ 35,000/- ₹ 17,000/-
NRI $1645 $151 $660
SAARC $1300 $900 $600


Exam fees and project fee is not included in the program fee.


Program Structure

Credit Points: 80



  • Introduction to Technical Communication
  • Information Development Life Cycle – I
  • Information Development Life Cycle – II
  • Technical Writing Style and Editing
  • English Grammar



  • Technical Communication Software Tools
  • Advanced Concepts in Technical Communication
  • Technical Communication Project Management
  • Principles and Practices of Management



  • Business Communication
  • Instructional Design for Business Communication
  • Introduction to Creative Writing in Business Communication
  • Advanced Documentation Types & Processes



  • Advanced Technical Writing Tools
  • Research Methodology
  • Project



  • Must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in any discipline.
  • International/SAARC graduates must have a degree from a recognized/accredited university or institution.
  • Students awaiting results of their bachelor’s degree program can also apply, subject to successfully completing the degree program within the specified time period.


Contact Details:  +91-20-6621 1000, +91-20-6621 1040, 6621 1041

Email ID:


Recommended Reads:


4. Vskills

The Vskills Technical Writer course provides a comprehensive guide to technical writing, covering various aspects and technicalities involved in writing for any medium. This course can benefit both students and professionals in the field of content writing, enhancing their employability and setting them apart in today’s competitive job market.


Course Name: Certified Technical Writer

Course Fee: Rs 3499 + 18% GST


Course Highlights

  • Industry recognized certificate
  • eLearning access
  • Tutorials
  • Internship opportunities
  • Vskills Certified’ tag on job sites
  • Lifetime access to study material
  • Mock tests


Course Syllabus

  • Planning to Write
  • Audience
  • Documentation Plans
  • Writing: General Principles
  • Sentences
  • Paragraphs and Sections
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Graphics
  • Professional Secrets
  • Writing: Specific Kinds of Documents
  • Web Sites
  • Proposals
  • Internal Planning Documents
  • Lab Reports
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • E-Mail
  • Editing and Producing Documents
  • Fonts and Typography
  • Punctuation


By the end of the course, students will have learned

  • Understanding the medium and message behind writing
  • Understanding the Role of the Audience in technical writing
  • Familiarity with theorems and basic concepts of technical writing
  • Knowing the use of active and passive voice in technical writing
  • Knowing how to use lists, graphics, and tables in writing



  • No minimum qualification is required for Technical Writer certification
  • Suitable for both students and professionals


To earn the Technical Writer certificate, candidates must take an online certification exam.


Evaluation process

  • A minimum of 25 out of 50 marks is required to qualify for the certificate.
  • The exam will be MCQ-based and candidates will get 60 minutes to answer the questions.


Benefits of Certification

  • Government certification
  • Certification is valid for life
  • Lifelong access to e-learning resources
  • 9 hours of learning


Upon completion of the Technical Writer program, candidates will receive a government-recognized certificate and a ‘Vskills Certified’ tag for their CV. These tags will be displayed on job portals such as and Shine, increasing their employability.


Contact Details: +011 4734 4723 I Email:


5. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin provides diverse writing courses including content writing, digital writing, and technical writing, with an emphasis on practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge. If you are considering enrolling in a technical writing course, this course is a reliable choice.


About Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin is audited by UKAF, UK Cert, and MSME.
  • Henry Harvin Technical Writing Course has been ranked as the top course by The Tribune.
  • Attend Bootcamps for 12 Months to Enhance Your Understanding of Concepts.
  • 7000 Live Classes Concluded/Month
  • 210+ Recruiting Partners & 130+ College Partners


Course Name: Technical Writing Course with Gold Membership

Course Duration: 36 Hours of Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions

Course Fee: Rs 17,500


Recognitions of Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin Education has won the Top Corporate Training Award and the Game-Based Learning Company of the Under 40 Business World Award for its innovative and effective training programs.
  • They have also been rated highly on Goabroad, Trustpilot, GoOverseas, and other review platforms.


Course Highlights

  • 36 hours of technical writing training including 30 hours of lectures and 6 hours of writing assignments.
  • 3 months of a paid internship with flexible hours and an opportunity to earn online.
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by 5432 students with 19102 learners in total.
  • Approved by HH® Writing Academy in association with Jain Online University
  • Master the art of simplifying complex technical details and effectively communicating them through technical writing with our course. Gain expertise in writing a thesis, research papers, and more.
  • Gain exclusive access to Henry Harvin’s Premium Placement Drives designed specifically for Technical Writers.
  • Get access to unlimited live batches without any additional cost.



  • Passion for technical writing
  • No strict enrollment criteria
  • Proficiency in writing or understanding technical documentation is helpful for quick grasping of course content.


Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Module 2: Documentation Process
  • Module 3: Technical Writing Process
  • Module 4: Grammar and Editing
  • Module 5: Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Module 6: Components of a Technical Document
  • Module 7: Technical Writing Techniques
  • Module 8: How to Create a Technical Document Template
  • Module 9: Overview of Formats of Technical Documents
  • Module 10: Advanced Technical Writing Tools
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
  • Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing


Tools You Will Master in Technical Writing Course


  1. Authoring Tools
  • MS word
  • Notepad++
  • Google Docs


  1. Screen Capture tools
  • Snipping tool
  • TechSmith Snagit
  • FireShot
  • Greenshot
  • Lightshot


  1. Image Editing Tools
  • Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Snagit


  1. Spell Check Tools
  • Grammarly
  • org


  1. Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Microsoft Word
  • Macromedia RoboHelp
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Snag IT
  • Ms. Visio
  • PowerPoint
  • Photoshop
  • DITA Tool
  • API Documentation
  • XML


Trainers at Henry Harvin

  • Have over 15 years of working experience in their respective fields.
  • Are carefully selected by the organization’s training partners and recognized by numerous organizations for their work.
  • Have delivered over 350 lectures and have been invited to deliver over 150 keynote classes for the Technical Writing Course.
  • Are currently impaneled as domain experts with Henry Harvin Writing Academy, highlighting their expertise and dedication to the field.


Join Henry Harvin’s Elite Writing Academy

  • Connect with 3,00,000+ alumni worldwide
  • Access top-notch resources and training programs
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Collaborate with professionals from different industries and regions.


Gold Membership Benefits

  • Enjoy a 1-Year Gold Membership
  • Access to e-learning materials including recorded videos, games, and projects.
  • Gain access to 52+ Masterclass Sessions to develop essential soft skills
  • Attain the esteemed Henry Harvin Alumni Status, joining over 300,000 alumni worldwide
  • Guaranteed internship opportunities with Henry Harvin or partner firms
  • Get access to over 10 weekly job opportunities
  • Gain experience working on industry projects during the training


Contact Details: +91-9891 953953


FAQs – Technical Writing Courses in Bhopal


Q1. What are technical writing and examples?

Consumer-directed technical writing involves creating technical content for end-users, such as user manuals, SOPs, troubleshooting guides, and legal disclaimers. Technical writing courses in Bhopal cover related topics, like writing principles and document development for accessible content.


Q2. What are the 7 types of technical writing?

Technical writing covers various types of documents that are created to serve a specific purpose or convey information to a particular audience.


These documents include:

  • Instruction manuals
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Visual communication
  • Technical descriptions
  • Product recalls
  • White papers


Technical writing courses in Bhopal teach students how to write effective technical content for different purposes and audiences, covering these different types of documents.


Q3. What are the qualities of a good technical writer?

There are six essential skills and characteristics that a technical writer should possess:

  • Proficiency in writing
  • Knowledge and familiarity with technology
  • Ability to write clearly and concisely
  • Skill in presenting ideas graphically
  • Patience in problem-solving and troubleshooting
  • Capability to collaborate and communicate effectively with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Aspiring writers can acquire these skills by attending technical writing courses in Bhopal, which will enable them to produce high-quality technical content.


Q4. What kind of English is used in technical writing?

Technical writing typically uses simple present tense and impersonal passive forms. Technical writing courses in Bhopal can teach individuals how to effectively use simple present tense and impersonal passive forms in their writing to become skilled technical communicators.


Q5. What are technical writing skills?

Technical writing skills include:

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Ability to explain complex information in simple terms
  • The clear and concise writing style
  • Quick comprehension of technical subjects
  • Not required to be a subject matter expert

Technical writing courses in Bhopal can develop and refine essential skills, allowing individuals to become proficient technical writers and communicators.



Technical writing courses in Bhopal provide opportunities for career advancement and professional growth in fields such as IT, manufacturing, and healthcare. Students can learn how to successfully communicate difficult technical knowledge to a variety of audiences by enrolling in technical writing courses in Bhopal using tools and software typically used in technical writing. Explore the technical writing courses in Bhopal accessible to you to stay up to speed on the newest trends and best practices in the profession.

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