Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Equatorial Guinea

Digital marketing or online marketing is any form of marketing which uses the internet and digital tools such as mobile phones, laptops, computers or any other digital media platform such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or YouTube to encourage the sales of their products or services. Digital marketing is an umbrella term which comprises several sub-domains such as Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC). With the advancement of technology during the 1990s and 2000, we landed into the ‘Information Age’ and it eventually changed the business perspective and rebuilt the ways of traditional marketing. In this article, we have shortlisted the top highly recommended digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea.


Let’s Dive Deep into the Search for the top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea:

Digital marketing offers fringe benefits over traditional marketing and is more rewarding for the business. Firstly, it has a broader reach to the customers. Secondly, it helps to fetch data on the target audience based on their age, education, interest and location.

Thirdly, it increases the visibility of the content at a faster pace. Fourthly, it has a high conversion rate bringing more sales in return. Fifthly, it is cost-effective (cost per lead is approximately 61% less than traditional marketing). In short, using various digital marketing strategies and hitting the right customers at the right time brings more sales and helps businesses flourish at a fast pace.

You must be curious to know how digital marketing works. Let me explain by giving an example. Digital marketing uses cutting-edge technology to create lucrative videos to which customers can emotionally relate.

It’s a proven fact that customers do invest in a product or service emotionally (It could be a person or belief associated with it). For example, if you see an appealing advertisement for a product/service on Instagram, you immediately click on the provided link or save it for future reference.

By doing that, the digital marketing team catches your preference, age & location and this information then slumps into the sales funnel. This reflects similar products on your screen which eventually propels you to make a purchase.

That’s the power of digital marketing. It’s efficient, has measurable results and that too in a short period! Digital marketing is a blooming and rapidly evolving field. It has already taken over 15 per cent of the marketing strategies which were earlier followed in the market.

Therefore, with the vast expansion of technology and the evolution of AI and ChatGPT, digital marketing offers myriads of opportunities to carve a successful career path.

Since everything is becoming digital you are also looking for digital marketing courses to become digital. So, let’s start learning digitally.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Equatorial Guinea With Placements


IIM Skills is a blooming educational technology company with wings worldwide. It has headquarters in New Delhi, India. They offer services in various academic realms such as Digital Marketing, Financial Modelling, Content Writing, E-mail Marketing, Technical Writing, Data Analytics, Investment Banking, and many more.

Having a presence in 23 Asian countries including Dubai and Singapore in less than 10 years is fascinating and impelling enough to be a part of this prodigious institute.

Digital marketing courses provided by IIM Skills are customized training programs following individual requirements. They offer three short and long-duration courses ranging from 4-11 months of extensive training namely: Certified Digital Marketing Expert, Digital Marketing Master Certification and Digital Marketing Leadership Program.

IIM Skills shares meticulously designed digital marketing courses which comprehensively focus on digital marketing tools such as SEO tools, WordPress tools, SEM tools, Email Marketing tools, Social Media tools, Inbound marketing tools, Analytics tools, Graphic designing tools, Video marketing tools and AI tools.

Course Details

Name:  Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 5 months (3 months course + 2 months internship)

(You’ll receive a fixed stipend for the internship that is ₹ 6,000/-)

Fees: 217086.66 Central African CFA franc + Taxes

Highlights of their Digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea:

  • Recognized by the Govt. of India (GOI), MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • Ranked as the No.1 program by Entrepreneur

The Times of India

The Economic Times

  • 500+ hiring partners including Google, Spotify, IBM, Genpact, H&M, Amazon, Bata and many more.
  • Offers Capstone projects with Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, Boat and many more.
  • Skilled & Passionate faculty with 12+ years of experience.
  • Online guided course.
  • Small batch size with 1:1 attention.
  • 25+ assignments for a real-time knowledge check.
  • Includes 15+ Live Projects.

5 International Brand Case studies which include Starbucks, Nike, IIM Skills, HubSpot and Uber

  • All the latest digital marketing tools are covered in the curriculum to give industry-oriented practical experience.
  • Serves free digital marketing tools worth $954.
  • Lifetime access to training material & class recordings.
  • Panoptic 2-month internship program providing real-time industry experience.
  • Startling opportunity of doing 2 paid internships: One with IIM Skills and the other with any of the business partners.
  • 100% Paid internship with flexible hours.
  • Assured 100% WFH/Freelancing opportunities including Fiverr, Freelancer, Truelancer, People per Hour and Upwork.
  • An interest-free EMI option is available (In India only).
  • Aids in resume and interview preparation, and job placement assistance. Also, provides post-training support.
  • 100% satisfaction/refund guarantee, if discontent after 1st class.
  • Significant discount of 10% on a group of 3 or more admissions
  • Both Weekday / Weekend batches are available.
  • Free Demo class available.
  • Provides GOI-approved certification.
  • Assists in the preparation of certification exams offered via Google, Meta, and HubSpot.
  • Classes are conducted in the English language.
  • 100% reliable payment: G Pay/ PayPal/ Paytm/ Bank Transfer/ Bajaj Finsery/ Razorpay/ VISA/ Mastercard.

Quick Glance through their 3 Digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea:

Certified Digital Marketing Expert: This 4-month training program is designed for students, freshers and beginners. Moreover, it offers a 2-month paid internship and 13 certifications.

Course Fees: Rs 34,900+18% GST

Let’s explore the modules to be covered:

Modules Module Name
Module 1 Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Module 2 Word Press Website Development
Module 3 Search Engine Optimization
Module 4 Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
Module 5 Social Media Marketing (Ads)
Module 6 Social Media Marketing (Organic)
Module 7 Email Marketing
Module 8 Content Writing and Copy Writing
Module 9 Video Editing
Module 10 Graphic Designing 101 Using Canva
Module 11 Marketing Automation
Module 12 Interview Preparation

Digital Marketing Master Certification: This 7-month training program is designed for professionals having 0-4 years of experience (in any field). It also offers a 2-month paid internship and 15 certifications.

Course Fees: Rs 74,900+18% GST

Let’s explore the modules to be covered:

Modules Module Name
This has all the modules of the earlier discussed Certified Digital Marketing Expert. Additional modules are mentioned below:
Module 1 E-Commerce Landscape and Strategies
Module 2 Drop Shipping/ Shopify/ Amazon/ Flipkart store
Module 3 Lead Funnel (AIDA Funnel)
Module 4 Artificial Intelligence-Driven Growth Hacking
Module 5 ORM (Online Reputation Management)
Module 6 Inbound Marketing Strategies (Brand Strategy)
Module 7 Affiliate Marketing
Module 8 Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Module 9 Media Buying
Module 10 Influencer Marketing Strategies
Module 11 Ads on OTT Platforms
Module 12 Native Advertising
Module 13 International Freelancing

Digital Marketing Leadership Program: This 11-month training program is designed for CXOs, Business owners and other leadership positions. It also offers 2-weeks campus participation in Delhi.

Course Fees: Rs 1,49,000+18% GST

Let’s explore the modules to be covered:

Modules Module Name
This has all the modules of the earlier discussed Certified Digital Marketing Expert and Digital Marketing Master Course. Additional modules are mentioned below:
Module 1 DDD Data-Driven Decisions using Power BI
Module 2 Digital Marketing Agency Creation
Module 3 Management/ Strategy Models


Career Prospects After Completing Certification Course Offered by IIM Skills:

After completing any of the three digital marketing certification courses in Equatorial Guinea provided by IIM Skills, you can work as:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Search Engine Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Content Management Specialist
  • Web Development and Web Design
  • Analytics
  • E-Commerce
  • Email Marketing

Other Professional Courses From IIM Skills

Contact Information:


Phone number: +91- 9580740740

Email Id:

A Few More Digitla Marketing Courses That You Should Explore:

2. Udemy:

Established in 2010 – is a global digital learning platform with headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. However, its huge success has led to sweeping widespread reach across different countries of the world. Presently, it has offices in India, Turkey, Australia, Ireland, and Texas.

As of 2023, Udemy has a whopping 64 million learners with 75,000 instructors teaching more than 2,10,000 courses in over 75 languages. Udemy has gained a reputation by getting featured in Forbes 30 under 30, The New York Times, The China Post, Fast Company, The BBC, YPN, TechCrunch, the ‘Change the World’ list by Fortune Magazine, and Bay Area- Best Place to Work.

Udemy offers courses in various areas such as Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Business, IT & Software, Personal Development, Health & Fitness, Music, Teaching & Academics and many more. All the courses are self-paced and can be accessed all around the globe with a laptop/smartphone and good internet connectivity. Their Digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea are widely acclaimed with over 5,00,000 individuals benefitting from it.

Highlights of their Course:

  • Can be accessed in 17 languages
  • Easy tips & tricks to follow, and free of cost or cheap digital marketing tools to enhance performance
  • Stunning policy of money return within 30 days of joining
  • Widely acclaimed professional course
  • Recommended by top-notch firms such as Nasdaq, box, NetApp, Eventbrite
  • Online guided 22.5 hours
  • Well-structured self-paced program
  • Offers 35 articles & 8 downloadable resources
  • Easy-to-understand and synergistic program
  • Easily accessible on mobile/TV/laptop with good internet connection
  • Provides a valuable certificate of completion
  • No prior background is required, suitable for all kinds of businesses such as B2B, B2C, digital product, physical product, service-based
  • Carefully designed quizzes and projects for real-time knowledge check
  • Provides practical solutions to the problems
  • Lifetime access to the course material
  • Quick & supportive Q&A section to solve queries

Course Fees: Rs 3,699 Rs 599 (Exclusive 84% off)

Let’s explore the modules to be covered:

Modules Module Name
Module 1 Market Research
Module 2 Word Press
Module 3 Email Marketing
Module 4 Copy Writing
Module 5 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 6 YouTube Marketing
Module 7 Social Media Marketing (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Quora)
Module 8 Linkedin Marketing
Module 9 App Marketing
Module 10 Google Adwords
Module 11 Facebook Ads
Module 12 Google Analytics

How Will You Benefit from the Digital Marketing Course in Equatorial Guinea:

  • Attract more traffic to your website and hit huge sales.
  • Can work as a Freelancer from home.
  • Make money as an Affiliate marketer/Digital marketing expert.
  • Start a business from scratch.
  • Lucrative and well-paid skills to add to the resume.

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3. Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate:

Other highly rated digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea are provided by Google on Coursera. We rely on Google to fetch every minute detail we seek in our day-to-day lives and are also well aware of the renowned market position that Google holds. Google’s propelling Digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea are to yearn for. Their market-oriented course prepares individuals with the in-demand skills and in return helps grab well-paid jobs with a median salary of $59,000.

Highlights of their Digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea:

  • Duration: 6-months
  • Contribute time: 10 hours/week
  • Online guided self-paced course
  • Detailed course structured by Google employees having hands-on field experience
  • Interactive classes, engaging activities
  • Assessments for knowledge check
  • Fit for all; whether you are a fresher or beginner or experienced holder
  • American Council on Education (ACE) accredited professional course
  • Earn degree credit in college/ university if seeking admission in the U.S.A
  • Aids in resume preparation, interview preparation, and job opportunities
  • Additional guidance on developing soft skills such as logical and problem-solving skills to accelerate career
  • Inclusive of Coursera plus
  • Available in 5 languages
  • Includes all the industry oriented digital marketing tools

Course Fee: Free of cost

Tools Covered in their Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea:

  • Canva
  • Constant Contact
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite
  • HubSpot
  • Mailchimp
  • Shopify
  • Twitter

Let’s explore the modules to be covered:

Modules Module Name
Module 1 Foundations of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
Module 2 Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing
Module 3 From Likes to Leads: Interact with customers online
Module 4 Think Outside the Inbox: Email Marketing
Module 5 Assess for Success: Marketing Analytics and Measurement
Module 6 Make the Sale: Build, Launch and Manage E-commerce Stores
Module 7 Satisfaction Guaranteed: Develop Customer Loyalty Online

How Will You Benefit from the Digital Marketing Course in Equatorial Guinea:

  • Earn a market-oriented highly valued professional-level certificate
  • Build an eye-catching portfolio based on projects
  • Grab jobs as Marketing coordinator, E-commerce associate, SEO specialist
  • Seize remunerative payroll in a current existing job or new promotional roles
  • Access to connect with 150+ U.S based hiring firms in Google’s Employer Consortium such as Google, Adobe, T-Mobile, Wells Fargo, Salesforce
  • Earn skills such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), E-Commerce, Email Marketing, Email Marketing, and Display advertising to build and grow a business

4. GUVI:

GUVI is the country’s 1st vernacular digital education platform. GUVI implies ‘Grab Ur Vernacular Imprint’. Their purpose is as distinct as their name.

GUVI’s purpose is to educate as many people as possible by imparting high-quality technical skills regardless of linguistic barriers. If you are looking for online cutting-edge Digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea, do not miss out on GUVI!

Highlights of Their Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea:

  • Certified by NSDC, AICTE, NASSCOM, ISO 27001-9001, Google-for-Education, IIT-Ropar.
  • Duration: 3 months/5 months (for weekday/weekend classes respectively).
  • Live-Online guided course.
  • Available in English and Tamil.
  • Carefully crafted curriculum.
  • Refund option available if discontent after pre-boot session.
  • Learn and grow with over 360+ industry experts.
  • An interest-free EMI option is available.
  • Comprises of all the latest tools employed in the industry.
  • Globally recognized certification.
  • Lifetime access to training material.
  • Doubt-clearing sessions with mentors.
  • Aids with interview readiness with HR and industry experts.
  • Placement counselling is available.
  • Real-world projects as per industry norms to get real-time exposure.
  • 600+ Employing associates such as Bosch, Deloitte, PayPal, Bosch and many more.
  • Good to go for beginners, no prior experience is required.
  • High-paying positions in prestigious organizations with up to a staggering salary of 10 Lacs.
  • If you are currently employed, anticipate a good raise of about 40 per cent in your current position.

Course Fee: Rs 75,999

Tools Covered in their Course:

  • WordPress
  • SEMRush
  • Hootsuite
  • Meta
  • MailChimp
  • Yoast SEO
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Youtube Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Ads Manager
  • Meta Ads Manager
  • ChatGPT
  • Google Analytics

Let’s Explore the Modules to Be Covered:

Modules Module Name
Module 1 Paid Advertising
Module 2 Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing
Module 3 Paid Marketing & Analytics
Module 4 Google Ads- Performance, Tracking & Reporting
Module 5 Social Media Ads & Marketing
Module 6 Influencer/Affiliate
Module 7 Marketing Analytics & Integrated Strategy

Further Queries at:

Contact: +91 9736097320

Email ID:

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5. Kraftshala:

Established in 2016, in New Delhi, India with an initiative of transfiguring higher education by making it easier and intelligible with the help of experts from the industry, and innovative technology. They focus equally on building hard and soft skills. Kraftshala is a clear selection when searching for online Digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea.

Highlights of Their Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea:

  • Industry Creds certification program
  • Duration: 16 weeks (Full-time): Beginner friendly, no prior experience required
  • 7 months (Part-time): Perfect for working professionals
  • Timing: Weekday batch from 10A.M-8 P.M
  • Assured placements with a minimum package of 4.5Lacs
  • 60% money-back guarantee if a student gets a package of less than 4.5 Lacs
  • Personalised attention to students
  • Curated content to maximize learning & promote student’s success
  • Placements in leading organizations such as, Bajaj Finserv Ltd., The Souled Store, John Jacobs, Masai, Carat, Hover, Team Pumpkin, Skyline and many more
  • Provide scholarships to the top 5% of students of the screening test (includes a discount of up to 30,000)
  • Daily assessments for a knowledge check
  • Daily doubt sessions
  • Complete assistance for interview preparation
  • Focuses on building soft skills
  • Interest-free EMI option available

Course Fee: 1,20,000+18% GST

Tools Covered in their course:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Google Trends
  • Meta
  • Amazon Marketing services
  • Ads Manager
  • Ahrefs
  • MOZ
  • Ubersuggest
  • Screaming frog
  • Amazon

Let’s explore course of studies to be covered:

Modules Module Name
Module 1 Onboarding+ Team Huddles+ Marketing Fundamentals
Module 2 Facebook Ads
Module 3 Google Ads
Module 4 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Module 5 E-Commerce
Module 6 Integrated Project Presentation

Further Queries at:

Contact: +91 7827135490

Email ID:

6. IntelliPaat:

IntelliPaat was born in 2011, in Bangalore and has gradually spread wings around the globe to about 150+ countries. This Ed-Tech company provides over 150 courses such as Digital marketing, Data analytics, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Data Science, and many more via Online instructor-led medium, Self-paced digital mode, or through corporate training.

The course material is structured to get you job-ready. This also prepares you for well-recognized industry certification tests such as HubSpot, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics Individual Certification (IQ). With so much being offered in the course, Inetllipat is one of the finest choices if you are looking for Digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea.

Highlights of Their Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea:

  • Ranked among the top Digital marketing courses by India Today.
  • The course is offered by iHUB and IIT Roorkee.
  • Learn from the industry professionals and the esteemed IIT faculty.
  • Duration: 6 months.
  • Self-paced supervised program.
  • Flexible timings.
  • Includes 20+ case studies.
  • 50+ live sessions.
  • Continuous mentor support throughout the course.
  • Projects designed by industry experts to provide real-world experience.
  • Lifetime access to study material.
  • Lifetime free-of-cost course upgrade facility.
  • Beginner-friendly course.
  • Assured monetary benefits in the jobs for the working professionals.
  • An interest-free EMI option was available.
  • Guaranteed Job support, from creating a profile to conducting simulated interviews till you land a job.
  • 400+ hiring partners.
  • Assured 3 job interviews from leading MNCs or start-ups.
  • Course completion certificate via iHUB, IIT Roorkee.

Course Fee: Rs 75,012

Tools Covered in their Course:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Quora
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • You tube
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Small SEO Tools
  • Shareasale
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Word Press
  • Google keyword planner
  • Youtube Advertising
  • Google Trends
  • Ubersuggest
  • Crazyegg
  • Twitter
  • Yoast

Let’s Explore the Course of Studies to Be Covered:

Modules Module Name
Module 1 Deep Dive in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Module 2 Examine the Business Problems
Module 3 Explain the Principles of Marketing
Module 4 Performing Marketing Mix Decisions
Module 5 Exploring Branding Marketing and PR Communications
Module 6 Guide for Marketing Analytics
Module 7 Overview of Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Module 8 Outline Video Marketing in SEO
Module 9 Optimize Paid Marketing
Module 10 Strategies for Email Marketing
Module 11 Outline the Landing Pages
Module 12 Outline the Affiliate Marketing
Module 13 Power of Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing
Module 14 Explore the analytics of Digital Marketing, Strategy and ROI Measurement
Module 15 Career Assistance: Job Readiness

What Skills Will You Gain:

  • Tools & techniques for digital marketing
  • SEO and on-page optimization tips
  • End-to-end Google AdWords PPC campaign
  • Google Analytics
  • Email and mobile marketing
  • Working with Google webmaster
  • Basics of social media marketing
  • Content marketing and its strategies
  • Metrics to determine effective campaigns
  • Google reporting tools and evaluation techniques

Who All Can Apply for the Course:

  • Freshers & undergraduates
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Entrepreneurs and Analysts
  • Marketing Managers

Further queries at:

Contact: +91 7022374614

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7. UpGrad:

Inaugurated in 2015, Mumbai, India- is an online Ed-tech company which offers coaching in several academic affairs such as Data Science, Marketing, Law, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, MBA and many more in association with globally recognized universities. upGrad was also designated as the official education partner for the ‘Startup India Programme’ in 2016.

upGrad in association with MICA* offers an ‘Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication’ program blended with Generative AI. This also includes a 2-day immersion program with Social Panga (Award-winning creative marketing and advertising agency). This is one of the idiosyncratic digital marketing programs in the market and one should watch over upGrad while looking for Digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea.

This program is equipped with a perfect concoction of commercial savvy and technical skills to make you market-ready. This course provides a practical experience with 90+ tools of industry standard which includes SEO tools, website designing tools, social media marketing tools, keyword research tools, analytics tools, and many others.

*MICA is a leader in the digital world instructing hundreds of business and marketing leaders.

Don’t miss to check out their Digital marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea!

Highlights of Their Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea:

  • NBA/AIU-certified course.
  • Online guided course.
  • Duration: 31 weeks (26 weeks-Core program & 5 weeks-Specialization course).
  • Mode: The course runs in two modes – Executive & Management.
  • Specialization options: Branding & Communication, Social-media & content, Marketing Analytics, Marketing communication, Generative AI.
  • Executive alumni status from MICA.
  • Obtain Meta’s ‘Digital Marketing Associate’ exam for free + Live mentorship classes for the exam.
  • Get the opportunity to learn from the prestigious faculty of MICA and renowned industry experts from Google, Apple, Razorpay, Ola and many more.
  • Certification from Clevertap University and Master the art of customer satisfaction.
  • Certification from ‘Social Panga’ upon completing the immersion programme.
  • Learn from 12+ case studies.
  • Live projects.
  • 25+ Live sessions.
  • 1:1 Mentorship from industry experts.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s or equivalent program. Any fresher, freelancer, entrepreneur, marketer, sake professional can take up this course

Helps students sail through interviews via vocational counselling and assistance in resume preparation

Course Fee: Rs 1,05,045+Rs 12,000 (Immersion programme)

Tools Covered in their Course:

  • Get Response
  • Google Ads
  • Word Press
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Mailchimp
  • HubSpot
  • Google Tag Manager
  • SpyFu
  • Hootsuite
  • Balsamiq
  • Yoast
  • Screaming Frog and many more

Let’s Explore the Core Course of Studies to be covered:

Modules Module Name
Module 1 Fundamentals of Marketing: Journey from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing
Module 2 Customer centricity
Module 3 Digital marketing channels and metrics
Module 4 Designing and building a web-owned presence
Module 5 Blog creation
Module 6 SEO
Module 7 SEM
Module 8 Display Advertising
Module 9 Social Media Marketing
Module 10 Email Marketing
Module 11 Content Marketing
Module 12 Web Analytics
Module 13 Defining a Robust Marketing Strategy
Module 14 Capstone Project and E-commerce Bootcamp
Module 15 Soft skills

Curriculum in executive and management modes is almost similar with slight differences within a few modules

Let’s Explore the Course of Studies to be Covered in ChatGPT:

Modules Module Name
Module 1 Digital Marketing Landscape
Module 2 Digital channels Deep Dive-I
Module 3 Digital channels Deep Dive-II
Module 4 Marketing Analytics and Integrated Campaign

Apart from the core and ChatGPT course curriculum, each specialization course that you choose has 3-4 modules, case studies and exclusive tools.

Further Queries at:

Contact: 1800 210 2020

Email ID:

8. Imarticus Learning:

Next on my list of top 10 digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea is Imarticus Learning who offer a highly credible program namely ‘Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing and MarTech’ tailored by industry experts; CEC, IIT Roorkee*. They aim to produce world-class leaders in Digital Marketing by diving deep into the core concepts. Getting admission into their finest digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea is not at all a cakewalk. All the applicants should have at least 50 percent marks in Graduation/Post-graduation which is further followed by rigorous evaluation by CEC and IIT Roorkee and an interview.


  • An advanced course of studies designed especially to address the challenges of the digital era and ongoing technological advancement
  • Hooked learning sessions to give you hands-on knowledge via industry case studies, projects and live examples
  • Immersion programme with IIT Roorkee
  • Strict evaluation via Online exams, Written exams, Assessments and various other parameters
  • Course Certificate recognized by CEC, IIT Roorkee and Imarticus Learning

Eligibility: Minimum 50% marks in Graduation/Post-graduation

Provide scholarships to meritorious students for financial aid

Course Fee: Rs 1,60,000 + 18% GST

Application Fee: Rs 20,000 + 18% GST (Non-Refundable)

*CEC, IIT Roorkee was founded in 1955 to encourage knowledge advancement via specialized courses for aspirants

Tools Covered in their Course:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Similar Web
  • Creator Studio App
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager
  • SpyFu
  • Word Press
  • Ahrefs
  • SEO
  • Facebook
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Canva
  • Woorank
  • Unbounce

Let’s Explore the Core Course of Studies to be Covered:

Modules Module Name
Module 1 Introduction to Marketing
Module 2 Digital Marketing Perspective
Module 3 Understanding the digital customer
Module 4 Website design
Module 5 Search Engine Marketing: SEO and Paid
Module 6 Content Marketing
Module 7 Email Marketing
Module 8 Social, Mobile and Influencer Marketing
Module 9 Media Planning and Buying
Module 10 E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing
Module 11 Analytics for Digital Marketers
Module 12 Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

Further Queries at:

Contact: +919319746164


9. Internshala Trainings:

Internshala Trainings is a well-known name in the market and has a prestigious reputation. Their wide fame is one of the reasons recruiters seek Internshala training certificates in a particular field. Internshala’s industry-recognized, affordable, practical and knowledgeable courses are a must to follow when looking for Digital Marketing in Equatorial Guinea.


  • Government certified course-NSDC* & Skill India
  • Focuses on evolving technology i.e. AI
  • Duration: 8 weeks (1 hour/day)
  • Lifetime access to study material
  • Medium of teaching: English, Hindi
  • Online guided course which can be accessed from anywhere, at any time
  • Quiz and tests to analyze your understanding of the subject matter
  • Hands-on experience through 4 assignments

1 project

  • Q&A forum to address doubts and problems
  • Offers certificate of completion by Internshala

Skill India


  • Beginner-friendly course
  • Aids in internship, interview preparation, and job placement
  • Prepares you for ‘Google Ads Search’ certification as well. Moreover, the certification exam is free of cost for students

Course Fee: Rs 1,349

*NSDC: National Skill Development Centre

Tools Covered in their Course:

  • ChatGPT
  • Gemini
  • Copilot AI
  • ai

Let’s Explore the Course of Studies to be Covered:

Modules Module Name
Module 1 Building Web Presence
Module 2 Search Engine Optimisation
Module 3 Digital Advertising with Google Ads
Module 4 Google Ads Search Certification
Module 5 Social Media Marketing
Module 6 Email Marketing
Module 7 Inbound Marketing
Module 8 Revisiting Google Analytics
Module 9 Newer Trends in Digital Marketing
Module 10 AI in Digital Marketing
Module 11 Final Project

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10. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE):

One of Asia’s finest institutes that aims to make a socio-economic impact worldwide by finding & shaping the best talents with a blend of cutting-edge technology, detailed course of studies and business acumen, thereby producing remarkable digital marketers to lead the future generations. This makes IIDE the best choice for Digital Marketing courses.

IIDE has several feathers on their hat. They have been awarded at multiple prestigious ceremonies and have gained the media spotlight from time to time for their extraordinary performance. They offer two courses in digital marketing namely: ‘Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing’ (ACDM) and ‘Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy’ (PCDMS).

Time, cost and number of brand projects vary in both the courses. Don’t miss to check out courses offered by IIDE when searching for elite Digital marketing courses.

Highlights of IIDE’s Digital Marketing Course:

  • Government-certified programme, NSDC.
  • Advanced professional certification focusing on next-gen AI technology.
  • Placement opportunities with top MNCs like Nykaa, Purple, NP digital, One Plus, McDonald’s,, Mediacom, Publicis Media and many others.
  • IIDE has several feathers on their hat which include awards & recognition from eminent firms
  • Scholarships are available for financial aid.
  • Assists in the preparation of certification exams hosted by Google, Meta and Hubspot.
  • Offers a 5-day campus immersion programme in the IIDE-Mumbai campus.
  • 1:1 doubt-clearing session with a mentor.
  • Strictly works on building commercial acumen and knowledge.
  • Helps to build a portfolio so that you can land your dream job.
  • Duration: ACDM-4 months.
  • PCDMS-6 months

Course Fee: ACDM-Rs 1,25,000

PCDMS-Rs 1,80,000

Tools Covered in their Course:

  • Google Ads
  • Meta
  • Amazon
  • Semrush
  • Yoast
  • MOZ
  • Mailchimp
  • Ubersuggest
  • Hootsuite
  • Google Analytics
  • Scrip
  • ChatGPT
  • Hype Auditor
  • Upfluence
  • INK and many more

Let’s Explore the Core Course of Studies to be Covered:

Modules Module Name
Module 1 Foundation
Module 2 Search Marketing
Module 3 Social Marketing
Module 4 Growth & Analytics
Module 5 Planning & Strategy
Module 6 Business Skills

Further Queries at:

Contact: +91 9619958615

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why should I choose a career in digital marketing?

The rise of the internet has given birth to online marketing via social media platforms using SEO, content marketing, email marketing, SEM, and SMM. This impacts the sales of brands and keeps them in the top charts.

What skills are required to become a Digital Marketer in Equatorial Guinea?

Knowledge of the latest tools used in the industry, innovation, creativity, analytical skills, Business acumen, content creation, SEO, SEM, SMM, and flexibility to change as per market trends are some of the key skills required to excel in a career in digital marketing. You can check the top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea to learn these skills.

Do I need prior experience for a career in digital marketing?

No prior experience is required to start a career in digital marketing. Beginners or professionals looking for a career transition can opt for a digital marketing career by taking admission in digital marketing courses.

Is there a future in digital marketing?

Yes, there is a bright future in a digital marketing career. We all have witnessed the rise of social media over time and businesses becoming big brands by doing marketing via social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Will I be paid well in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a blossoming career path and a diverse field offering you several opportunities. Digital marketing allows you to take up projects globally as all you need is good internet connectivity, mobile phone/laptop/computer and good technical knowledge. With the right skillset, you can earn an average salary of up to 5,00,000 at an executive level and can grow up to 10,00,000 with experience.


Digital marketing is an exciting career path as it is a constantly evolving field and offers numerous opportunities. It has become an important aspect of showing a brand’s presence in the market with the leverage of being as creative as one could. Industry demands people who have commercial acumen, creativity, flexibility and are well equipped with knowledge providing them ample opportunities in return for making giga-bucks either via owning a business or doing freelance work or offering them high-paying job roles in reputed organizations.

By 2028, the digital marketing market is expected to increase with a CAGR of 32.1 per cent. Digital marketing is run with good internet connectivity, laptop, computer or mobile phones. And it has been expected that by 2027, internet users will reach 6 billion. This will impact the digital marketing market positively, thereby providing ample opportunities.

As per the latest LinkedIn survey report, ‘The Digital Marketing Specialist’ has been ranked as the Top 10 most demanding jobs. This survey itself speaks about the growing demand for digital marketing experts to raise sales charts and numbers. Therefore, this is the best time to invest digitally in one of the Top 10 ‘Digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea’ and take your career to new heights by gaining the right skill set.

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