Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Agra With Placements

Agra’s cultural significance is one of the primary factors why digital marketing will be essential for its economic growth. Aside from these small-scale industries, Agra is home to a vast number of metal and manufacturing industries. This article will cover the top preferences for digital marketing courses in Agra. 


Top Digital Marketing Courses in Agra


Agra is the home of several entrepreneurs who have established businesses based on cultural value and location, as it has good ties with major cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. This creates a wide range of opportunities for a much-needed digital marketing career in Agra.


Before diving into the top 5 digital marketing courses in Agra, let us get an overview of what digital marketing is.


What Is Digital Marketing?


In this digital age, promoting a business is made super easy through digital marketing. In reference to the internet, business marketing and development has found its way to reach more people easier than before.


Advertising through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, mobile marketing, and emails are the fundamentals of digital marketing.


Digital marketing is the process of companies establishing goods, services, and brands through the use of these online media channels. Marketing teams will be able to track the impact that each of these messages and/or channels had on achieving their overall goal.



Skills to be learned in Digital Marketing


In the past, marketing was done through advertisements, television commercials, and physical flyers, and starting a business meant going through the yellow pages. Every aspect had its own promotion area. People will hear or see these advertisements, which will inform them about your service and allow them to purchase it.


Similarly, in this age of the internet, it is clear that we all prefer a more comfortable and simple approach to storing all of our information in one location and developing other strategies to promote our businesses online. In a nutshell, a new business requires some basic tools and information in order to get started.


Digital marketing refers to a large network of digital touchpoints with which customers interact on a daily basis. You must first learn about these channels in order to make the best use of them. The main purpose of digital marketing is to enhance the business by making it reach people through the internet. Advertisements, SEO management is the establishment tools.


Once the business is up and running, managing the workflow via content and communication through emails and social media are the management tools in digital marketing. As a digital marketer, one learns both the executive side and managerial side of the field.


Executive Skills Include-


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing 
  • Website Planning and Creation
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing & Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Digital Media Planning and Buying
  • Web Remarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Design Essentials
  • Mobile Marketing
  • E-Commerce Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Adsense, Blogging, and Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing Automation, Influencer & Podcast Marketing
  •  Managerial Skills Include-
  • Introduction to Agency
  • The Art of Pitching
  • Client-Oriented Strategy
  • Campaign Creation for Client
  • Reporting and Evaluation
  • Soft Skills like interview training, resume building, presentation skills, advanced excel and PPT skills, etc


What Are The Components Of Digital Marketing?


Paid Search: The sponsored result that displays at the top or side of a search engine results page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the process of improving the content, technical setup, and reach of your website such that your pages appear at the top of a search engine result.

Content Marketing: Effective content marketing informs people who looking for information.

Social Media Marketing: The more engaged your audience is with your content, the more likely they are to share it with their friends, potentially influencing them to become customers as well.

Email Marketing: Email is still the easiest and the most organized way to reach clients with critical information.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing advantage because all of the information is stored and content is flowing at a rapid pace.

Marketing Automation: Marketing automation may provide key performance indicators that allow you to speak to the impact of digital marketing on your company, as well as important insight into which initiatives are working and which aren’t.

These are the major segregations of digital marketing. It is very crucial to learn the skill of digital marketing under an institution that has proper certification, well-trained faculty, helpful mentors, and a good course overview.


Qualities Of A Digital Marketing Professional :


  • Creative and Imaginative
  • Good Communication Skills
  • A Passion for Learning
  • Leadership and Management
  • The ability to self-start
  • Loving a Challenge
  • Flexible, Adaptable, Adjustable
  • Trustworthiness, Reliability, and Dedication
  • The Desire to Help Grow Other Businesses
  • Strategic and Analytical Thinking


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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Agra 2021 Edition


Rank  #1. Digital Marketing Courses in Agra


IIM Skills -4.9/5


IIM Skills is one of the best digital marketing courses in Agra, providing one of the most high-quality digital marketing courses.


The digital marketing course at IIM Skills prepares students for the IIM Skills Master certification as well as 15 other important certification tests such as Google, Hubspot, and Facebook Blueprint. It covers 40 of the most important modules of the digital marketing framework.


Course Name –Master Digital Marketing Course

Course duration– 5 months

Fee– 34900+GST (Includes Exam Fee)


Course Details

  1.   Search Engine Optimization 25 Hours
  2.   Content Writing 30 Hours
  3.   Email Marketing 15 Hours
  4.   Google Adwords 10 Hours
  5.   Micro Video Marketing 10 Hours
  6.   Affiliate Marketing 10 Hours
  7.   Social Media Marketing 15 Hours
  8.   Web Development 15 Hours
  9.   Hands-On Assignments 120 Hours


Course Curriculum:

  1.   Search Engine Optimization – 4 Modules
  2.   WordPress Web Development – 2 Modules
  3.   Search Engine Marketing – 6 Modules
  4.   Email Marketing – 4 Modules
  5.   Inbound Marketing – 3 Modules
  6.   Social Media Marketing – 6 Modules
  7.   Web Analytics – 3 Modules
  8.   Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy -1 Modules
  9.   Online Reputation Management- 3 Modules
  10. Content Writing And Blogging -3 Modules
  11. Media Buying – 1 Module
  12. Affiliate Marketing – 1 Module
  13. Video Marketing -1 Module
  14. Digital Infographic Resume Preparation- 1 Module


Some of The Course Topics are:

  1.   Why Digital Marketing
  2.   Benefits of using WordPress
  3.   Use of plugins
  4.   Google Algorithms
  5.   Search Console
  6.   Indexing and Crawling
  7.   Keyword Stuffing
  8.   Keyword Research
  9.   SEO influence through GMB
  10. Search Advertising
  11. Display Advertising
  12. Shopping Advertising
  13. Re-Marketing
  14. YouTube Analytics
  15. Setting up your Email Marketing Channel


The Pros of the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Master Course:


IIM Skills offers a comprehensive curriculum with 180 hours of in-depth digital marketing training and live online interactive seminars.


The course will teach you how to implement an Integrated digital marketing strategy, which includes content marketing, local listing management, SEO, SEM, social media, and web design and development.


When you decide to enroll in the course, the Institute provides an online demo so you know what you’re getting into. In this training, you will be working with tools worth more than Rs 79000.


The program focuses on providing you with comprehensive training in how to create your brand, position your goods, and develop your own distinct voice for your product or service.


After completing the course, you can apply for a non-paid virtual research-based internship to gain enough experience and understanding of online marketing. If you are dissatisfied with the course, you can get your money back after the first session with IIM Skills.


The institute offers placement aid as well as post-placement assistance to students. The mentors are Google-certified specialists with more than ten years of expertise in the field of digital marketing. This training will help you get your foot in the door and obtain jobs with leading firms.


The training sessions are recorded after each class, which can be beneficial for persons who are unable to attend the program at the time it is scheduled. We can review everything that was taught in the session later in the Learning Management System. (LMS) You have unlimited and endless access to all training sessions.


Here is the most genuine guide to – Is IIM SKILLS Fake?


IIM Skills Brand Partners 


Reviews and Testimonials



They provide the benefit of accessing their extensive instructional modules from anywhere in the world. The mentors have over a decade of expertise in the digital domain and have worked with some of the most well-known brands and corporate organizations.


Course Fee – INR 34900 + GST


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More professional courses to consider

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Rank  #2. Digital Marketing Courses in Agra


Digital Kal Agra – 4.2/5


Digital Kal is one of the finest digital marketing courses in Agra and consulting agencies. Its headquarters are in Delhi NCR, but it also has operations in various other states.


The institute is well-known for its digital marketing, e-commerce, google AdWords, certified professional in Search Engine Optimization, and social media marketing courses. The faculty is well-trained and has over 20 years of expertise in the digital sector.


Digital Kal, one of the most prestigious digital marketing training colleges in Agra. It provides four digital marketing courses. The courses are

  1.   Professional Digital Marketing Certification
  2.   Information On Google Ads Certification
  3.   Professional SEO Certification
  4.   Professional Social Media Marketing Certification


Salient Features Of The Institute-


They offer free trial sessions as well as hands-on practical instruction on all kinds of digital marketing. There are daily homework assignments as well as interactive classroom exercises.


Most importantly, each trainer has 11+ years of expertise in the digital arena, having worked on digital campaigns and projects with well-known brands and corporate houses.


The institute features a pool of 25+ trainers and updated content that takes into account the finest industry practices, trends, and standards. They also provide 100% placement aid.


Furthermore, there are 16 certifications available, including Google ads analytics, inbound marketing, and email marketing. Finally, there are 15+ digital call centers in India, with more on the way. The learning management system is an online study portal via which students can access study materials on the cloud.


The Courses Include Topics That Include:

  1.   Overview Of Digital Marketing
  2.   Fundamentals Of Graphic
  3.   Fundamentals Of Editing
  4.   Advanced WordPress
  5.   Social Media Marketing
  6.   Lead Management
  7.   Adsense Marketing
  8.   E-commerce Marketing
  9.   Online Reputation Management
  10. Affiliate Marketing
  11. Introduction To Marketplace
  12. Growth Hacking
  13. Online Media
  14. Getting Started As Freelancers
  15. Interview And Personality Development
  16. Email Marketing
  17. Mobile Marketing
  18. Inbound Marketing Solutions
  19. Google Analytics


The course fee is 49999 + 18% GST.


The course is designed to meet the demands of anyone who is serious about understanding digital marketing. It is great for students, job seekers, small and medium business owners, entrepreneurs, housewives, and those who want to transition from traditional marketing to internet growth. Thus the course is ranked among the top digital marketing courses in Agra.

Rank #3. Digital Marketing Courses in Agra


MCEI Agra – 4.6/5


Mittal Computer Education Industry (MCEI) is a major digital marketing firm with a single-minded goal of transforming professionals’ careers through crucial high-quality digital marketing training. They provide a variety of software and hardware courses in a professional career-oriented curriculum and strive for excellence in computer education.


They make it a point to assist students in developing increased skill sets so that they can obtain greater work chances without sacrificing the fundamentals and core subjects.


So far, they have trained a number of students in the various curriculums that they teach. The company has 148+ accolades, and 22+ members are dedicated to providing the greatest quality training in the various courses offered at the institute.


Basic and accounting classes, design courses, website development courses, software development, and various digital marketing courses relevant to sectors are all available.


Course Name- Certificate In Digital Marketing.

Course Duration- 75 days.


Course Content Includes

  1.   Introduction To Digital Marketing
  2.   Domain Name And IP Address
  3.   WordPress Account Creation And Theme Selection
  4.   Social Media Account Creation
  5.   SEO And Readability
  6.   Google My Business
  7.   Digital Marketing Glossary
  8.   Website Audit
  9.   Social Media Marketing
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Mobile Marketing
  12. Affiliate Marketing
  13. Business Email, and Others


A certificate in digital marketing with a specialization in e-commerce is also available. This course has a total duration of 105 days.


In addition to the topics covered in the digital marketing course, this course contains additional topics like-

  1.   Installation Of Credit And Debit Card Payment Gateway
  2.   Installation Of Payment Wallet And Cash On Delivery Option
  3.   Troubleshooting
  4.   Amazon Re-seller Account
  5.   Flipkart Re-seller Account
  6.   IndiaMart Re-seller Account
  7.   Facebook Advertisement
  8.   Theme Editor
  9.   Creating A Child Theme


They also have a certificate in Android coding, a certificate in Advanced Android, as well as a certificate in Advanced and Beginner Ethical Hacking.


Some of the most crucial aspects include becoming a Google certified digital marketer in just three months and learning about 21 advanced modules. There is a 6 + 1 certification, 24-hour support, 150 hours of training sessions with backup classes, a 100% placement aid module, and ISO certification.


They also include soft skills training such as career counseling, interview suggestions, resume preparation, and the inclusion of the most recent applications for 100% practical instruction. The course is completely job-oriented, with small batches to provide individual attention.


Rank #4. Digital Marketing Courses in Agra


TTCS Agra- 4.9/5


TTCS is one of the leading digital marketing courses in Agra, offering courses in digital marketing, software development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They provide certification preparation for Google and Microsoft, and their digital marketing course is comprehensive, covering all facets of the internet marketing system.


There are also internship possibilities available to gain experience and understanding of what real-time digital marketing requires.


The Digital Marketing Course Includes:

  1.   Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing
  2.   Search Engine Optimization
  3.   Search Engine Marketing
  4.   Google Analytics
  5.   Online Reputation Management
  6.   Social Media Marketing
  7.   Social Media Optimization
  8.   Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing
  9.   Profile Building
  10. On-page & Off-page SEO.


A strong emphasis is placed on practical training, and the course is designed with the industry’s best trends and practices in mind. The faculty is highly qualified and has years of expertise in the digital marketing industry, and they provide helpful advice on how to become an authority figure in the field. This institute is very popular among the others offering digital marketing courses in Agra.

Contact: 079 061 54794


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Rank  #5. Digital Marketing Courses in Agra


IIM Agra – 4.7/5


IIM AGRA, or Institute of Internet Marketing, is a top-tier digital training institute in Agra and the first Google-partnered digital training institute. It is without a doubt one of the top 5 digital marketing courses in Agra.


They offer a wide range of digital marketing training courses to people from all walks of life, whether they are beginners or experts. The Institute assists in obtaining a wage raise and delivers high-quality courses and services in Agra.


The Courses On Digital Marketing Offered By The Institute Are

  1.   Digital Marketing Course
  2.   Digital Marketing Advanced Course
  3.   Website Designing On WordPress
  4.   SEO Advanced Course
  5.   Social Media Marketing Course
  6.   Ppc Advertising Course.


Let’s look at what the courses include.

Course Name- The Digital Marketing Course

Fee- Rs 25000 + taxes.


The Course Topic Includes

  1.   Digital Marketing Overview
  2.   Understanding the Marketing Process
  3.   Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing
  4.   Understanding Digital Marketing Process
  5.   Increasing Visibility
  6.   Visitors Engagement
  7.   Bringing Targeted Traffic
  8.   Converting Traffic Into Leads
  9.   Performance Evaluation
  10. Customer Engagement
  11. Email Marketing
  12. Mobile Marketing
  13. Lead Generation For Business
  14. Challenges Faced For Bulk Messages
  15. Google Analytics
  16. Google Adwords
  17. Understanding Filters & Segments
  18. Social Media Marketing And Optimization
  19. Preparing SEO Reports
  20. Online Advertising


The Digital Marketing Advanced Course at the institute is designed for 100% hands-on learning, where students gain hands-on experience in the latest and best practices of digital marketing and gain an understanding of the various digital marketing tools and how they can be used to grow our business in the online domain.


Students in the advanced digital marketing course are also prepared for other certification tests such as Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Twitter, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics.


Course Name- Advanced Digital Marketing Course.

Course Fee – 40000 + Taxes. 


They also offer a free or paid internship based on the assessment by the faculty and assessment score.


The Advanced Digital Marketing Course Topics Include

  1.   Introduction To Digital Marketing
  2.   Advanced Website Development
  3.   Search Engine Optimization
  4.   Advanced Content Marketing
  5.   Social Media Marketing
  6.   Search Engine Marketing
  7.   Advanced Web Analytics
  8.   Super Email Marketing
  9.   Mobile Optimization Marketing
  10. Affiliate Marketing
  11. Advanced Google Expert
  12. How To Become A Blogging Master.


The faculty has more than 5 years of expertise and provides an in-depth overview of all the digital marketing variables that are required to create a successful digital marketing strategy across online platforms.


The training is suitable for professionals who wish to transition from offline to online channels and gain a complete understanding of digital marketing. It is also appropriate for students and businesses that wish to maximize online channels to supplement their business.


It is also useful for people who wish to return to work after a break, as well as freelancers who want to build their own digital firm. On their website, they also provide seminars, books, and blogs.


IIM keeps its name as a leading educational institute providing digital marketing courses in Agra.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How to choose the correct digital marketing course?

Choose the course which offers a wide area of expertise. As there are niches you can concentrate on depending on one’s liking, it can help you to focus on that. Check the certifications and the reviews to clear your queries.


  • How long are the digital marketing courses?

A full digital marketing program typically lasts 3 to 6 months. The training also includes practical assignments.


  • Who can take up a digital marketing course?

Anyone interested in working in the field of digital marketing can enroll in one of the digital marketing courses available. You do not need any formal educational requirements to join the digital marketing program. As a result, students, new job hopefuls, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, retirees, homemakers, bloggers, and content writers can all benefit from this training.


  • Is digital marketing an in-demand career?

According to LinkedIn data, there has been significant growth in demand for marketers with social abilities, with paid social media increasing in demand by 116.4 percent. Numerous jobs are opening up and once you gain professional experience being an intern and the like, you can even freelance by taking up clients according to your flexibility.


  • How much do digital marketers earn?

In India, the average annual income for a digital marketing manager (entry-level) is 5,48,755.




Here is a list of the top 5 digital marketing courses in Agra that are dedicated to providing some of the greatest digital courses with plenty of practical training and hands-on learning so that you can grasp the principles of digital marketing fluently.


Ensure that you have lots of hands-on experience and practical training in crucial components. Only then will you be able to call yourself a true digital marketer.


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