Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Noida With Placements

Technology and evolution have historically gone hand in hand. With its rapid developments, Noida, a subsidiary city of Delhi, is now home to a large number of domestic and international businesses. The only aspect of technology that keeps it somewhat out of reach for many people is our ability to comprehend and interpret it. Therefore, there is a huge need for high-quality, concise content that is tailored for exposure and ranking. The top 8 technical writing courses in Noida, along with details on the program’s curriculum, duration, cost, and study style, are included in this article. 


List of best technical writing courses in Noida


What is Technical Writing?  

Complex, technological procedures that are challenging to understand are documented through technical writing. It is a branch of corporate communication that falls within the wide category of technical communication. Any kind of communication that checks off the following boxes is considered “technical communication,” according to the Society for Technical Communication (STC), a professional group.

Technical writing is designed to have a considerably more specialized readership than most other types of writing. Technical communication is crucial in STEM professions including economics, engineering, biochemistry, medical sciences, and computer science/information technology. The objectives of this kind of writing may range from, but are not limited to:

  • Clearly describing a procedure
  • Demonstrating how to operate a tool or machine
  • Communicating about a study’s results
  • Examining patterns and making predictions


User manuals, reports, FAQs, wiki pages, and other types of technical writing can be produced as technical papers, films, and other types of material. There isn’t a single-style manual for producing technical documents. The company or individual creating the information, as well as the audience, will determine the formatting, writing style, tone, and degree of difficulty.

All technical writing aims to be as clear as possible when describing a technical procedure or presenting the findings of your research. To become an expert in the Technical Writing world, a variety of Technical Writing Courses in Noida are available.


What Are the Basic Principles of Technical Writing? 

Tech writers must abide by a few rules to accomplish the appropriate degree of technical communication. A variety of technical writing courses in Noida provide the opportunity for interested amateurs and professionals to get the required assistance to get the required guidance.


  • Audience: Depending on the audience, technical writers will present the same complicated subject in different ways. Consider rocket engines, for instance. When writing for rocket scientists, business executives looking to invest, or high school kids taking their first science course, a technical writer utilizes specific vocabulary. Executives and students don’t need technical language, but rocket scientists do. The impact of technical writing is destroyed when it is written for the incorrect target audience.


  • Purpose: The technical documentation’s format is determined by its intended use. Step-by-step instructions are required if the technical paper is intended to be used for troubleshooting or to describe a technique. Examples, images, and diagrams are necessary for the paper if the objective is to demonstrate a topic. This must all be organized rationally. 


  • Content: How much technical information should be included in the document? To decide what to include and what to exclude, technical writers require the ability to use critical thought. The technical content and document structure are determined by the audience and the objective. The documentation should start with some general information. It enables others who are unfamiliar with the concepts to grasp them.


  • The Writing: Technical writing has a formal, impartial, and enduring style. But let’s face it; most technical writing is quite uninteresting. Formal is sometimes misunderstood to mean “boring and difficult to read.” The aim is defeated if the text is challenging to read. Technical writers that are adept may write in a neutral, formal style that is also interesting.


  • Design and Layout: Technical comprehension is fundamentally dependent on design. As a technical writer, you are familiar with certain basic design principles. A corporation frequently already has sample templates for several kinds of technical documents. Tech writers must create new templates utilizing the right design principles if they are not already accessible.


Types of Technical Writing: 

  • Technical Documentation 
  • Instructions For the End-User
  • Technical Writers’ Report
  • Policies And Procedures
  • Business Plans and Procedures
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers


What Are Key Qualities for Technical Writing

You’ll require specific abilities to succeed as a technical writer as mentioned below which are provided by various online and offline platforms that offer technical writing courses in Noida:

  • Writing: Clear writing is essential for technical writers.
  • Design: Expand your horizons beyond writing. Understand the foundations of document design. The audience’s comprehension of your message can be significantly influenced by the manner you convey it.
  • Curiosity: A technical writer has to be inquisitive and eager to learn new things. A background in the industry for which you wish to write is advantageous even though you don’t require a technical writing certificate. If you lack prior experience in the field, you must be eager to acquire all you can about all this.
  • Researching: To establish yourself distinct from other technical writers, improve your research abilities. To locate information that most writers won’t find, search Google beyond the first page.
  • Interviewing: Technical writers communicate directly with the individuals who developed a good or service. The information comes from those subject matter experts (SMEs). To create excellent material, technical writers conduct interviews with SMEs to get as much information as possible.
  • Listening: This is the converse of an interview. You may discover necessary follow-up questions and clarify replies with the use of active listening.
  • Critical Thinking: To recognize when you have all the knowledge you need, you require critical thinking. When crucial information is absent from technical documentation, end users become enraged.
  • Teamwork: Finally, since they collaborate with engineers, physicians, scientists, and other professionals to create technical texts, technical writers need to be able to operate well in a team. 


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Here is a List Mentioned Below of the Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Noida



One of today’s premier institutes for technical writing courses is IIM SKILLS. A group named IIM SKILLS, with its headquarters in Delhi, aims to provide students with specialized training and educational services.

Since it began offering training for a wide range of professional courses, including corporate accounting and taxation, GST, financial modeling, SEO, content writing, and digital marketing course, it has established a reputation for itself in the educational landscape.

In contrast to other Technical Writing programs, it is dedicated to sharing relevant knowledge and expertise that can be used to solve any industry concern. The Technical Writing Course at IIM SKILLS features weekly homework assignments and practical projects that must be finished and sent in for instructor approval.

Due to the individual nature of each student, the institute provides smaller classrooms for its online courses. The master courses offered by IIM SKILLS are the most sought-after internationally as a result of the needs. One of the top technical writing courses In Noida is presented. 


Key Highlights:

  • 20 Hours of Lectures
  • Free Lifetime Access to LMS
  • 60+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Experienced Staff
  • Informative Peer Groups
  • 1 Month Guaranteed Internship
  • Portfolio Building for Employment/Freelance
  • Practical Guidance
  • 24*7 Support
  • Assistance Making Your First White Paper Public
  • Assistance Writing a Book Chapter or Academic Article
  • With the Times of India Blog, Publish Your First Technical Blog
  • Entirely Tools-Driven Training
  • Master Certification



  • Introduction
  • How to Write
  • Creating your Content
  • Technical Report
  • White Paper/Journal
  • Conversational Writing
  • DDLC and Versioning
  • Reviewing and Publishing
  • API Documentation Using XML
  • Datasheets, User Manuals, and Application Notes
  • Effective Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Case Study 


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Tools To Master:

  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Git
  • Scribus
  • Canva
  • PowerPoint 


Skills To Master:

All the fundamental abilities necessary to thrive in the technical writing profession are the subject of the Technical Writing Master Course. Individuals who complete this course will have the following skills:

  • Create/Craft: After audience analysis; write papers that are captivating and short.
  • Recognize: After taking into account several technical communication techniques, select the most effective format for imparting technical knowledge.
  • Explain: Adequately describe difficult technical topics so that the average person may grasp them.
  • Polish: Improve your technical writing abilities while keeping the reader in mind.
  • Adhere: Follow the formatting and other guidelines for documentation.
  • Visually Appealing Documents: Design elements can be employed to create aesthetically appealing texts that enrich the reading experience.
  • Adhere: Follow recommended procedures, and steer clear of traps. 


Course Duration: 5 Weeks 

Mode Of Study: Online 

Course Fee: ₹14,900/- (+18% GST)

Certification: IIM SKILLS


Address: IIM SKILLS, H B Tower 8th Floor, Pitampura, New Delhi, 110034

Contact: +91 9580 740 740



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IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

2. Udemy

A significant online teaching and learning platform is Udemy. Inc. Gagan Biyani, Eren Bali, and Oktay formed it in May 2010. The network has more than 54 million users, 204,000 courses, and 71,000 teachers who are offering instruction in more than 75 languages.

Students enroll in classes primarily to gain knowledge and skills for the workforce. Certain classes count for technical certification. Udemy’s main office is in San Francisco, California, and it also has hubs in Gurugram, India, Ankara, Turkey, Dublin, Ireland, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

They aid businesses of all sizes and types in becoming ready for the future, no matter where it may take them. By putting learning at the core of their initiatives, the carefully curated assortment of business and technical courses enables organizations, governments, and charities to achieve more. Hence, it provides one of the best technical writing courses in Noida.  


Key Highlights:

  • 107 Lectures
  • 40 PDF Addendum Documents 
  • On-demand video for six hours
  • 110 Downloadable Materials Available
  • Lifetime Access
  • More than 17 Hours of Video
  • 6 PDF EBooks
  • NO DEADLINE to complete the program. Take it, read it, and complete it whenever you like.
  • Weekly updates of free writing advice, inspiration, and lessons
  • 1 Final Assignment individually graded by the teacher
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 



  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Components of Technical Documents
  • Technical Writing Techniques 
  • Technical Document Template
  • Creating an Index
  • Variables in Technical Writing
  • Graphs and Charts in Technical Writing
  • Tables in Technical Writing
  • Images in Technical Writing
  • Flowcharts in Technical Writing
  • Conclusion 
  • Audience Analysis (Bonus)
  • RoboHelp 2015 (Bonus)
  • How to Find a Technical Writing Job (Bonus)


Skills To Master: 

  • How Does Technical Writing Relate to Journalism and “Creative Writing”?
  • A Technical Document’s Constituent Parts
  • Writing a Documentation Plan: A Guide
  • Technical Writing Differs from Business Writing
  • The Fundamentals of Audience Analysis
  • Methods for Making an Index
  • Basic Guidelines for Technical Writing and Traps to Watch out for
  • Basic Technical Editing Methods and Pitfalls
  • How to Make a Template for a Document
  • How to Approach Thinking About Variables
  • How to Effectively Utilise Tables in your Papers
  • Choosing and Annotating Photographs
  • How to use Flowcharts in your Writing


Course Duration: 6 Hours 

Mode Of Study: Online 

Course Fee: ₹7,900/-  

Certification: Udemy   

Address: 5th Floor, We work, Two Horizon Centre, Golf Course Road, DLF Phase 5, Sector 43, Gurugram, and Haryana


Contact: Not Available  


Website: Learn Anything, On Your Schedule, Udemy 


3. TechnoMaster

They Offer SEO, digital marketing services, web design, mobile apps, software development, and training to clients worldwide. since 2001, TechnoMaster (Formerly Known as Nestsoft Technologies, Infopark) has been at the forefront of the industry. They only offer expert-led online live IT lessons to as many IT technologies as possible.

Since 2001, they have been setting the standard for affordable, one-on-one, online instruction for all IT courses, including free live projects. Hence, it provides one of the best technical writing courses in Noida. 


Key Highlights:

  • Individual Live Classes
  • Anywhere, Anytime Training Available
  • Job Support
  • Access to Recorded Videos
  • Internship with Real-World Projects



  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • What to Know Before Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • Writing For Public Relations (PR)
  • Writing For Brochures
  • Writing Social Media Posts 


Course Duration: 24 Hours 

Mode Of Study: Online 

Course Fee: Not Available 

Certification: Udemy   


Address: Infopark TBC, Kaloor, 17, Cochin, Kerala, India 

Contact: +91 98954 90866


Website: Techno Master | Online Live Training (1:1) for All IT Courses | TechnoMaster


4. Education and Career Times

Connaught Place in Delhi is home to the organization known as ECT, or Education and Career Times. It is one of the notable training institutions for educators that have received early recognition from the Indian government. They have assisted more than 900 students in finding employment with significant MNCs like HCL, Accenture, OYO, and TATA by teaching them.

The institute promotes the study of technical writing among all age groups. The ECT helps those who don’t have much experience hone their abilities even more and prepares them to keep climbing. The institute, which boasts a massive 35,000 members from all over the world, has successfully assisted many people in selecting the best professional path.

Throughout the program, the pupils picked up fresh, applicable skills and began to play to their strengths. The ECT offers courses in technical writing, content writing, digital marketing, personality development, and other topics.

The extra benefit of this institution is that, if students do well in the course, they may be qualified to get a letter of reference. It is thought to be one of the most well-liked technical writing courses in Noida. 


Key Highlights:

  • Live Training
  • eLearning Videos
  • 18 Live Projects
  • 4 Certifications
  • 18 Assignments



  • Technical Writing Course
  • Introduction to Web Development Fundamentals
  • Setting up Dev Environment
  • Learning HTML 5- Elements and Structure
  • Learn HTML Tables
  • HTML Forms
  • Semantic HTML
  • Learn CSS
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Learn JavaScript Conditionals
  • Learn JavaScript Functions
  • Learn JavaScript Arrays
  • Learn JavaScript Loops
  • Learn JavaScript Objects
  • Learn JavaScript Iterators
  • Learn JavaScript Class
  • Learn JavaScript Modules
  • Errors and Debugging in JavaScript 
  • Concept of DOM
  • DOM Events with JavaScript
  • Building Interactive Website with JavaScript
  • Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests 


Course Duration: 6 Months 

Mode Of Study: Online 

Course Fee: ₹39,900/-  

Certification: ECT and Government Of India 


Address: M 138, 3rd Floor, CP, New Delhi- 110001  

Contact: +91 78279 16060


Website: ECT – Education and Career Times


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Technical writing, instructional design, and translations are among the services and training offered by IBRUK Consulting. IBRUK consultancy has offices in Germany, Norway, and Mumbai and serves customers all over the world. The institution closely collaborates with companies, comprehends their needs, and offers technical documentation.

Their training in the same subject is unquestionably genuine because they are professionals in technical documentation. IBRUK Consulting offers one of the best technical writing courses in Noida since it incorporates all the knowledge gained from actual job experiences into the training.

Let’s look at some of the components of the IBRUK consulting training. The institute takes pride in its exclusive clientele, recurring business, and commitment to investing in products that satisfy customer needs. Technical writing offers several courses, but its signature program is the certificate program. 


Key Highlights:

  • Passion for Brilliance
  • Seasoned Team
  • Customer Centered
  • Fresh Approaches Provided
  • Reputable History
  • Reputable Clientele



  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • The Document Development Lifecycle (DDLC)
  • Creating Effective Technical Content
  • Understanding Online Help
  • Working with Adobe RoboHelp
  • Creating Effective Manuals
  • Mastering Microsoft Word
  • Emerging Trends in Technical Communication


Course Duration: 1 Month 

Mode Of Study: Online 

Course Fee: ₹30,000/- (+18% GST)

Certification: IBRUK 


Address: A-404 Mangalys, Marol-Maroshi Rd., Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400059 

Contact: +91-9820054581


Website: ibruk, India: Technical Writing and Instructional Design Services Company


6. Vskills

Vskills, India’s largest certification organization is a preeminent technical writing school. It carries talent evaluations and awards job searchers with certificates for a variety of abilities that boost their employability. Consequently, a certificate from Vskills is unquestionable of major importance.

The organization offers credentials in a wide range of disciplines, including finance, law, digital media, office productivity, and product design. For talented students, it also offers a program for internships. You may use a variety of tools on the Vskills website, including practice exams, tutorials, and blogs. It offers one of the best technical writing courses in Noida. 


Key Highlights:

  • Government Certification
  • Access to E-Learning for Life
  • Certificate Valid Forever
  • Experienced Staff



  • Planning to Write
  • Audience
  • Documentation Plan
  • General Principles of Writing
  • Sentences
  • Paragraphs and Sections
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Graphics
  • Professional Secrets
  • Writing Specific Kinds of Documents
  • Websites
  • Proposals
  • Internal Planning Documents
  • Lab Reports
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Email
  • Editing and Producing Documents
  • Fonts and Typography
  • Punctuation


Course Duration: 1 Year 

Mode Of Study: Online 

Course Fee: ₹3,499/- (+18% GST)

Certification: VSKILLS 


Address: Vskills, 1113, Tower – 2, Pearls Omaxe, Pitampura, New Delhi, Delhi 110034

Contact: 011 4734 4723


Website: Vskills | Govt Certifications, India’s Largest Certification Body

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

7. Nano Science and Technology Consortium 

A non-governmental, professional organization, the Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC), strives to promote research, business collaboration, and advanced education and training in the nanotechnology sector. As a by-product, it actively contributes to India’s development in the field of nanotechnology.

NSTC, which was established in 2006, is the leading commercial organization in India for nanotechnology. Its members are from both the public and private sectors, including SMEs and MNCs, research institutions, academics, and students.

Through consultative, advisory, and educational procedures, the NSTC is trying to provide a platform that is favorable for growth, promotion, and partnership in the field of Nanoscience and technology. It offers one of the best technical writing courses in Noida.


Key Highlights:

  • Active Interaction between the Pupil and the Teacher
  • Students Working Together
  • PowerPoint and Documents Created by the Instructor
  • A Considerable Measure of Student Participation in the Educational Process
  • Links to Different Websites Available
  • Self-Tests
  • Forums where you may Read Posts and Pick Up Tips from Other Users
  • Chat Sessions



  • Scientific and Technical Writing 
  • Scientific and Technical Writing 
  • Processes and Guidelines 
  • Introduction to important tools 
  • Scientific Research Paper 
  • Manuals 
  • Reports 
  • Proposals, Business Plans, and Press Releases 
  • Meeting Documents  
  • Letters 
  • Thesis 
  • Software Design Specification 
  • Contracts and Agreements 
  •  Resumes 
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) 
  • Specification Sheets 
  • Standards 
  • Electronic Documents and Other Documents
  • The document, Design Aspects 
  • Formatting Conventions, Final Packaging 
  • Ethical Norms, Rights, and Permissions


Course Duration: 6 Months 

Mode Of Study: Online 

Course Fee: ₹10,300/- 



Address: A-118 First Floor, Sector-63, Noida-201301, U.P, India 

Contact: +91-9958161117


Website: Nano Science and Technology Consortium (nstc. in)


8. Henry Harvin  

One of the top companies offering training and consulting services is Henry Harvin. Since July 2013, Henry Harvin has been in business, with offices in 11+ cities across the US, India, and the UAE (including Fremont in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA), Dubai Mainland (UAE), Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Chandigarh).

The company has a strong team of 400+ employees and 650+ consultants. Their mission is to consistently innovate in markets, people, processes, and products while achieving the utmost levels of operational efficiency. Hence, it provides one of the best technical writing courses in Noida.  


Key Highlights: 

  • 36 Hours of Live, Interactive, Two-Way Online Classes
  • Listed as one of the Best Technical Writing Programmes
  • 9 in-1 Course
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Writing Academy Gold Membership for one year
  • 24*7 Lifetime Assistance
  • Comprehensive Instruction in Technical Writing Through Projects
  • Popular GCAO Pedagogy
  • Job Assistance
  • Access to 52+ Master Class Sessions for the Development of Crucial Soft Skills
  • Free Membership to #AskHenry Competitions and Hackathons
  • For the Certified Technical Writing Course, receive a 1-year Gold Membership to the Henry Harvin Writing Academy



  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Documentation Process
  • Technical Writing Process
  • Grammar and Editing
  • Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Components of a Technical Document
  • Technical Writing Techniques
  • Overview of Formats of Technical Documents
  • Advanced Technical Writing Tools
  • Fragomen 


Tools To Master:

  • MS Word
  • Macromedia RoboHelp
  • FrameMaker
  • PowerPoint 
  • Photoshop
  • DITA
  • Microsoft 365 Publisher
  • XML
  • MS Visio
  • API Documentation
  • Snipping tool
  • Techsmith Snagit
  • FireShot
  • Greenshot
  • Lightshot
  • Notepad++


Skills To Master:

  • Software Development Kit
  • Grammar & Editing
  • Adobe RoboHelp & FrameMaker
  • XML and DITA Tools
  • Documentation Process
  • Creating TOC & LOF


Course Duration: 36 Hours 

Mode Of Study: Online 

Course Fee: ₹17,500/-  

Certification: Henry Harvin Education  


Address: Henry Harvin House B-12, Sector 6, Noida, 201301 

Contact: +91 9891953953 


Website: 400+ Courses with Gold Membership & Unlimited Access | Henry Harvin


Frequently Asked Questions About Technical Writing Courses in Noida


Q1. Who may work as a technical writer?

A technical writer has exceptional communication abilities, in-depth knowledge of any particular field of study, and strong research skills. These are some of the fundamental conditions that a technical writer must meet.


Q2. Is earning a technical writing certificate worthwhile?

Totally! Having a credential makes you appear more professional and enables you to focus on technical writing. Additionally, it will assist you in developing the talents you currently have.


Q3. Which technical writing courses in Noida are the best?

IIM SKILLS ranks at Position 1 for Technical Writing Courses in Noida after taking into account all the crucial factors like faculty members, job assistance, training methods, curriculum, post-placement support, student reviews, and testimonials.



The courses listed above are the best technical writing courses in Noida because they will provide you with the most educational value and prepare you for a career as a Technical Writer. 

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