Top 7 Data Analytics Courses in Visakhapatnam With Placements

As everyone knows that in today’s world, the use of technology in every business is increasing day by day, and a lot of data is stored. Out of which, we want only valuable data which data analytics programmers extract. In this article, we will help you to find the best data analytics courses in Visakhapatnam so that you can learn the necessary skills, meet the industry demands, and make a rewarding career for yourself.


List of best data analytics courses in Visakhapatnam


According to the Times of India article, the demand for data analytics is increasing in both the government and private sectors. If you want to change your current profession, then data analytics can be the best career option.


What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the process in which a programmer analyzes raw data and extracts valuable data/information from that. Unstructured data or additional data is called raw data. The main objective of data analytics is to reorganize the data into useful information, based on analytics, and take appropriate decisions.

Data analytics plays a critical role in every business. If we subtract the data analysis process from the business, we will be unable to grow our business.


What is the Work of a Data Analyst?

These days data is available everywhere, but because of raw data, we cannot use it unless it is made useful. So we hire a data analyst to extract valuable data. The job of a data analyst is to analyze data for business insight development, like what changes are required for the company or what things are needed to improve the product.

For example, an education provider company started an online digital marketing course. And after starting the course, the organization sees that some users go to the digital marketing page and select the request call back option but do not receive the call. Some users choose to take an online demo but do not attend the webinar.

All the data is available on the website databases if the company wants to analyze the data where a learner chooses the live demo option but does not attend the webinar. So first, the company hires a data analyst, and after that, the programmer converts the raw data into valuable data, which helps in achieving their objective.


What is Data Processing?

Processing the data with a few simple steps and converting it into useful information helps us to meet our objectives for the business. Data analysis is a process in which different users use different strategies. So, in this article on the data analysis courses in  Visakhapatnam, I will give you an idea of how to process data.


And Next, We Will Discuss That the Data Analysis Process is Divided Into Six Parts.


1. Collecting Data- The first step in data analytics is the data collection by the data analyst, which we call raw data. And the most important thing is that we only collect data from valid sources because if mistakes happen in the first step, then we cannot achieve our primary objective.

2. Cleaning the Data-It is the preprocessing step in which the data analyst cleans the data by removing repetitive or incomplete raw data. It is also known as data sorting or data grouping. The programmer then organizes the data for processing.

3. Input data- The data sorted or cleaned by the analyst will be input into the tool. Each company has its own tools which the high authority company makes with the help of data scientists. These tools extract the raw data into useful information in an efficient manner.

4. Analyzing Data- In this phase, the data analyst processes the data with tools. Data is analyzed based on the information we want. Data scientists create algorithms according to business requirements. After processing, we will get the output we learn in the next step.

5. Visualizing Data -This is useful information. This data is available in images, lists, graphs, and tables because graphics are louder than words.

6. Storage- Storage is the last step in data analytics. In storage, we store the output for future analysis.


Data Mining vs Data Cleaning

The removal of unwanted or unnecessary data from the raw data by a data analyst is called data cleaning. After extracting useful information, data analytics converts important information into visual forms like graphs, charts, images, etc.


Types of Data Analysis

Data analysis is classified into four types.

1. Predictive Analysis- In this type, the main focus is on what will happen in the future such as forecasting. This type helps to predict future events. We analyze the data that we have, then apply different algorithms like machine learning, deep learning, etc. to predict the data.

For example What will be the performance of ABC soap in 2027? As organizations look at how soap will perform, they use predictive analysis. First data analysts use historical data and apply algorithms to it and prepare a model and in the second step use new data and apply the model to it and make predictions.

The Techniques Used in This Analysis Are

  • Linear regression
  • Time series analysis Or forecasting
  • Data mining


2. Prescriptive Analysis-It includes what actions should be taken to get predictive results. It will suggest actions that help in achieving possible results for the business. For example-self driving cars. Strategies in the instructional analysis are:

  • Optimization models
  • Simulation
  • Decision analysis


3. Diagnostic Analysis- In this type, the analyst analyzes the data on the basis of why it happened. Three types of techniques are used in this data analysis like data discovery, data mining, and correlation. This analysis helps in analyzing the data in depth to find the right solution to the problem.


4. Descriptive Analysis – Descriptive analysis describes what happened in the past. For example, Any company or business wanting to analyze how their product is performing in the market uses descriptive analysis.

We can generate visualizations such as graphs, bar graphs, line charts, etc. After that, we can create a dashboard and have many tools like tableau, power bi, etc., to make the dashboard. Also, find out which product is selling more and which is selling less on a daily basis.

It helps in generating reports on how the product has performed in the past. For example, what was the performance of ABC soap in 2020? If we want an analytics report of the past, we use descriptive analysis.


What Should You Do to Be a Data Analyst as a Beginner?

Suppose you want to become a master in data analytics. In that case, you have to learn some basic things and also find the best data analytics courses in Visakhapatnam by reading their syllabus. If they have the below things in the syllabus, then you choose the course.


Understanding Maths and Statistics– This skill is the essential thing you learn to start your career in data analysis in which you start with simple things like measures of central tendency “mean-median-mode.” And the most crucial thing in statistics is the variance.

If you have a master’s or bachelor’s degree in maths and statistics or economics, that will be a plus point for you because if you have good knowledge about maths and statistics then you can easily analyze the data and find trends in it. You have to take some online or offline courses to enhance your skills. This is the essential thing we want in data analytics courses in Visakhapatnam.

Excel – Students in school or college think excel is not so difficult but it is basic level excel understanding. If you want to become a data analyst then you have to learn excel from basic to advanced. The learning that comes in the basic levels is Data Filtering, Functions, Formulas, etc and if we talk about advance then you must know about Charts, PV Tables, Macros, vlookups, etc.

Knowledge of database and programming skills- As a data analyst, you must have knowledge about relational database management systems.

R or pythonR is the best option for data analytics, but you can choose either R or Python according to your need. In this skill, you cover R from basics, and R helps to clean up messy data sets also learn how to use graphical packages in R.

SQL knowledge- SQL is the primary tool. In data analytics, SQL helps to understand how the data is collected and helps in the management of the data.

Data visualization and communication- At this point, you have to focus on data analysis and visualization in which the data from the database is analyzed. Then there is another step involved which makes it a visualization of your analyzed data.

Everyone knows that graphics are more understandable than words, and there are many ways to create visualizations according to your comfort zone.  Like-Apache Zeppelin (Multi-Language Visualization Notebook), Jupyter Notebook and Visualization Package spreadsheet software, etc. With the help of data visualization, you can turn user data into graphics for non-technical users.

Critical Thinking – If there is a problem how do you understand that problem and how well you connect the nodes between your ideas and the data you have, critical thinking is needed. Whatever complex problem you have, you have to critically think about the solutions and you have to help in finding the solution for your client. This includes your problem-solving skills.


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Data Analyst Salary in India

The average salary of a Data Analyst is Rs 345000 per year. Salary is increased up to Rs.945000 per annum if they gain some experience.


Top 7 Best Data Analytics Courses in Visakhapatnam


Rank# 1. Data Analytics Courses in Visakhapatnam

1. Edx-

Here the course starts with data processing and analysis with Excel, followed by data representation and visualization in Tableau. In this course, you will learn how to use Microsoft Excel, clean up data, and create a data analysis plan. You will also learn about graphical presentations by industry leaders.

The duration of classes will be 6-8 hours per week for three months. This course is designed for students or professionals who want to learn and master data analytics with enhancements in skills such as understanding information sources and reorganizing them into valuable data.

You can also take a free demo session and access the videos of this course at any time. After that, the lob outlook module starts which helps in cracking the interview with tips.


Course Name-Data Analysis for Decision-Making.

Mode– Online


Data Analytics Course fee– 55486/- INR

Duration-3 months


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Rank# 2. Data Analytics Courses in Visakhapatnam

2. Scaler-

Merely analyzing data is not enough if you want to become a high-demand data analyst. You must also learn how to manipulate and organize data for better readability. This course teaches you all the strategies to become a good data analyst.


What is Included in This Course-

  • A Structured curriculum with live classes.
  • Provide 1:1 consultation with real-life projects.
  • The best thing about this course is that it is free, and you only pay if you want to join their masterclass.
  • Scaler is launching a contest for a chance to win exciting prizes if you take part in the quizzes during LIVE events.


Course Name-Introduction to SQL for Data Analytics

Mode– Online


Data Analytics Course Fee– free

Duration-3 hours


Rank# 3. Data Analytics Courses in Visakhapatnam

3. Coursera

This course covers 11 months of teaching, 3 hours a week. The English language has been used in the course. If a person is uncomfortable with the English language, they use subtitles. It is a 100% free online course with a lot of benefits like they offer shareable certificates that help you add additional skills to your portfolio.

You don’t need any degree in this program, but you need a basic knowledge of school-level math and a little knowledge of computers. Professionals from top companies help you understand the concepts of data analytics.


Subtitles Included: English, Spanish, Korean, Farsi, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Turkish, etc. The important skills you gain after the course are python programming and data analysis.


Course Name-IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate

Statistics with R – Duke University

Statistical Inference – Johns Hopkins University

Mode– Online


Duration-11 months

Lifetime access-Available


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Rank# 4. Data Analytics Courses in Visakhapatnam

4. 1step grow-

This course teaches data analytics with real-time projects and gives you experience as a data analyst during your training period. The data analytics team will also help you in cracking your interview. The eligibility criteria for this course is graduation from any authorized university.


What Does This Course Offer?

  • 100% actionable training on 20+ tools like SQL, python, excel, etc.
  • Advance certification
  • Fifteen projects are included.


What Are the Requirements for the Course? –Internet connection with personal laptop or computer.

Course Name- Advance Data Analytics

Question and answer session– Available

Mode– Online and offline


Data analytics course fee– 5801/- per month

Duration-320 hrs of the live session

Free live demo-Available

Placement Assistance-Available

Lifetime access-2 years subscription


Contact Details



Rank# 5. Data Analysis Courses in Visakhapatnam

5. Cusack Software Solution PVT ltd-

This institute helps you find the best data analysis practices. Industry experts are available to teach skills. This course offers 1:1 sessions. The institute provides assignments for better learning. The best part of this program is that this institute is available in Visakhapatnam, which helps you clear your doubts regarding the course with 1:1 support and gives you lifetime access to class recordings.

Today, some students want offline training, so it is best for offline training. If you are not related to the IT field, you can also enroll in this course. This is one of the best data Analytics courses in Visakhapatnam. This course aims to make you a master in Data Analyst by clarifying your concepts. They provide information about advanced data structures like Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.


Course Name-Data Analytics with Python Course

Question and answer session– Available

Mode– Online and offline


Data analytics course fee– Rs. 20000

Duration-40 hrs of the live session

Free live demo-Available

Placement Assistance-Available

Lifetime access-Available


Contact details



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Rank# 6. Data Analysis Courses in Visakhapatnam

6. Pivotalsoft IT Services Pvt. Ltd-

Pivotalsoft is the best offline training institute that offers data analytics courses in Visakhapatnam. The course is available offline and online with no-cost demo sessions. They provide you with an internship after completing your course and also give you 100% placement assistance with 24/7 support.

This course is defined into 14 sections with deep learning. The best part of why people choose this course is because they have 6+ years of experience in teaching data analytics. Another thing about taking a course from this institute is that they have well-experienced and educated teachers. They have four branches which are good for offline learners.



Question and answer session-Available

Mode– Online and offline



Contact Details

Flat #103, Sirugudi Arcade,

Rama Talkies Junction, Dwaraka Nagar,

Visakhapatnam, 530016

Number– +91 89782 36366



Free live demo-Available

Placement Assistance-Available


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Rank# 7. Data Analysis Courses in Visakhapatnam

7. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is collaborating with IBM for data analyst courses. This course helps you develop data analytics skills and also helps in learning the tools and techniques used in data analysis. All the teaching in this course is conducted by IBM experts.

This course has been designed in such a way that any learner with a non-technical background can easily understand this concept. In this course, you will be taught in online live classes and you will also get the recording of these classes.

Also, all your concepts will be cleared with live projects and demos. They provide the best online boot camp at a reasonable price. And the website provides you with 20+ industry-related projects for better understanding. You can also pay for the course No Cost EMI.


What Kind of Tools Did They Cover?

  • Scipy
  • R
  • Excel
  • Pandas
  • Power bi
  • Numpy
  • My SQL


Course Name –Data Analytics Course by Career Karma

Question and answer session with IBM experts– Available

Mode– Online


Data analytics course fee-54000/- INR

Contact details -1800-212-7688

Duration-12 months


FAQs About Data Analysis Courses in Visakhapatnam


1. Can anyone learn data analysis courses in Visakhapatnam?

Yes, anyone can learn this course by choosing from the top listed data analytics courses in Visakhapatnam that we have mentioned above.


2. Who should do data analytics courses in Visakhapatnam?

Students after the 12th standard or professionals who want to change their careers can take a data analytics course. Data Analytics course is the trending career option, and its demand is also increasing day by day.


3. How much time does it take to learn data analytics courses in Visakhapatnam?

This course takes three months to 12 months. If you learn only the basics, it will take three months, and if you want to become a master, then it will take a minimum of 12 months, including training.



Finally, we conclude everything in which first we talked about data analytics meaning, scope, skills required, and best data analytics courses in Visakhapatnam. Data Analytics is a challenging course, but once it is done, you can earn very well because the demand for data analytics is increasing day by day. By taking up any of the listed data analytics courses in Visakhapatnam, you can push your career to the next level. All the data analysis courses in Visakhapatnam mentioned covering a great curriculum have been curated by industry experts who have years of experience. These courses can be extremely beneficial to you if you follow the guidelines given by the instructors sincerely.

Thank you.

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