Top 9 GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum With Placements

In the year 2017, the Indian Government introduced the GST Act with the objective of “one nation – one tax”. This was done to reduce the rates of goods and services for a better economy of the nation. This is the single indirect tax to reduce the burden of complex various taxes implied for goods and services like service tax, value added tax, purchase tax, etc. The advantages of the GST Act imposed by the Indian government are for businesses, consumers, and the nation as a whole. This article will guide you through the best GST certification courses in Trivandrum.


List of best GST certification courses in Trivandrum


The Key Benefits Are:

  • The taxpayers have been reduced from the burden of complicated numerous forms of taxes. The service tax, central excise, etc have been merged into one and it is easily paid by the taxpayers. 
  • Small-scale businesses have been exempted from this indirect tax GST. Hence the government has landed their support to the small traders for massive growth which in turn has proven to improve the economy of the country. 
  • With this online organized payment of taxes, all kinds of businesses have been given a trustworthy appearance and proven to be legit. The liability of the unorganized sectors has increased. 
  • With the presence of GST, there has been a massive growth in the GDP of the country. The Indian Tax System has found a smooth path without any flaws there has been the removal of bribes and tex theft. 
  • There is an elimination of paying each state differently by the e-commerce sector. 


The Advantages of Taking GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum for the Common Public Are 

  • It has shown that people who have taken up the GST certification courses in Trivandrum have experienced a rise in their salary structure by 15%- 25% on average. 
  • GST certification courses have proven to have expanded job opportunities for the common public. 
  • People who have acquired a certificate from one of the top institutes for GST courses in Trivandrum have opened their consultancy firms and at the same time hired their junior companions for the roles suitable to them. 

For the utilization of all these advantages to their maximum use, it is essential to take GST certification courses in Trivandrum. 


What is the GST Certification Course?

The GST council of the Indian Government keeps updating tax rates, GST policies, and modes of claiming GST funds for which a GST practitioner should be updated all the time to uphold their job. It is essential to take GST certification courses to be updated with the current development of the various policies by the Government.

The top companies are always in dire need of expert GST practitioners who have constantly updated knowledge of the new policies by the Government. This GST tax implementation has proven to have increased job openings for the taxation and accounting sector.

A well-educated certified GST practitioner who has in-depth knowledge of the updated GST rules and regulations has a scope to increase the avenue by starting a tax consultancy firm. An aspiring GST practitioner must be looking forward to a promising career in the taxation domain.

He/she must have in-depth knowledge of the GST Law. Must be constantly updated with the GST portal and its procedures of return filing, registrations, and refund filing for the companies. Each industry has different rules and regulations for the GST. To be able to understand all of the above key points, it is essential to take up a certified GST certification course in Trivandrum. 


There Are 4 Types of GST and a Certified GST Practitioner Must Be Well-versed in All of These. Namely, They Are:

  • Central goods and services tax (CGST)
  • State goods and services tax (SGST)
  • Integrated goods and services tax (IGST)
  • Union territory goods and services tax (UTGST) 


The Kinds of Positions the Aspirant Can Apply for at the Top Companies After Completing a Certified GST Course Are: 

  • Taxation research analyst 
  • Taxation manager 
  • GST legal practice 
  • GST compliance practice 
  • GST Trainer 
  • GST practitioner 


Eligibility Criteria to Become a Certified GST Practitioner

Eligibility criteria of the candidate who desires to take up the GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum:

  • Graduate or postgraduate in the commerce, law, banking, auditing, business management, administration, and accountancy stream
  • Chartered accountant (CA) of India 
  • Passed by the Institute of cost accountants of India 
  • Passed by the Institute of company secretaries of India 
  • Finance professional 
  • Should be an Indian citizen 
  • Shouldn’t be convicted for any criminal activity and not served two or more years of imprisonment. 
  • Possess a degree in commerce, law, or banking from a recognized Indian university 
  • Or if possess a degree from a foreign university then it should be equivalent to the degrees by the Indian Government for commerce, law, or banking. 
  • Must have an experience of 2 years and more in the commercial tax department of any state or central Government
  • Must have an experience of 5 years and more as a sales tax practitioner or tax return payee
  • Pass the final examination for ICAI, ICSI or ICMAI 
  • Pass the GST Practitioner exam (GSTP). It is conducted twice a year by NACIN. They provide 2 years to complete the assessment. 
  • Earn a GSTP license after passing the exam 
  • Register on the GST portal to start the practice 


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GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum

There are numerous institutes for GST Certification courses in Trivandrum that provide the constantly updated syllabus for the rules and regulations for the indirect tax i.e GST by the Indian Government. 



This online platform has become a drastically high-rated institute to provide professional GST certification courses in Trivandrum due to its practical course syllabus, which is updated constantly, and the mentors are highly experienced in this field. The mentors prepare the aspirants with industry-standard mock interviews.

There is extensive guidance for successful clearance of the GSTP exam held by NACIN. The fee for this GST certification course is INR 2900+GST. The high-grade training will polish the skills of the aspirant to be able to crack jobs at globally recognized companies in the nation.

After gaining the certificate of this GST course, the roles the aspirant can apply for are – tax consultant, account manager, tax filing expert, and tax analyst. The aspirant will become capable to start their own consultancy business. 


The Details of This GST Certification Course Are:

  • The lectures are for 16 hours and there are practical assignments to be completed and submitted weekly. 
  • Helps to gain assess to valuable e-books, tools, and software
  • Lifetime access to all the live and recorded sessions by the experienced mentors 
  • Updated GST course syllabus 
  • Live interactive sessions for doubt clearance 
  • Flexible sessions 
  • Tips and tricks to become the best certified GST Practitioner 
  • MSME Government of India recognized master GST certification from the institute 
  • Online support 


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  • Introduction to GST and its practice for all the trade 
  • GST framework 
  • Registrations and process 
  • Invoicing rules and regulations 
  • GST return filing 
  • Composition plan under GST 
  • RCM 
  • E-Way bill 
  • Input tax credit and payment 



The Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation is recognized by the Kerala Government. The most appreciated is its postgraduate diploma in GST (PGD-GST). The eligibility criteria to enroll for the GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum is to have a degree in B.Com, BBA, BSc, Law, CA, CMA, CS, PGDT, CTS, or equivalent to these by the university recognized by the Government of India. 

The duration of this course is 120 hours where the practical knowledge of the GST Act, its procedures, and accounting is provided for the trending industry standards. After clearing 5 exams which are for 3 hours and of 100 marks each held by the institute, the GST certificate is earned by the students. 

The student’s skills are polished in these categories’ constitutional provisions, tax invoicing, anti-evasion measures, and accounting error rectifications. The fee for these GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum is INR 20,069 + 900 for each exam. For the ease of the students, a 3-installment process is also given by this government-recognized institute. 



  • GST- law and practice 1 and 2
  • IGST: law and practice 
  • Accounting and management for GST 
  • Taxation economics and general laws 

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite

3. Udemy

This online platform is highly trusted for short-term GST-certified courses in Trivandrum. The duration of the course is 7 hours 11 minutes which is divided into 14 parts. The nominal fee is 499 INR after a 65% discount on the actual price of 1299 INR. This is for beginners who dive deep into the topic and get practical training.

The queries are easily and in no time answered in the comment section by the mentors which benefits other students too. The renowned worldwide companies which have advised and asked their employees to take this GST Certification Course in Trivandrum are Nasdaq, WordPress, Box, NetApp, and Eventbrite. 



  • Introduction to GST structure, types of returns, due dates, documentation, and process of filing for registration. 
  • Online application for PAN 
  • Online application for TAN 
  • Registration for digital signature certificate and installation designer
  • Online GST registration for a normal taxpayer 
  • Online GST registration for practitioners
  • New returns dashboard- managing profile and changing the return type 
  • Form GST ANX-1 (details of outward imports and inward supplies ATTRACTING RCM)
  • Form GST AXN-2 (details of auto-drafted inward supplies)
  • Form GST RETURN 1 (it is the filing of returns by normal taxpayers- on monthly basis) 
  • Form GST RET-2 (it is the filing of returns by Sahaj taxpayers- every quarter)
  • Form GST RET-3 (it is the filing of returns by sugar taxpayers- every quarter)
  • Filing GSTR-1 and importing e-way bill data in GSTR-1 (part 1)
  • Filing GSTR-1 and importing e-way bill data in GSTR-1 (part 2)
  • Filing GSTR-1 and importing e-way bill data in GSTR-1 (part 3)
  • Downloading, installing, and uploading invoices in GSTR-1 / taking actions in GSTR
  • Viewing GSTR- 2 A 
  • Filing GSTR- 3B
  • Filing GSTR- 3B nil return 
  • Creating and filing details in form GST-CMP-08
  • Viewing GSTR-4A 
  • Filing GSTR- 5
  • Filing GSTR- 5A
  • Filing GSTR-6
  • GSTR- 6A
  • Filing GSTR-7
  • GSTR-7A
  • Filing GSTR-8
  • Filing GSTR-9
  • Filing GSTR-10 
  • Filing GSTR- 11 
  • GSTR3B, GSTR 4, GSTR 6, GSTR 7, GSTR 8, GSTR 9, GSTR9A, 9C, GSTR10, GSTR11 by offline 
  • Tracking returns status 
  • Viewing e-filed returns 
  • Comparison of liability declared, and ITC claimed 
  • Filing TDS and TDS credit received 
  • Filing form GST ITC-01 – declaration for the claim of ITC on new GST registration 
  • Form CMP-02 opts for a composition scheme 
  • Form CMP-04 withdrawal from the composition scheme 
  • Form CMP-03 intimation of stock details by migrated taxpayers 
  • Amendment, tracking, and cancellation of GST registration 
  • Refund pre-application, viewing applied, tracking refund status on GSTN 
  • Accessing Acts, rules, amendments, notifications, etc relating to GST Law
  • Searching taxpayer services on the GST Government website 
  • Bonus lectures by experienced mentors 


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The Additional Skill Acquisition Program is in partnership with TEPL Tally education, and its online GST certification course is for 45 hours for a nominal fee of 8100 INR. The institute provides an ease to the students through Canara bank skill loan availability. The expert mentors have imbibed varied business scenarios such as case studies, and charts, on the tally for practical learning with flexible hours of training.


The Recruiting Partners for This Renowned Institute Are: 

  • Indian Institute of textile training 
  • Galax tax consultancy 
  • Fourth estate limited 
  • Angadi ventures 
  • Chippalakatti and company 



  • Fundamentals of GST 
  • Implementation of GST and its updated rules 
  • Practicing GST using TALLY 
  • GST e-invoicing 
  • Input tax credit set off against liability 
  • E-way bill report in TALLY 
  • Composition dealer under the GST regime 
  • Recording advanced entries 
  • GST adjustments and return filing 



This is a Tally with GST course. It conducts beginner and advanced-level sessions. There’s lifetime access to its student portal, study materials, videos, and top MNC interview questions. The mentors have an experience of a decade in this field. The total course duration is 40 hours.

More than 3 projects are to be completed within a specific time with more than 25 assignments also. The fee for these GST certification courses in Trivandrum is 12000 INR. 


Module 1: 

  • Introduction to Accounting 
  • Types of accounts 
  • Accounting principles and their concept details 
  • Mode of Accounting 
  • Rules of Accounting 
  • Double entry system of bookkeeping

Module 2:

  • Introduction to TALLY ERP 9
  • History of TALLY
  • Versions of TALLY
  • Company Features 
  • Configuration 
  • Getting functions with TALLY ERP 9
  • Creation and setting up of company in TALLY ERP 9 

Module 3: 

  • Accountimasterers in TALLY ERP 9
  • Chart of groups 
  • Groups 
  • Multiple groups 
  • Ledgers 
  • Multiple ledgers 

Module 4: 

  • Inventory masters in TALLY ERP 9
  • Stock groups 
  • Multiple stock groups 
  • Units of measure 
  • Godowns 
  • Stock items 

Module 5: 

  • Vouchers entries in TALLY ERP 9
  • Introduction 
  • Types of vouchers 
  • Chart of vouchers 
  • Accounting vouchers 
  • Inventory vouchers 
  • Invoicing 

Module 6: 

  • Advance accounting in TALLY ERP 9
  • Bill-wise details 
  • Cost centers and cost categories 
  • Multiple currencies 
  • Interest calculations 
  • Budget and controls 
  • Scenario management 
  • Bank reconciliation 

Module 7: 

  • Advance inventory in TALLY ERP 9 
  • Order processing 
  • Recorder levels
  • Batch-wise details 
  • Bill of materials 
  • Different actual and billed quantities 
  • Price lists 
  • Zero-valued entries 
  • Additional cost details 
  • POS 

Module 8: 

  • VAT 
  • VAT reports 
  • CST 
  • TDS 
  • TDS reports 
  • TCS 
  • TCS reports 
  • EXCISE reports 

Module 9: 

  • Service tax 
  • Service tax reports 

Module 10: 

  • Technological advantages in TALLY ERP 9 
  • TALLY vault 
  • Security controls 
  • TALLY audit 
  • Backup and restore 
  • Split company data 
  • Import and export data
  • Printing reports and cheques 

Module 11:

  • Financial statements 
  • Trading account 
  • Profit and loss account 
  • Balance sheet 
  • Accounts books and reports 
  • Inventory books and reports 
  • Exception reports 
  • Statutory reports 
  • Payroll reports 
  • Trail balance 
  • Daybook 
  • List of accounts 
  • Stock Summary 

Project 1: To Create stock groups and stock items for the GST compliance 

Project 2: Create a sales ledger, purchase, sales, sales tax, central tax, integrated tax, stock item names, and GST scales. 

The Hiring Partners for Completing the Industry-recognized GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum Are: 

  • Cognizant 
  • HDFC 
  • DELL
  • HP
  • SAP 
  • HCL 


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This is a renowned platform for leading accounting training. The highlight of the GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum by this institute is that it enhances the skills of the aspirants in the fields of valuation, time and supply, tax payment, tax collections, returns, levy, input tax credit, GST and practice on GSTN using TALLY.

The prime topic of education is the goods and services act, payment, submission, calculations, computation, and charging of goods and services tax. The assessments help the aspirants in calculating GST input tax credits and reports. The complementary module of the GST Certification Courses in Trivandrum consists of reverse charge mechanism, claim the input tax credit, returns and filings, e-way bills, and steps to generate e-way invoices.

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


ICMAI stands for the Institute of Cost Accountants of India which lies under the act of parliament therefore this is the most trusted platform for the GST certification course in Trivandrum. The sessions are held online for 72 hours by the most experienced mentors in the field.

The study materials are accompanied by mock test papers which enhance the skills of the students as per industry standards. Regular online assessments are to be completed within a specified time, and after clearing it all, the certificate is earned which is recognized by the nation. 


8. CA Club 

This is an online institute for professionals in finance and taxation with the updated syllabus as per the guidelines set by the union budget and GST council. The duration of the GST Certification course is 61 hours of video lectures. An e-book on GST is provided in the student’s study material. The GST laws and regulations are taught with practical case studies. The access to this course material is for 2 months by its students. 


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9. Henry Harvin 

This certified online GST practitioner course is for 32 hours and has more than 5 GST projects, more than 15 assignments, and more than 20 quizzes to be attended by the aspirants. 


Module 1: 

  • Supply or levy 
  • Place of supply 
  • Value of supply 
  • Export and import 
  • E-way bills 

Module 2: 

  • Registrations of GST
  • Input tax credit 
  • ITC04
  • Transitional provisions
  • Job work in GST

Module 3: 

  • Accounts and Records
  • Invoice and Tax Payments
  • Time of Supply
  • Returns
  • Refunds

Module 4: 

  • Litigation Management
  • Audit and Assessments
  • Offenses and Penalties
  • Demand and Recovery

Complimentary Module 1: 

  • Soft Skills Development and Training

Complimentary Module 2: 

  • Resume Writing and Portfolio Development


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Q1. How much can I earn after taking GST certification courses in Trivandrum? 

For beginners in the field, the salary is around 50,000 INR per annum. To earn more requires years of experience and the salary increases approximately to 5-7 lakhs per annum. The more experience in the field, the position rises to be a taxation manager, and the salary that is trending in the market is approximately 13 lakhs per annum.  


Q2. What are the different job models to pursue after taking the GST certification courses? 

Setting up a taxation consultancy firm with a group of accountants is a good option as the profit margin is high in this field. For this, advertisement of the company is needed since that is how the customers are attracted which increases the revenue of the company. 


Q3. Does taking a GST Certification Course helpful for the GSTP exam? 

Yes,  since the course has all the topics for GST. 


Q4. What are the prerequisites for enrolling in a GST Practitioner course? 

An individual should have an introductory knowledge of the topic of the indirect tax system in India before taking up GST certification courses. 


Q5. What are the expected job positions and expected salary after the completion of the GST certification course in Trivandrum? 

  • Accounts executive- the expected salary is 1,20,000- 1,80,000 INR per anum. 
  • Junior accountant- GST – the expected salary is 1,08,000- 1,62,000 INR per anum.
  • Audit executive and its expected salary is 1,00,000- 1,50,000 INR per anum.  



Since every business for its goods and services has to file for GST, there is a great need for GST practitioners in every field, and there is a hike in the salary structure for their constantly updated knowledge of each rule and regulation imposed by the Indian Government. To know the level of training one needs for their career, there are demo classes conducted online as well as offline by the recognized institutes in Trivandrum. Professionals as well as beginners who have acquired a GST certificate for a “certified GST Practitioner” from a nationally recognized platform are in high demand in every corporate sector in Trivandrum. 

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