Top 8 Creative Writing Courses in Kerala With Certificates

Creative writing course has become an in-demand course at present in the world as we can choose the career as a freelancer or else can go to job. Everyone who is interested in creative writing courses can start their career and make a living through it. It is a process of expressing our ideas, emotions, and thoughts through writing where we attract the readers and audience to our content. You can learn this skill by enrolling in the creative writing courses in Kerala listed in the article.


List of best creative writing courses in Kerala


What is Creative Writing?


Before going into depth, first of all, let us understand what is meant by creative writing so that it will be easy to understand how it works. So creative writing is one of the biggest forms of writing where imagination is used in telling a story. The main motive of a creative writer is to create an emotional impact in the reader’s mind by going through the story.


Creative writing goes outside the line of professional, technical, or academic ways of expressing and writing. A creative writer uses his imaginative ideas to express his thoughts and emotions to create an imaginative story so beautiful. The story created by the writer should be very particular with ideas and imagination, it should be new and expressive content to attract the reader through the stories.


The main goal of a content writer should be to attract the reader where we need to grab their attention and interest in our Stories. The work is so precise that a creative writer should also design the character’s behavior and also be more specific with the vocal tone of the characters and dialogues which we need to create an impression and attract the reader’s mind.


Categories of Creative Writing


  • Novels
  • Scripts
  • Short stories include Fiction, Nonfiction, Drama, Poetry
  • Plays, TV Scripts, and Screenplay
  • Letters
  • Blogging


Must-Have Skills For Creative Writing:


  • Creative Thinking: The inventive author desires inventive ideas as he has to work on heaps of stories and draw in the readers’ minds, so it takes heaps of effort of exertion and thinking to come up with improved and smart ideas with an emotional story.


  • Communication Skills: Communication is one of the foremost tools for inventive authors as they have to be compelled to have improved skills associated with the communication. They grab heaps of readers along with their communication and means of presenting the concept wherever all individuals will perceive and might undergo the stories.


  • Research Skills: The content writer heaps analysis associated with the story he’s presenting and also the character has to be compelled to be bestowed, so wherever we are able to attract readers, therefore analysis has to be in serious trouble and improved growth.


  • Marketing Skills: After being done with our story, there needs to be a lot of marketing work as all the people need to know that our product has been launched. So we need to be better at the marketing stage where there are a lot of ways we can do marketing through books, E-books, Online Media, Blogging, etc.


  • Editing Skills: In the world where technology has been developed, we’d like to be an all-rounder and like to manage all the items by ourselves, therefore writing is one among the necessary within the story wherever we are able to attract heaps of individuals or browsers to read our Books/stories by presenting with enticing pictures and concepts with an improved character’s presentation.


  • Time Management: It’s conjointly one among the necessary ones as we’d like to submit the article with a specific amount of your time, therefore managing the work on period plays a very important role within the state of affairs.


Jobs for Creative Writer:


  • Scriptwriter
  • Author
  • Copywriter
  • Ghostwriter
  • Journalist
  • Travel blogger
  • Editor
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Songwriter or screenwriter


Best Available Creative Writer Courses in Kerala:


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the top institutes and has proven to be one of the best-ranked training centers. They provide various professional courses, among them is the content writing course which covers a wide range of waiting types, and majorly focuses on creative writing.


This course helps individuals to develop their careers in writing and get hands-on experience with internship programs and tools. This institute is registered under MSME (Government of India). The course not only just gives an explanation but also helps with a lot of assignments, and weekly classes. They have an exceptional support system that welcomes you to ask your queries.


Candidates will have a portfolio generated and they will be guided to develop further. They provide lifetime support after the course on technical and consulting services. They help everyone to publish their own E-Book on different platforms.


Course Fees: INR 14900 + 18% GST


Advantages of Studying Content Writing Course by IIM Skills:

  • Dedicated placement as a freelancer or job, as per the person’s requirement
  • Portfolio development guided by the team
  • Publishing your own E-Book on the websites
  • HubSpot Certification & Certification from IIM Skills will be provided after completion of the course.
  • Lifetime Support from the team
  • 4 hours of live training classes and recorded sessions were provided if we missed out


Duration: 1 Month + 3 Months Internship


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2. Udemy


Udemy provides a variety of creative writing courses in Kerala, which are taught and explained by very well expert authors. This course will help you to understand the concept and jump-start your career as a creative writer. It provides online creative writing courses, targeting varied audiences, from students to professional working employees.


Udemy not only provides writing courses, but they also have different courses which are available online. It provides video lectures where we can learn by watching videos. If you are an expert in any particular subject taught in the lecture, you can skip that and move to another one, which is a great feature that makes time save. Their lessons are provided through case studies and explain the essential details of famous books and movies.


Course Fees:  INR 649

Duration: 12 Hours



  • There are a lot of videos where we can learn whenever we want
  • Assignments provided
  • We can download the course videos for further reference
  • A lot of courses provided in udemy where we can learn by paying


3. British Council of India


The British Council of India offers one of the best creative writing courses in Kerala. It is one of the recognized organizations which has been successfully running since 1948. It helps candidates to develop their style of writing and provides training to find their own taste in writing the content.


This course is designed for English experts. This course helps the person with plot developing, character development, dialogue writing and etc. It is a unique writing style with British Council’s Creative Writing Course – Module 1 Course. This course requires Upper-intermediate level (Level B2) English language level.


Course Fees:  INR 10,000



  • 36 Hours
  • 9 weeks
  • weekend online classes
  • all participants will be receiving digital certification upon completion of the course


Advantages of studying at the British Council of India

  • It helps to develop your unique writer’s way of thinking, writing, voice, and perspective.
  • It helps your creativity to find your expression
  • Enhance your knowledge of literature
  • Help you structure your thoughts


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IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

4. Skill Share


Skill Share is another E-learning platform where you will learn through creative writing courses in Kerala with some expert faculty and some powerful techniques to shape your content. This course is available for everyone, from beginners to experts. There are tutorials on tools and building topics story outlines, narration, and the development of interesting ideas within. They assist their students by providing assignments that help them to improve creative thinking and better ideas.


Course Fees: INR 1923


Duration: 1 Hour


Advantages of studying in Skillshare

  • 11 Lessons
  • Unlimited access
  • Revision classes
  • Free trial classes
  • Can choose their instructors


5. Coursera


Coursera provides creative writing courses in Kerala. The course is offered by Wesleyan University and provides three important categories of creative writing genres. You get to learn a lot through assignments, projects and learning unique techniques that most good writers use to compose a perfect story and are affected by a perfect character’s representation that are understood by readers with a lot of interest.


Course Fees: INR 4,657



  • 1 Hour per week
  • Flexible schedule


Advantages of studying in Coursera

  • It helps in the craft of the plot
  • The craft of character
  • The craft of setting and description
  • The craft of Style
  • Your own unique story


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6. Domesticate


It is also one of the E-Learning platforms where the trainers allow you to master your comfortable area through creative writing courses in Kerala. It is one of the affordable courses available, if you want to learn at a low price then this is the platform you can learn from. It is available in different languages, so if you want to learn the art of writing in your native language, this is an ideal place for you.


Course Fees: INR 359


Duration:  2 Hours


7. The Writers Bureau


As a freelancer or a job holder, you can earn a good income by writing the stories, articles, books, blogging, and scripts that editors and publishers want. The Writers Bureau has great study material that supports people to become better creative writers. The Creative writing courses in Kerala available can be learned by any category of age or background of studies. This was all started in 1989 and is very successfully providing the course to all the members who are interested in starting their career as a content writer with a lot of skills


Advantages of studying in The Writers Bureau

  • Expert faculty available for providing better classes
  • Techniques for better ideas and style of writing to improve
  • They advise us on how we need to publish and sell our work of book and content


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8. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)


Indira Gandhi National Open University has had a vision behind it, its thrust areas, its pedagogy, and major milestones have been in presence since 1985. They provide a diploma in creative writing in open distance learning with a course duration of one year.


This helps to learn a lot of things with excellent student material to help to improve our knowledge and skills in writing and build up our profile. In this, we need to take two compulsory and four elective courses. Candidates for this course should have a passion and knowledge of writing because it comes from interest and creative thinking.



  • 1 to 4-year course duration
  • Minimum Age- 20 Years
  • Two compulsory and four elective courses


Course Fees: INR 4000


Advantages of studying at Indira Gandhi National Open University

  • Online classes available
  • Expert Faculty
  • Helps us with the principles of writing
  • Short story
  • Writing for scripts and stories, media
  • improving our technical skills and the way the presentation of ideas and character development


These are some of the best creative writing courses in Kerala which provide online classes whereby sitting in our comfort we can learn the course and develop our skills. So let us know the advantages of becoming a creative content writer.

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Key Points For Becoming a Creative Writing Course


Creative writing courses in Kerala help you to work as a job person or can work as a freelancer as well where as per your comfort and perspective you can make it. It helps to construct and grow your careers. It uses imaginative power to tell the people what they want by engulfing them in the character of the story or by indulging them in the theme of the concept.


When you want to become a creative writer, you need to have a lot of interest and creative ideas and presentation of ideology and character representation, marketing, technical skills, etc. So we need to focus on the reader’s mindset and impact the emotion of the character.


  • Read More

The first important thing to be a good writer is first to be a good reader. Reading more and more books improves the knowledge and understanding of how to present the character and the content so that we can attract the reader’s mind and interest. Studying different categories of Books helps us to know about different ways of writing. We can understand vocabulary and the formats for different forms of writing like fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and so on.


  • Daily Practicing

The best way of becoming a creative writer is by writing up ideas, or writing something daily. Even a journal helps us to improve a lot. We will never know if some good writings come out at some unexpected timing, so writing a poem, writing journals, listing out the ideas and content when it flashes ups in our mind, and even inspirational quotes also help out. Writing daily helps a lot and it increases our imagination power, ideas start to flow automatically which flows out in the form of words, and it comes out only through regular practice.


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  • Think in Readers Mindset and Understand it

Content writers’ main motive is understanding the reader’s mind and interest. We need to categorize and attract all age groups, their level of understanding, and cultural things. It is very important to understand the audience and then narrow down the tone and scope in a way that the audience can involve themselves in reading. A piece of writing impacts the emotional healing of the reader.


  • Maintaining a style in the writing of ourselves

Creating our particular way of writing in a better and more stylish way that attracts the readers needs a unique flair of writing style. So practicing writing daily, reading, and creative ideas help us to become better content writers. A writer with his own style of writing can easily grab the attention and become one of the best creative writers. This requires refined and polished pieces of work every time. It takes a lot of time, practice, and patience, but it can be achieved at last.


The Best Career Option as a Career Writer


 You can work as an employee or a freelancer. It is one of the best careers where we would be choosing which helps in not only writing content but also doing our own marketing, advertising making public relations, and attracting readers to our content. After the creative writing courses in Kerala, you can become a published author, Blogger, influence, Scriptwriter, and Songwriter. Much more opportunities are available once you take up the creative writing courses in Kerala. A career where we can work as we wish not a 24/7 or 9 to 5 job.




1. Can anyone become a creative writer by enrolling in creative writing courses in Kerala?

Becoming a creative writer depends upon the interest and skills of the person. With good communication, vocabulary, and grammar skills, anyone can become a creative writer. Even a student or working employee can make creative writing a good way of earning as there are a plethora of opportunities for freelance writers out there. There is no age limit to starting a career as a creative writer. Of course, you need to practice a lot and follow the guidelines given by the instructors during the course to develop these skills. But the end answer is, yes, you can become a pro writer by enrolling in creative writing courses in Kerala.


2. What are the key points to becoming a successful creative writer?

  1. Reading: Reading plays a major role in becoming a creative writer as reading helps us understand different categories of writing, and helps us to know about different ways of writing. We can understand vocabulary and the formats for different forms of writing like fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and so on. Reading is the must-have habit of aspiring writers as it truly builds a strong foundation of words and their meanings.
  2. Write: To remain motivated and makeup all the lists, ideas, and journals of your thoughts which helps a content writer to write a better story with better ideas and character representation.
  3. Understand your audience and your reader’s mindset: For a content writer, the main thing is the audience and readers’ interest and mindset where we can understand them and make an interesting story.


3. What is the maximum salary of a creative writer?

An average salary of a creative writer can be expected to be about INR 5,00,000 per annul. The minimum range is more than 2,00,000 per annum. Experienced experts will get a salary of around 8,00,000 lakh per annum.


4. Do the institutes providing creative writing courses in Kerala provide support from their end?

Yes!!! After the completion of the creative writing course, they provide internships in which they give assignments that help us to improve and sharpen our writing skills. They provide placement and have a dedicated placement cell available for the candidates, provided the students complete all the assignments and tasks on time which is assigned to them.




So these are some of the best creative writing courses in Kerala that we have tried to explain from our end. The demand for this course also increasing a lot nowadays as there is a great need for creative writers and content creators, bloggers, etc. We hope this article has given a detailed idea of the courses, tips, skills, and job opportunities for a creative writer. So practice a lot and become a better writer. Of course, it will take your hard work and dedication, but if you are passionate about writing and possess a deep interest in it, there is no doubt that the course mentioned above will give you a quick boost to your career and skills.


At this point, the only thing which is necessary is enrolling in your ideal course and mastering the tools and techniques to stable yourself in the crowd of so many existing successful writers. If you are motivated enough and have found your ideal course, then now is the time to take action and become a part of the most thrilling course that will give you a complete overview of the creative world.

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