Top 10 Technical Writing Courses In Ahmedabad

The capital and largest city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is a gorgeous metropolis that is undergoing tremendous transformation. It is a hub for education and information, technology, and business industries. Writing content is one of the most sought-after careers nowadays on a global scale. The demand is anticipated to increase by 10% between 2014 and 2024. In Ahmedabad as well, the same is true. In the certified workplace, the position of a technical writer is becoming increasingly sought-after. Several training institutes are providing excellent Technical Writing courses, all across Ahmedabad. In this article, we will have an enlightening discussion on the top 10 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad. We will discuss its significance, how beneficial it can be for you as a technical writer, and where to learn technical writing.


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Technical Writing

Technical writing refers to the writing or composition of technical communication for use in technical and professional areas. Technical writing’s primary goal is to instruct, educate, direct, assist, and guide the reader in carrying out the necessary action without difficulty.

 In the areas of science and technology, technical writers are frequently engaged. They may be asked to provide user manuals, how-to manuals, and other kinds of documentation. A writer needs to have a solid background in technical writing because it deals with complex information. 

A plan, structure & design, writing, proofing, and publishing are the five processes for developing a successful technical paper.

Writing that could be categorized as technical documentation includes press releases, memos, reports, business proposals, technical sheets, product descriptions and specifications, technical documents, white papers, resumes, and job applications.

Some of the fields in which technical writing is used are –

  • Computer Software
  • Computer Hardware
  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Robotics
  • Aeronautics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical
  • Finance

Skills Required 

A good technical writer should possess the following skills –

1. Communication Skills

The primary job of a technical writer is to communicate, via writing. They need to understand their target audience and write accordingly, to effectively communicate the message. The following are the set of communication skills, they require –

  • Purpose
  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Open to Feedback
  • Ideas
  • Team working abilities

2. Research Skills

Researching abilities aid the writer in creating accurate and morally sound content. These abilities go a long way toward simplifying the textual content by investigating and comprehending complicated technologies. To meet the varied needs of the audiences, they must also research a targeted audience and user experience.

3. Designing Skills

Making the text legible and understandable for audiences with varying IQ levels is the goal of technical writing. It is always simpler and faster to absorb facts and information when it is presented visually. They use graphs, charts, movies, and other visual representations to show the facts. There are numerous design abilities, including –

  • Information Architecture
  • Information Design – Google Sheets and Excel
  • Basic Graphic Design
  • Typography

4. Technical Skills

There are some compulsory technical skills that a Technical Writing job demands. These are –

  • Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Programming Languages
  • User Experience Designer

5. Editing Skills

Good content requires multiple editing and re-editing. It ensures quality content that is free of mistakes, jargon, and complications. Some of the compulsory editing skills of a Technical Writer are –

  • Content Review
  • Proofreading
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Style and Structure
  • Technical Vocabulary
  • Tone of Voice

6. Documentation Skills

Producing refined products is aided by properly storing and expressing the information that has been researched. Documentation, a term used to describe a variety of publications giving data and facts about a product, is produced through technical writing.

  • Policies
  • User Manuals 
  • Procedures
  • Tutorials
  • Technical Reports
  • Case Studies

7. TeamWork

As part of their job responsibilities, technical writers frequently interact with the various authorities involved in the creation of a certain project or product. They must have the ability to work collaboratively, be patient, and have outstanding listening abilities.

Technical Writing vs Content Writing

At this point, it is very important to clarify that technical writers and content writers produce quite distinct kinds of content. Firstly, for technical writing, more specialized expertise is needed than for content writing. The writer needs to be more knowledgeable on the specific technical topic he is going to write about. Industries, equipment, goods and services, technology, and similar things can be included. 

Whereas a content writer needs to be a master of all trades in content writing because it is such a diverse subject. Electronics, physics, religion, reviews, sports, and even social media writing are all acceptable topics.

Secondly, a technical writer must be familiar with the jargon used by the technologies in which he specializes. Technical writing serves to inform and educate the intended audiences.

But for the Content Writer, the objectives differ, depending on where it will be posted. For instance, if you are writing something for social media, it needs to be captivating and different so that people will share them. To earn money from an affiliate link, a review needs to persuade the audience to purchase the recommended item.

Thirdly, technical writing needs to be independent and objective to make complex subjects as clear as possible. Content writing might include the author’s viewpoint, stylistic cues, and more.

Fourthly for writing, technical writers utilize sophisticated authoring tools, but content writers may only use Google Docs.

Let us now begin our discussion of the top 10 Technical Writing courses in Ahmedabad

1. Technical Writing Master Course – IIM SKILLS

One of the top digital institutions, IIM SKILLS, has trained hundreds of students to become top writers, digital marketers, and other professionals. They provide several carefully planned courses, one of which is the technical writing course.

One of the top 10 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad is offered by IIM Skills, and it can be taken online at a time that works for you. Since 2015, IIM Skills has trained over 15000 people, and its courses have received international recognition.

Depending on the batch you select, they provide 5 weeks of online live training, which entails 20 hours of lectures on the weekends or throughout the week. They offer guaranteed internships in addition to more than 60 hours of practical projects.

Course Duration – 5 weeks

Course Fees – INR 14900 + 18%

Course Modules –

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. DDLC
  3. Fundamentals and characteristics
  4. Create technical documents
  5. Understand the purpose of these documents
  6. Technical report writing
  7. Journals and whitepapers
  8. Writing a discourse
  9. User guides and datasheets
  10. Conversational Writing
  11. Scientific Research
  12. Medical Writing
  13. API documentation proofreading
  14. Publication
  15. Learn to write case studies

Tools you learn –

  • MS Project
  • MS Viso
  • Scribus
  • Git
  • PowerPoint
  • Canva

Course Features –

  • Guaranteed internship for one month
  • Access to the course and the most recent session recordings for life
  • A Master’s degree
  • Practical experience and availability of software tools
  • 24-hour support
  • Expert industry training
  • Comprehensive 13-module curricula
  • They assist you in developing a portfolio for work or freelance.
  • Assistance with the publication of your articles, journals, or white papers.
  • IIM SKILLS certifications by IIM SKILLS and HubSpot Academy

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2. ECT

A government-recognized institution called Education and Career Times (ECT) offers online short-term courses. They offer one of the top 10 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad.

They assist people in launching their professional careers through educating individuals, professionals, and students. There are two technical writing programs offered. The technical writing course in option one is a quick-study course. The second choice gives you the technical writing and programming skills you need to advance your career as a technical writer.

Course 1 – Technical Writing Course

Course Fee: 19900 INR 

Course Duration: 3 months

Course Modules –

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. Grammar & Styling in Technical Writing
  3. Information Architecture
  4. Master a Markdown Language
  5. Learn JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  6. Learn Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)
  7. Document Authoring Tool
  8. Learn Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  9. Technical Authoring Tool – Adobe FrameMaker
  10. API Documentation
  11. Agile Documentation Strategy
  12. Careers in Technical Writing
  13. Contributing to Open-Source Projects
  14. Beginner Tools

Course 2 – Technical Writing Course + HTML, JavaScript and CSS

Course Fee: 39900 INR 

Course Duration: 3 to 6 months

Course Modules – 

  1. All previous modules 
  2. Introduction to Web Development Fundamentals
  3. Setting Up Dev Environment
  4. Learn HTML – Tables
  5. HTML Forms
  6. Semantic HTML
  7. Learn CSS
  8. Introduction to JavaScript
  9. Learn JavaScript Conditionals
  10. JavaScript Functions
  11. JavaScript Scope
  12. Learn JavaScript Arrays
  13. Errors & debugging in JavaScript
  14. Concept of DOM
  15. DOM Events with JavaScript
  16. Building Interactive Website with JavaScript
  17. Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests

Course Features –

  • Personalized Attention
  • Interactive sessions
  • Internship Opportunity
  • Free Demo class
  • Recognized by the Government of India


3. Postgraduate Diploma in technical writing (PGDTW) – SCDL

This is one of the prestigious online learning B-AICTE-approved school diploma programs, conducted by SCDL (the Symbiosis Center of Distant Learning). This is one of the top 10 Technical Writing courses in Ahmedabad as students find their classes to be engaging, adaptable, and available.

They have a well-organized curriculum that helps their pupils become proficient technical writers. They want to provide their students with both academic and practical technical writing training.

This program is for you if you take technical writing seriously and want to make a career out of it. It lasts for two years, and by the conclusion of it, you are prepared for six different career paths that you can pursue using their excellent online learning system. It is one of the top 10 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad.

Duration: 2 years

Course Fees – INR 50,000

Course Modules –

  1. Introduction to Technical Communication
  2. Information Development Life Cycle
  3. Technical Writing Style and Editing English Grammar
  4. Technical Communication Software Tools
  5. Advanced Concepts in Technical Communication
  6. Technical Communication Project Management
  7. Principles and Practices of Management
  8. Business Communication
  9. Instructional Design for Business Communication
  10. Research Methodology


Course Features –

  • Requirements for eligibility, such as possession of or completion of a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
  • Six or more different job choices.
  • The four semesters consist of a vast array of courses and subjects.
  • Modern writing styles, documentation, and tools are considered
  • Symbiosis’s higher rate of company acceptance
  • A blended approach of traditional and online education, aided by “Symbiosis World Campus”

4. Technical Writer Certification – VSkills

One of the top 10 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad is offered by VSkills. They are an online training organization that offers numerous online training programs in a range of subject areas.

Professionals and recent graduates who desire to flourish in their chosen fields should get this certification. It is also suitable for people who are already employed and wish to pursue certification to advance their careers.

Gaining the Vskills Technical Writer Certification can increase individuals’ earning potential, increase their career options by showcasing their advanced skills, and help them stand out in the competitive job market of today.

Course Fee: 4,129 INR (including tax)

Course Duration: 9 hours

Course Modules –

  1. Planning to Write
  2. Audience
  3. Documentation
  4. Writing: principles and rules.
  5. Sentences
  6. Websites
  7. Proposals
  8. Internal planning documents
  9. Lab reports
  10. PowerPoint presentation
  11. Electronic Mail
  12. Paragraphs and sections
  13. Lists
  14. Tables
  15. Graphics
  16. Professional secrets
  17. Specific kinds of documents
  18. Editing and producing documents
  19. Fonts and typography
  20. Punctuation

Course Features –

  • Life-long access to e-learning portal
  • Government Certification
  • Lifetime validity
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Access to relevant online blogs

5. Technical Writing Certification Course – ibruk 

A premier training facility is ibruk consulting. Their online technical writing course is one of the top 10 Technical Writing courses in Ahmedabad. This institute seeks to offer top-notch instruction with coaches who have more than 30 years of professional expertise.

Their technical writing course is jam-packed with both academic and practical instruction. The goal of this course is to prepare students to create user documentation.

Course Duration – 1 month

Course Fees – INR 30,000

Course Modules –

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. The Document Development Lifecycle (DDLC)
  3. Creating Effective Technical Content
  4. Understanding Online Help
  5. Working with Adobe RoboHelp
  6. Creating Effective Manuals
  7. Mastering Microsoft Word
  8. Emerging Trends in Technical Communication


IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad


6. Certified Technical Writer – HQ

Josh Fetcher, one of the best technical writers, created this course. They have 8 years of industry experience and have penned manuals, white papers, handbooks, etc. that more than 200 million people have read. Additionally, they have received accolades for their work from LinkedIn, Reuters, and Forbes.

Professionals who wish to advance their technical writing professions and interests can take advantage of the top-rated online training offered by Technical Writer HQ. You learn the fundamentals of the technical writing profession, the abilities required for success, and how to command a higher wage in the Certified Technical Writer training. Professionals leave the program knowing exactly how to direct technical writing projects utilizing the fundamentals of documentation, how to manage writing teams, and more. All these unique attributes make this course one of the top 10 Technical Writing courses in Ahmedabad.

Course Duration: Self-paced course

Course Fees: INR 22,684.11 

Course Features –

  • Access to templates that can be downloaded and used by technical writers that are working.
  • Evaluation of your capstone project by the instructor.
  • To distinguish yourself as a technical writing candidate, learn how to respond to the most common interview questions.
  • Build a comprehensive portfolio for technical writers

7. Coursera

To provide adaptable, cheap, and career-relevant online learning to people and organizations around the world, Coursera collaborates with more than 275 top universities and businesses. They provide a variety of learning options, ranging from practical projects and classes to degree and certificate programs that prepare students for employment.

Coursera offers as many as 6 kinds of different Technical Writing courses. Depending upon your requirements and preferences you can choose one. These courses are –

  1. Communication Skills for Engineers
  2. English Communication for Tech Professionals
  3. Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders
  4. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies
  5. Build a Professional Resume using Canva
  6. Academic Information Seeking


8. The Scientific and Technical Writing Program – Nano Science and Technology Consortium

One of the top 10 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad that can be taken at any time from anywhere is this one. For those looking to advance their technical writing careers, the NSTC offers this course. They teach knowledge that aids learners in developing into experts skilled in the documentation procedure.

The Scientific and Technical Writing Program offers plenty of opportunities for interaction among students as well as between students and lecturers. To improve student engagement and learning, the program offers a wide range of activities and resources.

Duration: 9 Months 

Course Fees: INR 10,000.

Course Modules 

  1. An Overview of Scientific and Technical Writing
  2. Categories of Scientific and Technical Writing
  3. Principles of Scientific and Technical Writing
  4. Guidelines of Scientific and Technical Writing
  5. Important tools like – Robot Help Office, Epic Editor, etc
  6. Sections of Scientific and Technical Writing
  7. Manuals
  8. Reports
  9. Proposals
  10. Meeting Documents
  11. Letters
  12. Thesis
  13. Software Design Specification
  14. Contracts and Agreements
  15. Resumes
  16. MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets
  17. Electronic and other documents
  18. Formatting
  19. Ethical Requirements – Norms, Rights, and Permissions

Course Features – 

  • Free-flow interaction between instructor and learners
  • Conducive Learning environment
  • Relevant resource materials and assignments
  • Sharing of various, useful links
  • Quizzes
  • Exams
  • Discussion Forums
  • Support and Guidance
  • Certifications

9. Technical Writing ( A start to Software Documentation) – Udemy

There are more than 1.5 lakh courses on Udemy, one of the biggest e-learning sites, with more than 40 million students enrolled in them. Technical writing classes are available on this online platform not just in Ahmedabad, but also from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Technical Writing (A Start to Software Documentation) is one of the top 10 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad. It is accessible to common people and will provide you with a basic understanding of the principles of technical writing, the documentation process, and the job prospects related to it.

Timing: self-paced 

Fees: Free of Cost 

Course Modules 

  1. Basic ideas
  2. Writing and editing approaches
  3. Document sections
  4. How to construct flowcharts, tables, and infographics
  5. Mistakes to avoid
  6. Effective use of tables in documentation
  7. Developing a project and documentation strategy
  8. Developing document templates
  9. Learn JavaScript Loops
  10. Learn JavaScript Objects
  11. Learn JavaScript Iterators
  12. Learn JavaScript Class
  13. Learn JavaScript Modules

Course Features –

  • Free of Cost
  • The fundamental knowledge needed to make subsequent decisions is covered.
  • 17 lectures and an additional lecture
  • Selected by industry experts
  • Suitable for beginners
  • A detailed explanation of the documentation procedure

IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad

10. Technical Writing Course Gold Membership – Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin has one of the top 10 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad. You will learn how to convert difficult technical material into straightforward technical writing in this course. They are a well-known online training provider that provides a range of writing, marketing, and other courses. Their classes are reasonably priced, and the lecturers are seasoned experts in the business. Additionally, they promise job placement.

Course Fees – INR 15,000

Course Modules –

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. Documentation Process
  3. Technical Writing Process
  4. Grammar and Editing
  5. Technical Writing Software Tools
  6. Components of a Technical Document
  7. Technical Writing Techniques
  8. How to create a Technical Document Template
  9. Overview of formats of Technical Documents
  10. Advanced Technical Writing tools
  11. Soft Skills Development
  12. Resume Writing

Course Features –

  • A year’s worth of gold writing academy membership
  • Live online instruction for 36 hours
  • A curriculum of 10 modules, a guaranteed internship, and hands-on project training
  • Upon completion, a certificate is given
  • A year of full placement support
  • Participation in hackathons and boot camps
  • E-learning methodologies and evaluations
  • Carefully chosen industry specialists for training
  • Coverage of more than 20 necessary tools

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1. On completing one of these top 10 Technical Writing courses in Ahmedabad, how much money, does a technical writer earn?

In India, a technical writer makes on average 5.5 lakhs a year. Depending on expertise and job description, the income can reach 14 lakhs per year.

2. Is being a technical writer difficult?

No, and yes. Yes, you may need to conduct extensive research and devote some time to familiarizing yourself with the discipline if you are attempting to become a tech writer in the medical or engineering fields without having studied those subjects. No, if your goal is to write about subjects and items that are easier to investigate and understand.

3. Is there a market for technical writing in India?

Yes, it is in very high demand both in India and internationally. The demand for technical writing will increase, as will the variety of content, with the surge in demand for technological solutions and developments like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Technology has evolved to become an extension of our thoughts, ideas, and even organs in this ever-evolving new age. It has the power to open up the world to us and significantly improve our quality of life. Consumption of technology and its products is rising, but if they aren’t made user-friendly or have no instructions, they are useless. The genies who build the connection between producers and consumers are technical writers. The top 10 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad listed above are for people who are interested in writing, technical communication, programming, and other topics. This role requires accuracy as well as the capacity to understand and condense material for the user’s advantage. If you believe you have these skills then you should enroll in one of these top 10 Technical Writing courses in Ahmedabad. 

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