Top 10 Data Analytics Courses After 12th With Placements

One of the most in-demand jobs in the world right now is Data Analytics. If you are certain that you want to work in the field of Data Analytics, taking Data Analytics courses after 12th  grade or high school is the best option. Students who aspire to become Data Analysts need to be aware of the requirements. Today, we’ll be discussing the best Data Analytics courses after 12th  grade that be taken up for your future. 


Before we begin to explore the best Data Analytics Courses After 12th, let us first understand data analytics in brief.

Strong Data Analytics skills and the ability to conclude from large data sets are prerequisites for employment as a data analyst.

With businesses from all sectors investing heavily in big data and setting up Analytics Departments – especially in Telecommunications, Insurance, Advertising, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Technology Data Analytics is a promising field.

Future development is anticipated because sectors including Education, Government, and Business, which have been sluggish to adopt big Data Analytics, have pledged to increase their use of the technology going forward.

Defining Data Analysis?

To extract insights and assist in decision-making, Data Analysis cleans, transforms, and models data. One of the main responsibilities of a data analyst is to analyze large datasets, find hidden patterns, and convert numerical data into useful information.

Why is Data Analysis important?

Data analysis is crucial in today’s data-driven environment. By pursuing Data Analytics courses after 12th   aids businesses in utilizing data to make choices, streamline operations, and obtain a competitive advantage. By transforming unstructured data into valuable insights, data analysis enables businesses to recognize opportunities, reduce risks, and improve overall performance.

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Who is a Data Analyst?

All businesses rely on pertinent data and indicators to make important business choices. It makes no difference if it’s revenue generation, product sales, monthly website traffic, or logistical costs. A data analyst is a person who arranges, understands, and provides insights into corporate data to enable wise business decisions. To put it another way, a data analyst translates numerical data into understandable terms that managers and executives can utilize to leverage business processes, including cost reduction. Contrary to common belief, work in this field can be challenging and creative.

A nice way to think of a data analyst as a detective is someone who looks over data, looks for patterns, trends, and clues, and then comes to relevant conclusions to solve a case. Analogously, data analysts operate within hierarchical structures, evaluating important business metrics and showcasing the outcomes through captivating visual aids such as charts, graphics, and content.

Why Select a Data Analysis Course After 12th?

Choosing Data Analytics courses after 12th can be the smart reason for the following.

  1. Career prospects: There are many different work prospects in the highly sought-after profession of Data Analysis. Numerous Businesses, including Marketing, Finance, and Healthcare, require Data Analysts.
  2. High Earning Potential: In the field of Data Science and Analytics, Data Analysts are among the highest-paid professionals. A Data Analyst typically makes roughly $70,000 a year.
  3. Flexibility: It’s simple to manage employment and study when you take advantage of the scheduling and location flexibility that online courses provide.
  4. Extensive Topic Coverage: Data Analysis is a vast discipline, and Data Analytics courses after 12th provide a wealth of topics to delve into, including Big Data, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization.
  5. Real Experience: Projects and Assignments are a common way for online courses to give students real experience that they may use in the industry.
  6. Access to the newest Tools and Technologies: Online courses give students access to the newest Tools and Technologies utilized in the Data Analysis sector, an area that is fast growing.
  7. Networking Opportunities: Connecting with other Students, Professors, and Professionals in the sector through Data Analytics courses after 12th can be helpful for networking and establishing professional relationships.

Complete Your 12th Grade and Become a Data Analyst

For your convenience, we’ve included a summary of some of the essential steps in becoming a Data Analysis course after 12th  board exams. Students who want to work as Data Analysts at the undergraduate level should prioritize passing the admission exam and signing up for a Bachelor’s degree program. A B.E. or B. Tech program might be involved. Alternative courses like a BCA, B. Sc in Computer Science, B. Sc in Mathematics, and so forth are also options for candidates.

During their undergraduate studies, candidates should focus on developing a comprehensive understanding of a variety of topics, including Statistics, Trends, Pattern Analysis, and so forth. Throughout their UG program, candidates should aim to maintain an average CGPA of 7.5 or an overall score of 65%. Those who want to Pursue Postgraduate Education should start getting ready for the GATE exam.

Getting Ready After Graduation

People can apply for admission by taking the GATE exam after completing the UG program. Because only 15-20% of candidates pass the entrance exam each year, candidates should study much harder for the GATE exam.

Depending on their preferences and strong points, candidates must choose a specialization. Numerous academic institutions partner with diverse corporate entities to offer internship programs that furnish students with practical work experience. People can continue their studies and apply for PhD programs after completing the PG course.

Course Fee: Depending on the institute’s repute and the curriculum layout, the cost of a Data Analytics course might range from One Lakh to Three Lakhs or even more.

Duration: Classes might last anything from six months to two years. It depends on the course that you are signing up for. The duration of diploma courses will be shortened.

Eligibility:  Students from any professional background, freshmen, undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, and experienced individuals at any level are all eligible to apply for the course. The course is most appropriate for all skill levels of professionals, from novices to experts.

Things to Consider Before Enrolling in Data Analytics Courses After 12th:

You can become a Data Analyst by taking online courses and earning certifications. Select a course based on how much you already know about the subject. If you are just starting, select a beginner program that will teach you everything you need to know.

As your career as a Data Analyst progresses, you can choose to become certified in specific technologies or methods of Data Analysis. Not every Data Analysis course after 12th is created equal for an aspiring Data Analyst. Before devoting your time and energy to a particular certification program to progress your career, there are several things to consider.

  1. Course Instructor
  2. Structure of the Course
  3. Course Evaluations
  4. Reputation in the Industry
  5. Course Support
  6. Jobs & Earning Potential

Skills Required to Become a Data Analyst

For your information, the most crucial skill sets needed to become a Data Analyst in India are listed below:

  1. Linear algebra
  2. Calculus
  4. SQL
  5. Data Visualization
  6. R
  7. Python
  8. Data Cleaning
  9. Critical Thinking.

Top 10 Data Analytics Courses After 12th With Placements


Course Name:  Data Analytics Course

IIM SKILLS, God’s gift to Ed-Tech Realm, is a trailblazer in the domain of fine-tuned skill development and finance lessons. Their Data Analytics course training, a feather in their extensively embellished cap, flaunts a rich portfolio of choices, encompassing this very Data Analytics course. The syllabus keeps pace with fashionable tendencies, maintaining utmost significance and excellence.

Methodology: Digital Convention

Fees: INR 49,000 + 18% TDS engages

Duration: Half a year Compensates

Meant for:  Experts aspiring to switch careers towards data analytics occupations, coupled with neophytes.

This course covers Advanced Excel, Visual Basic Application, SQL, PowerBI, Python, Tableau, R, and Alteryx.

Credential Accessible: Affirmative

Why IIM Skills?

  • Because every course is offered online, you can study at your own pace. Without having to worry about your personal or professional life, you can study whenever you choose, even on the weekends.
  • The top mentors with subject matter experience are found at IIM Skills.
  • Practical skills and experiential learning are the main focus of the course.
  • You will receive a Master’s Certification along with a two-month internship guarantee.
  • All demo sessions are free of charge.
  • Should you remain unconvinced about the training after the initial session, they will return your money with no conditions attached.
  • You stay current and have lifetime access to instructional resources.
  • They are available to you around the clock if you need assistance or direction.
  • Additionally, you receive a 10 % discount if you gather the group.

Contact Quirks: +91 9580740740

Email Address:

2. AnalytixLabs 

Name of the Course:  Business Analytics 360

The AnalytixLabs course in Delhi NCR, which was established in 2011, is a pioneer in the field of Business Analytics Training.

The course has been recognized by industry experts for its exceptional quality, and since 2013, it has been included in the list of Top courses in India.

Gaining the highly sought-after competencies of Data Mining, Analytics Reporting, and Predictive Analytics is possible with our Business Analytics curriculum.

You will master Statistical Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, and both Descriptive and Predictive Modeling.

You will also study Time Series Analysis, Econometrics, and forecasting to predict future events based on historical data trends.

This course covers widely used applications such as Excel, SQL, Python, R, and PowerBI.

Modes of Instruction for the Business Analytic Course:
The best aspect of self-paced blended e-learning is that you can participate in on-demand video sessions and interactive live case studies.

As an alternative, you can choose Classroom and Boot Camp instruction, which provides opportunities for experiential learning and in-person coaching.

Furthermore, we offer thorough classroom instruction in Business Analytics for job seekers in Bangalore and Delhi.

To advance in one’s Business Analytics profession by earning certifications from EI & ICT Academy and AnalytixLabs.

Look into the following roles: Statistical Analyst, MIS Analyst, Business Analyst, Analytics Consultant, Data Scientist, Data Science, and Data Visualization.

Period: 99 Hours in total, including 66 Hours of instruction.

Fees: 32,000 INR

Credential: Those with no prior experience in Business Management, Finance, or Math but with a basic grasp are eligible.

Explore These Very Popular Data Analytics Courses Near You:

3. Simplilearn

Course Name: Master Program for Data Analyst

Simplilearn offers courses in Data Science and Data Analytics courses after 12th in collaboration with IBM. IBM plays a major role in preparing students for jobs in the Business sector that use Data Analytics.

IBM is a respectable company with a solid history of investing large sums of money in R&D. Forecasting, Data Extraction, Data Blending, Regression Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, and Descriptive & Inferential Statistics are just a few of the subjects covered in these courses.

Additionally, the students will learn about Data visualisation using PowerBI and Tableau.

The application makes use of R, Tableau, PowerBI, NumPy, Scipy, Python, and Panda among other technologies. Participants in Simplilearn’s Master Program in Data Analytics will receive an industry-recognized accreditation, an IBM Cloud Lite account and an industry-recognized certification upon completion.

Additionally, the programs provide job assistance to help students get ready for the workforce.

Period: More than 120 Hours.

Eligibility: Candidates must have a background in Business Management, Engineering, or Mathematics.

Pricing: 44,999 INR

Career Opportunities: Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Analyst Consultant.

4. Udacity

Course Name: Data Analysis with Python and SQL

Udacity is one online learning platform that offers top-notch learning settings. What distinguishes it from others is its capacity to offer students tailored answers, innovative approaches, and professionally managed educational experiences.

In this course, students will get hands-on experience handling complicated datasets. The ‘Programming of Data Science with Python and Business Analyst’ course would benefit greatly from it.

Among the various subjects covered in the courses are Python-based Data Visualization, Practical Statistics, Data Wrangling, and an Introduction to Data Analysis. The courses have a strong emphasis on using Python and SQL as major tools.

In addition, Udacity’s curriculum offers many elements like real-world projects, flexible study schedules, industry expert mentorships, technical assistance, and career services.

The primary target audience for the four-month program is recent graduates.

Cost: 77,676 INR.

Career: After graduation, students can pursue careers as Data Analysts or Data Scientists.

5. Jigsaw Academy

Course Name: Full-Stack Data Science Program

High-quality courses in a variety of areas, such as Software Development, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Data Science, and Analytics, are widely available at Jigsaw Academy. Because this academy holds certificates from esteemed colleges such as Jigsaw Academy, Manipal University, IIM Indore, and Hacker U, it can assure you that every course it offers meets the highest standards.

This comprehensive course covers fundamental topics such as Data Interpretation, Data Manipulation, Data Integration, Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Statistical Analysis, and Data Visualization.

Throughout the curriculum, students are exposed to a variety of tools and technologies, including Tableau, Python, Anaconda, SQL, Tensorflow, and Kesar.

Students can engage in active learning from the comfort of their homes because the lessons are held electronically.

Proficiency teachers facilitate the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills in students through assignment-based learning.

The four-month training is open to anyone with a basic understanding of programming and statistics.

Price: INR 48,000.

6. Edvancer

Course Name: Advanced Certificate in Data Analytics-IIT Kanpur

Renowned worldwide Ed-Tech platform Edvancer offers online courses in cutting-edge fields like Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Analytics. Edvancer has unmatched experience in offering programs with a focus on results.

One of the best programs in this subject is the Data Analytics course that the E&ICT Academy of IIT Kanpur is offering in partnership with Edvancer. This 180-hour course is extensive and state-of-the-art, designed for both new and working professionals. The course is carefully planned and taught by IIT faculty members as well as professionals from the industry.

Predictive analysis, Data Visualization, and Data Analytics are all covered in this course module. Tableau, SQL, and Python are the programming languages and tools covered in their Data Analytics courses after 12th.

Additional features include 70% practical content, career guidance, resume critique, and 100% placement aid in addition to making you job-ready.

The esteemed E&ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur, is a collaborative effort between IIT Kanpur and the Indian government’s Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, and upon completion, you will obtain a diploma from them.

Qualifications: Completion of graduation or final year of any degree program. Prior knowledge of coding is not necessary.

Fees: INR 83,900 + GST (Live Online), INR 55,900 + GST (Self-Paced), INR 1,00,000 + 18% GST (Hybrid Mode, 50% Offline).

Career: Data Architect, Data Scientist, and Data Analyst.

7. Imarticus Learning

Course Name: Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics.

Imarticus Learning equips you with the necessary skills to develop in your profession appropriately after completing the program. Knowledgeable education is a helpful approach, guidance, and suitable support to enhance their skills and transform them into professionals in the field.

In this course, case studies, in-class projects, capstone projects, boot camps, and hackathons will all be used to train you.

Highlights of the program include SQL, Probability & Statistics, Data Science with Python and R, Big Data Hadoop & Spark, and Data Visualization with Tableau & Power BI.

Industry Connect, Tech-Enabled Learning, Career Services, and 360-degree learning will all be offered in their Data Analytics courses after 12th. Additionally, it included real business problems for effective learning, industry-specific case studies, and business difficulties from other industries as an added benefit for students.

It has accreditation from the NSDC, a component of the Skill India initiative after the post-graduate program is completed.

Duration: Twenty-four weeks.

Professionals who have recently graduated and those with up to three years of experience are both qualified.

2,10,000 INR is the fee (In the Classroom).

Career: Data Mining Specialist, Business Analyst Tech Consultant, CRM Analyst, Web and Social Media Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Science Consultant, and Business Analytics Specialist.

8. IMS Preschool

Course Name: Business Analyst Program.

IMS Preschool is a youth-led organization that has been operating since 1977. Giving young people the right direction, inspiration, and assistance to help them establish their careers and have bright futures has been a terrific way to help them succeed. For the past four years, Analytics India Magazine has ranked it as a top institute.

Enroll in the Business Analyst program to open doors to a vast array of opportunities in Big Data, Data Science, and Data Mining.

Modules on machine learning, predictive analysis, regression techniques, and statistical techniques are all included in their Data Analytics courses after 12th. It involves several methods, including classification, clustering, data exploration, and predictive analysis. This course makes use of a somewhat varied range of tools, including Tableau, R, SQL, and Python.

The institute offers several outstanding advantages that will entice you to enrol. You will receive training from industry professionals and experience an active learning methodology—truly an amazing opportunity.

In addition to the joint certification from NSDC and IMS Preschool, this program offers an optional certificate of exceptional quality from the NSE Academy.

Time frame: Fifteen weeks

Eligibility: Graduate degree preferred; this is a very high bar.

50,000 INR is the cost of classroom education; a live virtual classroom costs 32,000 INR.

Careers: There are many other possibilities available, including Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Data Architect, and Data Administrator.

9. IVY Professional School

Course Name: Business Analytics Certification

Since 2004, Ivy Professional School has provided a vast array of in-depth courses. The institute was listed as one of the top 10 Big Data and Analytics Schools in 2015. They have formal training partnerships with PayPal, Cognizant, HSBC, Genpact, and Capgemini.

Business Analytics Certification is one of their top Data Analytics courses after 12th. Additionally, they provide the Predictive Analytics with R certification course, which is crucial.

Modules on Analytics Essentials, Industry Applicable Core Analytics, Advanced Analytics using SAS, and Predictive Analysis using R are all included in the course outline.

Ivy Professional School offers practical instruction through internships and industry projects that are guaranteed. Elite teachers from US universities, IIT, IIM, and ISI teach their courses, and they have a robust placement help system.

They provide self-paced training alternatives, live online training, and classroom training throughout India. Together with NASSCOM, the certificate is offered.

The course has a duration of 189 hours.

The following groups of people meet the eligibility requirements: MBA graduates in any field; Postgraduates with experience in Mathematics, Statistics, or Economics; and working professionals in the fields of Banking, Finance, IT, or KPO.

The course costs 37,400 Indian rupees.

Career options include positions as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Big Data Scientist, and Business Analyst after completing the course.

10. Inventateq

Course Name: Business Data Analytics

Renowned for offering Top Data Analytics courses after 12th Inventateq is a recognized institution for Data Analytics studies. It has been acknowledged by numerous prestigious periodicals.

The placement-oriented approach of this course is one of its best features. With more than nine years of expertise, the trainers are certified.

Topics include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Tensor classes, Data Analytics Expert, Business Data Analytics with Python Specialization, Business Data Analytics with R programming and SAS, and Probability and Statistics Courses are covered in this course module.

Enrolling in these courses will give you access to a comprehensive curriculum driven by industry, a live opportunity to engage with machines, real-world projects, case studies, and most crucially, study materials and resources at all times.

Most significantly, always have access to study resources and videos.

Although there is an option for offline training, the instruction is delivered via virtual classrooms.

The training approach used by the institute consists of theory, hands-on training, exams, certification, resume development, and interview preparation.

Following the course, you will be able to secure employment with leading industry organizations.

The course lasts for two to three months. Both working professionals and students/freshmen are welcome to enrol in the courses.

Course fees: Not Disclosed.

You can work with Google as a Business Data Analyst after completing the courses, or you can pursue jobs as a Data Scientist, Business Analyst, or Analyst.


1. What are the eligibility criteria for pursuing the data analytics courses after 12th?

Anyone can enrol in the Data Analysis course after 12th class completion, whether they are a fresher, undergraduate, postgraduate, or have expertise at any level in any professional field. The course is best suited for beginners as well as seasoned professionals of any level.

2. What are the skills required to become data analysts after the 12th?

The most crucial skill sets needed to become a Data Analyst are Linear algebra, Calculus, MATLAB, SQL, Data Visualization, R, Python, Data Cleaning, and Critical Thinking.

3. What is the duration of data analytics courses after 12th?

Classes might last anything from six months to two years. It depends on the course that you are signing up for. The duration of diploma courses will be shortened.


After studying the multiple Data Analytics courses after 12th  class, it is clear that students interested in pursuing a career in data analysis have several options. Diploma and degree programs in Business Analytics, Statistics, and Computer Science are among the available possibilities.

Students can also gain the skills and information needed for a career in data analysis by enrolling in one of the many online, seminars, conferences, and self-paced courses available. Students should study and compare their alternatives to choose which course and program best suits their interests and professional goals.

Overall, data analysis is a fast-increasing field with a high need for qualified individuals, making it an attractive option for students to pursue after 12th class. Data Analytics courses after 12th  class have a variety of options for students to pursue their dreams. Overall, Data Analysis is a viable career path for students due to the rising demand for trained data analysts.

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