Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Gujarat With Placements

Top data analytics institutes in Gujarat are selling their courses like Dhokla. Gujaratis are very mindful in choosing the best for them. They hardly settle for anything less than the best, whether it is about their food or business, or their studies. And these days if Data Analytics courses are booming not only in Gujarat but in the whole country, there must be a few good reasons.

So before moving ahead with the best data analytics courses in Gujarat and understanding why analyzing Data Analytics is setting trends in the markets across sectors, let us understand why Data Analysis is becoming one of the most high-in-demand jobs around the world.


List of best data analytics courses in Gujarat


It is crucial to understand what Data Analytics is all about. We will be focusing on the list of best institutes offering top Data Analytics courses in Gujarat, ahead in this article. Do you know Data Analyst salary in India is significantly higher than other software-related professionals? Let’s learn further.


What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to identify trends and make conclusions from the provided information. Data Analytics scientists have made incredible progress in automating sophisticated techniques & tools into mechanical processes and algorithms to help extract meaningful insights from raw data, making it much easier for humans to consume.

Data analytics allow you to visualize, analyze, and derive insights from data to maximize the impact of decisions. There are different tools in this category, such as spreadsheets and reporting tools data mining programs, or open-source languages are used for the greatest data manipulation.

It can also be used for making strategies to launch new products and services in the market. Before moving ahead with our exploration of top Data Analytics courses in Gujarat, let us understand the uses of Data Analytics first.


Uses of Data Analytics

  • It helps in churning out information from raw data to make conclusions
  • The mechanical processes and algorithms of Data Analytics make the raw data ready for human consumption.
  • It allows stakeholders to look into data from many perspectives.
  • It helps organizations to make strategies in various arena of operations like HR, Sales, Accounting, Marketing, etc.
  • The trends and metrics revealed by Data Analytics are used to optimize processes.
  • It is known to increase the overall efficiency of a business or system.
  • Organizations are using this to reduce operational costs.
  • It helps in attaining their ultimate goal i.e. customer satisfaction.
  • It can be used by researchers for approval or disapproval of new and old scientific models, theories, and hypotheses.


Why Data Analytics Courses Are a Hit These Days?

  • High demand in almost all sectors across the globe
  • Institutes claim to offer 100% placement
  • No coding background is needed
  • Availability of lots of jobs not only in India but also abroad
  • Classroom, as well as online courses, are available
  • Top institutes/ universities have launched their courses in Data Analytics
  • Professionals can easily shift into this area
  • One of the highest-paid Software job


Current Salary Trends in Data Analytics

Research indicates that the salaries in Data Analytics are gaining a hike regularly. The current Data Analytics salaries are:


Data Science Job roles Average Salary per Annum
Data Scientist ₹698,413 per year
Data Engineer ₹8,56,643 per year
Data Analyst ₹424,414 per year


Skills Required for the Profile of a Data Analyst 

Let us now have a deep look into the skillset required for such a promising career like Data Analytics. These are:


1. Solid Domain Knowledge and Understanding

Business understanding is a necessary and sufficient skill if you aspire to become a data analyst. The higher the skill, the higher will the salary. To understand the variables in a business, Data Analytics needs problem-solving skills along with analytical skills. The professionals must strongly hold on to the knowledge of external and internal factors that affect the growth of that sector.


2. Mathematics & Statistics

Objective decision-making is another important skill. To be able to take decisions objectively, everyone relies on Mathematics and Statistics as they support finding patterns and segments, and making future predictions based on past data. Data analysts use prediction algorithms, classification, and clustering algorithms to arrive at the best possible solution.


3. Technical Skills

To identify and solve complex business problems and situations, Data Analysts need to go through data sets with technical skills. It is very important to have an understanding and knowledge of technical tools such as R, Python, SQL, etc.


4. Soft Skills

Communication skills are needed to be an effective translator of technical knowledge and complex statistics. Using the right language and communicating concepts in a way that everyone will understand is important. For impactful communication, the use of great communication skills and visualization tools like QlikView, ggplot, Tableau, etc., become significant.


Data Analytics Course Deliverables

A Data Analytics course promises a very good career option and job opportunities globally. One of the top Data Analytics Courses in Gujarat may provide you with the following course takeaways or deliverables:

  1. Certification (UG or PG Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate)
  2. Placement Assurance and Assistance
  3. A wide range of career
  4. Learning, understanding, and acquiring working knowledge of the following topics:
  • Understanding and working knowledge of concepts
  • Excel in SQL concepts
  • Coding in Python
  • Gaining the understanding, skill, and working knowledge in Python’s
  • Basics of R in-depth and writing R scripts
  • Excel in R programming
  • Classification methodologies for data analysis
  • Understand and have a working knowledge of  clustering methods
  • Foundations of business analytics
  • The latest Microsoft analytics and visualization tools
  • Tableau statistics
  • Various visualization techniques


5 Top Data Analytics Courses in Gujarat

The long-term top Data Analytics courses in Gujarat are of two types:


Undergraduate Courses

The courses like B Tech in Data Analytics, and B. Sc. in Data Analytics are the courses belonging to this category of undergraduate courses. These courses range from 3-4 years of duration. Most of these courses happen to be full-time and Classroom courses.

The eligibility criteria for these courses are a little tough and require a minimum percentage of 45-50% of marks in the 12th class with mathematics as one of the subjects. A good score in IIT-JEE and GUJCET is strictly required for admission to the institutes providing these courses.


Post Graduate Courses

These courses are mainly of the type of Post Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics. These courses range from 2 years to 11 /10 months of dedication. Full-time courses are for the freshers passing out with their graduation degrees.

While online courses might be an option for the one already working and wanting to pursue up-skilling and better job opportunities. Internet figures show that people get good hikes in salaries by adding these skills to their skill set.


Keeping this article focused on the 5 top Data Analytics courses in Gujarat with 100 % placement only, details of a few good online course options are the additional treat for our readers.


Let Us Go With Our List of The Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Gujarat.


Rank #1. Data Analysis Courses in Gujarat

1. Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management, Ahmedabad

AITDM, formerly known as the Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management, was established in 2020. With approval from AICTE, it offers a selection of impressive management-related programs. The faculty members at this university are highly experienced and the campus is also rich in modern facilities.

It has an in-house studio for conducting interactive sessions with students from all over the world and for providing online teaching. The infrastructure is truly remarkable! The course provided by Adani Institute is ‘PGDM in Big Data Analytics which is one of the top Data Analytics Courses in Gujarat.

The Duration of this course is 2 years as this is a Post Graduate Diploma course. The fees for this course are Rs 10 lakhs. Anyone seeking admission must score at least 50% marks in the graduation overall. The entrance exams considered for giving admission are CAT, XAT, CMAT, MAT, and ATMA.

However, admission can be secured only by cracking Personal Interview with Adani’s admission panel. The institute has successfully placed 100% of students for summer placements with paid internships. This makes them one of the top Data Analytics Courses in Gujarat.

Since this is the first batch of Data Analytics, the institute is very hopeful for many big companies to visit their institute for job placement.


Rank #2. Data Analysis Courses in Gujarat

2. Narayana Business School, Ahmedabad

Narayana Business School, Ahmedabad is a premier institute offering Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in Data Science and Analytics. The course equips students with the knowledge and skills to become successful data analysts and professionals.

It provides insight into the world of data science and analytics, allowing them to develop their analytical capabilities to understand complex problems. The program also focuses on teaching students how to use AI tools for making better decisions and building models for predicting outcomes.

With its industry-oriented curriculum, Narayana Business School provides students with the necessary skill set to become successful data scientists in the future. The fee for this program is INR 10.85 lakh. The institute expects its students to score 50-65 % in their graduation exams with a valid good score in MAT, XAT, CAT, CMAT, and NBSAT.

Narayana Business School claims to have a 22+ year record of 100% placements. As per their records, their students have bagged 32 lakhs per annum salary in placements. Based on the lowest possible fees and highest possible placements, Narayana Business School claims to be one of the top Data Analysis Courses in Gujarat for PGDM College in Ahmedabad


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Rank #3. Data Analysis Courses in Gujarat

3. Navrachana University (NUV), Vadodara      

Navrachana University provides 3 year B. Sc. (Data Science). No entrance exam is required to seek admission to Navrachana. However, this does not make the admission process easy. One needs to crack the Personal Interview conducted with the admission panel, besides having at least 50% marks in the 12th class.

The uniqueness of this program is that the program is based on project-based learning with applications applicable to real-life situations. Working on both projects and internships is a great way to hone skills and gain valuable insights into the corporate world.

It provides you with an opportunity to develop the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the company, as well as build positive relationships with colleagues. Not only do these experiences help you gain knowledge and expertise in your chosen field, but they also give you a chance to explore different career paths and find out what kind of job suits you best.

They claim to be one of the top 3 universities in Gujarat. Providing full assistance in final placements is one of the reasons for claiming this rank and becoming one of the top Data Analytics courses in Gujarat.


Rank #4. Data Analysis Courses in Gujarat

4. Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT), Gandhinagar

DA-IICT is a well-known institute accredited with an ‘A’ grade by the NAAC since 2017. It offers graduate-level as well as post-graduate-level courses. These are B. Sc. and M. Sc. in Data Science. The fee structure is on the relaxed side in comparison to other institutes in Gujarat however the entry criteria are relatively difficult.

For admission to B Sc. in Data Analytics, a very good score in JEE –mains or GUJCET is a must. For M. Sc. no entrance exam is required but the applicant must have scored at least 60% marks in B. Sc. or B tech degrees. The program relies on a wide range of teaching methods including lectures; the learning process at this program is mainly based on hands-on experience, which comes in the form of tutorials, case studies, lab practices, and projects.

Students are expected to apply the knowledge they acquired through mini-projects and case studies. If you are already a Data Analyst Professional looking for upskilling, this is one of the best options for top Data Analytics Courses in Gujarat for you.

DA-IICT’s campus placements is an incredible opportunity that gives students a head start on their career. It allows them to break through into the professional world immediately after they complete their studies. Not only this, but students can gain valuable experience through engaging with industry professionals in their placement drives. This helps them build connections, which can be beneficial for their future career prospects.


Rank #5. Data Analysis Courses in Gujarat

5. Parul University, Vadodara

Awarded as the best university in Placements by ASSOCHAM and the best university in Praxis media, Parul University offers B. Tech in Big Data and Analytics which is a 4 years Data Analytics Course. The fee range is INR 3.61 L. One may apply for admission if the marks in the 12th class are more than 45% and have appeared in JEE Mains or GUJCET competitive exams.

The University houses an array of faculties and institutes, offering diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various disciplines. It’s truly a great resource for higher education. Parul University successfully placed all 1460 students in 2022. 1024 recruiters from various companies participated in the placement drive and helped students achieve their career goals.

They have a 100% placement rate with major recruiters such as E6 Data, Josh Technologies, MG Motors, Reliance Industries, Adani Group, etc. The highest package was INR 30 LPA and the average was INR 7 LPA. The overall strengths of Parul University make its course the best and the top Data Analytics courses.


Top Recruiters for Data Analytics Graduates


1. Myntra

Myntra is a well-known established brand name in the e-commerce fashion industry. Its popularity can be estimated by a figure that in July 2022, 33 million domestic visits were recorded to its website.


2. Fractal Analytics

It is one of the top analytics service providers in the country. It provides custom-made analytics solutions for multinationals and upcoming businesses. It has many clients among Fortune 500 companies from industries like retail, insurance, and technology,


3. Amazon

Mammoth e-commerce companies around the world, there is hardly anyone who has not listened to its name and used its services. It utilizes Data Analysts for several core operations like supply chain optimization, fraud, and fake review detection, multivariate testing, inventory, and sales forecasting, advertising optimization, and HR analytics.


4. Deloitte

A well-established IT brand offerings services like consulting, financial advisory, tax, audit, and enterprise risk across the globe.


5. LinkedIn

It is one of the first organizations to hire a team of Data Scientists and Analysts. LinkedIn is a social networking service catering to professionals to grow their network.


6. MuSigma

It claims to be the largest solution provider of decision science and analytics. Headquartered in Chicago, US, it has offices world-over, with its central delivery hub in Bangalore.


7. Flipkart

It is the country’s leading e-commerce company. Due to its growing business, Flipkart has a huge demand for Data Scientists and Analysts.


8. IBM

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an IT giant. It provides consulting and multinational technology solutions to clients all across the globe.


9. Accenture

Accenture is a global professional services company. It provides services in digital, cloud, and security. It is a well-known organization in India.


10. Citrix

Citrix is a US-based organization offering several IT services in India including networking, cloud computing technology, and SaaS. Citrix ropes in Data Analytics in its projects to help businesses strategize decision-making and predict results.


11. ScienceSoft.

ScienceSoft is an IT consulting service provides which uses Data analytics tools and technologies for financial, customer, supply chain, and product analytics. It is headquartered in Texas, United States.




1. Why is Data Analytics getting so popular these days?

Data analytics is getting so much more popular these days because it helps businesses optimize their performances. Inculcating Data Analytics into the business models means organizations can help reduce operating costs and maximize profits by identifying more efficient ways of doing business. With the help of the tools and techniques of Data Analytics, companies can identify better business decisions and can enhance customer satisfaction. Trends churned out from data analytics can also lead companies to launch new and better products and services.


2. Which sector has the best job opportunities for Data Analytics?

Travel, Retail, Information Technology, and Hospitality sectors are the leading sectors to adopt Data Analytics. As these industries are quick revenue-generating players, they can collect customer data and find out the problem areas, if any, and fix them strategically. Healthcare is also emerging as another sector that is using Data analytics in making swift decisions by combining high volumes of structured and unstructured data.


3. Are online courses in Data Analytics gaining much popularity these days?

Online courses are extremely beneficial if you are working full-time. And you want to gain certifications and knowledge to upskill yourself. Upskilling at regular intervals according to the needs of the industry not only keeps you updated but also helps you to move up in the hierarchy. Online certifications are also good for professionals who want to switch their sector.


4. Why Data Analytics courses are selling like hotcakes?

Necessity is the mother of invention. Data Analytics is becoming a trend in markets globally. More and more professionals are required to meet this demand. Hence, with the increase in jobs, institutes can claim and offer a good rate of placements.



Data Analytics is the current trend of doing research and analyzing trends in the market. Lots of sectors like retail, IT, hospitality, etc have already adopted Data Analytics for finding bottlenecks in systems. There are many courses available in Data Analytics at UG and PG levels. There are lots of good institutes available in Gujarat for Data Analytics courses. A good range of UG, PG, and Diploma courses are available with these institutes along with a few very good online courses by the best of the institutes /universities.

Interested students can approach the college for further details on the admission process, depending upon the type, of course, they are interested in and eligible for. There are many good universities offering UG and PG courses in Data Analytics along with attractive placements. Out of these Parul University is awarded as the best university for placements and facilities. Navrachna University is another university giving tough competition to Parul University.