Top 6 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur

Managing money in daily life may be simple. But business must be handled carefully when it comes to the management of money. Business accounting alone determines whether a company is in or out of business. Business success or failure partly depends on how wisely a firm manages its accounts. There will undoubtedly be a significant need for accountants because the Indian economy is currently experiencing growth in the start-up sector. The tax would be affixed to business accounts. Therefore, an understanding of accounting without taxation is lacking. Here, some of the business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur make your search easier.


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur


Maintaining a spending log is a routine task for laypeople. But when it comes to business, there are numerous factors that must be taken into account, including new accounting and taxation software and technologies, new tax legislation, and the sort of firm for which the accounts will be maintained.

All of these things are crucial to the accounting and taxes processes for businesses. The only way to do this is to do some study through the course. It is important to have knowledge of accounting and taxation before looking at the list of Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur.


What is Business Accounting and Taxation:


Business Accounting:

Accounting for business transactions, analyzing transitions, and summarizing records that include taxes and other necessary business items are all considered to be part of business accounting and taxation.  Study or course will give you in-depth and practical knowledge of all new technologies and software.

A company’s or corporation’s financial records show where it stands in the relevant market, which aids the organization in evaluating and comparing itself to its rivals. Small business owners engage accountants for a variety of activities, such as creating a business plan, offering guidance on the company’s revenue model, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, filing taxes, addressing any compliance-related concerns, etc.

Business accounting, which covers financial modeling, budget forecasts, and their use in corporate decision-making, is the subject of taxation. The major objective of the course is to give students a thorough understanding of the taxation system, payroll regulations, accounting auditing techniques, and other associated economic foundations.



There are mainly two types of taxes in business.

  • Direct tax

A direct tax is one that the person or business being taxed must pay. Direct taxes are paid to the government. Direct taxes include income and wealth taxes such as capital gains taxes, corporate taxes, wealth taxes, and income taxes. CBDT is in charge of overseeing direct taxes (Central Board of Direct Taxes).

Corporate tax is a tax on a corporation’s net income or profit. Dividend distribution, Minimum Alternative Tax, and Fringe Benefits Tax are the three different sorts of taxes.


  • Indirect tax

A tax that is levied on one person but paid for by another is known as an indirect tax. Or to put it another way, its weight can be changed. Taxes on products and services, including state-level VAT, excise taxes, customs duties, and GST.

GST, a form of indirect tax, was implemented to replace a number of federal and state taxes, including CENVAT (Central Excise Duty), service taxes, and VAT (Value Added Tax). The nation’s tax system should be uniform throughout the board. There will be input tax credits at every point in the supply chain so that only the value-added is taxed.


Types of GST:

  1. CGST- Central Government’s share of GST will go into the CGST account. This applies to intrastate transactions that take place within a single state.
  2. SGST – A state’s SGST (State Goods and Services Tax) is levied on all products and services.
  3. IGST – The Center will levy IGST, or Inter-State Goods and Services Tax, on interstate transactions. The Center and the consuming State will split the IGST’s revenue.
  4. UTGST – The supply of goods and services in the union territories of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Chandigarh, Daman and Diu, and Dadar and Nagar Haveli is subject to the UTGST—Union Territory Goods and Services Tax.


Before diving into the course selection, a few questions need to be asked to self.

  1. Why are a business accounting and taxation course necessary?
  2. Are a business accounting and taxation course a good fit for me?
  3. How do business accountant fare in the future?
  4. Financial gain as a business accountant
  5. Why take up Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur?
  6. What are the roles someone gets as a business accountant?


Why is a Business Accounting and Taxation Course Necessary?

When thinking of taking up a course in business accounting and taxation, you could have many questions as a student. Like why you should do this course, what is the importance of this course, what will be the future of this course, etc. Here, is a detailed analysis of all these questions.


  • Why:

Accounting and taxation are important parts of the business. Basic knowledge of accounting and taxation is not sufficient to take up business to the next level. Proper skills for account and tax management need to be developed as an individual. Nowadays computer is also a part of any business activity. For accounting and taxation purposes, software knowledge is required. Which can be learned in the latest business accounting and taxation courses.


  • Is accounting skill itself not sufficient to manage the account of a business?

Accounting is a basic calculation skill, but with only calculations cannot get an actual idea of any business. For making various financial reports, and analysis of profit and loss in business various tools are required. To gain that added skills with calculation, a business accounting, and taxation course is required.


Is Business Accounting and Taxation a Good Fit for Me?

Business accounting and taxation are primarily for those who are in the commerce field. But when it comes to business accounting and taxation then all the latest tools and techniques need to be put into practice. Graduate and undergraduate students can apply to this course who have a keen interest in accountancy.


  • If you are a student

Students who have graduated in the commerce stream and want to level up their skills can join this course.


  • Working professionals like MBA/CA/CS

Work professionals, who already doing well in their profession but want to upgrade their skills for their own growth can take up this course.


  • Career break, want to resume

People who have a career break and want to resume their career as an accountant can take up this course.


  • Startups

Those who are interested in a startup agency for tax, financial, or business-related solutions can once more hone their abilities. Gain the ability to address client difficulties and offer beneficial guidance.


  • Entrepreneurs

Since Business Accounting and Taxation are all about business management, it is a real asset for business owners to cultivate reliable results. You must consider both the sort of degree you presently hold and the type of degree or certification you desire to seek in business accounting and taxation while choosing a course.


How Do Business Accountant Fare in the Future

In every situation, a business accountant is vital for business growth. As a growing economy in India, business needs will be there in the future. And when there is a business, there is a need for a business accountant. Thus, business accountants and taxation persons will always be relevant. A person with this skill set may have a good chance of finding employment in a variety of fields.


Financial Gain as a Business Accountant

The salary of a business account as a fresher role in India ranges between ₹ 2 Lakhs to ₹ 8 Lakhs. This range varies based on the company and its role in this field.


Why Take Up Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur?

Kannur is a city in Kerala. Compared to other Indian states, Kerala has a higher rate of literacy. There would be more related enterprises in Kannur. Therefore, the likelihood of finding employment increases after completing the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur.


What Are the Roles Can Someone Get as a Business Accountant?

There are various roles for a business accountant.


  • Assistant Auditor

For those joining the accounting sector as students or new hires, this is a promising opportunity. Simple auditing chores, monitoring and reviewing the company’s financial reports, reviewing relevant documents, and adding suggestions concerning the audit and corporate policies are all part of the responsibilities.


  • Accounting Manager

They are in charge of overseeing the firm’s accounting operations, which cover financial accounting, payroll administration, and hiring accounting specialists.


  • Accounting Supervisor

An upper-level manager who oversees staff accountants and is in charge of the firm’s accounting team.


  • Principal Accountant

In addition to performing routine accounting tasks, they also keep an eye on the business’s financial situation and serve as advisors.


  • Tax Manager

Qualified candidates who have prior expertise in accounting and taxation should apply for this position. They advise the company on tax-related issues and investment opportunities, and they endeavor to reduce taxes owed by the company. Additionally, they are in charge of filing, computing, and making timely payments for their income taxes.


  • Executive in Financial Accounting

They oversee a company’s financial operations by making projections, creating budgets, and managing tax obligations. They plan quarterly and annual reports and carry out internal audits.


Let’s Have a Look at the List of Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur


Rank #1. BAT Courses in Kannur

1. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur With IIM SKILLS 

One of the top providers of online education services in the globe is IIM SKILLS. Delhi, India is home to its headquarters. Many of the skill-development programs offered by IIM SKILLS are in demand and assist professionals in improving their abilities.


  • Program Duration: 4 months of self-study
  • Mode of Learning: Only online mode of learning


Course Criteria:

Anyone with basic knowledge of commerce and basic knowledge of computers can enroll in this course. No other kind of primary knowledge is required.


Course Fees: ₹9,900 + 18% GST


Course Features:

  • 120+ hours of lectures
  • 60+ hours of practical assignments
  • Hands-on learning
  • 100% interview grantee
  • Community access to the alumni
  • Left time support
  • Training/teaching by industry experts


Course Content:

  • Accounting and Accounting in Tally
  • GST and GST in Tally
  • TDS and TDS in Tally
  • Payroll and payroll with Tally
  • Income tax with Tally
  • Advanced Excel and MIS reporting


Tools Covered:

  • Tally
  • Quickbooks
  • GST
  • Excel
  • BUSY



IIM SKILLS offers Master Business Accounting and Taxation Certifications that are recognized worldwide.


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Rank #2. BAT Courses in Kannur

2. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur with Almis Academy

One of the top educational institutions in Kannur offering tax and commercial accounting courses is Almis Academy. A 20-year-old institution with the goal of producing qualified accounting professionals who are capable of working wherever in the world.

Their professional courses are created by subject-matter specialists with in-depth knowledge. Their instructional strategy incorporates both academic and practical knowledge, as well as current business trends.


Course Name: Accounting Courses


Course Features:

  • Corporate trainers
  • Practical approach
  • Live projects
  • Quality course material
  • Support
  • Placement assistance


Course Content:

  • SAP Training
  • Diploma in ACBA (Advanced Corporate Business Administration)
  • Diploma in CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
  • Practical Accounting
  • GST
  • Master in Tally ERP
  • Quickbooks
  • Peachtree
  • MS Excel
  • Income Tax
  • Auditing


Rank #3. BAT Courses in Kannur

3. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur with Lakshya Campus

One of Kannur’s top colleges offering business accounting and taxation degrees is Lakshya Campus. The institute focuses on education with moral principles. The institute collaborates with one of the most well-known names in the field, and the faculty is of the highest caliber. They place a high priority on developing soft skills that assist in transforming a student into a professional in addition to academics and training.


Course Name: CMA, CS, CAT, BBA +ACCA, BCOM+ACCA, B Voc+ ACCA, MCOM + ACCA, MBA + ACCA all these accounting related courses they offer

 Mode of Learning: Offline and Online both modes of learning is provided


Course Criteria:

Students, working professionals, traditional marketers, startup founders, or any person can join this course


Course Features:

  • Industry experts as a trainer
  • Tracking of the progress of each student
  • Value-based education
  • Soft skill development


Rank #4. BAT Courses in Kannur

4. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur With EduPristine

One of India’s leading training organizations for accounting and finance is EduPristine. EduPristine was established in 2008 and boasts a large network of offline schools for self-paced learning all over India. You will gain knowledge of BUSY, Tally, Excel, and SAP in this course.


Course Name: Post Graduate (PG) program in Business Accounting and Taxation

 Program Duration: 5 months


Course Criteria: Freshers and commerce graduates can join this course.


Course Features:

  • 14 Projects
  • 4 Software
  • Experiential & Practical Training
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Job Ready
  • Placement assistance


Course Content:

  • Basics of Accounting & Accounting in Tally
  • Basics of GST & GST in Tally
  • Basics of Income Tax & Income Tax in Tally
  • Payroll and its components
  • Excel for Accounting & MIS
  • Finalization of Financial Statements
  • BUSY Practical
  • SAP
  • Soft Skills



4 different kinds of certificates after completion of the course


Rank #5. BAT Courses in Kannur

5. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur with Synergy School of Business Skills

One of India’s largest management training facilities is Synergy School of Business Skills. The management professionals who work with Synergy are trained to be ready for changes in small, medium, and large businesses. Synergy has a network throughout metropolises and small communities.


Course Name: Business Accounting and Taxation Basics Courses

 Mode of Learning: Classroom training


Course Criteria:

  • Fresher looking for a job in accounting and taxation
  • Commerce graduate or commerce postgraduate
  • Accounting Professional


Program Duration: 120 Hours / 2 Months


Course Features:

  • 100% placement assistance
  • Industry Relevant Content
  • Case Study Based on hands-on training
  • Simulation-based practical training
  • Training by Industry Experts
  • Get Trained in accounting software like Tally
  • Knowledge of Advanced Excel and Payroll Management
  • Get Trained in GST (Goods & Service Tax)
  • Practical Income Tax Training
  • Get A-Z Accounting Process Training
  • Dedicated computer lab
  • Case studies for real-life practice
  • Experience faculty


Course Content:

  • Practical Accounting
  • Advanced Excel
  • Payroll
  • Goods & Service Tax
  • Income Tax



Course completion certificate


Rank #6. BAT Courses in Kannur

6. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur with the National Institute of Management & Business studies

An excellent training facility for professional and job-oriented courses is the National Institute of Management and Business. Your market readiness is prepared for by the institute. You get a career guarantee from it, and the curriculum was created by CAs and MBAs.


Course Name: Business Accounting and Taxation

 Program Duration: 12 Months

Mode of Learning: Online modes of training


Course Criteria:

  • Any graduate B. Com, B.A or postgraduate
  • 12th pass in any discipline
  • Working professional
  • Age needs to be between 18-30


Course Features:

  • Job guaranty
  • Experience Cas as a faculty
  • Live and Classroom training
  • Flexible schedule


Course Content:

  • Industrial Accounting.
  • Accounting Software: Tally ERP, BUSY,
  • Income Tax (Online ITRReturn Filing)
  • GST (Online GST Return Filing)
  • Auditing
  • Provident Fund Labor Laws
  • Company Law matters.
  • Stock Market – Capital Market
  • E-Commerce & Banking


Certificates: Recognized Diploma Certificate


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. What are the average duration for Business accounting and taxation courses?

Generally, accounting courses are short terms courses ranging from 2-6 months. If the institute provides live projects and internships along with the course, then this duration can be up to 1 year.


Q2. It is advisable to pursue business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur for a non-commerce background?

Yes, of course, a non-commerce background person can pursue business accounting and taxation courses to get knowledge about these subjects. A non-commerce person can pursue courses and can start a career in the business and taxation area.


Q3. What is the average salary of a person after business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur?

After the accounting and taxation course, as a fresher, a person can get a salary between 2.5 lacks to 8 lacks. Job opportunities after this course would be in accounting, taxation, banking, auditing, and finance area of the business.


Q4. Who can join this course?

Anybody who can have a commerce degree from a university can join this course. But there are no strict limitations for pursuing this course. Any person who is good at managing finance or wants to shift their career can join business accounting and taxation courses.


Conclusion for Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur:

For a very long time, business transactions have been documented and accounts have been kept. This has aided us in business analysis, comprehension, and development. In addition to giving, you the information and tools you need to comprehend how accounting functions, Business Accounting and Taxation courses will also support your career development. Today, there are more enterprises, which means that there are more job prospects for qualified workers in accounting and finance in general.

Business Accounting and Taxation have a lot of room to expand. In order to learn about any subject or profession, you must constantly develop and work on yourself. You can use Business Accounting and Taxation courses as a solid stepping stone to advance in your job. I hope this page aids in your search for Business Accounting and Taxation courses.

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