Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Ernakulam With Placements

If you’re interested in learning and being job-ready, here’s a list of a few of the top data analytics courses in Ernakulam in the past few years. Data analytics has become a popular topic and a lucrative job path for young technology enthusiasts. In the job market or looking for a career shift, data analytics is a profession with many opportunities. Data analytics courses in Ernakulam will give you the perfect practical training and help you kickstart your career.


Let us begin with the top data analytics courses in Ernakulam in the article below.

The practice of identifying specific patterns and trends to understand and forecast customer behaviour. Data analysis every day, the volume of data in the forms of documents, ideas, and transactional data organizations worldwide generate massive and other customer-related information.

Data analytics is the process of gathering raw amounts of data, significantly finding data that are pertinent to the needs of an organization.

Why is Data Analysis Important?

Data analysis allows organizations to gain insights into the customer’s preferences, market dynamics, and operational efficiency. It also provides an understanding of processes deeper and trends.

Many companies may create personalized consumer experiences and precise information about the client’s experience and difficulties that optimize operations service and boost employee productivity by shifting the approach beyond data and connecting insights to action enabling businesses to get greater and better knowledge.

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Benefits of Data Analytics

Data analytics training program in Ernakulam to enrol training program some of the points which we are going to discuss on data analytics.

  • Data analytics eliminates much guesswork involved in developing marketing strategies, selecting materials to use, producing items, and other tasks. Decision-making companies may use the knowledge obtained from data analytics to guide actions resulting in better outcomes. New data analytics may be continuously collected to improve your understanding of changing conditions.
  • Data analytics gives organizations a greater understanding of their customers which improves services allowing them to meet their needs, offer more personalization, and build stronger relationships with them.
  • Data analytics may help optimize processes in organizations. The efficiency of operations increases to save resources and increase profits. Creating advertisements for what their target audience wants they spend less time that do not match those demands.

What Are the Different Types of Analytics Projects?

Data Analysis Situations Provide Their Knowledge Across a Wide Range of Data Analyses They Are:

  • Customer segmentation for personalized marketing initiatives.
  • Identification of fraud and risk scoring.
  • Churn prediction to improve customer retention.
  • Clinical study and drug testing analysis.
  • Public allocation of resources policy modeling.
  • Natural Language Processing for Emotion Analysis.
  • Predictive maintenance models for industrial equipment.
  • Climate change projections and environmental effect assessments.

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What Industries Hire Data Analytics Professionals?

After you complete a course at one of the data analytics institutes in Ernakulam. Data-driven decision-making and looking for experienced analytics many industries are increasing their data. You can choose to work in any one of these sectors:

  • Information Technology- Social networks to gaming and entertainment platforms analytics are used by almost every technology organization.
  • E-commerce and retail- Data Analytics are used by physical stores as well. Online traders use customer statistics to optimize recommendations and customize experiences.
  • Finance and banking- Analytics are utilized by banks to hit upon fraud, examine risk, optimize portfolios, and more.
  • Insurance agencies use actuarial analytics to evaluate danger and forecast insurance costs.
  • Policy regarding public health and other areas.
  • Government- Analytics informs the public in fields such as transportation, defence, schooling, medical access, and urban development.
  • Healthcare analytics can help with support for clinical decisions, patient profiling, and managing hospitals.

What are the Most Important Technical Skills for a Data Analyst?

To extract value from data analysts which requires proficiency in several critical skills areas:

  • Statistical Analysis and Modeling-Important techniques include regression analysis, forecasting, simulation, and experimental design. Create fashions to discover developments and patterns.
  • Data mining is the system of scouting significant databases for relationships that can be examined with hypotheses. SQL and statistical software program talent is required.
  • Predictive analytics involves making data-pushed predictions and the usage of devices to gain knowledge of algorithms such as regression, clustering, classification, and neural networks.
  • Data Visualization- Use technologies such as Tableau to present findings in the form of engaging Interactive charts, graphs, or dashboards.
  • Programming capabilities consist of the capacity to handle, examine, and visualize complex information in languages such as Python and R.
  • Data wrangling is the ability to collect, clean, manage, and rearrange uncooked datasets using SQL, Python, Spark, Hadoop, and different platforms.

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What Soft Skills Help Data Analysts Succeed?

If technical knowledge, certain data analysts help soft skills facilitate good cooperation, communication, and project outcomes.

  • Problem Solving- Identify difficulties, expand answers, and choose suitable strategies primarily based totally on facts.
  • Critical questioning includes objectively comparing assumptions, decoding fuzzy information, and synthesizing findings.
  • Creativity includes connecting exceptional thoughts and growing clean analytical frameworks.
  • Storytelling- Effectively connecting data-pushed narratives to technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Business acumen- It is knowing employer targets and selecting the intention to deliver targeted actionable insights.

Future Outlook of Data Analysis

Data analytics provides a solid professional path with high earnings potential and scope in the future. Data analysts with the appropriate abilities, experience and can earn compensation and also have a speciality in satisfying careers in a developing industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 35% growth in job possibilities for data analysts between 2022 and 2032. Data-driven choices by increasing rapid growth are driven by an increase in the demand for data-driven business as a choice.

Data analytics as companies continue to invest in data-driven abilities, they fight for analytical data expertise. This offers gifted statistics analysts and scientists extremely good leverage in negotiating better pay. Aside from the attractive base compensation, many data analytics professions provide performance bonuses, stock options, and complete benefits packages.

Company and organizational initiatives in the future, owing to advances in big data technologies, AI, and machine learning will result in more advanced analytical tools and approaches as well as expanded job options. Data analytics is expected to become more integrated into companies. This makes it a great time to choose one of the data analytics institutes in Ernakulam as a starting point for your career.

Which Emerging Trends in The Data Analytics Industry?

The trends will several pioneering broaden possibilities in data analytics:

  • AI augmentation – AI which includes automating practically every element of data labour, repetitive jobs, detecting difficult-to-see patterns, recommending model changes, and so on.
  • Real-time analytics – As alternatives are made in real-time, circulate evaluation, and interactive dashboards become more and more common.
  • Data mesh – Decentralized information structure and self-carrier analytics will empower area teams.
  • Generative data analytics entails ML workflows that provide automated insights and data narratives targeted to diverse stakeholders.
  • Ethical AI calls for consideration and openness as analytics manual high-stakes decisions.
  • Sustainability – Analytics may be crucial for enhancing strength usage, fabric flows, emissions, and numerous different environmental metrics.

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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Ernakulam With Placements


Data analytics courses in Ernakulam, IIM SKILLS are one of the best platforms for online learning; they have a wide range of many skill development courses. The Data analytics training program in Ernakulam master course is one of the most popular for graduates or postgraduates, or if you come from another professional background such as IT, banking, or networking you can apply for this data analytics course program in Ernakulam.

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

INR- 49900 + Taxes

Modules Covered Under Their Data Analytics Courses in Ernakulam

Module: 1 Basic and Advanced Excel

Important Topic

Introduction to Data Handling

Data Manipulation Using Functions

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data Visualization in Excel

Overview of Dashboards

Module: 2 Visual Basic Application

Introducing VBA

How VBA Works with Excel

Key Components of Programming Language

Programming Constructs in VBA

Functions & Procedures in VBA

Objects & Memory Management in VBA

Error Handling

Controlling the Accessibility of Your Code

Communicating with Your Users

Module: 3 SQL

Basics RDBMS Concepts

Utilizing the Object Explorer

Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)

Data Manipulation (DML Commands)

Accessing Data from Multiple Tables Using SELECT

Optimizing Your Work

Module: 3.1 SQL Server Reporting Services

Basics of SSRS

Creating Parameters

Understanding Visualization

Creating Visualization Using SSRS

Module: 3.2 SQL Server Integration Services

Understanding the Basics of SSIS

Understanding Packages

Creating Packages to Integrate

Creating Project Using SSIS

Module: 4 Power BI


Data Preparation and Modelling

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Reports Development (Visual in Power BI)

Module: 5 Data Analytics Using Python

Introduction to Basic Statistics

Introduction to Mathematical Foundations

Introduction to Analytics & Data Science

Python Essential (Core)

Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)

Overview of Pandas

Cleaning Data with Python

Data Analysis Using Python

Data Visualization with Python

Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing

Module: 6 Tableau

Getting Started

Data Handling & Summaries

Reports Development (Visuals in Tableau)

Module: 7 R For Data Science

Data Importing/Exporting

Data Manipulation

Data Analysis

Using R with Databases

Data Visualization with R

Introduction to Statistics

Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems

Module: 8 Alteryx

Overview of the Course and Fundamental Concepts

Using Tool to Rename Fields, Change the Data Type

Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings

Filtering Data/Data from Different Sources

Blending/Joining Data from Different Sources

Data Cleaning

Impute Values

Random Sample

IIM SKILLS also provides a 24/7 customer support team, they also provide well-trained, skilled, and highly experienced trainers with a planned and structured curriculum along with free, lifetime access to their learning materials. Before deciding to register for the course you have the opportunity to attend a free demo session.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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2)    ICT Academy of Kerala

The ICT Academy is one of the pinnacle Data Analytics Institutes in Ernakulam that gives a various curriculum and could teach you fulfilment inside the process market. To explore jobs in information technology or incorporated company students who have completed a degree can apply for this course and get career development.

ICT Academy affords data analytics courses in Ernakulam at the side of the Kerala government. It offers a diverse curriculum that will prepare you for success in the job market.

Fees: 30,000 + 20% GST

Duration: 6 months

Course Curriculum For Their Data Analytics Courses in Ernakulam

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Python Programming
  • Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Statistics
  • Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
  • Simple Correlation and Regression
  • Data Preparation and Preprocessing
  • Clustering
  • Text Mining & Analysis
  • Testing of Hypothesis
  • Chi-Square Test, F-Distribution, ANOVA
  • Probability and Data Science
  • Classification
  • Database Concepts and SQL
  • Web Application Development

Contact Details

+91 78594 05245


The SMEC Lab’s certificate data analytics institute in Ernakulam is a good place to start. They provide online demo classes for free which gives a level of freedom that no other way of learning does. A professional faculty will teach you career growth. You can study wherever you choose online and choose a course schedule that fits your other obligations.

It also enhances the potential level of earning, stands out from the crowd, and potentially enhances your earning potential. Data analytics courses in Ernakulam are best for beginners. Obtaining a professional certification from this institute you want to jumpstart your career, getting your certificate from such types of data analytics is a good place to start.

Fees: 80,000

Duration: 6 months

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction Deep Learning
  • Relationship between statistics and Data Learning
  • Python for Data Science
  • Artificial Neural Network and Deep Learning
  • Artificial Neural Network and Deep Learning
  • Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks
  • Training Deep Neural Nets
  • Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and Autoencoders
  • Reinforcement Learning

Contact Details

Ph: +91 9938646298

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 4)     ACTE

ACTE data analytics courses in Ernakulam in both online and offline formats. Their teachers have more than 12 years of blended enterprise expertise. They additionally supply guides each all through the week and on weekends.

The best data analytics training program in Ernakulam at an affordable cost with 100% placement support and provides quality education for an affordable price. They provide the most practical training that would help the candidate not only crack the interview but also in the working experience.

ACTE training institute to get huge experience by changing your thoughts into real new applications and programming controls for the sites and the whole processing endeavour. Contact us for a free Demo today!!! You will be able to demonstrate your skills in data analysis, establish credibility, and seek a career as a Data Analyst.

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Descriptive Statistics
  • Module 2: Inferential Statistics
  • Module 3: Regression & ANOVA
  • Module 4: Machine Learning
  • Module 5: Regression and Classification Techniques-1
  • Module 6: Regression and Classification Techniques-2
  • Module 7: Challenges for Big Data Analytics
  • Module 8: Prescriptive Analytics

Contact Details

+91 7666100367


Data analytics and their application are crucial in business to improve and they help the decision-making process. IPSR Academy provides data analytics courses in Ernakulam rapidly in the world “Data to be processed” based on the current scenario, the demand, and scope for people with expertise in Data Analysis.

As the enterprise keeps developing and evolving, it may be difficult to navigate your professional route and stay updated with the latest trends and opportunities. Data-driven decision-making, the demand for skilled data analysts is reaching new heights with our blogs on navigating data analytics and the future’s emerging trends.

Course Details

  • Expert training and Instructor support
  • Applied Learning project
  • Hands-on Labs
  • Real-world data analytical scenario
  • Interactive content
  • Task-based assessments
  • Learning Management System
  • On-demand analytical tools
  • Placement support

Course Curriculum

  • Excel Spreadsheet
  • DataViz
  • Web Scraping
  • Data Collecting
  • Report Generation
  • Data Wrangling
  • Dashboards
  • Data Ethics
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Python

 6)      IGMGURU

IGMGuru offers information about data analytics courses in Ernakulam in the framework of their information technology with Python course. The data analytics course teaches all the necessary methods and concepts. It is meant to make certain that you get the understanding and talent required to carry out facts analytics with Python.

In this course, you will be able to demonstrate your skills in data analysis, establish credibility, and seek a career as a Data Analyst. After all, completing this data analytics training program in Ernakulam teaches you all the necessary methods and concepts.

Fees: 34599

Duration: 80 hours

Course Curriculum

  • Data Science Overview
  • Data Analytics Overview
  • Statistical Analytics and Business Applications
  • Python: Environment Setups and Essentials
  • Mathematical Computing with Python (Numpy)
  • Machine Learning with Python (Scikit-Learn)
  • Data Visualization in Python using marplot
  • Data Science with Python Web Scraping

Contact Details

+91 7010698643

7)      Asquare Technologies

Asquare Technologies is one of the foremost data analytics institutes in Ernakulam, they established a training academy that delivers data analytics. They are prepared with the essential knowledge and capabilities to deal with the ever-changing enterprise world. The important intention is to convert people into ready experts.

They are well-trained by thousands of companies and graduated from all over the world. There is a wide array of courses available for you to learn from including data analytics, data science, cyber security, and so on. Data analytics courses are taught by experts and you will have an opportunity to interact with a supportive community.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Oracle Database
  • Microsoft Excel Basics
  • Python Training Modules
  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop Visualisation
  • NumPy
  • Matplotlib

Contact Details

+91 7888385461

8)      EXCELR

ExcelR is one the best options among the institutes, offering the best possible data analytics courses in Ernakulam. Its foremost intention is to in particular provide people terrific reskilling and upskilling opportunities. It entails the lively participation of IBM.

The data analytics training program in Ernakulam will pave the way for those who are looking to secure a future in the technology field but at the same time be abreast with the latest industry trends.

Data evaluation professionals, and uncooked records employees from any subject with incredible logical and analytical thinking.

Fees: 44,599

Duration: 6 months

Course Curriculum

  • Excel
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI

Value Added Courses

  • Business Statistics
  • Fundamentals of R
  • Python
  • SAS (Self-Placed)

Contact Details


9)      NIIT

NIIT is the top option institute offering data analytics courses in Ernakulam. Developing key data analytics skills, they are preparing students for successful careers by supporting them. These middle abilities embody the capabilities and information required for an entry-degree profession as a facts analyst.

The data analytics training course in Ernakulam covers generative AI and provides students with the requisite technical skills but also other engineering and behavioural competencies. This helps you to stand out in today’s competition and expanding data-driven market.

This is one of the data analytics training institutes in Ernakulam that prepares students for their employment and allows them to transition between responsibilities seamlessly.

Fees: 1,15,999

Duration: 6 months

Data Analytics Courses in Ernakulam Curriculum

  • Analyze and visualize data using Excel
  • Use SQL to work with RDBMS
  • Python Programming
  • Data Analytics using Python Libraries
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Visualize data using Tableau
  • EDA using Tableau
  • Capstone project

Contact Details

+1 800 4612 9854

10)      EXPERTZ LAB

Expertlab is one of the foremost data analytics institutions in Ernakulam. You can learn best of the technologies like Big data, Angular, Hadoop, Spark, and Python based on Data science, Artificial Intelligence with machine learning, and deep learning.

  • They are committed to helping you to become an expert in advanced technologies.
  • Get an easy placement in IT companies, through systematic learning experience.

Expertzlab Technologies is the best software training institute in Ernakulam. TAET(Talent Acquisition on Emerging Technologies) works with company organizations on presenting professional engineers and company schooling delivery.

Their course includes all required knowledge of the industry implemented in the class using appropriate project cases. This training program is an easy path to an IT job as a software developer or data analyst with expertise in special techniques.

Course Curriculum

  • Advanced Python Programming (2 Months)
  • Hadoop-based programming (1.5 Months)
  • PySpark (1 Month)
  • Cloud Computing (2 weeks)
  • Cloud Analytics (1 Month)

Contact Details

+91 7098546387


What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data is a massive collection of different data-structured, unstructured, and semi
structured that are constantly generated at high speeds and volumes. 

Terabytes or petabytes are famous gadgets of dimension for massive data. A petabyte is equivalent to 1,00,000 gigabytes.

Can a data analyst have a successful career in India?

Data analyst or plan to pursue being one in India, you’re in some interesting possibilities. As a result, if data analysts will be in demand indefinitely with substantial investments in AI and machine learning, India’s FinTech business is expected to develop to become the world’s third-largest.

How can doing Data Analytics courses in Ernakulam help you advance your career?

The advancement of Big data necessitates the hiring of more professionals to convert the vast amount of raw data into meaningful information based on market value obtaining insights and making better choices.

Trending activity possibilities in data analytics will gain the developing want for information analytics specialists who can outline Big data, find hidden patterns, become aware of possibilities, and generate insights. For commercial enterprise improvement, as growing numbers of companies.


The opportunity to embark on a new career path in data analytics to build a bright future. The importance and necessity of data analysts in the contemporary age is completely data-driven. As people have realized the significance of data, they have begun to use it to boost their business ventures as our reliance on data grows. Fluency in languages such as SQL, Python, and others.

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